For weeks, Mike Quade has been saying he expects to be back managing the Chicago Cubs in 2012. He’s got a contract for next year, so what else is he supposed to say?

But Quade, for all his failings this year, is not an idiot. He can read. He can deduce. The winds of change are blowing in Chicago, and he won’t be back in 2012. Just read between the lines on the many things Quade said after the final game of the year last night.

“There’s really nothing else you can do,” Quade said about the possibility of the next general manager wanting to make a change at manager. “That’s the only thing I worry about, is guys waiting and not getting a job if things don’t work out. I’ll do everything I can to keep them abreast the best I can.”

To me, that’s Quade’s coded message: I know I’m gone, and so most of my staff will be gone. But, please, don’t drag this thing out so long that none of us can find jobs for next year.

Quade went on about the GM search.

“No anxiety,” he said. “It’s always great when things are cleared up, one way or the other. You look forward to that day. I’m as anxious – I want to see who they’re going to hire and how that’s going to play out. I don’t do all the speculation or listen to the names. I’m more interested in concrete information. No anxiety.”

Who is he trying to convince? Us, or himself?

Of his meeting with Chairman and Owner Tom Ricketts after Jim Hendry was fired, Quade said he simply asked Ricketts to tell him the truth.

“And he did,” Quade said. “That’s all I want. I was able to tell my staff, ‘Look, this is not what we wanted or expected, but it is what it is.'”

Again, to me, that sounds like a guy who got the sense at that meeting that, while Ricketts undoubtedly told Quade that the 2012 decision would be up to the new GM, Ricketts wouldn’t be going to bat for him. And, without Ricketts fighting for Quade, everyone – including Quade – knows that this is the end.

But, hey, if he’s looking for a job, rumors suggest new Miami manager Ozzie Guillen could want Quade to coach third base. Keep those fingers crossed for a Quade-Zambrano-Ramirez reunion in Florida.

  • EQ76

    now if he could just grow some eye brows!

  • Steve

    The Cubs big three are taking their talents to South Beach. Sorry for the lame Bron-Bron plug. I couldn’t help myself.

  • Dan0mite

    What would the likelihood be that Quade is retained as third base coach here? He wasn’t terrible at the job and was certainly better the DeJesus. Would it be too weird for him to just go back to that job here?

    • pfk

      Yes. Way too weird.

  • MichiganGoat

    He’s headed back to the minor league, TWC had the perfect team but I forgot its name.

    • TWC

      The low-A Susquehanna Shed-Builders.

      • MichiganGoat

        I love that team, I want that hat

      • MichiganGoat

        This came up on a google search for Susquehanna Shed-Builders under clip art

  • EQ76

    who isn’t terrible at that job.. ?   I could do that!
    1) either wave them home or send them
    2) let them know how many outs there are
    3) learn the bunt sign

  • Fishin Phil


    He’ll have to fake the beard.

  • Ryan

    While we’re at it, can we send Soriano to Florida too?

    • Brett

      Here’s hoping – and I know you’re just being funny, but Soriano’s future is in the AL, if anywhere.

  • Andrew

    Is it bad that all day I’ve been refreshing the ESPN home page hoping to see a headline saying that Quade is out?

    • Brett

      It’s funny, but, yeah, I think it’s just as likely that the official decision won’t come down until the GM is in place.

  • Spencer

    I still think the Cubs should resign Ramirez.

  • Indy Die Hard

    Ricketts better hurry, scuttlebutt in Philly is that Ryno is going to be promoted to bench coach soon, and if that happens #23 will be gone forever….grooming Ryno to take over for Charlie in 2 years.

    • CubFan Paul

      hurry? why hurry? Ricketts said no rush as if he’s got all day/offseason

      “It’s like I’ve said all along, we’ll do [the search] quickly and sufficiently as possible,” Ricketts said. “But it’s a big decision. There’s no point in rushing it. You have to have the right guy at the right time. However long it takes, it takes.”

  • RY

    Finally Quade says something that makes sense. Danomite, no way in hell you keep Qball on as any kind of coach, cut the strings and send him on his freaking way asap! He is now a poison pill; rid ourselves of him period!

  • jstraw

    “But Quade, for all his failings this year, is not an idiot. He can read. He can deduce.”

    The jokes practically write themselves. Stat sheet? Box score? Scouting report? Facial expressions and body language?

