The 2011 Chicago Cubs Postmortems Are Rolling in and Other Bullets

There are a number of things to discuss with respect to the Chicago Cubs’ GM search, and those will be coming in short order. Until then, here are some other notable bullets.

  • The 2011 Cubs’ postmortems are out in full swing. Gene Wojciechowski says no one could have predicted how things went on each side of town. Rick Gano chronicles the obvious problems. Carrie Muskat blames the rotation injuries and the Cubs’ slow start (of course, the Cubs were near .500 for most of April, so…). There are plenty more if you’re interested in dissecting the misery of the season.
  • Ultimately, you don’t need to read these – or to have me tell you – to know what the problems were this year. The starting pitching outside of Matt Garza was abysmal. Carlos Marmol blew 10 games. The Cubs had the worst defense in baseball. The Cubs couldn’t take a walk. The Cubs couldn’t hit with men on base. End of season.
  • Bruce Levine invites you to grade each of the Cubs’ players this year (and Mike Quade)
  • Looking ahead, Carrie Muskat runs down some of the decisions the next GM will have to make.
  • The deadline for renewing Cubs’ season tickets is moving up – by a lot. Previously in January, the deadline will now be November 16. You’ll have to drop 10% by that date, with full payment due in January. If you don’t commit by November, your spot will be made available to those on the sizable wait list in December. The Cubs are expected to add some season ticket holders this year, but ticket prices are next expected to increase (and bleacher prices might even go down). Single game tickets go on sale March 9, 2012.

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15 responses to “The 2011 Chicago Cubs Postmortems Are Rolling in and Other Bullets”

  1. Wilbur

    I will say one thing, increasing any ticket prices after a season like this means our owner either has big plans for this fall or he’s the poster child for “eternal optimist”.

  2. die hard

    slash tkt prices and concession prices by 25% until team at .500 for 30 days…fans would love it

  3. Cubs Mom

    They had better have a strong GM in place and have fired Quade by this new season ticket deposit deadline, or I will be joining the mass exodus of season ticket holders!!! I am FED UP. The Cubs undercut season ticket holders at every opportunity and then thank us for our “tremendous support” while hosing us again.

  4. Jim

    I know one decision the new GM should make – to not pay attention to anything Carrie Muskat writes.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I do tend to agree with Jim, I’ve said it before on here… I know she is employed by the Cubs which severly limits how honest she can be, but to basically blame the season on Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells getting injured is insane. They were both borderline 5th starters going into the year. Outside of the bullpen, the only guys who didn’t disappoint me this year were Starlin, Garza, and Reed Johnson.

      1. TWC

        Again, she is not employed byt he Cubs.  She’s employed by, which, I believe, makes a significant difference.

  5. Jeff

    Has anybody else done the grades survey? I think I’m going to post a similar thread on the message board so we can see what just Cubs fans think. Some of the grades on the epsn site are ridiculous.
    Koyie Hill gets a C, Marlon Byrd gets a B, Matt Garza gets a C, which is the same grade as Dempster and Zambrano, Marmol gets a B and Grabow almost pulls a C, and there are votes to give Mike Quade an A or B, while some also graded Castro an F. I think this has a lot to do with the normal espn trolls.

    1. Fishin Phil

      “I think this has a lot to do with the normal espn trolls.”

      Or hallucinogenic drugs.

      1. TWC

        Oh?  Do I need an invite to that site?

        1. Fishin Phil

          Heck, we thought you ran it.

        2. Jeff


          1. TWC

            I think you are correct, Jeff.