Meet the GM Candidates Cheat Sheet: Jed Hoyer

[This series intends to introduce you to each of the legitimate Chicago Cubs GM candidates, and give you a quick, clean rundown of the most important information to know about that candidate as the Cubs' search process continues. I bet none of us thought there would be another one of these after the Cubs landed on Theo Epstein, at least not without a bunch of cursing and ruing another Cubs disaster. Previously: Brian Cashman, Theo EpsteinAndrew Friedman, Billy Beane, Ned Colletti.]

Name and Age: Jed Hoyer, 37.

Current Role and Contract Status: San Diego Padres’ General Manager since October 2009. His current salary is unknown, and he’s signed through 2013 with an option for 2014.

Previously on BN: Cubs Are Looking at Hoyer, The Hoyer Smoke is Building, Compensation Fight is Unlikely.

Record in Current Role: The Padres had a surprisingly competitive 2010 season before fading in September. The 2011 season was a full-on rebuild operation, with Adrian Gonzalez having been dealt (by Hoyer) during the offseason. There’s not a great deal to be gleaned about Hoyer from his short time at the head of the Padres other than he got a decent return for Gonzalez despite everyone knowing Gonzalez was going to leave in free agency a year later, picked up Cameron Maybin on the cheap, and got a great return for Mike Adams at this year’s trade deadline.

Notable Prior Experience: Before taking over in San Diego, Hoyer was a long-time assistant (well, as long-time as a guy who’s only now 37 can be) in Boston under Theo Epstein. Hoyer reached the level of Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager, and even was co-GM with Ben Cherington for 44 days when Epstein took a hiatus in late 2005/early 2006. Hoyer interviewed for a handful of open GM gigs, including Pittsburgh and Washington, before getting the San Diego job. He was also a baseball coach at his alma mater, Wesleyan, for a brief time after graduating from college.

Reason(s) for Including as Candidate: Hoyer worked for years with Epstein in Boston, and is thus not only well-versed in the Boston approach, but also knows how to work well with Epstein. He’s a young GM presiding over a development-focused organization, and would have been near the top of early candidate lists had anyone thought it was remotely possible he’d actually leave San Diego. Oh, and there’s that whole sources-are-saying-it’s-a-done-deal thing.

Tom Ricketts’ Criteria: Track record of success in a winning organization? Checkish (mostly from his Boston experience). Demonstrated commitment to player development? Check. Strong analytical background? Check.

Pros/Hype: Hoyer is a young, smart, sabermetrically-inclined, development-focused GM with a tremendous amount of high-level experience at such a young age. More importantly, he’s the guy Theo Epstein wants as his GM, which is about as “pro” as it gets in my book.

Cons/Cynical Criticism: If he’s cut from too similar of a cloth as Epstein, might they not reinforce each other’s weak spots? He’s also only been the GM in San Diego for a couple years. That’s it. That’s all I can come up with.

Desirability: High. Again: if it had been known that Hoyer was open to coming to Cubs – and this is in a world where we assume Epstein never level Boston – he would have been in my top five candidates. To oversimplify, he’s Ben Cherington, but with much more GM experience. There’s a reason Cherington was a high-up-there candidate, and there’s a reason to be excited about Hoyer.

Likelihood/Probable Outcome: High, apparently. Rumors, which only started a few days ago, have reached a fever pitch, to the point that multiple reports say Hoyer *is* going to be named the Cubs’ next GM. From there, Epstein and Hoyer will begin the process of greatly expanding the Cubs’ front office – historically one of the smallest in baseball (sigh) – bringing in bright minds from across the game. You can’t overstate the importance of the Cubs adding these two men, who will never hold a bat or pick up a ball. Philosophically, they align with where Cubs Chairman and Owner Tom Ricketts sees the Cubs’ organization going over the next decade. Namely, an organization heavily invested in scouting and development, building heavily with home-grown talent, and augmenting where necessary through free agency. Hoyer helps move the Cubs along this path, and it’s worth being excited – like, even more excited than you already were. Oh, and we’ll all have to promise not to make fun of his name.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. Mike Foster

    Brett, “If he’s cut from too similar of a cloth as Epstein, might they not reinforce each other’s weak spots? “, good insight there, something to watch going forward.

