The team’s win last night, combined with Pittsburgh’s loss, means the Cubs are now tied with the Pirates for fourth place in the NL Central. You’ll forgive me if I don’t share Mike Quade’s enthusiasm for the feat.

  • About the Brewers’ series, Quade offered another pearl in a seemingly endless string of completely oblivious ridiculousness. “A little bit different than [playing] Houston,” he said. “There won’t be a ‘kids day’ against these guys.” Yeah. Playing the “kids” against a division-leading team that has a 0.00001% chance of missing the playoffs would be totally inappropriate. You’ve saved the Cubs, Mike!
  • Jon Heyman says the Cubs are the second most likely team to land Prince Fielder, but I don’t put much stock in it. See if you can figure out where Heyman goes wrong: “It’s hard to say what they might try considering they don’t have a GM yet (and aren’t likely to hire one this month). But with Carlos Peña a free agent, they would appear to have an opening. They could also take a poke at the NL Central-rival Brewers by stealing their biggest star and set themselves up for three-fourths of a superb under-30 infield, with also 21-year-old shortstop Starlin Castro and 25-year-old second baseman Darwin Barney.”
  • Marlon Byrd wants to stay in Chicago, and reflects on a season punctuated by a mid-season broken face.
  • As noted in yesterday’s call-up post, the Tennessee Smokies (Cubs’ AA affiliate) lost in the Southern League Championship Series, marking the end of their otherwise successful season.
  • The Red Eye’s Chris Sosa wistfully imagines Ozzie Guillen managing on the North Side.
  • Movie Night at Wrigley Field will start October 1 with a screening of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ which is, of course, appropriate. Tickets range from $10 (bleachers) up to $75 (VIP lawn with food and drink).
  • Fishin Phil

    I’m guessing it’s this part “and 25-year-old second baseman Darwin Barney.” that has your undies in a bunch.

    • Brett

      Quite bunched. I detest lazily repeating things you’ve “heard” without taking the two seconds required to look into whether a guy has actually been any good.

      • HotRuta

        It’s probably safe to say that Barney is the best young 2B we’ve SEEN. Everybody else who’s young has only been close to the 2B position when they’ve been a baserunner …

  • die hard

    does increase in standings increase share of revenue from playoff or world series receipts?….used to be a formula that teams share in receipts of world series receipts in relation to standings… not sure if still applies….anybody?

  • Ari Gold

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Wilkens not getting an extension.

    • Brett

      It’s getting its own post. Come on, now. :)

      • ron

        and what about New York…tell us about the lights, red carpet, rubbing elbows with the stars…..

        • Brett

          That’s this coming weekend. I leave on Friday. The kick-off event on Friday is hosted by Deion Sanders. True story.

          • Fishin Phil

            If he is wearing those fairy wings like he wears in the Direct TV commercials, we want photos of you two together.

            • Brett

              I do plan, if given the opportunity, to compliment him only on his commercials – not his athletic feats.

      • ari gold

        haaaa. That’s what I figured. Just keeping you honest.

  • EQ76

    So did we finally “catch” the pirates or did they fall back to us?

  • die hard

    ever notice that Pena always joining conferences at the mound?….wonder if Ramirez resents his taking over?….Pena like a busybody poking his nose into everyone’s business…like he tries to elevate his importance in eyes of manager…as if hes the student who brown noses the teacher to get in better….teachers pet so to speak…just rubs me the wrong way…also notices hes always putting his arm around the younger players like a big brother when do bad…they dont need that from him..hes not a coach… bet lot of vets hate this…bet the rookies dont know how to react…just creepy…thats all..Im done

    • Brett

      I just assumed Pena really liked rosin.

    • CubFan Paul

      lol, Pena is an impending free agent so of course he’s brown nosing & saying ALL the right things, like “i love Chicago & I wanna be a Cub for life”!

      ..that’s all code for “I know the Cubs have $40million dollars to tinker with this offseason & I want a 2 year/$20million deal out of it”

    • Jeff

      Geez, I thought I was the negative one.  All I have ever heard is what a great guy, great teammate, and great leader that Pena is/was.   He struggles to put the ball in play a lot, but his attitude and willingness to help out the young guys, while also occasionally calling out Quade on his diarrhea of the mouth, has made me a fan of Carlos.  I like it when the vets give advice to the guys who are coming up.  Maybe you guys would prefer it to be Ramirez giving out the advice.  “Alright, that was good Starlin, but you made too much of an effort there.  The truly great ones make it look like they aren’t even trying, you gots to work on that.”   He’s been saying he loves Chicago since he signed, it’s not like he’s been out there parading himself around for a new contract the last two months of the year.  Cut the guy some slack, he’s truly one of the good people in the game of baseball, and with all the losing this team has done, he has made it enjoyable to watch at certain points, and has done it with a great attitude.

