The Theo Epstein Question Remains Unanswered and Other Bullets

Well, the worst has happened (second-worst, actually, I guess) – both the Cardinals and Brewers advanced to the NLCS yesterday, so one of them will be in the World Series. Grumble.

  • So, Theo Epstein is not yet the Chicago Cubs’ GM, nor do we know for certain he’s staying in Boston. What’s the deal? Hard to say, because no one is talking. Multiple reports earlier this week suggested the Red Sox would want to have things publicly decided by yesterday, but the public statements they made only muddied the waters further. With Yom Kippur underway now, I doubt we’ll hear much, at least with respect to Epstein, for the rest of the weekend. Something to keep in mind in all of this – it remains just as likely that “the hold up” is the Cubs, not the Sawx. Epstein may or may not be the team’s top choice in the GM search, but, either way, the Cubs would be wise to continue reaching out to other candidates. Maybe Epstein is ready to come, but the Cubs want to talk to Andrew Friedman first. Or Brian Cashman. Or Billy Beane. We can’t know. The secrecy and lack of leaks at this point in the search is truly remarkable.
  • Aramis Ramirez says he was surprised by Cubs’ color man Bob Brenly’s strong criticism of him the other day. “This is the first negative thing that I’ve heard from anybody about my ability to produce on the baseball field,” Ramirez said. “This is the first time in 8½ years in Chicago I’ve heard that. Everyone during my time with the Cubs has been great to me. And the fans are the best there, they supported me and the other players when we were good and when we were bad. But I’m surprised that Bob would say those things now.”
  • Trey McNutt had a successful AFL debut yesterday, throwing three scoreless innings (which, in the AFL, is like throwing back-to-back shutouts). About his disappointing regular season, McNutt confirmed what most people thought – his May injury took things off course, and he wasn’t quite able to recover. “I started the season strong. I had the injury at the end of May that carried into the first week of June and it was hard me for to get going, to get sharp again,” McNutt said. “The second half, it just wasn’t a good half. I [was] trying to take something positive from it. The adversity was probably the best thing for me.”
  • The Cubs finished second in attendance per win this year, with more than 42,000 folks showing up per win. We’re nothing if not loyal. Don’t break our hearts, Tom.
  • Here’s Nyjer Morgan being all kinds of classy after hitting a walk-off single last night. Warning, there’s a whole lot of profanity, which is kind of the point:

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88 responses to “The Theo Epstein Question Remains Unanswered and Other Bullets”

  1. Toosh

    Seeing 2 NL Central teams reach the League Championship Series might make people stop bad-mouthing the division. A lot of people think the East is the best division. Well, if any of those teams want to go, they’ll have to buy tickets. Similarly in the AL. No Yankees, no Red Sox. It’s good for baseball. And shows that you don’t always have to spend to win.

    1. bacboris

      I respectfully disagree Toosh. If anything, combined with the Rockies claims from a few years ago it adds credibility to the ‘hot coming into the playoffs theory’. The cardinals were junk this year while the Phillies were something to behold. But as the old refrain about “that’s why we play the games” goes its impossible to call it before the end comes.

      1. Jeff

        I’m not really clear on what you’re disagreeing with.  Are you saying that the division that puts two teams in the LCS can’t lay claim to being the best division in baseball because of how the regular season went?  Wouldn’t that be like saying that the team that wins the World Series isn’t the best in baseball?

        1. bacboris

          I get your point Jeff. I guess I just fall on the side of the spectrum that holds that a team should be judged by the entire year even if they choke in the end (that’s not applied to ’08 cubs who had glaring holes and a weak schedule). Its one of those things I worry about when they discuss expanding the playoffs.

          For me the difference between Baseball and Football was that you should reward the results of a much longer and intensive season if its to have any meaning. I wont debate who’s the best with you, no real way to quantify that. But Id rather have the cubs be the team that puts together a quality balanced team year after year that might choke in the playoffs than one of these teams that has a run out of nowhere in the last month to win it all. (Obviously though, I’d take either way of winning over mediocrity/losing)

  2. Toosh

    If the Cubs draw more fans next season and win less games maybe they can move up to # 1 in Attendance per Win. I wonder if that’s one of Ricketts’ goals.

  3. Fishin Phil

    Phooey.  I guess I will have to root for the Brewers now.  I’d root for the Taliban All-stars before the Cardinals.

