• amoo22

    Oh gosh that was epic and awesome or epically awesome.

  • CubFan Paul

    once again, hilarious!! but it makes me so sad to look at 3rd Base next year (stat wise)

  • NyN

    Would retaining Aramis Ramirez really make much of a difference in 2012? I mean right now “we stinks.”

    • Joe Cartwright

      Having him this year didn’t make a difference.

  • Kerf

    At this point, and what Ramirez has said since June, I’d be pretty disappointed if he was back next year. I was a big Ramirez fan, but it just seems like its time to move on. Assuming the cubs exercise thier option, and he rejects it making himself a free agent, wouldn’t it be better to have a young player in at third that would at least give maximum effort make more sense? Granted, it’s hard to look at ARam’s stats and dismiss them totally, but how many of those HRs or RBI were meaningful to the games?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If the Cubs were going all out in 2012, I’d want Ramirez back. Otherwise, I totally agree: let one of the kids (or a couple of them) hack it out, and see what they’ve got. It might be terrible, but at least we’ll know.

      • Wilbur

        Agree with the go young approach. The subs aren’t going to hit .200 and 0 HRs.

        If you just played a platoon of DeWitt and Baker (sp?) or put another two viable candidates of your choice in there and you should see a composite .270 average, 15+ HRs and much improved defense and base running. The net will be a minus, but it won’t be that perceivable unless you seriously thought you could win 90 games.

    • EQ76

      Kerf, to answer “how many of ARam’s HR’s were in meaningful games?”  well, how many of anyone on the Cubs’ HR’s were in meaningful games??  did we even play a meaningful game this year?

  • EQ76

    I do think he has value.. more than most of you give him credit for.  we bash his defense and body language, but he does produce.  we would be much worse off next year without him if we go young, but I do agree that it’s time to move on and he’s being a bit of a prick right now.

  • NyN

    this is just going to be a rough year. I mean there are not enough quality free agents IMO to make us a WS team and our valuable trade chips are too young to deal. Giving guys a shot couldnt hurt. It is going to be interesting to see what direction whoever is in charge decides to take.

  • Rooster

    Move Castro to 3rd and sign Reyes.

    • Lou

      Why? We don’t have any power if Ramirez leaves. I say hold down the opposition by signing CJ Wilson or going all in and signing CC Sabathia, should he opt out.

  • die hard

    If he exercises option, we are stuck with him…his agent should tell him to do so to set a floor on his salary next yr….then he has leverage

  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    I agree rooster… However if Aramis decides to leave
    Edwin Encarnacion would be a nice pick up

  • Deez

    Personally, I would love Scott Rolen if the Reds let him go, but I don’t think that shoulder will ever be good.

  • al

    reyes blows!

  • ISU Birds

    Ahh blackout Cubbetry how I have missed thee.

  • Steve

    I think you keep Aramis, he is the best hitter on the team and is a good fielder. An overall bad year for the Cubs. Pitching is the answer not getting rid of your best hitter is a wise move and getting pitching and 1sy baseman that can hit the ball. There is no one else to put at third the Cubs have not produced anyone in years! I do like Vitters one of there better prospects at third. Let him evolve sign Aramis for 3 to 4 more years then throw in a young gin third baseman. Pitching,pitching is the answer not getting rid of there best hitter is the answer.