Some two hours ago, I was dancing at a friend’s wedding. But now, I’m sitting at my computer frantically typing about the possibility of Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein – previously thought not a possibility for the Cubs, then a possibility, then not a possibility again – coming to the Cubs, and soon. Joel Sherman of the New York Post was so confident that he said this:

“I am shocked, but in last 36 hrs every exec talk to says believe #Redsox will give permssion and Theo will go to #Cubs to be GM.”

I don’t want to drive everyone into a late night frenzy from which they cannot recover, but I thought it worth passing onto you as I heard it. I’m sure we’ll have plenty more tomorrow.

  • funkster

    Oh lord please. Twitter was abuzz…

  • Alex

    Please let it be Cherington instead.

    If you want to see how Red Sox fans feel about Epstein.

    When a team starts to stink, people will look to the GM as a major reason. But when you look at signings like Lackey, Crawford, Dice K, Gagne, Lugo etc… Maybe they’re on to something.

    I’d rather go with Cherington who is a player development guy and is ready to become a GM. Hey, Friedman and Epstein had to start somewhere as well.

    I wouldn’t be totally against Epstein being the next Cubs GM, but there are a couple of guys (Friedman, Cherington) that I would rather see first.


    • hansman1982

      Yes it is soooo terrible that he misses the postseason on a combined 145 losses in the past two years…to put that into perspective – the Cubs have only won 1 more game than that…

      If that is abysmal failure then give it to me every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

      The pining for an Asst. GM is like pining for the backup QB – EVERY GM out there that has money to work with has a few misses…

  • Trent Ryan

    I would literally be the happiest person on the planet if this happened.

  • ramin

    Wtf I guess there is a god, thanks a lot brett now I cant sleep thinkin wats to come

  • TWC

    Wow, just wait ’til NEXT year!

  • Jim Kress

    Okay this is “The New York Post” so they’re not the most reliable BUT this could mean GREAT news. My old roommate who is a big cardinals fan told me sarcastically “Theo Epstein as the cubs new gm doesn’t terrify me at all, why do u ask?” this is the first step in the VERY RIGHT direction. When I wake up and go to church tomorrow morning I’m just going to be praying this is true!

  • Fishin Phil

    New York Post, don’t toy with my emotions!  Please let this be true.

  • JulioZuleta

    Brett, what was your go-to move on the dance floor tonight?

    • Brett

      “The Microwave.”

  • PFK

    At Epsteins’ post season news conference he made a comment that has stuck with me as maybe a hint that he might be leaving. He said that they, management, would get together and decide about not only Francona, but to see, ” if this is the group to lead this team forward.” He meant management and the whole organization, not just Francona. I thought that was a curious statement at the time. And now, with the rumors, I’m inclined to think it is true – he is coming to the Cubs. Remember, he had a serious spat with Luccino a couple of years ago and quit – if only for a short time. He may love Boston and the Red Sox but he may have created a monster that will just take the fun out of it. Francona even said it had ceased being fun. By going to the Cubs he can enjoy the rebuild and the results for another good 10 years! At least. Chicago too will be a tough market and tough media but the fans will be more appreciative than Boston if the Cubs win it all. I now think Epstein is indeed
    coming to the Cubs.

  • Mike Foster

    …when I see it. This speculation is just the natural course of a collapse, and also a change…we’ll see. Thanks for posting.

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  • cubsklm

    It makes me wonder if the Cubs weren’t partially responsible for the September collapse of the Redsox.

    When did the rumors about Francona not being pick up for next year start, did all the speculation about Epstein really have a bad impact on that clubhouse. Usually team secrets are kept internal until the season is over.

    Players big ego’s won’t let them perform for a Manager and GM who are leaving or checking out the grass on the other side of the street

  • Lou

    Biggest move of the off-season if it happens….