We’ll be discussing the Carlos Zambrano rumors and the latest Theo Epstein excitement later this morning. For now, bullets…

  • Gordon Wittenmyer says Ryne Sandberg is expected to get “considerable attention” this Winter for a ML managerial job, so the Cubs should act fast if they want to make sure he’s part of the team next year. I’m not sure I agree that Sandberg will be so desired that the Cubs will lose their shot if they don’t act immediately – recall, just last Winter, no team save the Cubs extended Sandberg so much as an interview request. Does one more successful year at AAA change things that dramatically? Maybe. I think the biggest competition the Cubs will face for Sandberg – should they decide to pursue him – will be from the Phillies, who would like to put him on the big league staff, as a possible replacement-in-waiting for Charlie Manuel.
  • Playoff update: The Tigers/Yankees, Rays/Rangers, and Cardinals/Philies series are all tied at 1-1. The Brewers are up 2-0 on the Diamondbacks, which, although I don’t much care for the Brewers, is just fine with me. The Cubs’ 2007 sweep at the hands of the Diamondbacks is still a source of chagrin.
  • Paul Sullivan discusses the state of flux in the Cubs’ organization while they wait to settle the GM question.
  • Wow, Marlon Byrd has a crazy, dedicated offseason plan to keep his body in shape.
  • Brad Snyder, a great AAA outfielder who could never quite do it in the bigs with the Cubs, is now a free agent. He could theoretically return on another minor league deal, but he’ll probably move on to another organization or to another country.
  • Keeping the lights on: maybe you want to do a little gaming with respect to the playoffs? If so, try sports betting at TopBet.
  • For those who enjoyed BN user Dave’s dastardly plan for instilling Cub fandom (and Cardinal hate) in his young son, he’s also written about Cardinal fans on the Message Board.
  • Vinestal

    While I loved Ryno as a player, I don’t believe he’d make a good manager and I dont really believe there is a huge demand for his services. Id really love to get Maddon from the Rays but he has a contract through 2012.

    • Randy

      Vinestal, with all due respect, why wouldn’t Sandberg make a good manager? Hasn’t he already proven to be a good manager? His success, albeit in the minors, is still success and if he were a “prospective player” with the success he has had, he would deserve a shot in the majors. What reason is there to not think he wouldn’t t do a good job? Sandberg stresses the fundamentals, playing the game right, and a burning desire to win. I had a chance to meet and talk to Darwin Barney while he spent some time in Des Moines. He had some interesting things to say about Ryno while here on rehab earlier this year. Think of Darwin what you want as a player, but his IQ is way up there and his baseball acumen is even higher. I am not going to repeat a conversation that I am sure Darwin did not think was going to be repeated on the Internet, but I was impressed with what he said about Sandberg in regards to preparation. managing the game and his handling of players. I get the impression that those who have played for him feel the same way (my impression solely). Thus, that could be the reason for his success up to this point.

      • NyN

        Mike Quade was a successful minor league manager and Micah Hoffpauir was a successful minor league player. Just saying

        • hardtop

          An observation worthy of a comment. I disagree with respect to ryne, but that’s just a gut feeling, and you’re right, we really have no idea. I’m willing to gamble on him but well see what our new GM thinks.

  • CubFan Paul

    Marlon Byrd goes to San Francisco to work with Victor Conte and his group ..hmmm, i wonder if Byrd uses the ‘Cream’ or the ‘Clear’

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      That’s actually been discussed at length in the past. Selig isn’t crazy about Byrd’s relationship with Conte, but nobody really thinks Byrd is dirty.

      • CubFan Paul

        oh, wow ..i had no idea

        • DaveB23

          I believe the proper term is ‘flax seed oil’

      • Andrew

        I think Byrd is just taking bass lessons from Conte… has nothing to do with baseball or steroids.  That’s why his production sucked this year.

        (Sorry.  Most people won’t get Tower of Power references, but Conte was a pretty ridiculous bass player back in the day).

      • Internet Random

        Outwardly… because, you know, Selig is totally against steroids and all (this week).

    • Deez

      I wish he was “dirty”
      Maybe he would’ve hit more HRs, drove in more runs, & hit better w/ RISP!
      All of this “working out” & looking at his production, it just don’t jive MAN!

  • Chris

    I love Ryne Sandberg – he’s my favorite all time baseball player. But I’m not sure now is the time for him to manage the Cubs. Until the Cubs reload (I’m not even sure how at this point), I hate to think of him getting a shot, then either quitting or getting fired after a couple of more dismal seasons. And I’d hate to see his relationship with Cubs fans suffer.

    At the same time, the “right” time may never come, and this may be the only shot to get him the manager’s job in Chicago. And maybe he’s meant to do what so many others haven’t – win. Let’s hope for the future. After all, as Cubs fans, that’s all we ever have.

  • Toosh

    Ricketts never acts fast and Bush doesn’t act at all.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Oh, Toosh. You’re always so hard on Ricketts.

      • Toosh

        You’re right, Brett. I’m a Cub fan 24/7/365. It would be nice to see Ricketts get a GM hired soon. Looks like he might be waiting for the postseason to end.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          It’s possible he wants Epstein or Friedman, or bust. And he’ll take his shot at both before moving on to anyone else. Possible.

  • RY

    I totally agree with Deez re Byrd. He might want to up his usage levels because he is flat out getting ripped off!

  • Mike

    If Byrd is using Juice Conte needs to refund his money. I think it was ESPN between the lines that did an excellent piece on Conte. Byrd was featured in it earlier this year. Conte has apparently gone legit, and I can’t completely remember the controversy but is willing under the right conditions to blow the whistle on some of the people.

    It’s interesting to me, how Sosa and McGuire as well as Bonds returned the glory to the game and we all know there were others, and yet Uncle Bud the used car dealer, sits there holier than thou and acts like I think the term now is intellectually challenged ostrich. Everyone including Ray Charles and Hellen Keller knew Bonds was a horrific Juicer when he broke Babe and Aaron’s records. And it continues to this day. I don’t know what they are using in St. Louis but LaRussa is an absolute wizard of it. He has an endless stream of these giant crabs. Oh and then there’s Pujolis, seen the biceps, triceps, or hammies on that guy lately. And that baldness and acne is just from all the carb lording he does. Victor was just a function of the demand and a businessman, the bigger problem is and will continue to be Uncle Bud. Sorry for the rant.

    • andrew

      love the rant. pujols been putting a needle in his butt for 10+ years now

  • http://bleachernation.com ricosanto

    Ryno would be 100 times better than the QBALL…He was minor league manager of the year last year and this year the scouts were amazed and how he became the first manager to be over 500 and make the playoffs with the Iron Pigs . Whomever the GM is they need to hire Ryno, Rickettts wants that. Did they keep Mike sciosa in the minors ? NO