    1. Toosh

      Only Cardinal fans root for the Cardinals.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Soooo by Cardinal fans you mean Zombies.

        1. Toosh


          1. Jamesjones

            Yeah. Id rather rake my eyes out than cheer for the Brewers. Id rather slit my wrists than root for St Louis.

            So ill be taking my talents to the AL for this post season gentlemen.

            Cheering for the Rangers, only because I hope Ron Washington throws a huge coke party for the team. (You know this will happen).

            I also hope everyone in Philadelphia was home early as to avoid another Tony LaRussa drink-n-drive experience.

        2. Anthony Caminitti

          you give cardinal fans too much credit by assuming they have some semblance of activity occurring in between their ears

          1. Internet Random

            My hatred for the Cardinals so far surpasses what mild distaste I have for the Brewers that I’ll be cheering my arse off for the Brewers.

            1. Toosh


            2. Cardfan

              Feeling the love here!

              Obviously I didn’t stick around to watch “Nancy” Morgan make a complete ass out of himself, but I will tell you that I held my nose and hoped for a Brewers win – only because I want to see that sorry POS stand in utter defeat at the hand of the Cardinals at the end of the NLCS. He will be put in his place and then he’s off to obscurity for the remainder of his career – remembered only for the coked-up ass that he is. Thanks for posting that one.

              Oh yeah – best regards to Dave’s wife…

              1. Jeff

                I will commend your gall for coming on a Cubs blog while the Cards are in the LCS.  I also fart in your general direction, Cardfan.  Bastard……

                1. Cardfan

                  chalk it up to a visceral and involuntary reaction to that worthless POS. I don’t like the Brewers – at all. They are a franchise unworthy of their current status. I save the word “hate” for the most extreme cases and Morgan falls into that category – I HATE him and his BS. Absolutely no class, whatsoever.

                  I will say that the scent of your flatulence is overcome by the sweet smell of unexpected success. Cheers from the bastard zombie mullet-headed trogolodyte…

                  1. Toosh

                    The pot calling the kettle black.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      All card fans have giant red kettles full of steroids

  4. philoe beddoe

    Taliban All-Stars!!! Classic….I don’t think they would be very good…but they do get a lot of stone throwing at a young age so there arms may be strong

    For what its worth(which is nothing)…here is my take on Theo…he is hemming and hawing about what to do….gets a great offer from Cubs with a “promotion” but his home is Boston…

    I think he doesn’t know yet


    1. Anthony Caminitti

      Taliban All-Stars will only be good for sac flies (too soon?)

  5. Rooster

    Morgan and the Brew Crew=No Class.  What a goof.  I was watching the game live and TNT had no way of muting that.  F$#@ YEAH…he said it repeatedly while the reporter tried her hardest.  He is such a tool.  My fingers hurt typing this as it’s a waste of energy on such a waste of a player.

    Bob Brenley only speaks the truth A-ram as he’s watched and analzyed you for how long?  Good luck somewhere else.  I’d rather give Edwin Encarnacion 5 million and see if he stays healthy.

    My plan as GM: Sign Reyes and shift Castro to 3rd.  Bring in Fiedler and name a street at him locking up the infield.  Castro’s body will probably fill out like A-rod so a shift now wouldn’t be a drastic move.  This would sure up our middle infield defensive issues and give us a leadoff hitter we’ve missed since the days of Kenny Lofton.

    The outfield-It’s time…bring up Jackson to play CF and shift Byrd to RF.  Sign Jason Kubel to LF with Sorry being kicked to the curb and Colvin backing up the corner spots.

    The pen: Marmol has to get traded.  Give Heath Bell the $$$.  Jeff Samardzija and Marshall lock down the setup roles.  If we don’t sign a FA closer give it to Jeff Samardzija and don’t look back!!!!!!!!

    The rotation: Dempster and Garza are locks.  Sign Edwin Jackson to be your #2 with Javier Vazquez to be your #3.  Dempster #4.  Casher and Wells fight for the 5th spot.

    Defense and pitching has to be addressed.  This is exhausting….OUT


    1. Ari Gold

      That wasn’t Nyjer Morgan. That was Tony Plush

    2. Zbo

      Are you the Rooster from the old Chicago Sports message board? That one was fun until it got all weird.

