The playoffs got underway yesterday in a fashion completely unrecognizable after Wednesday’s insane regular season finales. That is to say: boring. The Rays destroyed the Rangers behind uber-rookie Matt Moore (he’d made exactly one start in the bigs before yesterday), and the Tigers/Yankees tilt made it an inning and a half before the rains came. Yawn.

  • Tony Reagins stepped down as the Los Angeles Angels’ GM yesterday, which could have an impact on the Chicago Cubs’ GM search. Angels’ owner Arte Moreno is a real gunslinger who works very hard to get the guys that he wants. Undoubtedly, he’ll be looking at much of the same pool of candidates as the Cubs’ Tom Ricketts. As with free agents, competition is not a good thing when it comes to landing who you want, and not paying through the nose. Moreno is very involved on the baseball side, though, so it’s possible that some of the bigger names could be scared off. Then again, isn’t Tom Ricketts expected to be heavily involved on the baseball side as well?
  • The Orioles are also expected to be looking for a GM this Fall, for what it’s worth.
  • Speaking of GM candidates, Billy Beane is working the media to pressure Bud Selig and MLB to finally make a decision on the A’s opening a new stadium in San Jose. The failure to secure plans for a new ballpark is frequently cited as the leading reason Beane would consider leaving Oakland, so, if he’s successful, the Cubs can probably cross him off their list.
  • Roy Halladay went all Shakespeare yesterday when asked about the Cardinals’ impressive September run. “I came to bury Ceasar, not praise him,” Halladay said. Et tu, Fat Elvis?
  • The Cubs’ season in quotes, by Patrick Mooney. Yes, “we stinks” is in there, but no “now is not the time for bold changes.” Criminal.
  • About 10,000 fans are expected to show up to the first Wrigley Field Movie Night, featuring ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ Hooray! The Cubs can still make money in October!
  • A great read on the chances the Rays would make the playoffs and the Red Sox wouldn’t. Perhaps all you need to see is the chart:

  • Toosh

    Other teams looking for a GM? More excuses for Ricketts.

  • Bridger

    That chart is awesome…

  • Dan0mite

    Is Tom Ricketts expected to be heavily involved in baseball operations? The feeling I always got was he was gonna let the GM run the team and the only thing that required his input was extremely large or long term contracts and maybe the over all philosophy of the organizaton (develope from within).

    • Brett

      I have a strong suspicion that, while he won’t be a day-to-day interloper, I do think he’s going to be involved in the major baseball decisions. He already is. I think he sees himself as the team’s “baseball president.”

  • die hard

    New GM wont be able to sneeze without permission….would be shocked to see a strong GM come over…Ricketts=Steinbrenner is my take…..

  • Buck

    Well if I chipped off $900M I too would want the people to at least listen to my 2 cents. That being said I think the fact that he’s going after a Theo/Billy Beane type says he’s looking for someone to do it their proven way. If he wanted “yes men” he could have stuck with the Hendry/Quade model for much longer. For what it’s worth I think Friedman would be our best fit. Lower price tag, lower profile, less baggage, etc. The Rays pump out home-grown prospects with the same frequency our Cubs pump out disappointments. I would love to see what Friedman could do with our economic resources. Sounds like it’s a long-shot given his comments about staying in Tampa and his Houston connections, and God only knows how he could handle huge expectations but IMHO, he’s the guy.

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      Amen, brother. I don’t need to post because I would only be repeating yours.

  • ty

    Pat Gillick and Sandberg are ready. The key is the hottest super scout–asst G.M. that will join up and do what he does best behind the scenes. We have to wait until the series is over. Everybody is on the cheap because they love to achieve. Enjoy the future cub fans.

  • Cliffy

    @joelsherman1 I am shocked, but in last 36 hrs every exec talk to says believe #Redsox will give permssion and Theo will go to #Cubs to be GM

    This seems promising.

  • Mike

    That’s real and it’s on his twitter. To this extent, it’s big news. BC and BB won’t play second fiddle. People discuss money, but in this case it’s really not a factor. Any quality guy is going to get complete control, a 5 year deal and something in excess of 10 Million over 5 years. Some a little more, some maybe less, but when you’re talking about MLB and a Mendoza hitting first baseman making 10M a year, let’s be real, money is not a factor.

    So once things get public, for all practical purposes, it’s one and done on a big name. I have zero doubt Ricketts wants a big name. I have zero doubt, he has enough sophistication that he would be able to run some of this behind the scenes. I have every doubt though he could pull it off. The longer it drags out, I believe the more likely a lesser candidate and not one of the big names. But I have never bought the idea Theo wouldn’t leave Boston having collapsed, that too is not a realistic factor in today’s game. It really comes down to if Ricketts can pull the trigger and if someone like Theo has enough respect for him not to use it a tool for leverage.

  • Steve

    John Coppelella. I know I sound like a broken record, but it makes too much sense.

  • philoe beddoe