  2. BD

    Personally, I would have had him 3rd on my list behind Epstein and Friedman. If I would have even considered him at that point. But to get 2 out of the top 3 picks BOTH coming to Chicago is the greatest Cubs’ move since, well… ever.

    P.S. I hate the city of St. Louis and their Cardinals.

    1. Lou

      Especially hate the home field advantage St Louis is getting courtesy of the All-Star game, with win provided by HR of Prince Fielder.

    2. Jason

      Well, at least the best move since signing Tinker, Evers and Chance.

  3. MichiganGoat

    I keep looking at the relationship of Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels, and Ron Washington in Texas as a model for what the Cubs could be like in a couple of years.  A strong organization with a owner that is willing to spend and leadership that shares a common vision. This is a winning combination once they get the right manager in place.

    Theo will set the vision, Jed will get the players to match that vision, Ricketts will give the money and resources necessary to fund that vision, and the manager will ensure that vision is happening on the field.  Sounds like a winner to me.

    1. Lou

      That seems to be the appropriate analogy. Good call.

  4. Mike S

    Are we allowed to get jacked yet that we’re getting Epstein AND Hoyer???? I have all this bottled up excitement just waiting to explode!

  5. MichiganGoat

    During all this I remember multiple people on this site swearing that Ricketts would never allow anyone to become President because Ricketts was a control freak.

    I think we can all now admit that Ricketts does not need to be in total charge, there is no way Theo would come here if he had to answer to another LarryLou

    1. jstraw

      I don’t remember that because I don’t read everything posted but I do recall ME pointing out what Ricketts has actually said about this. I have never said a word that addresses what motivated his statements that cumulatively amount to a statement that he had no plan to have a layer of management between himself and his GM. I certainly never suggested that it’s because he’s a “control freak.” I also never said he wouldn’t do it. I said I’d believe it when I see it. That’s still the case.

  6. CubSouth

    MG, you look at this bundling of minds and high talent at their positions like the Rangers organization. I look at it as a clone from the Braves, with the Rangers owner being more willing to spend. I don’t believe I can recall being this excited about front office people on any team I follow……ever!

    1. MichiganGoat

      Not in philosphy but in the way the Rangers have a strong connected vision and personnel that operate to fullfill that vision.  I doubt the Cubs will model Ranger philosphy, but I like how cohesive the Rangers organization has grown into and is today and the Cubs are heading in that direction.

      1. BD

        If the Cubs do anything that is even remotely similar to the Rangers org., and it leads to back-to-back World Series appearances… I’m all for it!

  7. Ian Afterbirth

    If they don’t hurry up I’m gonna Bieber all over myself.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Bieber away Carrie Muskat and Kaplan are both reporting the deal is not as close as previously reported, Boston is holding something up… again

      1. JulioZuleta

        Let’s burn down Fenway

      2. Fishin Phil

        I’ve had it with those chowdah heads in Boston.

        Bring in Hoyer as GM.  Wait a year for Theo.  Tell Red Sawks Nation to jam their compensation up their @ss.

  8. Cubbies4Life

    No mas, Ian! I just peed a little…

  9. Brandon Howes

    Come on Brett……The Official Squeal post is in the queue, waiting for an announcement of the press conference, or just a little more confirmation.

    You need permission on your own blog? We follow this blog because we DONT WANT TO WAIT for the i’ to be dotted and T’s to be crossed.

    Spill it!

    1. Brandon Howes


      OK….can you tell….I am fired up too. I just want to move on with my life….I find myself refreshing my screen just to see if something has changed. UGGH…..I need therapy.

  10. die hard

    sweetener?…to close the deal, Boston wants 2 free Golden Bison Company, LLC franchises owned by Joe Ricketts..can anyone confirm?

    1. Wilbur

      Damn, I was counting on getting one of those …

  11. Dumpman

    OT – Looks liek the Angels will interview Friedman? Anyone else seeing that?

  12. Vinestal

    We need to just go ahead and bring Hoyer over and make him GM that way Boston can see that we can wait till next year if that’s what it takes and that holding things up is only going to make things look bad on them, especially if they wind up getting nothing for Theo. Honestly I wish Bud Selig would just get involved and force Boston to take a fair deal and stop mucking up Theo’s promotion. It’s in the “best interest of baseball” after all lol in my definition anyway.

