[There are many reasons to love my job (and I do). You’ll never hear me complain about it. But you will hear me comment that there are times it’s not easy – like when I get back from a wedding at almost midnight (after, eh hem, a few cocktails) only to find that the Internet is blowing up with Theo Epstein to the Cubs rumors. When I hopped on my computer last night to post the small update, my wife says she had to get on after me to make sure that what I posted was coherent. Suffice it to say: I take this job seriously.]

A number of other sources are commenting on the Theo Epstein to the Cubs rumors that surfaced yesterday, in addition to Joel Sherman’s very pointed tweet. It’s possible that they’re all talking to the same misinformed people, but it’s also possible that this is the smoke that suggests an almost indescribably wonderful fire.

  • Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe reports that Epstein to the Cubs actually could happen. He quotes a major league source who said, “The Cubs are obviously interested in Theo and the talk is not going away. I think it’s possible.”
  • Peter Gammons, who remains as plugged into the Boston baseball scene as anyone, says Epstein is interested in the Cubs’ job. He’s not sure whether the Red Sox will fight to keep Epstein.
  • Phil Rogers quotes someone “close” to Epstein, who says that Theo is “very interested” in the Cubs’ job. But he quotes another source (again, “close” to Epstein – which could mean any number of things), who says, “If they said to Theo, ‘You have to stay and help fix it,’ I wouldn’t be surprised. Letting him walk wouldn’t (surprise me), either. Strange times there.”
  • On the flip side, Dan Roche, a radio anchor in Boston, says that, as of yesterday, the Cubs hadn’t asked for, and the Red Sox hadn’t granted, permission to speak to Epstein. But, in a telling hedge, he says, “Down [the] road, who knows?” That, to me, reads like someone who wants to make sure he isn’t wrong – Roche had emphatically denied a connection between the Cubs and Epstein earlier in the day.
  • When asked about Epstein’s status with the team on Friday, Red Sox President Larry Lucchino dodged the question, saying, “We’re not prepared to answer that question here. Theo is under contract with us, so it is an issue that has not been addressed or discussed.”
  • Many folks are pointing out the fact that assistant GM Ben Cherington participated in all of the high-level meetings immediately after the Red Sox’s collapse, suggesting that it means the Red Sox are preparing for a transition. I’m not really sure how much you can read into an assistant GM participating in organizational meetings, though. I mean, it’s kind of his job.
  • Buster Olney notes that how things play out in the near term may indicate whom the Cubs prefer, Epstein or Rays’ GM Andrew Friedman.
  • LouCub

    I want Theo for this job and I hope Ricketts just gets this done ASAP…Friedman may be good but Gerry Hunsicker ( a really solid baseball guy with the Mets and Astros when they were relevant) has made him better.Theo’s done this on his own merits and the guys who are under him were brought in by him and sought by many..he’s the total package for the Cubs..

  • philoe beddoe

    OK, I am really starting to think these Chicago writers are either dumb or really dumb…

    Gordon Wittenmyer has a column today saying how the Cubs need to act fast to get Ryno back in the fold…and he quotes a source who says the White Sox may want him on their staff

    Supposedly Davey Martinez is their top candidate for manager. Hmmmmm. I really don’t think Ryno would ever be on his staff…just saying….

    • Internet Random

      I’m a die-hard Ryno fan, and I hope he comes back to the organization. From what facts I have, Hendry was unwise to let him go.

      That said, “like” and “need” are two different things. It’s not too hard to imagine a successful organization without Ryno… as nice as it would be to have him.

  • Vinestal

    I hope it happens, Friedman and Epstein are my top 2 choices but Ive always expected us to settle for Hahn or Byrnes.

  • funkster

    Maybe Theo is leveraging for a President of Baseball Ops job. Then smoothly slide Cherington into the GM role.

  • ry

    Did Martinez hook up with Ryno’s first wife?

    • chris margetis


      • Toosh

        Martinez for manager, Sandberg for bench coach, his 1st wife for Service Manager.

  • Dan0mite

    Ken Rosenthol was saying on twitter that if the Cubs got Theo they may have to trade for him like the White Sox did with Ozzie. Who do you think they would have to give up? Just some low end minor leaguers?