      • CubFan Paul

        …his agent is Scott Boras

    • deej34

      Wow guys.. you are even getting cynical by “Cub Fan” standards. I think Pena is all and all a good guy. Wants the best for the team. Wants to be involved. I see nothing wrong with a vet standing by rookies or his pitcher…

  • Cubbie Blue

    ^ that just made my day!

  • BFM

    You know there is a problem when your manager is excited about catching a team that hasn’t had an above .500 season in 19 straight seasons!

    • Jeff

      You know there is a problem when Mike Quade is your manager.

  • Joe Cartwright

    If I were the Astros, I’d really be offended by Quade. He basically just said “oh, you guys aren’t a real team. It’s okay to play our ‘kids’ against you.”. It’s the attitude that says “even if you did beat us, we weren’t serious.”. I know that they’re not very good (as Brett said, they’re the AAAAstros) and we need to play our ‘kids’ but at least give the team a little respect. I’m not saying don’t play the kids. I’m saying play them against a playoff team. It would be really good experience for them and show that we weren’t playing them against the Astros because “they’re the Astros”.

  • Toosh

    Are the Astros a “real” team? Are the Cubs?

  • RY

    Quade is a major idiot and marlon staying in chicago is a horrible idea, please trade him, cut him whatever, but we don’t need him back.

    • EQ76

      “marlon staying in chicago is a horrible idea, please trade him, cut him whatever, but we don’t need him back.”

      – I’ve never seen a fan base so ticked at players like Byrd, ARam, etc. and wanting to just drop them like yesterday’s garbage.. wow.. guys are batting .280+ and over .300 and we’re wanting to throw them out… who exactly do we want playing next year?  a bunch of un-proven rookies that’ll barely bat their weight?

      • TWC

        “who exactly do we want playing next year?  a bunch of un-proven rookies that’ll barely bat their weight?”

        Only the scrappy ones.

  • TSB

    Compare Darwin Barney’s line to another first full season player:
    Barney: .312 OBP. .349 SLG .661 OPS .276 BA
    Other: .324 OBP .373 SLG .697 OPS .196 BA
    The other player? Mike Schmidt; not that Barney will be a hall of famer like Mike Schmidt, but it is too early to write him off for another prospect.

    • CubFan Paul

      Seriously TSB? the only thing *wrong* with Barney’s line (plate discipline would help also) is the .349SLUGGING % ..grown men don’t SLG .349, Barney does. so unless he starts Roiding/HGH-ing/Deer Antler-ing up, then it is definitely way past the time to write him off (as a starter)

      He needs to take a page out of Jerry Hairston’s book a utility guy & make a nice living #reality

    • TWC

      Oh, that’s a positively adorable comparison.

      Mike Schmidt’s only two seasons in the minors (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS)

      1971:  .211/.302/.350/.652, 1972: .291/.409/.550/.960

      Barney’s last two seasons in the minors:

      2009: .264/.304/.330/.634  2010:  .299/.333/.378/.711

      Pretty much the same dude.


      • Brett

        Schmidt was also two and a half years younger than Barney in his first full MLB season, and was, I’m guessing, adored by scouts.

        • TWC

          Go figure.  Mike Schmidt was all kinds of awesome for the better part of two decades.

  • rocky8263

    Pena seems to truly love the game of baseball, is smart enough to know he’s paid alot of money to play a game, and I believe he’s the type of player that looks out for his guys. I’m still sort of giddy from doing shots with Garza , Pena and Dempster Sunday night and it’s a shame Pena can’t hit with risp. Would love to have him around another year. And Dempster’s got a great butt in those polyester pants he wears.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Please tell me your a woman….

      • CubFan Paul

        LOL! i left this one alone

  • RY

    byrd is hitting like .150 with risp, at one point was like 1 for 20 with risp, his defense isnt great, he stands to make 6.5M next year, please tell me why you want him back so bad?? i am fine with aram back and even pena if need be or lahair, but marlon byrd won’t help us much more if any than jackson or one of the young kids. is it just because he is scrappy and on the occasional chance that he hits a home run, i think he has a whopping 8 this year, he runs really fast around the bases???????? we will stink either way, so why keep him, to be a great mentor to jackson? please!

  • Truth Be Told

    I just scanned the replies and didn’t see any comments about the Ozzie story. I don’t know the writer, don’t read the red-eye, but I hope that was tongue-in-cheek. With Ozzie, it is all about him. Success – it’s his doing, failure, he throws his players under the bus. It was bad enough that Quade did it with the kids – Ozzie does it with everyone. That’s why his team has quit on him in such a momentous way. Since I don’t like the AAAA Sox, I hope Ozzie manages them for another 20 years, but please, never let him grace the home dugout at Wrigley.

    PS – The American league is the AAAA minors – they use the DH. The major league doesn’t