    3. Jeff

      You had me agreeing with you until you started talking about the Jose Reyes, and it all went downhill from there.  Reyes is going to get vastly overpaid and will be Alfonso Soriano 2.0 wherever he signs, Jason Kubel is a type A and would cost the team it’s second round draft pick, and I don’t think he’s worth the cost, and Marlon Byrd doesn’t have the bat to carry a corner outfield spot.  Javier Vasquez has all but retired already and I don’t think he’d sign anywhere but Florida again.  Also, no rotation should have Edwin Jackson as the number 2 starter.  I understand the Cubs are bad, but you are talking about covering holes with free agents who aren’t cornerstone players on a team with only two building blocks in place.  It would be a repeat of the last couple of seasons.

    4. Joe Cartwright

      Signing free agents to fix a bad team caused by signing bad free agents is what Hendry did.

  6. 1CubFanInPA

    I concur with everyone’s sentiments on having to see our two closest rivals playing in the NLCS knowing that one of them will be headed to the World Series. But, I have to admit, that I’m probably the only Cub fan on the planet that was pulling for St. Louis to oust the Phillies — but that reasoning is because I’m a Cub fan living in the northeast just 2 hours up the Turnpike from Philadelphia, so I’m surrounded by those obnoxious, loudmouth bandwagon-jumpers. Now that those Redheaded Shitbirds did the dirty work for a Phillie-hater like me and knocked those clowns out of the postseason I will certainly be pulling for either AL team to win the World Series — and hope for a four-game sweep!

  7. MichiganGoat

    Today I woke at family’s house on the lake watched the sun rise while I sipped my coffee enjoying a nice 60 degree morning… Then I remember the F’IN CARDINALS WON, damn communist, steroid loving, silverback gorilla as a hitting coach, voodoo worshiping, bugery enthusiast anti-team. They are the definition of douchebag, the ugly step-sister, and ashattery. One thing I can count on- Cardinals can ruin a day. FML

    1. Toosh

      After every game they won I texted all my contacts “Fucking Cardinals”.

      1. TWC

        Whaaaa? I didn’t get your text, Toosh. Obviously you don’t have my new number…

        1. Toosh

          Sorry, TWC.

    2. Jeff

      I would agree if I hadn’t been mentally preparing myself for worst case scenario for this year since Quade got the job last October.  I think sometime around when Pujols hurt his wrist, I somehow “knew” this would happen.  He comes back better than he was playing before the season, the Cards make a dramatic comeback to take the wild card, and even the animal kingdom’s assault on Matt Holliday and Busch Stadium couldn’t derail the Cards this year.  I am fully hoping for a first base collision between Pujols and Fielder that completely ruins the free agent market this year.  Hopefully they don’t catch the  squirrels by then.

  8. 1CubFanInPA

    Thanks for making me feel guilty for my wrong-sightedness, MGoat. I promise it will never happen again (LOL).

    1. MichiganGoat

      Never let that happen again

  9. cubsklm

    I am at a loss for words – except for these F-Bombs on National TV.

    If the Cubs had 1 outfielder who put up the numbers A-Ram has over his Cub career maybe we wouldn’t be in this position. There is no question Aramis has been a top performer over the years at his position.

    I see no reason for Brenly to bash A-Ram on his way out of town. It’s alot easier to commentate – let’s compare Brenly’s career numbers to A-Ram’s number.

    This Cub fan remembers the years between Santo and A-RAM and chooses to say “Thank you Aramis best of luck”

    The Cubs are rebuilding, say thanks and let him move on.

    1. Jeff

      So, calling the guy out for his shortcomings is wrong?  Brenly is a commentator, not a member of the organization.  His job is to give his opinion on players and the problem with your complaint is that Brenly is 100% correct and Ramirez doesn’t think he should be criticized at all.  This Cub fan remembers the playoff performance in the two sweeps, the loafing around the bases, the lazy defense, and the way he jerked the team around this year with his “i want to stay a Cub”, “I don’t want my option year”, “I want my option year”, “I want to stay here for my family”, “I want to go to a contender”, “I want to be a Cub for life”, “I’ve played my last game here”, “I want to re-sign for multi years here”, all the way up to “I don’t understand why I would be criticized for my poor play when the games mattered”.  Let’s compare Brenly’s World Series ring to A-Ram’s smart guy.

    2. Joe Cartwright

      You really set the bar low for a top performer…. And Brenly and Jeff both have it right. It is easy to commentate but I’m pretty sure(99% sure) Ramirez wouldn’t be able to do it (I don’t think he’d be able to pay attention through the entire thing. Unless it was cockfighting.)

