It wasn’t a particular pretty win, but you don’t have to be particularly pretty to beat the 2011 Astros. Bryan LaHair is your hero with a decisive solo homer, and Starlin Castro reached base for the 30th consecutive game. The bullpen tried to help the Astros come back, but, again … Astros.

  • Ricky

    Get rid off pena, KEEP LaHair, go get some starting pitching, make a run for logan morrison-2012 cubs = WS champs(:

  • awc2057

    That was the loudest crowd I’ve heard at Wrigley all year.

    • Chris

      I was at this game and it was pretty awesome, although the stupid wave made a heterosexually-challenged appearance but all in all great game

  • die hard

    Id rather have Campana and his game in left than Soriano and his game in left….Campana will drive the other team nuts with his running on bases and hes good for saving one run a game with speed in outfield…so if hes good for 162 runs a year just on defense, anything on offense is gravy ….he can hit hit .250 steal 50 bases and score 100 runs from one or two hole ….better overall production offense and defense compared to Soriano…and I am not even counting runs given up by Soriano defense which lowers his net value even more

    • Jeff

      You need to watch closer.  Speed is only good when you know what to do with it.  While he knows what he’s doing on the base paths, he is clueless in the outfield. I think with his bad angles, slow jumps, and noodle arm, the comparison to Soriano’s defense would be closer than many would think.  I am 100% positive that he’s not saving a run a game with defense.  With my own eyes I’ve seen him cost the team at least two games with poor decisions/throws in clutch situations.   I like Campana as much as the next guy(ok, probably not as much as a lot of posters here), but he’s not going to be saving the day, or game, any time soon

      • awesome

        Jeff, i agree and i’d still get rid of soriano. Campana has speed and, and, and. agree, lol.

    • MichiganGoat

      Soooo much Campy Scrappy Love. 1-As Jeff pointed out Campana is NOT good defensively, he would not save runs he would cost them. I have seen him dive and miss at least three times, I’ve seen him barely get his throws to the cut-off man,and I’ve seen him get poor reads and jumps on fly balls that are only saved by his legs 2-as a hitter he is below average, if it wasn’t for his bunt and ground ball singles his average would be around .200 and OBP around .300, he is one pulled hammy away from having any value. As he ages his speed will diminish (he’s at his peak right now) and once he loses a step many of those bunt singles will be outs. I understand how exciting it can be to have a speedy baserunner who can take steal 2nd and 3rd, but in the MLB you can’t be THAT one dimensional. I know this Campy love fest will continue all summer and into next year, but he is not a starter.

      • Andrew

        Agreed that he shouldn’t be a long-term starter, but when presented with the current alternatives I’d much rather see him than Soriano.

        Campana right now DOES get bad jumps and bad reads, but you yourself did say that his speed bails him out. Same thing with his bunt and ground ball singles. Until his speed goes away he is serviceable. And honestly, once his speed goes away you cut him loose.

        Again, I don’t think he’s a long-term starter. But for now I’d say he’s one of the top 3 outfielders on THIS team. Hopefully that changes in the offseason.