    • Brett

      Perhaps I’m too kind.

  • baseballet

    There’s a lot of Quade bashing in Cubland, and there was a lot of Pinella bashing before that. I’m not a big Quade fan, but he’s the least of the Cubs’ problems. Joe Maddon could not have gotten this team even close to 81 wins.

    Sam Zell broke this team and no manager could have fixed it. The Cubs will need to stay young and hungry for a few years before they’re a real contender again.

    • Deez

      I agree w/ you to some extent. Hendry was the initial pawn to make this team look attractive to any potential buyers then Pinella would the stiff to manage it long enough to make it competitive enough to sell.
      I just hate the fact that it took Ricketts 2 years to realize he needed to cut the line on Hendry.
      We do not regularly develop players who contribute to the organization over a 6 to 10 year period.
      We need to go young & stay young at least for the next 2 seasons. If you’re a true baseball fan, you know this is a young man’s sport (especially w/o all the amphetamines) & if you’re a true Cubs fan you can look at our talent & say give the youth movement a year or two.

      • EQ76

        Deez, with a top 5 payroll, can’t we do both?? Build up a great organization from the bottom up and spend wisely to compete??  I think it’s possible.  There’s no reason to go totally young if you don’t have enough “young talent” to justify it.  Realistically, maybe only 3-4 of the young position players are actually good enough to start on a MLB team.

        A couple more really good drafts like this year’s and our farm system is probably a top 5 system.  Now that we have an owner that is willing to spend on the draft, we should get there no problem.  An owner willing to do that and field a 130 million dollar MLB team, then a good GM can build a good team to go with that good farm system.


    • Brett

      The least of the Cubs’ problems? False. Just because the Cubs have many, many problems doesn’t mean you don’t address them all. Quade was a problem, which requires fixing, just like the rest.

  • RY

    I disagree, you are only talking a 10 game difference; I do believe that quade and his mismanagement cost us at least 7 to 8 games this year, which leaves only 2 or 3 to make up the difference. I do not think you give Joe Maddon enough credit at all; he is one hell of a manager and could have easily made this team a .500 team!

    • EQ76

      shoot a decent #5 pitcher next year will make up for 5-6 games alone.

    • baseballet

      RY, it’s absurd to think that a different manager could have netted 10 games. Prince Fielder’s WAR is only +5.6, and you’re saying that Maddon’s WAR is +10?

      The manager can make a little difference but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

      • jstraw

        I want a manager that doesn’t cost games.

  • EQ76

    10 games may be a stretch, but look at it this way:
    * A manager can be responsible for influencing a team’s win total, probably by around 5 games or so.
    * Marmol blew twice as many saves as he did the previous year.  (10 this year )
    * Horrible stats out of the 4 & 5 pitchers for a bulk of the year.  Worst in the MLB for most of the season.

    Don’t you think a good manager, new culture & attitude, fewer blow saves and average production out of the 4 & 5 pitchers could result in 10-15 more wins?

    • baseballet

      Yes but now you’re lumping in all sorts of player-related factors. I agree that better players would get us to .500 baseball. I do not agree that a better manager would have gotten us there.

      But my main point I made above is that the anger at Quade is misplaced. By your own admission, at most Quade cost the Cubs five games (and I think 5 is too high considering that gives him the same WAR as Pujols).
      Sam Zell broke this team and Ricketts is just now getting started on fixing it.

      • Brett

        If Quade cost the Cubs even *one* game, he should be replaced. There are 32 MLB managers in the entire world. There’s no excuse for the Cubs not to have one of the 32 best, and no one can convince me that Quade is in that group. We’re not even asking for a manager that affirmatively adds wins (yet). Just get me a guy who doesn’t repeatedly do inexplicable and indefensible things.

        • jstraw

          Oh damn. Selig snuck expansion in on us? Lemme guess…Las Vegas and ummm…Nashville?

          • Brett

            Snarky bastard. :)

            30 managers. 30.

            • Jeff

              He’s still not in the top 32.

        • baseballet

          I’m not arguing that Quade is an above average manager. I’m saying that if you would have replaced him at the beginning of the season with an above average manager, the Cubs still would have been terrible. All this anger at Quade is like chewing out the busboy because your entree was horrible.

          • Brett

            Nah. You’re saying we shouldn’t be complaining to the chef that our appetizer was gross because the entree was bad. That’s silly. The players were bad, the composition was bad, AND the manager was bad.

