The Chicago Cubs released a statement late last night, announcing that Theo Epstein has officially joined the organization as its President of Baseball Operations. He’ll be introduced at a press conference on Tuesday.

Compensation remains undetermined, but the Cubs and Red Sox decided that it should no longer hold the process up. They will continue to work on it.

Without further adieu, you can finally let out that pent up unbridled, child-like joy that has been swelling within you.

SQUEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! (may take a moment to load all of the joy)


    Reading this post on my way to work for a few minutes erased the wicked hangover that I was dealing with all afternoon. I have not been this excited for the Cubs in a long time, watched Catching Hell the other day and was thinking, man I remember being that excited about the Cubs being in the playoffs and actually winning games. And I see that coming back again, and more often. I’m not saying Epstien is a savior or anything, but it goes to show you how serious Ricketts is about making the Cubs perennial winners, and I couldn’t be more happy how this is turning out.

    And, being able to catch up on all the news makes it a lot easier having this blog, I’ve been reading this site for a while and it is one of my favorite blogs period. And the community is the best around, even the troll is kinda endearing