This felt like the first meaningful game the Cubs have played in months, and they showed up. Ryan Dempster was great for six innings, and the bullpen weaseled out of some sticky innings. Alfonso Soriano was the hero with a three-run homer, which was the difference.

But the night belonged to this young man…

  • Dave

    201 down, 4056 to go!

    (Thats right, my new thing is predicting Castro will pass Rose to become the all-time hits leader.  Also, starting in 2016 he will wear a cape as part of his uniform)

    • MichiganGoat

      He can call Sam Fuld and get his

  • die hard

    Castro needs to do what Sandberg learned after first 2 yrs and that is how to step into and power the ball…before then Sandberg just tried to make contact like Castro and hit many singles….not enough…may have a few more strikeouts, but will have a lot more total bases and be our 2nd or 3rd hole hitter

  • Brian

    If you want Castro to do what Sandberg did, perhaps fire Quade and sign Sanderberg to tell him before its too late?

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Read that after Sorianos home run, the Brewer fans at Miller Park were chanting “Lets Go Cubs” when they saw the Cubs had taken the lead lol

  • al

    and the little rat took the collar!!

  • jstraw

    That was fun.

  • ry

    Awesome game indeed! Congratulations Starlin, gonna be fun watching this kid over the next 15 years! Definitely bring Ryno back where he belongs and shipQuiade’s ass out September 29th at 12:01am!

  • Brett

    For those interested, BN did not win the BWB award today. The sports blog for the Washington Post won, so I guess I can say “it’s an honor just have been nominated,” and actually mean it.

    OK, yeah… there’s a little bitterness.

    Thanks again to everyone for the support. I’ll put together a write up next week.

    • Toosh

      Sorry, Brett, but don’t let it get you down. You have a great ‘site. I visit it numerous times daily, as do others. There are many reasons for that. Keep up the good work.

      • Brett

        Thanks, Toosh. You are the man.

    • Jeff

      Doesn’t being a blog for a major newspaper kind of deflate the value of the blog? Wouldn’t that really just be an editorial column?   I know I would be far less impressed with your work if you were under the banner of someone like the Tribune company.  I think Norman Chad and John Feinstein both work for the Post as bloggers, so I am not impressed.  I’m happy to support the real, best team blog on the net, even if the NY douchebags don’t recognize your work.

      • Brett

        I won’t be quite that hard on them, but, yeah, I think it’s a bit of a tougher road for independent, Mom ‘n Pop shop guys like me. Thanks, Jeff.

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      Sorry, Bret. I wish I had a Quade-ism for you. You’re doing a hell of a job.

      • Brett

        “Bretty will get ’em next time. I’m gonna make sure he gets a couple more posts in this season so he can reach 1 million views.”

    • TWC

      Well, damn. Guess I gotta stop reading BN. I thought this place had short and informative award-winning articles. It appears I was wrong.

      But in all seriousness, I am sorry to hear it. All those other blogs suck.

      • Brett

        For reals. Gracias.

    • CubFan Paul

      Good Luck Next Time Bro

      • Brett

        Thanks, CFP.

  • philoe beddoe

    Sorry to here that..I am a relative newcomer here, but it seems to me Brett you have come along way in a relatively short time…and your success will continue to grow…it gives dorks like me an opportunity we get nowhere else…it IS a success just to be nominated…your talent is obvious and just let this motivate you more


    thanks for doing this



    • Brett

      Thanks, peebs. Kind words. Still loving the Crype team.

  • Toosh

    I’m off to see the NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONS. 3 hour drive. Here’s hoping the Cardinals lose and the Braves win.

  • Vince

    We watched the Cubs/Cards ninth inning on the Miller Park jumbotron and the fan electricity was unbelievable. A great time for all.

  • Jamesjones

    You didnt win Brett? Thats horseshit.

    Yeah. HORSESHIT.

    But then again look how far you have come with the website. This place has been a haven for Cub Fans from across the WORLD. (Yeah…the WORLD. FUCK.)

    Scientists havent discovered the cure for cancer or AIDS, but this website is close to finding the cure for our MISERY, one Cub fan at a time.

    Does this make any sense? Hell. Yes. Keep your head up son.

    • Brett

      Thanks, JJ. I’m reinvigorated.

  • pfk

    Sorry you didn’t win. Guess its time to let the kids blog and see what they’ve got for 2012.

  • Caleb

    You didn’t win? Gay. I guess I won’t be using this site anymore. Thanks for nothing.

  • Caleb

    Okay, just kidding! Is it too bold to say that every site that isn’t bleacher nation is lame? Okay, a bit much. Last night, Castro hitting 200, awesome. Awesome feat to see!

    • Brett

      Not bold in the least.

  • pfk

    On a serious note, I’m a sports junkie who goes on line first thing to check scores, etc. and your blog is so good it is now the first place I go when I get on line. It is the most informative and the most entertaining sports reading I get day in and day out.

    • Joe Cartwright

      Short but informative

    • Brett

      Thanks, pfk. That’s very much the singular goal of this place (if I had to reduce it to one goal).

  • Hogie

    I would say it is pretty damn impressive to even get nominated, considering that a few months ago you were doing this in your free time. I have been reading for most of the last couple of seasons, and I have been extremely impressed. I was a little scared that when you switched to full time, there would be a lot of filler articles and link bait. Not only have you kept the writing from falling, but you even improved it. It has been said on here before, but there is a reason that so many well informed, intelligent commenters flock to this site. Keep up the good work.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Hogie. You guys are all obviously a big part of the success.

      And the filler and link bait is totally coming. “The Top Ten Naked Cubs Cheerleader Texting Photos Scandal Steroid Explosion – Click Here!”

      (I kid.)

  • Levon

    Well that sucks. I’ve been reading this sight since early last season. It’s been both funny and informative. It’s too bad you didn’t win. Award or not I will still keep reading. SN……do you plan on doing anything for convention or do you go? I will def be there……again this next year lol.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Levon. Yup, plan is to go to the Convention this year, even if just as a fan. I’ll keep people posted, and we can do a meet-up.

  • Cardfan

    When you get right down to it, it is probably Bush’s fault…

    Condolences nontheless. Screw ’em – you’re on fire…