According to CSNNE, sources say the Boston Red Sox have granted permission to the Chicago Cubs to speak to incumbent general manager, Theo Epstein, about the Cubs’ open GM position and/or a higher-level position.

The report is relatively spartan, and actually focuses instead on today’s “news” that someone thinks he saw Theo Epstein at a Starbucks in Chicago. More on that in a moment.

As for permission, it’s entirely possible that it came soon after the Cubs’ requested it earlier in the week. Both sides have been exceedingly tight-lipped about the process, so it’s hard to know when permission came – and, indeed, whether Epstein has already been interviewed.

Of course, maybe he’s in town for an interview as we speak. At least, that’s what Lakeview resident Noah Pinzur’s eyewitness report suggests.

Pinzur, a lifelong Cubs fan, says he spotted Epstein at a Lincoln Park Starbucks yesterday.

“It was Theo all right,” said Pinzur. “I’m 99.9 percent sure.”

Pinzur says he exchanged words with maybe-Epstein, who denied that he was, in fact, Theo. Maybe-Epstein said he “gets that a lot,” and then asked Pinzur who Theo Epstein is. I’m not of the mind to put too much stock in this kind of eye-witness ID (though I have no reason to doubt Mr. Pinzur genuinely believes he saw and spoke to Theo Epstein), but the fact that maybe-Epstein slyly asked who Theo Epstein is … well, it makes me wonder if this might be the real McCoy.

That all said, even if Epstein was in town this weekend, that doesn’t guarantee he’ll be the next Cubs GM. He could have been touring the area, visiting the ballpark and front office, and maybe taking an interview. But he could still decline the job.

So, for today, let’s call it cautiously optimistic.

  • T

    When are you going to do the write up for Catching Hell


    • Brett

      For reasons necessary to the narrative, it’ll be in early November.

      • 1908Blues

        “For reasons necessary to the narrative, it‚Äôll be in early November.”

        You have, or are going to have, what nobody in 8 years has been able to obtain, don’t you?

        • Brett

          How awesome would that be? But, no … my 30th birthday is on November 1. That ties into the post.

  • Zack

    I saw Elvis at Starbucks

  • Skooter

    I have to say that the fact that he’s entertaining the Cubs interview looks awfully good to me. Three weeks ago it was a considered a total pipe dream.

  • Toosh

    Oh, brother. How about some factual news?

    • Brett

      I’m sure it will come at some point. But, to be fair, this is a news and rumor site, and this is the most important subject matter in Cub land these days.

      • Toosh

        Breaking news just in! Sources close to Toosh confirm if he had an 18 inch member, he might have a future in movies.

        • Brett

          Report: Toosh’s 18 inch member actually plastic baby arm. Toosh has holed up in his Hollywood Hills estate to avoid the scandal.

          • Ron Swanson

            I’m 99.9% sure I saw Toosh’s 18 inch member buying an iced coffee this afternoon.

            • Jeff

              Nope, that was actually Tony Campana.

              • MichiganGoat

                And Quade had it on a leash ūüėČ

        • Bails17

          Toosh may have a future with his 18 inch member as a camera tripod for Jersey Shore the movie.  Bigger is not better gentlemen!  At least this is what I tell myself!!

        • MichiganGoat

          This just in: Chicago’s Market Day festivities were just rescheduled to Toosh’s backyard.

  • MrCubs73

    If he really wanted to make his story valid, why not snap a photo with his cell phone? Don’t we all have cameras on our phones these days, he had a laptop to surf the web and could afford Starbucks coffee. Good story, maybe its true, hope its true and it would be a good sign his wife was along.

  • Chop

    What I find weird is this Theo wanna be said that he “gets that alot” but then asked who Theo Epstein is. Don’t you think if he was asked that alot, he would have asked that before and/or even figured out who Theo Epstein was?

    • Brett

      That’s what makes one suspect that it was indeed Theo, fishing for what the fan might say.