  13. CubSouth

    With all the blessings the Cubs may receive over the next few days, a friend of mine said ” don’t worry, the goat will come back”. So I replied ” Nah, the goat was bbq’d and eaten at the going away party for Hendry”. Viva la Cubs!!!

  14. Montelle

    Honestly – I understand exactly what you’re saying and in any other case, I’d be inclined to agree. In fact, I do agree. Please, nobody think that I’m willing to sell the farm and give up all that Boston wishes…but I just want the deal done (WITHIN REASON) and leave us walking away with Theo THIS SEASON. As a lifelong cub fan(tho not that old!), one thing I cannot stand to think, hear, or fathom any longer is “Wait till next year!”

  15. Cheryl

    When this becomes official does that mean cookies are retired?

  16. Cheryl

    Good.Then, we’ll see what reactions we have over the next month to changes.

  17. Ramy16

    Brett and fellas, I say if Boston wants Trey Mcnutt they can have him! I believe that Dillion Maples will be a way better pitcher with more upside than Mcnutt… So if Boston wants him so be it!!!

    1. JulioZuleta

      A rotation has 5 guys…

    2. Luke

      Dillon Maples will have to relearn his mechanics before he gets anywhere close to the majors. I think he will be in the same category as Cashner and McNutt, but that’s no sure thing quite yet.

  18. Seth Majewski

    David Kapman reporting
    @thekapman Thanks for the confirmation. RT @GordonEdes: It’s done, according to source: Hoyer to join Theo as GM of Cubs, Byrnes new GM in SD.

  19. Hawkeye

    Agreed, though McNutt is alot closer to playing in Chicago that Maples and with our SP needs, we may need somebody that can play this year should there be an injury.

  20. Ramy16

    Carrie muskatt… I can’t stand her incomplete stories…Brett you’ve always been the better resource!!…Hawkeye I understand… I think that’s what Boston wants… If thats what it takes to get Theo let’s get it done!

  21. Ramy16

    You guys all know that Aramis is my favorite player… Should he get 3/30 mill??

    1. TWC

      Most definitely.

      But from anyone other than the Cubs.

    2. MichiganGoat

      I see Miami in his future

    3. Luke

      He should probably get more than 3 years / $30 million to be honest. But I hope he gets it in the AL where he can start to transition into a DH role. Texas might be a good fit for him, or Anaheim.

      Miami is certainly likely, but only if they can’t land a bigger name like Pujols. Their budget won’t go up that quickly.

      1. Jason

        I see him in a Detroit uniform next year. They need a 3B because Inge just can’t hit enough to play there

        1. MichiganGoat

          If he goes AL it will be as a DH, Inge is a good defensive 3B and had a resurgence after he was brought back up. Detroit doesn’t need another old player with below quality defense.

          1. Jason

            Maybe he won’t – I was just looking at teams that are in win now mode but that could use some offense at 3B and they were the one team that I immediately thought about. With VMart and Avila, signing Aramis to DH doesn’t make a lot of sense. Aramis is worse defensively than Inge, but his offense more than compensates for that.

            Just speculation obviously, but it seems like a move that could make sense. Guillen’s contract is done and Ordonez’s contract is done so they have salary available as well.

            1. MichiganGoat

              All the talk I hear in Michigan is a desire to infuse some youth and speed in the lineup, if they are going to sign big Reyes/Rollins might be more likely

              1. Jason

                That would make sense – I’m pretty sure you know more about Michigan sports teams than I, since, well, you live there.

                Like I said, it was just a thought.

    4. Jeff

      I’ve been against ARam re-signing for a long time, but I think with the new regime, and a new manager, his attitude could turn around next year, and he could be a positive influence.  I think if he comes back to Chicago, it would be later in the post season.  I also think that could eliminate the Cubs from consideration.  Ramirez is going to be pretty sought after, and I think he’ll probably get a pretty big offer from some team with need for a power corner infield bat, probably right after Pujols and Fielder sign.

  22. die hard

    isnt anyone else concerned that Theo, Hoyer et al are so anxious to leave current teams with unfinished business?…would rather have someone come here right after at least winning pennant….anyone else feel same way?

    1. Hawkeye

      Nope.   People don’t leave programs that are successful.   I.E. Cashman isn’t leaving Yankees, Pujols will now stay with Cardinals.  Go spread your negativity elsewhere.

