Bob Brenly “Would Love” to Manage the Cubs in 2012 and Other Bullets

The Rays were eliminated by the Rangers yesterday in the ALDS, but the Yankees forced a Game Five in their series against the Tigers tomorrow. That means Tom Ricketts can start ringing Rays’ GM Andrew Friedman today, but will have to wait to reach out to Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, should he be so inclined.

  • Yesterday, Cubs’ color man, Bob Brenly, who’s currently handling games for TBS in the postseason, was asked about his managerial future. Specifically, he was asked whether he’d like to manage the Cubs if Mike Quade is fired. “I guess my attitude is I’m not hiding, they know where to find me,” Brenly said. “If they feel that I’m the guy for the job I would love to interview, I would love to go in and sit down and talk about the future of the organization, but I think I said it a year or so ago: I don’t feel comfortable actively pursuing jobs right now. If a team thinks I’m the right guy for the job, absolutely, I would love another opportunity to get down on the field, but if they don’t feel like I’m the right guy for the job then I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall.” Brenly recently said that he pulled his name out of consideration last year because he sense some trouble on the way. Interesting, by the way, that he didn’t really make an effort to do the “Mike Quade is under contract for 2012, so I assume he’ll still be the manager” thing. Everyone knows.
  • The Arizona Fall League got underway yesterday, and maligned Cubs prospect Josh Vitters got off to a hot start, going 2-4 with two homers. Vitters was playing first base. Also playing, DJ LeMahieu went 0-2 with a couple walks, Junior Lake went 0-3, and reliever Marcus Hatley gave up a run on three hits over 1.1 innings.
  • John Sickels reviews his own pre-2011 hitting prospect list, and that includes a review of number 14, Cubs’ top prospect, Brett Jackson. Of Jackson, Sickels said, “Hit .256/.373/.443 in Double-A, .297/.388/.551 in Triple-A, combined for 20 homers, 21 steals, 73 walks. Main risk is high strikeout rate, but has broad skill base.”
  • MLB fined Tony LaRussa for claiming earlier this week that his team was facing a different strike zone than the Phillies.
  • The Astros’ sale to shipping magnate Jim Crane (have you ever noticed how “magnate” is used exclusively with rich dudes involved in the shipping industry? The word means someone who has reached a prominent place in a particular industry – it doesn’t have to be shipping) is being held up by MLB’s request that he agree to move the team to the AL, says Crane. He believes the move could reduce the value of the franchise for which he’s agreed to pay $680 million, because he’ll have fewer viewers for late night games, and he’ll be in a tougher division. So, he’s looking for compensation from MLB for the move. His purchase agreement expires November 30.

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38 responses to “Bob Brenly “Would Love” to Manage the Cubs in 2012 and Other Bullets”

  1. jstraw

    We really have kind of lost “department store magnate,” haven’t we?

  2. Fishin Phil

    I would be OK with Brenly.

  3. bazfan1234

    I really enjoyed Bob Brenley as an announcer for the postseason. He seemed invigorated and was a lot more upbeat, which we haven’t seen in a while from him. Of course, I don’t blame him after watching the mess that is the Cubs the last two or three seasons.

    1. CubFan Paul

      Brenly is invigorated & upbeat because his broadcasting contract is up & he’s a free agent placating to the nation. He definitely won’t be back (i’ll take that bet) because of his comments this season on local chicago radio (“another dead ass team”) & probably his most recent comments on why he didnt get the job last year (which no one believes) was barely a week after he called the Cubs another dead ass team that the Yankees were in town and Tom Ricketts was in the both with Len&Bob ..the body language of Ricketts towards Brenly said it all (you’re Fired)

      1. Internet Random

        Even if there weren’t a year left on his contract, he’s one of (if not *the*) best color guys in the business. Unless he takes a managerial position or retires, he’s going to stay employed as a color guy for years to come.

      2. jstraw

        I will absolutely take a bet that Brenly will remain in the booth for 2013 unless one of two things happen; he gets a managing gig or a national broadcasting gig.

  4. Mike Foster

    Kinda sounds like he wants it, kinda doesn’t sound like he’s not sure….angling for front office work? Considering his statement about sitting down and talking future of the organization, not just the 2012 season as manager. I think he’d be great but gotta wanna more. Also wonder about his depth in metrics, is he plugged in there? Besides, I’d rather hear him in the booth with a winning team.

