Many Chicago Cubs’ Ticket Prices Will Be Slightly Lower in 2012

Major sports team ticket price raises tend to be a guarantee; something just short of death and taxes.

And so it has been with the Chicago Cubs, whether they be through direct raises, season ticket holder raises, or the introduction of “marquee” games (and associated higher prices). But, at least for 2012, that’s changing.

Cubs season ticket holders were sent a letter on Friday, outlining the pricing for 2012, and the prices will either be flat or reduced when compared to this season. On average, a Cubs season ticket will be $1 to $2 less per game than individual game tickets in the same location.

Bleacher season ticket prices at Wrigley Field will decrease an average of 14.3 percent per ticket, the team said Friday. Individual game bleacher tickets will be, on average, lower by 10.3 percent.

The 13 designated “marquee games” that will result in higher bleacher prices, but the 68 platinum, gold, silver and bronze bleacher prices all will decrease in price for season ticket holders.

There will be fewer marquee/platinum bleacher games in 2012 (30 in 2011; now 22 in 2012) and there will be more lower priced bronze/silver/gold bleacher games in 2012 (51 in 2011; 59 in 2012).

Other ticket prices are expected to remain flat, and there’s more info at that link. Obviously the drop in season ticket prices is minimal, but those prices have risen or stayed flat each year since 2007, so this is a step in the right direction.

It’s hard to argue that this is not a response to the staunch criticism the Ricketts family received for raising ticket prices soon after taking over the team, despite a disappointing product on the field and a deep recession. And, while home attendance cleared three million once again in 2011, the trend is negative.

That the news came this weekend, when Cubs world was knee deep in Theomania is fitting. With Theo on the way, it’s high time to get excited about the future, and that means thinking about seasons to come.

Ok, sure. The 2012 team might not be among the league’s best. But at least watching them won’t cost any more than watching the 2011 team.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

48 responses to “Many Chicago Cubs’ Ticket Prices Will Be Slightly Lower in 2012”

  1. TWC

    This article, while shortish and informativish, messes with die hard’s narrative.

    1. bacboris

      Not true TWC. It’s a trick play, big old mean Ricketts is going to pull a play from (pick some year before 1950) so that half way through the season he’ll show up like the Grinch and demand money from the fans at gunpoint (which he won’t even do competently).

  2. Dick Tidrow

    Leave my friend die hard out of this.

  3. CubFan Paul

    $1 to $2 less per game is a joke.

    1. TWC

      Pauly, I’m glad you didn’t bother reading the second paragraph of that quote.  Might mess with your narrative.

      1. CubFan Paul

        lol, i read it (i only sit in the LF bleachers) but they could of done better. keeping the prices Flat for 2012 is better than the smack in the face of $1-$2!

        1. TWC

          Really? Let’s do business, baby!  I gots me a bridge that I’m looking to sell…

  4. BD

    Maybe by the time this team is worth watching again the prices will be low enough for me to be able to go to a game.

    But I’m not holding my breath…

  5. die hard

    since they didnt do an across the board 25% reduction as I suggested previously, the only way this can fly is if they also give each fan a coupon of $10 each game towards purchase of anything sold at ballpark for next 2 years…otherwise, boycott all games this year

    1. Dick Tidrow

      Great idea!

    2. TWC

      I’d prefer a $10 coupon for use at the Dunkin Donuts down on Clark & Belmont.

      1. Dick Tidrow

        Donuts was Hendry’s snack of choice. I much prefer cookies.

      2. Katie

        *in my best Homer Simpson voice* Mmm….donuts. Might even be better than cookies.

        1. Bails17

          Totally depends on the donut!  I will say the anything filled with Boston Cream (not a Theo reference at all) is much better than any cookie.  Even cookies made by Dick Tidrow’s mom!!!

          1. TWC

            I thought die hard was Dick Tidrow’s mom.

            1. Dick Tidrow

              No, die hard is my love child with Morganna the Kissing Bandit.

          2. Katie

            Dick doesn’t have a mom. He was spawned when a giant asteroid smashed into planet earth. Duh! In fact, he’s he cause of the dinosaurs becoming extinct—he got hungry one day and they were tasty.

          3. Katie

            Dick doesn’t have a mom. He was spawned when a giant asteroid smashed into planet earth. Duh! In fact, he’s the cause of the dinosaurs becoming extinct—he got hungry one day and they were tasty.

