Today may very well be Aramis Ramirez’s last game as a member of the Chicago Cubs. Although the team holds a 2012 option on Ramirez, he has the right to void that option, and he’s said he expects to become a free agent this Winter.

As the top free agent third baseman on the market, Ramirez will have his pick of many destinations. One of the first teams rumored to want to take a crack at Ramirez was the Florida (soon Miami) Marlins. Moving into a new stadium in 2012, the Marlins are expected to pursue a number of big name free agents to help improve attendance, and sources have indicated that one of those names is Aramis Ramirez.

But how does Ramirez feel about heading to Miami?

“Any Dominican player would be interested in playing in Miami,” Ramirez said when asked about the possibility of playing there in the future. “It’s the same kind of weather as we have in the Dominican and now with a new ballpark they have more revenue to add good players to their group of good young players.”

Ramirez added, “[The Marlins] already got better [by acquiring Guillen] …. I wouldn’t mind going there and playing.”

Speaking of Guillen, Ramirez sounds like quite a fan.

“Some people might not like Ozzie because he’s honest about his players in the media,” Ramirez said. “But here’s the bottom line: he’s a winner. He’s won before, and the reason he’s going to Florida is they want to win there and they think he’s the best answer.”

“I’ve never had a problem with any manager,” Ramirez continued. “I just go out there and do my work and play the game. But Ozzie’s a smart guy. He takes pressure off of his players by keeping the media busy with his quotes. Some people think he’s just talking about himself and for no reason. But he keeps the media busy and away from his players because, by the time he’s done, they have so much to write and talk about that they can’t wait to go upstairs and start transcribing what he told them.”

The Cubs will have five days after the end of the World Series to make a decision on Ramirez’s option for 2012 ($16 million, $2 million buyout).

  • die hard

    what a circus…Guillen said hed hire Quade as 3rd base coach….Ramirez and Zambrano to go there?….Buehrle to follow?….Pena maybe too?….If all this happens, and Guillen wins more than loses, who can we blame for this year disaster?….

    • nwicubfan

      still Quade.. He won’t be making the decisions down there.

  • Andrew

    If we the cubs pick up rams option and he voids it then we dont pay buyout and we get draft picks?

    • MichiganGoat

      I believe that is correct and it’s why the Cubs should exercise the option.

      • Joe Hansman

        The Cubs should decline the extension and let him walk as a FA so we get the draft picks…

    • Brett

      Correct (but it’s just one pick, as most projections have Ramirez as a Type B free agent, which nets just one pick, not two). If the Cubs pick up the option, Ramirez can void the entire contract, which means he forfeits not only the $16 million option, but also the $2 million buyout.

  • die hard

    what if we exercise and he stays?

    • Brett

      So be it. Ramirez at one year and $14 million (the effective amount) isn’t the worst thing in the world.

      • Toosh

        He say’s he wants to test the FA market. Let’s see if he’s a man of his word.

  • pfk

    Here’s the conundrum the Cubs face…while they do have potentially alot of money coming off the books, they’re going to have to spend alot more to get better – and here’s why: Pitching is the name of game and they are almost dead last in starting rotations stats. We have one certifiably really good pitcher and two numbers 4 & 5 starters. The Cubs need good 2 and 3 starters (much like they did when they picked up Lilly and Marquis) and those are going to cost money. Worse, even if they agree to pay big for pitching, getting a top flight pitcher to commit to them will require said pitcher thinking that they have a good lineup so he can win. And, to get a lineup like that is going to cost money. While there are some tradable players, the reality is a good pitcher isn’t coming to the Cubs unless he feels he can win. Garza should have been at least a 15 game winner but because the bullpen blew so many saves and the fielding and hitting was weak, he never got the numbers he deserved. Others will see that and wonder if they want the same fate.

  • Deez

    I like Ozzie because he gets in people’s asses! Ramirez can say what he wants but he can’t play for Ozzie! He couldn’t take that kind of valid verbal abuse for his coaches.
    If he wants to go, let him go.
    He’ll probably get 3yr/$30M – 35M via FA. he gets his deal but he leaves big money on the table.

  • Moms A Cubs Fan

    Take him and Big Z.

  • BFM

    When Ramirez talks of hitting the FA market and leaving the Cubs………is this just more posturing and BS to get a high paid multi-year deal with the Cubs or is he just pissed that Hendry got fired and Quade may be gone?

  • John

    I would prefer a spring training battle of Mark DeRosa against Josh Vitters for the third base job in 2012 than Ramirez anyway so i hope he doesn’t return. I think DeRosa has at least 1 solid year left in him and he’s got a good relationship and understanding with Rudy Jaramillo.