  10. Toosh

    Again, he doesn’t play defense at all and he doesn’t hit in April and May. Hopefully the new GM does let him move on.

  11. TSB

    I suppose if Ramirez stayed hot all season, and finished with 80 home runs and 200 RBI’s, some Cub fans might (just might) give him some respect. The whole Cub team stunk the first half of the season; if some others on the team had pulled their weight, when Ramirez got hot he would have been praised for ‘a player that can carry a team down the streach” or ‘a second half guy that hits when it counts in the pennant race’. As for his lack of performance in the play-off games, all the Cubs sucked in the play offs. It was a team lost. Besides, he stunk for only 6 games, maybe next time…

    1. Jeff

      If Ramirez didn’t struggle for 2 and a half months every year he would be one of the best third basemen in baseball.  The guy that’s supposed to carry your offense can’t have slumps like he does, or the team will continue to lose.  Do you think we should just forgive all the players that stunk it up in the playoffs and the beginning of the season and continue to put them out there game after game year after year?   The whole Cub team didn’t stink in the first half of the year, and it has been years now since Ramirez was good when it counted.  No matter what your opinion, you shouldn’t be able to forgive his lazy defense and his generally “me first” attitude.

    2. Internet Random

      Yeah, and if I could hit a curve ball, I’d be in the major leagues.

      And, as always, if my grandmother had balls, she’d be my grandfather.

    3. Anthony Caminitti

      where was aramis while the team was .500 throughout april?

  12. Ol'CharlieBrown

    I can’t stand Nyjer Morgan. I have never seen such a crappy little baseball player think he is the man so much. Its really kind of pathetic.

    ”This is the first negative thing that I’ve heard from anybody about my ability to produce on the baseball field,” Ramirez said. Ha, thats classic. Clearly, Aramis is either in denial or he really needs to put his hearing aid back in and quit being so oblivious to his surroundings, on and off the field.

    Looks like I’ll be rooting for either the Tigers or the Rangers in the World Series. Never will I root for the Cardinals or the Brewers, especially in the World Series. Maybe and ONLY maybe would I consider rooting for one of them if they were to face off against the Yankees in a World Series, and even then, I would be torn.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Tigers baby, our economy needs it. The Tigers are the least douchebag filled team still out there.

      1. Jeff

        Miguel Cabrera, Jose Valverde, and Brad Penny; they may be the least douchey, but they are still douchey.

  13. Anthony Caminitti

    you forgot that a-ram had a pop fly bounce off the top of his head. even sori hasn’t had that happen to him.

    1. Joe Cartwright

      Or the half-ass dive that bounced off his face.

  14. Anthony Caminitti

    this has been on my mind for some time now (since the cubs were out of contention in june basically). the cubs should just move sori to 3rd and bring the kids on the farm up in the outfield. you can’t realistically say that there’d be a huge drop off production wise both offensively and especially defensively. he can be the placeholder for vitters (if he can finally show enough) or the kid from cali they just drafted. call me crazy

    1. hansman1982

      that is perhaps the worst idea ever…Soriano doesnt even have the defensive abilities to successfully field the DH position

      1. Nomar's Left Glove

        I’m with you Hans. Normally, I try not to tear people down,but that idea is awful.

  15. MrCubs73

    I may be one of the few, but I don’t want to see Fielder come to Chicago. A-Ram has just as well go, he has to know what the papers has said over the year, he has been criticized multiple times. The Cubs seem to be filled with a lack of character type players. Ramirez is not the exception, he may be great guy, but really, to say he don’t understand or bothered by such criticism tells me that no matter how much he is coached or pushed, he won’t change even if he stays. Ramirez is just concerned Brenly may have just caused a team or two to take a deeper look and it may now cost him a few dollars. If the AFL is any indication of the Cubs future plans, which are all subject to change once a new GM is on board, it looks like the current plan could be to play Vitters at 1st (which could mean Pena back for one more year) and LeMahieu at 3rd until Lake is ready to take over. If it is LeMahieu, there will be some type of platoon between LeMahieu and Dewitt at 3rd next season. Unlike many, I don’t put stock in what LaHair did this past season, fun to watch, but is he is not the long term answer and if go that route it is only short term.

    Get Theo on board and get to work!