            Soriano’s defense alone didn’t wreck the season – so should we not discuss it?

            • Baseballet

              I did not argue that Quade’s performance shouldn’t be discussed.  Discuss away!  I’m simply saying that the amount of vitriol towards Quade is overblown.  Quade had a very minor effect on team performance.  He’s WAY down on the scapegoat list.  The architect of the team is the true object of scorn (Slowest team in the NL.  Worst defense in the NL.  Worst pitching in the NL. )

              • Brett

                I just wanted to roll with the restaurant metaphor.

              • MichiganGoat

                I’m getting into this late but Quade absolutely cost us more than 10 games. He stuck with Russell as a starter, he kept pitchers in too long, he allowed Marmol to continue when the whole blind world knew he didn’t have it. Those losses alone are more than 10. His job is to put the team in positions to win and he regularly put us in position to lose. I’d also argue that he has already cost us games for next year by refusing to evaluate and develop talent by sending the veteran roster out day after day because they need to reach milestones! His presence and asshattery cost this team plenty.

                • CubFan Paul

                  well said MG #baaaaa!

          • Jeff

            I disagree completely.  He came out and said he was going to stress defense and fundamentals, which he didn’t.  He insisted on not playing small ball, while explaining the virtues of a big inning, even though his team was rarely capable of the big inning.  He threw his best player under the bus on multiple occasions while letting veterans slide for far worse transgressions.  He denied the young players more playing time in favor of “catching the Pirates” and refused to play them against his idea of “contenders” who were 10+ games out of the playoff race in August.  He then turned around and re-arranged his rotation to give Dempster an extra start so he would reach 200 innings.  He refused to play Tyler Colvin, even though it was explicitly stated that the reason for trading Fukudome was to get Colvin more playing time, instead Reed Johnson and Blake DeWitt found more playing time.  He cost the team opportunities to see what their young players could do at the end of both seasons in order to try to win some meaningless games, which tells me that he put his job security and the happiness of the overpaid lazy veterans over the future of the team.  He may have been a bus boy, but his job description was head chef, and he failed this team over and over again.  All the while making stupid nicknames and sounding more and more like a moron every time he spoke to the media.

            • hardtop

              and those are the shortcomings that didn’t contribute most heavily to lost games: although lack of fundamentals and refusing to play small ball did outright cost the team wins.
              he left pitchers in too long. didn’t pull them with high pitch counts, or bad early performances. he would bat pitchers pushin or over a hundred pitches, with RISP, only to watch them flail at the plate…then promptly pull them the following inning…. or leave them in for a tremendous shelling. This happened as described on more than a handful of occasions and pretty much cost the team a W. His mismanagement of the starting pitching and bullpen alone cost the team 4 or 5 games. Just some outright crazy moves or non-moves… the list is long and undistinguished… i stopped keeping track about 2 weeks into the second half… my notebook got full.

              • CubFan Paul

                ..just got back from seeing “Killer Elite” badass. go see it

                i agree 1000% with Jeff, Hardtop & Brett on this one. yes 1000percent. I watched Every game except the WCIU broadcasts (i dont live in chicago) and Quade blew more games than Marmol this year, by a wide margin

                quade will find work next year elsewhere for sure a 3rd base coach for manager who he has some connection with (same way he got the Cubs job(s))

                good riddens ..i drank way too much this year to tolerate that this “shit team” (Brenly’s words, not mine)

                Baseballet did not (im not gonna say must not) watch very many games

  • die hard

    we owe him one yrs salary if let go….wonder if clause in contract allowing demotion provided at same salary?…if so, I would ask him to stay on as a minor league super scout….he may welcome chance to stay in some capacity and still distance self from this season ..maybe after a year of evaluating our kids, he may be in a position to help us down the road in some other capacity…he knows baseball…just doesnt know how to manage…..shouldnt throw away all that knowledge and experience…

    • Fishin Phil

      Quade is the last person I want evaluating the kids.  No thanks.

      • hansman1982

        and its so sad, for how long he spent in the minors you think he would value youth

    • MichiganGoat

      Yeah that makes sense since Q was SOOOO good at evaluating and developing talent this year. Outside of his NAMBLA love affair with Campy he did the kids no help this year. You sure you aren’t Campana?