    2. DWahl71

      I’ll take unfinished business with a guy who have won 2 championships any day. Bostons winning has all steamed from one thing, their farm system and what it gives them in the way of home grown talent and talent to trade for guys like adrian. All of those things can be drawn right back to guys like Theo and Hoyer

    3. Luke

      By that argument, the Cubs should only consider the GMs of St. Louis and Texas, since they are the only two who have just won the pennant. I don’t buy it.

      Theo has nothing left to prove in Boston. He one once, he won twice, and he built a system that should keep them winning for awhile after he is gone. He was never going to be promoted in that town, so why shouldn’t he look for a promotion somewhere else? If I get offered a promotion at a different company, should that company expect me to win Employee of the Year before I accept the promotion and change companies? That just doesn’t sound reasonable to me.

      As for Hoyer, why should I be worried that he wants to come to a team that gives him the resources necessary to build a dynasty? Its the same argument that we thought might lure in Friedman (without just winning a pennant I might add). GMs like to move from poor teams to rich teams. With the competitive balance the way it is in baseball, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      1. Hawkeye

        Luke, are you implying that the only way a season could be considered a success is if you win the WS?  I feel bad for you, as the Cubs won’t be successful by that measure for at least a few years.   For being a Cubs fan, that is setting the bar pretty high?

        1. Luke

          Absolutely not.

          I’m disagreeing with Die Hard… which I’ll admit is probably feeding a troll.

          Making the playoffs counts as a successful season for any baseball team, or it should. The demands of winning over 162 vs winning in the playoffs are so different that a team that is good at one may not be good at the other. The playoffs are inherently unpredictable.

          And for some teams, a good year doesn’t have to include the playoffs. I think the Pirates had a great year… for the Pirates. They laid a solid foundation, generated some fan excitement, and set the stage for future success. That’s progress, and in Pittsburgh, that’s success. Cleveland is another team that missed the playoffs but I think had a successful year.

          Personally, I primarily follow the minors. With a championship in Daytona, a runner up in Tennessee, and significant strides in player development all over the system, I’ll count it a successful season no matter what standards you care to name.

          1. Hawkeye

            Appreciate you clearing that up.  We already have one crazy person posting here, wasn’t sure we could handle another.

  23. DWahl71

    Hey Brett, Any chance we will be getting a “Meet The Coaching Candidates Cheat Sheet” once Theo and Hoyer are in place? or do you think they already have their minds made up about who the next manager will be?

  24. johnbres2

    only negative I see (and it is a problem I love the Cubs to have) is that Theo and Jed could get into internal power struggle, each seeing himself as the man. Who is really going to be in charge? It will take high level diplomacy skills for Theo to keep a GM under him happy and feeling empowered.

    1. Kansas Cubs Fan

      I was thinking the same thing!

    2. MichiganGoat

      Again I give you Texas as a model of how a shared vision can be effective, Theo will be the visionary and Jed will find players to field that vision.

  25. Jeff

    So who had Jed Hoyer in the GM pool?

  26. die hard

    agree with johnbres2…sentiments exactly…too many roosters….will Ricketts be able to referee?…turning over the keys to a billion dollar operation like this is a sign of desperation…or maybe thats his hedge fund management style to get 2 or 3 underlings to compete for his favor…. if so what a power trip!!!..not confidence inspiring in my judgement.

  27. Paul

    I also love this site, nicely done Brett !! While we wait, why is the time on this website from the wrong time zone!! Lets get it to Central Time, thats were Cub fans hang out.

  28. Luke

    Talk on Twitter is that the Cubs are getting a coach out of San Diego in addition to Hoyer and MacLeod. Any idea who that might be? The Cubs could use a pitching coach, but both the Padres pitching and bullpen coaches have been there forever.

    Maybe first base coach Dave Roberts?

  29. Robbo

    After the announcement tomorrow will there be a ‘Meet the Manager candidates cheat sheet’ series? Other than the obvious Ryno and Tito associations I haven’t heard much chatter about other options. Care to speculate?


  30. Sweetjamesjones

    So there really is an add on this site for getting your “2011 St Louis Cardinals World Series” gear.

    I laughed, then got quiet, and just sighed.