The Cubs finally dropped one to the Astros, with Ryan Dempster giving up all of the damage in the first inning.

The Cubs came back, and even took the lead briefly in the bottom of the 8th on a two-run homer by Carlos Pena. But a review turned that homer into a double, and those two runs were ultimately left on the base paths. And then Mike Quade was ejected for the seventh time this year after arguing that at least one of the runs should have been allowed to score on the play. And then there was a rain delay. And then an hour later the Cubs lost. It was all a big bundle of wonderful.

  • die hard

    Castro 200 hits doable….our bullpen top 5 in league?…..Are we showcasing LaHair to the Japanese league who would have to buy out his contract?…Guess Colvin is history?…

  • Waveland Ave

    I know small sample but just like to say that Castro has been walking a lot lately

  • miggy80

    Wow I totally forgot to check if they had came back from the rain Delay. I guess they did. I think the kid with the umbrella effected the trajectory of the ball on the Pena homerun. Oh well

  • MichiganGoat

    For all you Campana fans out there, I found this quote from the Bard on Twitter today

    @Wwm_Shakespeare: though she be but little, she is fierce.

    I can’t help but think this describes Campana, it would explain Quade’s love of him

  • Joe Cartwright

    Uh duh? We were trying to win this one and get to the postseaeson!

  • Polar Bear

    I have to tell you guys…I was at the game today (5 games this year, 5 games with rain, 1st 4 were postponed). Must be some kind of record. But I have to admit, I was sure that was a home run. Then to see the look in my little girl’s eyes when they took the runs away…it was priceless. Almost as if she knew, Damn…Byrd can’t hit with runners in scoring position!!!

  • ry

    Why does Dempster more times than not seem to suck in the first inning?