  5. Mike Foster

    Don’t mean to scoop you Ace but gotta read this;

    Channel 5’s Mike Lynch reported that Red Sox ownership, in internal discussions yesterday, were considering asking MLB for compensation from the Cubs merely to speak to Epstein. Normally, compensation is contingent on the inquiring team acquiring the person from the other team.

    Is this OK for the link?

    If compensation is required watch how fast TR walks away, politely. Ha , ha….bye Theo.

    1. Fishin Phil

      Personally, I would tell the Red Sox to blow it out their sphincter.  No way I would compensate them just for the “privelage” of speaking to their employee.

      I want Theo as much as the next guy, but I would not play that stupid game.

      1. Toosh

        Agreed. Boston wanting compensation tells me they want to retain Epstein. Ricketts should forget about him and move on.

        1. Andrew

          Or it tells you that they’re confident he’ll leave once he interviews and they just want to make sure they get something out of it.

  6. die hard

    Epstein using Ricketts to get 3 yr Boston extension….Ricketts is out of his league when it comes to owning a baseball team…he needs to bring in a VP of operations who has been a baseball guy for 20 yrs (Tidrow) and turn search and hiring over to that person…stay one step removed or Cubs will remain a minor league operation….

  7. die hard

    and whoever takes over should move Castro to center field if we are to be a winner

    1. Jason

      No – Castro’s value is driven by the fact that he can play middle infield. Moving him to CF makes his bat slightly better than league average. He’s 21 years old – let him learn how to play the game before we move him off of a position where he can provide us with tremendous value. He has the toolls to play MI – he just needs to work at it to get better.

    2. Bails17

      No way you move him to center!  If anything….you move him to second period.

    3. MichiganGoat

      CF? That’s ridiculous. Castro is a infielder and has zero to little experience as a outfielder. ***SARCASM ALERT*** But maybe your on to something die hard because the Cubs have sooooo few outfield prospects and a plethora of middle infield prospects, so obviously Castro to CF makes sense.

      And Tidrow, WOW

      1. Fishin Phil

        die hard is obviously from the Mike Quade school of playing players out of position.

    4. Internet Random

      Totally. We’ve got to move Garza to left field while we’re at it.

      1. MichiganGoat

        And resign Pena to play SS, Byrd to 3B, Soto to RF, sign Fielder to play LF, sign Pujos to C, how to you spell WINNNER

        1. NyN

          Maybe Soto should move to first. He could play everyday

    5. jstraw

      You’re on crack.

  8. Steve

    I didn’t realize that .307 is slightly better than league average. Thanks. On a related note, apparently, 95% of the current Cubs lineup are terrible, terrible hitters. Also, I’ve wanted Bob since Q was being considered.

  9. Jason

    Batting average? We’re talking about a player’s value and you throw out batting average?

    Castro’s 2011 wOBA of .338 put him comfortably in 8th place among major league Shortstops – Jeter came in 9th at .332. Castro was closer to the 6th ranked SS than he was to the 9th ranked SS.

    That same wOBA would have ranked him 10th among CFs and only .002 ahead of the 14th ranked CF who had a .336. There are 30 starting CFs in major league baseball – 14th is slightly above that average. By moving Castro to CF, you’re turning Asdrubal Cabrera into Peter Bourjos. Is that a move you want to make?

  10. Joy

    I like Bob.He gets baseball from the inside out.  I think he would be a good manager with the Cubs but if not, love him in the booth.  I doubt the Cubs would make the Stone mistake twice. But then again, they are the Cubs.

  11. Steve

    Ummm…all I did was question your logic. You said moving Castro would produce a CFer with a slightly better than average bat. I disagree, and made my point. I’m not into obscure stats, or a lot of the “new measuring sticks” that have become the latest rage. Castro is a toung, talented guy. He’s a career .3035 hitter, albeit, after two seasons. The Cubs may be in need of another CFer, but it is not Castro.

    1. Jeff

      Brett Jackson? Matt Sczur? Jae Hoon Ha? I’m pretty sure the Cubs are loaded with center field prospects with high upsides.

  12. Odd


  13. Jeff

    Tony LaRussa is fast becoming the Phil Jackson of baseball. During every playoff series they rip the refs/umpires, and even if they get fined, the rest of the series is called differently because of them running their mouth to the media. They should fine the umpires for adjusting their strike zones for crybabies.

  14. Toosh

    F—— Cardinals!!

  15. Jeff

    He has my vote, but probably not Ramy16′s…………


  16. Lou

    Bob Brenly knows that he could be up for many gigs, including the Cubs, the Red Sox, or the Tigers if Leyland retires.

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