  16. Zbo

    MI Goat- I’m with you on the Tigers! I lived up there for a couple of years, and loved going to games. I also agree that they are relatively douche-free. HOWEVER, there is Jose Valverde. I mean, the guy has had a great season and I’m glad it’s for the Tigers but, if you were on the opposing team, wouldn’t you just want to punch him in the mouth?

    1. MichiganGoat

      Yup Papa Grande can be overwhelming annoying in the mound but he has been nothing but professional in the media this year. Whereas, Brewers have T-bag Plush and bad metro-sexual dressing Braun; the Rangers have CJ “Yosemite Sam” Wilson; and the Cardinals being the origin of all things douchebaggery; so Papa Grand gets a pass (and is perfect save % helps).

      I’m certain that if there was a hellmouth it’s in St Louis and LaRussa is a demon that is waiting for ascension day.

  17. Jim Kress

    Don’t forget about Miguel Cabrera. Is it just me or does anyone else wanna break his arm? I hate that guy. Offseason antics EVERY offseason PLUS he was on the Florida team that won in 2003. THAT WAS OUR YEAR…..friggin alex gonzalez!

  18. cubsklm

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Brenly as a broadcaster. I am just saying there is no reason to trash a guy on his way out of town!

    The problem is no production from the OF, no Leadoff hitter, and starting pitching. When you address those, then talk to me about A-RAM’s production and defense.

    Plus Brenly certainly should recognize decline, after winning the World Series in his first year, his teams steadily declined over the next 2 1/2 years resulting in his firing mid-season 2004 after playing his managerial skills led the D-Backs to a .350 winning percentage.

    If he was such a great manager, he sure has been passed over by many teams since 2004, and will be again by the Cubs.

  19. Zbo

    Well…I couldn’t agree more! Plus, douchebaggery is a word that always gets a chuckle out of me (and it is oh so appropriate when in reference to LaRussa and the terdbirds).

  20. Robbie

    GREAT! just f’in great. sports illustrated is reporting that- Epstein is “likely” to stay with sox.

  21. Vinestal

    Well according to this guy:
    Permission has not been granted by the RedSox and my guess is that is because either Theo wants to stay in Boston or hasn’t made up his mind.

    1. Cheryl

      If this is true, it may be for the best. Ricketts is probably looking elsewhere anyway.

  22. Joe Cartwright

    I know the world series is supposed to be the AL champ vs the NL champ but this year can we just go ahead and eliminate the NL teams? You know, a Tigers-Rangers world series? Or if Cards or Brewers actually emeiiwnay(couldn’t actually say it) this year, just erase it from baseball history altogether? Just say there was a strike or something.

    And that’s exactly what I would expect from a team like the Brewers.

  23. Deez

    I guess I’m the oddball here.
    Nyjer “just” hit the game winning hit to get the Brewers to their 2nd LCS, there 1st in 29years!
    They put that damn camera in your face so often they don’t give you an opportunity to relish the moment.
    I like Nyjer! He’s plays & exhibits Swagger & Attitude.
    I’m not “old school!” I like that ISH!
    How many Cubs exhibit that?

    1. Jeff

      If there was a Cub who acted like Nyjer Morgan, I would still have no respect for him.  There is a difference between swagger and acting like a jack ass.

      1. Toosh

        Carlos Zambrano.

        1. Deez

          It’s all about Perspective.

      2. Ol'CharlieBrown

        “There is a difference between swagger and acting like a jack ass.”

        Well said, Jeff. Nyjer Morgan walks around flexing on everyone all the time. Thats why Pujols went after him not long ago, cause Morgan struck out (swinging, I believe) and threw his chew at Chris Carpenter and was staring him down lookin all swoll as he walked back to the dugout. As if Carpenter is supposed to serve one up for poor lil Nyjer? Thats not swagger, thats being a punk. As I’m typing this I’m realizing that I’m almost defending the Cardinals, which makes me realize how much I really dislike Nyjer Morgan.

        By the way, what in sam hell is A.J. Pierzynski doing on FOX? Of all people that MLB/FOX could have picked, they went with him? I would rather see Ozzie back on there again before Pierzynski. Matter of fact, do the White Sox have some kind of deal with FOX or something to where one of their players/coaches is on Postseason baseball on FOX?

      3. Internet Random

        There is a difference between swagger and acting like a jack ass.

        I see your point, but, despite what Old Spice would have you believe, there really isn’t much of a difference.  “Swagger” is not a good thing.