    • Jim

      He can’t be getting too much to be worried about cutting him loose from the organization. Hell, a competent team next season will bring back the fans and the Cubs will make the money back in hot dog sales.

  • SirCub

    I think Quade knew that he wouldn’t be allowed to return when they weren’t able to catch the Pirates. That was a huge blow to what he was trying to accomplish with this team.

    • jstraw

      I hope you’re being wry.

      • SirCub

        I prefer whole wheat.

  • BFM

    I don’t get it.
    How does he knows he’s a goner and he doesn’t know enough to pull Marmol in a one run game after he loads the bases.

    Head scratcher!!!

    • Jeff

      The same reason he let Pujols beat the team on multiple occasions.  He’s a moron, and anything he says you have to take with a grain of salt because he’s pulling it out of his ass.  He’ probably listening to Dempster and Ramirez who have been telling him how wonderful a manager he is all year, so sure, he thinks he’s got this locked up.

  • die hard

    He was portrayed in Billy Ball….

  • ty

    only a cub fan resorts to hot stove league conversation by the end of May. sad but true

    • Brett

      I agree, but … is that in response to something in particular?

  • jim

    IF the CUBS let QUADE “stay” as Mgr, they
    are MORONS! LOOK at our starting Pitching!
    The CUBS DON’T even have a “legitimate”
    # 1 Pitcher! THEY”must” get at least 1 number
    1Pitcher! ZAMBRANO is gone! JEFF (NOTRE DAME!)
    SAMARDJIA is NOT a Starting Pitcher! GARZA definitely
    stays. DEMPSTER IS (I AM SORRY!) NOT all that good
    anymore. WELLS pitched good at the end. And the list
    goes on and on and on! KEEP THE KIDS! Get rid of
    TOO much to write on this board. (GOD SAVE US!)

    p.s. GO IRISH! BEAT PURWHO! (that’s PURDUE)

    • MichiganGoat

      As an IU grad I’m all for bashing Purdue.

      • Spencer

        whoa whoa whoa. I’m a Purdue alum. Boiler up!!!! I hate Notre Dame. As for IU…it’s not even worth fighting about. Beating IU is like beating up your five year old brother.

  • ry

    like i said in the beginning, Quade cost a lot of games and he deserves all the bashing that comes his way!


    I’d like to personally thank baseballet for causing all the comments about how bad Q is.


  • kingdomusa

    I have watch a ton of Managers get interviewed this week on TV and realize just how far Quade is out of his league in interviews alone compared to the other “Winning” and “Losing” baseball managers. Quade really hurt the cubs organization by giving the rookie callups very little playing time and that why when they were finally inserted into the lineup they didn’t perform as well as all cub fans hoped. The future of the Cubs would have been improved if Ryno was named Manager over quade who only wanted to coach vets. Ryno won every year in the minors with our youth. This was a dumb move by ricketts by not over-ruling Hendry who hired his friends that he could control. If we don’t move fast Ryno will be a Philly for a long time. If Ricketts thinks he has a long time to play the game he is fooling himself & hurting the Cubs even more. The “Big 4” is going nowhere unless they are released. I like hahn as GM, Gillick or Ng as President, Ryno as Manager with some Cub blood in the dugout…..Larry the Cable Guy sez “GET ER DONE”.

  • die hard

    would we be bashing Quade if Wells and Cashner played all year; Z and Dempster had decent yrs; Garza had better support: Marmol pitched better; Byrd didnt get hit in face; and Fukudome lived up to expectations?..See, it was Hendry’s team and Quade is scapegoat…Would we be bashing Quade if team played .500 with all of its problems this year? Point is, if we won only10 more games and was .500, wed be hailing Quade as a miracle worker holding team together with all of the foregoing problems…just saying…

  • Toosh

    Less injuries. Less day games. Better weather. Better luck. More LH hitters.

  • RY

    we will never know diehard, can only go with the facts we know.

  • JulioZuleta

    Here’s to not having to put up with his excessive use of ridiculous nick names anymore. I mean if I hear Cassie again in reference to Starlin Castro, I’ll puke.

    • Fishin Phil

      Yeah, what Julie said!

    • Jamesjones

      I HATE those nicknames. God. Anytime I would listen to his after game press conferences or read about the nicknames he would spout off, it would make me feel awkward.

      I mean awkward as in watching hardcore porn with your parents awkward.


      • Brett

        I’m with you, Jamie.