Well, if there was a game to miss while attending an online sports media conference – you know, outside of the other 87 losses so far this year – this was it. The offense had nothing, but the pitching stepped up. Rodrigo Lopez of all people had a dominant start, and most of the bullpen was great.

But then… yes, then…

  • BFM

    I am super pissed that Marmol is so hot and cold.
    But I am also pissed at Quade…….again!!!
    Why? Why? Why? Why does he allow Marmol to not only get into trouble, but then blow the damn game?
    At what point in his mind, does he think, man we are going to get screwed and lose if I don’t pull Marmol?
    Marmol stays in the game and pitches…..it’s his job.
    Quade needs to assess the situation and pull him if he isn’t doing a good job.
    Marmol needs to be benched and either learn how to pitch under pressure or get traded.
    Quade needs to be fired for incompetence!

    • Dan0mite

      I agree. It is pretty obvious, pretty fast, when Marmol doesn’t have it. Today after walking the tying run in, after two previous walks, it was obvious that he didn’t have it. There should always be someone warming up while Marmol is pitching. BI don’t care if it hurts his feelings.

  • ry

    Quade is a fucking brain dead moron of a manager and Marmol is compete horseshit! Find another closer or make Marshall the fucking closer. It is time for Marmol to become the Grabow of this bullpen. If he does this shit in spring training next year and then the same shit early on in 2012, demote his fat ass to the minors. 10 fucking blown saves is absolutely PATHETIC! He could of easily had 15 blown saves this year as shitty as he has pitched. If Quade is not fired by October 1st, there should be a federal freakin investigation into the stupidity of this damn organization.

  • Caleb

    Way to be late with the ebs, loser.

  • chris margetis

    I’m sure there will be a post coming soon, but let me be the first to respond to Aramis’ claim that he wants to sign with a contender. What a miserable, self serving, piece of shit, after refusing to accept a trade, which would have sent his lazy ass to a contender. Once and for all, thank you Aramis for testing free agency, it can’t come fast enough.

  • LouCub

    I want Ramirez’s lazy prick ass away from Castro ASAP

    • Mike Foster

      Spot on Lou.

  • die hard

    tryouts for next years closer started last nite….my moneys on Cashner

  • Moms A Cubs Fan

    OK, can someone explain to me why our pitching coach never goes out to talk to a pitcher when they are imploding? I don’t think another player even went out to talk to Marmol. Won’t Quade let them go out there? I don’t get it.

    • Mike Foster

      Ahhh, yeah, Pena did…and has before.

      • Joe Cartwright

        Yeah but Pena isn’t a pitching coach. He can only try and calm him down. I like that he does it and doesn’t completely abandon a pitcher having trouble like Riggins and Quade do.

  • al

    @moms a cub fan……ummm that would be cause we dont have a pitching coach….we have a POS!!

    • Moms A Cubs Fan

      No kidding!!

  • die hard

    they want Marmol to hang himself…and he did again….if not Cashner then someone else who can throw strikes at 95 mph or above…..dont laugh but Marmol can be converted to a starter because he has 3 pitches…just needs to buildup arm and pitch some winter ball….recall he started as catcher…still young….awhile ago, i suggested keeping Zambrano as a closer/pinch hitter….hes got better control than Marmol….not far fetched

    • jstraw

      you funny

  • Mike Foster

    I remember being disappointed in losses before, but really can’t remember being this PISSED before. Marmol SUCKS! Dump him ASAP. I could have taken the winning run walked in from his sorry ass, but a wild pitch to end it? Complete LOSER!!!!!!!

    It’s the day after and I’m still as angry as yesterday…..

  • die hard

    you may not have been born and lived and died through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…..this aint nuttin!!

    • Joe Cartwright

      Maybe not but this was a complete fucking embarrassment.

  • ry

    i seem to recall at least one other game that dipshit marmol blew via a wild pitch. the guy is absolutly horrible. If we are so lucky to have a chance at a save these last four games, i would give the ball to cashner everytime and let dumbass ride the bench. it cracks me up and pisses me off more and more to see guys like valverde and axford just come in and blow guys away with strikes pitch after pitch.

  • ty

    A ribbon tied gift to Larussa from Quade. How else can you look at it.

  • Jeff

    Tyler Colvin and Andrew Cashner are still playing for the Cubs????  I could have swore they went into witness protection.

  • Zbo

    I just can’t think how great it would’ve been to have cashed in on the return for Marmol at the trade deadline (Rangers?). Not so much now…and it will be so completely unnecessary to have a “great” closer on next year’s relatively rebuilding team too. Oh well….I can’t get too mad. Hopefully, we’ll have a solid GM soon.

  • Stuart Williams

    Why can’t the pitching coach see if Marmol has it when he is warming up? Does he hit his spots? How is his slider breaking?

    Maybe if he doesn’t have it, don’t bring him in and put someone else in. Why is that the wrong way to manage him?

    • baseballet

      Stuart, I’ve always wondered the same thing! Shouldn’t managers always have two “closers” warming up before the ninth inning and choose the one whose practice pitches are the best?

      With a starting pitcher, they might find their groove after an inning or two, but with a closer they don’t have time for that. Either they their good stuff working or they don’t.

    • Toosh

      Pitching coaches and managers rarely, if ever, see their relief pitchers warming up during a game. The manager and pitching coach are in the dugout while the RPs are in the bullpen.

      • Jeff

        In Mark Riggins case, he’s in the clubhouse, brushing his ‘stache.

  • die hard

    mailing it in…wait til next yr

  • Levon

    Wow……everyone is on a Marmol death mission. Granted he isn’t having his best year……but I do notice the difference between when Rothchild was here vs Riggins. If the pitcher needs assistance, then you know it has to be something in his delivery. I do not think Riggins has that as Rothchild did. Marmol was headed down last year (or was it the year before) but the All Star game helped him a ton. He has just been figured out. If you never noticed, most of his sliders don’t hit the strike zone. The longer he plays the more footage that is out there on him. Teams adjusted, now he needs to. He’s not the beginning nor the end of this team. As for Castro, he hangs around Soriano, not Aramis. There are a lot of issues with this team…….it started spring training in those games. They were fighting then. To be in Spring Training and there is already tension, I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good sign. I said 70 wins would be a plus this year. Funny i’m not too far off. This has been a very sad, not even competitive year. To hear players ready to leave shows how bad this year is. Marlon Byrd saying indirectly he wants out? Bad…..you have him, Soriano (granted his ass isn’t going anywhere), Aramis all saying they want out. I say this starts at management. Quade has to go. Lou was hard, but the players played hard for him. Sigh……this season sucked. More than most. I probably watched the least amount of games ever as a cub fan.

    • CubFan Paul

      …that’s a lot of “analysis” and opinion for having “watched the least amount of games ever as a cub fan”

  • Levon

    Least meaning less than normal. Generally I don’t miss more than 20 games, Paul…..but I still keep up on them, watch still a considerable amount of games, listen on the radio and keep score updates. So before you try to break down my statement, ask questions. I still watched well over 100 games this year….and went to about 12 (considering I live 2 hrs from Chicago and going to other cities). Not that I need to explain myself but for giggles I figured I’d give you a better understanding.