  24. Rob Samuelson

    I’m interested to see if all this hemming and hawing over Epstein would prevent the Cubs from interviewing/hiring Cherington should Epstein decline the job. It appears Cherington would be Ricketts’ top choice of the assistant GM possibilities, but would he want to deal with Boston all over again after this?

  25. Zbo

    Given Fox’s love of Joe Buck, they could trot out virtually any jagoff as part of their team and I wouldn’t be shocked. Watching the Tigers right now (volume is muted).

  26. LARRY

    I wonder if many of you agree with the following principles in deciding on rooting interests in the playoffs:

    Always the Cubs. (this goes without saying)

    If not the Cubs, then the NL over the AL, except never root for the Cardinals, and never root against the White Sox. (I know that last part about the sox may not be popular with everyone)

    So, go Brewers.

    1. MichiganGoat

      For me it’s go Cubs, fuck the Cardinals and the White Sox (I’d cheer on Satan and the apocalypse before I’d ever root for those souless teams). After that it’s about underdogs or locality for me so, go Tigers.

      1. LARRY

        I understand the proximity part, but have you no preferance for the NL, given where your favorite team plays?

        1. Cara

          Normall it’s preference to the NL, because the DH is a terrible idea, but in this case, I’m hoping the pilots of the Cards and Brewers planes pull a Red Sox pitcher and are slightly inebriated and crash into each other, and no one dies (I would never wish death) but both teams are badly injured enough to not continue. No World Series is better than one with one of those teams in it.

        2. MichiganGoat

          It really comes down to which teams have pissed me off because of how they played against the Cubs. Therefore there are more teams in the NL that have a negative memory in my mind. I prefer NL baseball but there are so many NL teams that have a negative association with the Cubs.

          Oddly I was a supporter of the Brewers but all this T-Bag Plush shit has made me less enthusiastic, but I hope they beat up the RedBirds.

    2. Toosh

      I can go with that. I actually thought when the White Sox won the World Series Hendry would try harder to do the same. He didn’t.

    3. Internet Random

      1.  Cubs

      2.  Anyone other than Cardinals (including the Yankees)

      3.  Anyone other than Yankees (except the Cardinals)

      And then, with a little more flexibility and variability:

      4.  NL over AL, with some exceptions (underdogs over perennial contenders, and it’s frequently nice to see other NL Central teams lose.)


      1. hardtop

        summed up my personal feelings exactly

  27. Sean

    Either This Guy Dreams about Theo Epstein or he could be for real 99.9 percent sure is nice but 100 percent would be better.–20111009,0,1309358.story

    Not gonna lie i hope that was Theo and his wife at Starbucks. Hell if this guys wasn’t really Theo he is a guy living in Chicago Near Wrigley Field who doesn’t know who Theo Epstein Is By Now?

  28. Toosh

    Epstein never would have been out in Chicago on Yom Kippur.

  29. Vinestal

    I agree with Toosh, I also find it hard to believe that this guy didn’t have a cell he couldn’t have snapped a picture with.

  30. Sean

    I totally agree with you guys. But this would also be the perfect time to come because no one expects him to be here. if the guy said he wasnt theo why would you risk losing your job over someone who may not even be Theo.

    1. hardtop

      Sean, you and the Starbucks guy must not appreciate yom kippur. the day of atonement is viewed my most jews as the most important religious holiday. among my “more or less” non-practicing friends, all still observe yom kippur. there’s no way theos not home in Boston on Saturday, even he’s not fasting or going to synagogue, he’s sure as heck not working.
      other reasons not to believe Starbucks guy:
      1. the eyewitness is at a goddamn Starbucks surfing the interwebs, probably sobbing tears into the foamy head on his big hot cup of weeniejuice. i.e. he’s a big pathetic dork with no life or credibility. how could he even see clearly through the tears that must have been welling in his eyes after the conclusion of whatever sappy song was just on the Starbucks corporate playlist? it’s clear this is a case of a super sad douche bucket looking for some attention.
      2. i did a quick scan of 6 major car rental agency’s, none of them rent Honda SUV’s (i looked for pilots, crv’s and elements, although i don’t think any of th9ose glorified station wagons qualify as SUV’s)
      3. No way Theo’s going to Starbucks when the Punkin’ Donuts on Clark is just down the street from Wrigley. Dunkin’ Donuts practically writes Epstein’s pay check… he must have some sort of non-consume agreement with them. Brett, IR? non-consume agreement? those exist, right ?