      • http://TheoWaiting Cheryl

        If it was Theo, we’re not even sure he’s interested. He’s spent most of his life on the East Coast. It would be a different life style that he may not want. Then again, who knows. If he is interested, he could still live in Boston and commute to Chicago. But that’s not the best way to get to know a city. However, if an announcement is made just to be different I’ll say Tuesday or Thursday.

  • Zack

    Lets make predictions of when Epstein is announced as the new GM…


    • Brian Myers

      Tuesday the 18th. No games scheduled, before the World Series, and could take a bit of steam out of either the Cards or Brewers news of reaching the World Series.

      Just a guess. :-)

  • Skooter


  • Sean

    October 18th day before world series

  • die hard

    I hope the Cubs can get this thing done with Epstein. The sooner we have a GM, the sooner a plan can be made for the next manager and what is going to happen this offseason.

  • Dave

    Its so obvious! ¬†Maybe-Epstein allegedly bought a banana, that’s a sign!

    • hardtop

      all great gm’s have a potassium deficiency?

      • MichiganGoat

        And are irregular

  • cubsklm

    I just saw Theo at the Dunkin Donuts in Naperville. He said “The real Theo hates Starbucks coffee.” I didn’t get a good look at the driver, but from behind he looked a lot like Quade.

  • ty

    wasted some money at Vegas comedy club last night. these theo replies are funnier.

  • die hard

    I saw Orioles’ McFail on the EL getting off at Addison…

  • Dave

    I wish I lived in Chicago, I would hang around Wrigley in a gorilla costume just to mess with people.

    • Internet Random

      You’d be an improvement over Ronnie Woo Woo.

  • MichiganGoat

    I sold Kobe Bryant a copy of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers’ Stone and have the reciept to prove it, but I’m sure if I called the local newspaper they would have laughed at me, the fact that the media has made this such a big story is ridiculous.

    • Jeff

      I was wondering where my book went.

  • die hard

    McPhail quitting Orioles today curiouser and curiouser…

    • TWC



  • Coal

    3 comments about the Starbucks incident:

    1) If it turns out to actually have been Theo, isn’t anyone concerned that the guy NEGOTIATING contracts and trades doesn’t have a better poker face than “I get that a lot….no, wait….who’s Theo Epstein” ?

    2) If Theo gets/takes the job, don’t we all realize that by the time his first month is done, he’s going to be asked, and need to answer, the question about whether or not he actually was in Starbucks that day. You think the fan/media base are going to let him off the hook?

    3) See #1.

    • Internet Random

      1) ¬†No. ¬†It might be a concern if there weren’t better evidence available, e.g., a proven track record. ¬†That said, my first thoughts about the incident were similar to yours.

      2) Yes.  Quickly and easily.

      3) See #1.

      • Brett

        1) Really? I thought it was fine. First instinct, “I get that a lot.” Then, his curiosity piqued at an opportunity to hear what a Chicago fan thinks of/says about him, he asks. I don’t think he was being fumbly/dopey, I think he decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

        Obviously this all assumes the story is true, the account is accurate, and the guy was actually Epstein.

        • Internet Random

          Yeah, I think that, if it was in fact him, that’s probably what his train of thought was.

          What seems “fumbly/dopey” is that, asking who that is, is inconsistent with “I get that all the time”. ¬†If somebody told me that I looked like Sid Schwartz all the time, it wouldn’t take too long before I was Googling Sid Schwartz to see who he was and how much he looked like me.

          • Brett

            Something random that just popped into my head: would anyone in Chicago “get it all the time” that people thought they were Theo Epstein? I mean, that’s crazy. Before this week, 0.0001% of Chicago folks even knew what Epstein looked like. No one in Chicago would “get that all the time.”

            • Internet Random

              Yeah, I see it that way too.  Weighing the facts as I currently have them, my best guess is that dude saw Epstein in Starbucks.

          • Coal

            I do think it’s fumbly/dopey – in that “I get that all the time” is totally inconsistent with “who is T.E.?” – particulary given the delay between the two moments that I think was part of the post.

            What *really* cracks me up is just having fun with all of the little conversations in Theo’s mind and/or in the Honda SUV that *could* have transpired before or after the incident.