            1. Dick Tidrow's Aunt

              That is true…I had to knit his baby sweaters using pine needles and barbed wire because cotten would just get torn to shreds by his chest hair

      3. hardtop

        Dude, thats Punkin Donuts!… or at least it was back in the day… now its transvestite hooker donuts.

    3. JulioZuleta

      The same guy complaining about not reducing the tickets by 25% is the same guy that would complain if they DID reduce them but then didn’t put as much into the payroll. Tough Critic. I personally never really care about ticket prices. TV has gotten so good that I prefer to stay at home usually. The last couple years it’s been 1 or 2 bleacher games that I buy outside before the game. The way I see it, the more they charge, the more they can spend on players (theoretically).

      I do, however, propose a BN outing next year.

  6. Waveland Ave

    Brett are you doing a post about Red Sox wanting Trey Mcnutt and not Vitters, Matt S or brett Jackson

    1. Jeff

      Actually, I think those might have been the first three guys the Sox asked for and Ricketts said “get bent.”

  7. baseballet

    By lowering prices, Ricketts skipped right to Step Nine: Making Amends.

    Acquiring Epstein is Ricketts’s attempt at Step Two: Believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

  8. Katie

    Shit! Sorry for the double post. I was trying to edit my spelling error. Still trying to figure this site out.

  9. die hard

    We would have had a good GM and decent manager in place by now if didnt start building this bridge to nowhere…and my nephew Dick Tidrow would have been a great GM…has an eye for talent and will not over pay for it either…he knows when and how to walk away…you see, hes seen it all and is not impressed with this Messiah thing…

    1. Dick Tidrow's Aunt

      Hey, I thought you said you were going to clean the garage, now I find you surfing the interwebz?? No “cookies” for you tonight…

      1. Rancelot

        BN provides me at least one laughing to tears moment per day…thank you DTA!

  10. Dick Tidrow

    Thanks uncle dh.

  11. TWC

    This place is beginning to weird me out a little bit.

    1. Dick Tidrow

      Have a cookie, you’ll feel better.

      1. TWC

        I gotta wonder if ol’ Ace winces a bit while reading his own website.  More than that, I’d love to hear the discussion between he and Mrs Ace when she occasionally checks in to see how his job is going.

        “Uh, honey?  You got a letter in the mail today from the state… your law license is going to expire in two weeks.  Are you sure you don’t want to renew it?  Are you suuuuuure?”

  12. baseballet


  13. MichiganGoat

    This is indeed getting to the silly point, can’t wait till Theo is offical and we can start discussing the moves Theo will be making.

    1. Jeff

      What, are you not into the Tidrow family reunion?

      1. MichiganGoat

        It’s been a blast but we are dancing on that Too Silly line kind of like Camelot
        I’d hate for BN to become “A Silly Place”

  14. Jeff

    Serious question time.  What happens if this doesn’t get done by the end of the World Series?  How long can Ricketts let this play out if Boston refuses to be logical?  If they wait until after the series, that means they wait on arbitration guys, they wait on the manager and coaching staff moves, and they can’t fill out the rest of the front office.  When do they cut bait and move to candidate b?  Or should they just go ahead and hire Eric Byrnes to start laying the groundwork for Epstein?

    1. TWC

      That’s a good question.  I’ve got to expect that Ricketts gave that a bit of thought this weekend.  It would make for an awfully awkward introductory press conference though, wouldn’t it?  “Here’s Byrnes, our new GM.  We have no comment on anything else.  Thanks, bye.”

  15. Fishin Phil

    Another question along those same lines:  Suppose they get the deal consumated before the end of the World Series, but don’t announce it in deference to Emperor Selig.   Would Theo be able to start working on managerial search, rounding out front office, etc. ?

    1. JulioZuleta

      I have to think Theo started making a few calls (off the record of course) as soon as he agreed to terms with the Cubs.

  16. rocky8263

    Looking at my 2012 Season Ticket Invoice for section 209, the daily plan per seat is 2603.00 plus a 12% amusement tax of 1249.44. Having four seats that 11,661.44. This is less than 2011. About 600.00 less. I guess flat means less. I’m curious how many season ticket holders will drop out this year and I’ll find out the end of November when for the first time season ticket holders will be invited to choose closer seats if they qualify. When the Cubs make it to the World Series I will be there win or lose and won’t be paying crazy money. I’ve drunk the T.R. kool aid and it tastes good!