Randy Wells really had only one bad inning, but it was enough to doom the Cubs. The Cubs couldn’t figure out Shaun Marcum, and he was on cruise control for eight easy innings.

Starlin Castro provided the Cubs’ only offense with a solo home run, his 197th hit on the year.

  • Nebraska Cubs

    I just don’t like the idea if the Cubs don’t want to sign Aram. I think it would be stupid, personally. Who will play 3b if he doesn’t return to the Cubs next year? Who is the second best 3b on the FA this coming year? Who, in the Cubs organization, can replace him? I would love to see some of these answers. The only way I would be okay with this happening, is if the sign some top FA for other positions and you put a solid defenesive 3b out there. Personally, I have a gut feeling that the Cubs won’t spend this off season and next year will be another long year.

    • Joe Cartwright

      So what you’re saying is “we just need a few more pieces”?

  • ry

    Book it, next year will be a very long year just like this one, guaranteed.

  • willis

    Catch 22 though…this team is going to SUCK next year. Worse than this year. No pitching, no hitting, and there won’t be much big spending IMO. So, welcome to the 2011 Astros season.

    Anyway, my point is I doubt Aramis wants to play on a cellar dwellar, again, and I doubt the Cubs want to drop $14 million knowing they are doomed for 5th or 6th place in 2012.