    • RoughRiider

      Send them Soriano !!!

      • Dave

        I bet that if the Sox were to let Theo arrange the trade for himself, they would be getting Soriano and Zambrano without the Cubs eating a dime.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m not sure executive contracts work the same way as player and manager contracts, for the purposes of trading – I have no reason to doubt Rosenthal, and it’s possible it just hasn’t happened in recent memory.

      That said, if the White Sox got two decent (not great, but decent) prospects for a guy most believed they would be dumping, I guess the Cubs might have to give up something of value. This is all just totally speculation.

  • Deez

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    That’s Good shit!
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    • Jason

      I think the greatest part is that Brett didn’t actually remember having his wife check his message. I’m curious as to how buzzed he actually was…

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        She checked it after I passed o…. er, fell asleep.

  • Toosh

    Looks like the Marlins want Zambrano and are willing to take on his entire contract. It’s time for Bush to pop his cherry.

    • Ron Swanson

      There is no way this is true! …is it?

      • Toosh

        Now it looks like the Cubs are working with Zambrano on his release if he’ll accept the rest of his salary in deferred payments.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      That’d obviously be shocking – I will have to investigate that Venezuelan newspaper story myself.

      • http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/ John

        Looks like the report from Muskat had it translated wrong. I read it myself and Serrano stated it would be the Cubs making the deferred payments.

        • awesome


          is that Zambrano or Soriano? I’d release Soriano with deferred payments. you can still trade Z or pitch him, you can’t trade or play Soriano another minute.

          • Toosh

            It’s Zambrano.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          That’s the way I read it as well, John.

  • awesome

    what is there to fix? Boston was known as the East Cubs, Theo came and took them to 2 world series, fixed and done.

    he’d be elected president if the Cubs won one WS.

  • Vinestal

    Well if we are eating the Zambrano money we’d better be getting something for it. If we aren’t getting anything Id rather just let him rot in the bulpen for a year.

  • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

    I am so out of touch right now.  On Friday my iPhone was knocked out of my hand and shattered and I had already made plans to stay in downtown grand rapids so I could 1-go to all the ArtPrize (artprize.org) events this weekend and wait in line for the Founders Brewing release of Canadian Breakfast Stout. This beer was amazing and worth the four hours of waiting in line, but I had to use my friends phone to tweet attempt to keep up with all the news, but once I started drinking CBS everything was all grins and giggles.  Then a whole day of viewing 1000+ pieces of art and without a phone and I fell behind with all the rumors and news surrounding Epstein/Francona saga.  I finally got a replacement iPhone today (still under warranty, YEAH) but I am sooo behind, so if my comments are in the said that/done that mode or if I’ve missed some other news- mea culpa.

    So I see this as great news, great news.  I’ve always believed the Ricketts has had been in contact through back channels and surrogates with his top choices even before he fired Jimbo.  Its foolish to think that no forms of communication were happening until the Red Sox collapse and if we are no getting accurate news that communication has been happening its should be a good sign.  I figure Ricketts has had a top 3 realistic potential GM list and hopefully Epstein is on that list.  We’ll have a much better understanding of all this after the weekend is over and the strength of the news and rumors will tell everyone just how possible this really is.  If by next week there more substantial l news does appear I will start to assume that Epstein isn’t leaving Boston, and instead Ricketts is going in another direction.   Regardless it looks like the rumor mill will be buzzing this week.

    • CubFan Paul

      sooo an Art Event that including beer before or during? It would have to be served during the event and be Free to keep me away from a phone/internet and college football

      • MichiganGoat

        ArtPrize is a 3 week compeition of over 1000 pieces of Art scattered throughout downtown Grand Rapids. Visitors vote on the pieces and select the winner, and yes many of the pieces are found in bars where drinks can be found. It’s an amazing event and this weekend downtown felt like Chicago or NYC check it out ArtPrize.org

        On top of that Founders Brewing was releasing their Canadian Breakfast Stout in bottles for the first time. Delicious stout with strong coffee and chocolate tones aged in maple barrels that were first used to store whiskey, 10% abv. Grins automatic after the second glass.