            Wife: Let’s swing by Starbucks on the way.
            Theo: Can you run in – I don’t want to get spotted
            Wife: Who do you think you are – this isn’t Boston – besides you’re wearing that Diablos hat – who the heck is going to recognize you – you look like every beautiful person in Lincoln Park.
            Theo: How many sugars, honey.
            Wife (Theo getting into car): So that wasn’t so hard …. any Paparazzi in there?
            Theo: Um, no, everythings cool. Nobody spotted me.
            Wife: Wow October weather in Chicago is amazing – never would have thought it would be 75 degrees – we should definitely move here…..

            • MichiganGoat

              Of course that is assuming that the conversation actually went that way.  For all we know the conversation went like this:

              Mr. 15 Minutes: Dude you totally look like that guy

              Fake Theo: Yeah man I get that all the time

              Mr. 15’s friend: Dude I wish you were Theo Epstien

              Fake Theo: Who the hell is that?

              Mr. 15’s friend: Dude call the newspaper that was totally Theo

              Mr. 15: Who is Theo? Do you mean Theo Huxtable but that man is white.

              Mr. 15’s friend: Shut up man we’re going to be on the news.

              • Internet Random

                This was definitely smileworthy, but I think that Mr. 15 Minutes sounded smarter than that. ¬†And, if smart people are going to lie, they don’t generally do it about something so easily falsified.

                Note that I’m not saying 100% sure that the Mr. 15 Minutes is legit, I’m just saying that I think it’s more likely than not.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Soon enough, YouTube is going to have video clips showing up claiming to be Theo Epstein at Starbucks that mysterious day in Chicago. It’s like the next Bigfoot.

    • TWC

      I’ve already bought the rights to the security camera footage.

      Just waiting for some seed money to come in from my rich Nigerian uncle/prince, and I’ll start pressing thousands of DVDs. I’ve got a waiting list, if you’re interested. Send your info to Toosh, he’ll put it into his contacts list, and we’ll drop you a line when they’re ready.

      • Fishin Phil

        If you don’t want to wait for your uncle/prince, you could do a 24-hour blogathon to raise the seed money.


        • TWC

          Hey, you’re right. There are plenty of fools who’d kick in for that!

  • Rooster

    Cmon Ricketts, get this over with.¬† Compensation can be swapping Soriano for Lackey.¬† Soon after Theo gets the gig hire Terry Francona and get this show started.¬† Revamp the coaching staff.¬† Give Quade a usher job along with the rest of his staff.¬† Announce this stuff asap so Prince Fielder knows who will be pursuing him in the offseason.¬† God, Cards vs Brewers is the worst matchup in the world.¬† Sickening for the Cubbie front office to watch I’m sure.¬† Salt in their wounds.¬† They better realize there’s more the baseball than a hotdog and a landmark stadium.

  • awc2057

    I’m gonna look this kinzer guy up on facebook(: haah just kidding. but Brett, were is this report from? niether the cubs or redsox official websites are saYing anything about it?

    • Mikey

      you guys are gonna kill me. BUT HE HAS A FACEBOOK! really it says he lives in chicago and everything! check it out!!/profile.php?id=501359086
      this is crazy.

      • Dave

        Scrubs…I’m sorry but anyone who would be willing to say they enjoy Scrubs, even ironically, and put ot on the internet for anyone to see is obviously insane and has no credibility. ¬†I’m sorry, but now I’m thinking it was Bigfoot in that Starbucks..

      • Brett

        We have some mutual friends. That’s funny.

    • Brett

      As the post indicates, it’s from CSNNE. The link is in the first sentence, and the statements comes at the end of the CSNNE article.

  • Baseballet

    Two consecutive Epstein posts. I’m hoping for three in a row, but I’m worried that Brett will break the streak with a post about Trey McNutt at winter ball.

  • Cliffy

    I listened to the WEEI sports station again this morning, they spoke about the reported Starbucks sighting story. They both indicated they did not think it was realistic to think that Theo would stay in Boston if he got the offer he wanted from Chicago. Come on TR make it happen.

    • Brett

      Buster Olney said the same on Twitter this morning. Lots of “ifs” in there, though.