Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 2, Cubs 5 – September 19, 2011

Sure. Now the Cubs beat the Brewers.

Casey Coleman was great, and Geovany Soto provided all of the offense. Literally – Soto drove in all five Cubs’ runs on two homers and a run-scoring single.

But I can’t get over Coleman’s game.

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18 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Brewers 2, Cubs 5 – September 19, 2011”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Hey it’s Bizzaro Cubs even Campana was caught stealing

  2. philoe beddoe

    gotta admit, haven’t been watching much….does Coleman have any “stuff”?

    1. Joe Cartwright

      Did Soto send you?

    2. CubFan Paul

      Coleman’s stuff is better than average but his problem is & always been Consistency ..77mph slider, 93mph fastball, &other breaking/sinking stuff

  3. Joe Cartwright

    All I have to say is why the hell is Jeff Baker getting starts in right field? It’s like Quade absolutely refuses to play Colvin. It’s not like Baker did better than Colvin would’ve.

    1. CubFan Paul

      Baker always starts against lefties ..Colvin never

  4. die hard

    Coleman will become next Greg Maddux….dont give up on him

  5. TC

    An such an asinine statement is based on what, exactly? Sarcasm, right?

  6. die hard

    dead serious…hes got a toughness to him that reminds me of Maddux…just needs some tweaking to his game…hopefuly Maddux or other former player with good techniques will work with him

    1. TC

      I don’t know, but toughness will only get a guy with marginal stuff so far. Remember, Maddux wasn’t just tough, but he was also one of the top 10 or so pitchers in the history of the game. This was because of his impeccable control, above average stuff, and some really generous umpires. Casey Coleman has none of those things, and that will keep him from ever becoming more than a replacement 5th starter

  7. Cubbie Blue

    Cubfan paul: If you say coleman, wells, jeff, or carpenter will be fighting for the Number 5 spot…… then i wanna know WHO THE HELL IS OUR 2,3,4 guys gonna be?

    1. CubFan Paul

      ha! 1. Garza
      2. CJ Wilson -free agent acquistion to the tune of 5yrs/$90million with 2 club option years
      3. UNKNOWN – new GM will trade for a bonified starter from a small market team that can’t/won’t pay arbitration, like how Hendry acquired Garza but the new GM won’t give up 5 guys for him like Trader Jim (also see how Brewers acquired Marcum & Greinke)
      4. Dempster -hopefully re-signed to a new 2yr/$20million deal to match his declining performance
      5. Samardjiza, Wells, & Cashner are the favorites but will probably be unfairly given to Cashner again

    2. Joe Cartwright

      Oh man! Were you thinking one of them was going to be our 2,3 or 4 starter? Ha ha, and we thought this rotation was bad.