Matt Garza mowed the Brewers down like he was the new Casey Coleman. I’m starting to wonder just how aggressively the Brewers are playing to win these games now that they’ve got the Central all but sewn up. Either way, Mike Quade was going to let Garza throw 400 pitches if that’s what it took to get the complete game.

Starlin Castro collected hits 198 and 199, but took two walks on the day from there. One was intentional. Also, could Geovany Soto love hitting against the Brewers any more than he does?

  • MichiganGoat

    Hey even Byrd hit a HR with RISP…

    • Fishin Phil

      “Hey even Byrd hit a HR with RISP…”

      Isn’t that the third sign of the Apocolypse?

  • TWC

    See, SEE?  That is why we need to sign Ramirez to an 8 year contract extension (for $180m)!!!  LeMahieu just doesn’t have what it takes.  Nice to see Garza get a K to end the game.  That’s his 2nd CG this season, right?  Seems like a decade (or more) since we’ve had a pitcher with two CG’s.  And doesn’t Soto now have like a career .750 BA against the Brewers?

  • Stuart Williams

    Let Aramis go. Let him gooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………….

  • Josh Z

    We just need to get a star guy in the middle of our lineup cough.. Fielder… cough. But the Cubs need to make a run at CJ Wilson. We would have a chance in any series with Wilson and Garza going the first two. We can only imagine how could we would be if Cashner lived up to his potential next year. Also the addition of Fielder or even Pujols would not only improve the Cubs vastly but it would also create a gaping hole in a rivals lineup that simply cannot be replaced.

  • hardtop

    like the line up. or at least the infield. we should do that for the rest of the year. see if baker can play everyday. i guess we know what we are going to get out of colvin, and probably campana too… let fonzie get his numbers up in hopes that we don’t have to eat every penny of his salary. garzas line today is just silly.
    i also like taking a series from the brewers. i used to be indifferent about them: obviously prefer to beat them because of the division thing but never considered them a rival. kind of always though about them as the little league team (AL) that played on our backyard (Wis). But the cheese-heads are getting pretty nasty and making something out of nothing… lots of shit talking from our slightly dim brothers to the north… so yeah, why dont we take a couple from them with our merry band of error committing fools and minor league call ups.

  • dreese

    I was curious so looked up error totals and what i found was embarrassing. Castro leads the NL and Soto leads the NL catchers.

    • awesome

      doesn’t Barney lead 2B in errors? pitching and defense up the middle win.

      add to that the 3 glove gloves in LF, CF and 3B, Soriano, Byrd and Aram.

  • pfk

    This pitch count thing is getting pretty serious. 125 pitches in a meaningless game is silly. We used to crucify Dusty Baker for this.

    • Joe Cartwright

      You don’t have to crucify someone who’s already gone.

  • Matt Murton

    Does anyone else just look at this lineup and laugh? Sure it’s against a soft-tossing lefty, but LaHair in the 8 hole and Johnson/Baker in the 3/4 spots is just lolz

  • Hcs

    “One were intentional.” Sentence of the week.

    All in good fun. I’m not a grammar nazi, I just play one on tv, radio, and stage.

    • Brett

      Humbug. The good thing is that I know I must not make many mistakes, because they are never missed.

  • Cardfan

    Nicely done! Now take the next four days off…