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Sources: Tom Ricketts Has List of Prospects Being Evaluated for Possible Trade to Boston

Chicago Cubs Rumors

It appears that compensation talks in the Theo Epstein deal are moving along, albeit slowly.


According to sources, today Cubs’ Owner and Chairman Tom Ricketts, who is overseeing those compensation talks, turned over a list of prospects to Scouting Director Tim Wilken and Farm Director Oneri Fleita (see, he kept those guys for a reason), as well as interim GM Randy Bush, to determine which players on the list they would be comfortable trading for Epstein.

That list, mind you, was just as likely generated by Boston scouts as it was by Ricketts, himself. Indeed, those scouts probably have a number of under-the-radar types that they’d like to sneak away from the Cubs.

That there is a list needing evaluation should tell you that tip top prospects like Brett Jackson and Trey McNutt, for example, are probably not on it. (That is to say, I don’t think anyone needs to “evaluate” whether they want to trade Brett Jackson – they don’t.)

Further, as I suggested earlier today, the compensation talks also include discussions of which Boston employees will be heading over to Chicago with Epstein, so that could increase the amount/level of prospects being dealt.


There is no timetable for these discussions, though I would expect both sides would want things wrapped up as soon as possible. I would tentatively expect the final announcement coming after the LCS end.


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.