The press conference introducing Theo Epstein as the Chicago Cubs’ new President of Baseball Operations will begin at 11 a.m. (CST) tomorrow morning at Wrigley Field.

I’ll be blogging the press conference here at Bleacher Nation live, with quotes, thoughts, reactions, etc. No word yet if Jed Hoyer will be introduced as the Cubs’ General Manager at the same time.

Either way, it will be a happy, happy day, indeed.

  • Hcs

    While I could probably easily research this myself, I’m going to put it on you… Will it be televised?

    • Brett

      Yes, CSN, at a minimum, is going to carry it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets picked up by MLBN or ESPN (which is why I didn’t mention it in the article – might not know for sure until tomorrow). Plenty of places online, too, I would imagine.

  • oswego chris

    I would imagine Comcast Sports will televise…unless they don’t want to pre-empt their current programing at that time which would probably be a vollyball game that already happened..

    • Frat Rat

      Hey, Panther Boy, I heard a rumor you’ve set up a volleyball net in your backyard now that you’ve got all kinds of privacy back there……

      Go Panthers…….

      • Oswego Chris

        I know not of what you speak of…..

        actually thought about staying home to watch the press conference…

        does that make me pathetic?


  • BD

    Squee! (yes, I’m still in that stage)

  • R.F.V

    I put the over/under at ten questions before someone asks was that really him at the Starbucks.

  • EQ76

    Hopefully Quade’s fired the same day.

    • Brett

      I’m sure that’s a question that will be asked (and avoided).

  • Robbo

    If you were invited to the press conference tomorrow, what question(s) would you ask Theo?

    • Brett

      “Will you consider offers for players under control for multiple years, who are still relatively young and productive?”

      I’d want to ask about specific players – Marmol, Soto, Garza, Marshall, for example – but he wouldn’t answer that.

      “Do you expect to make player moves this offseason designed to make the 2012 Cubs a more competitive team?”

      “What happens to Tim Wilken if Jason McLeod comes in? What role will each have? Is Oneri Fleita’s role changed by incoming executives like McLeod?”

      “What ratio do you believe is appropriate for Major League payroll to amateur spending?”

      Many more – most of which will probably not be asked, at least not asked in the most helpful way, if I had to guess.

    • Brett

      He’s going to get asked a number of bullshit questions about the curse, about being the “savior,” about the drama, about Starbucks, and any other number of things that don’t really matter.

      • mac

        Totally agree, Brett. Since this feels like a new beginning it would be nice if the media came up with “new” questions. At this point who cares about curses, goats or the Red Sox nonsense.

      • Jason

        They’ll probably also ask questions about trading the guys that have no value like Soriano and Zambrano and expectations that we’ll actually get something of value in return for them.

        And there will be questions about picking up the options of Ramirez and Dempster. And of course, there will also be questions about going after the sexy 1B free agents this offseason.

        But I agree Brett, the questions will probably not be very good and will likely be focused on players who will not be playing for the Cubs when we’re a .500+ team again.

  • mac

    I saw on Comcast yesterday that they will be airing the presser on CSN and whenever it was going to air. 11am is my lunch time so that works out perfectly.

  • die hard

    For starters, Id like to know what budget will be for 40 man roster; how will he formulate team to succeed at Wrigley when wind blows in which is more often than not; and his philosophy on 100 pitch limits for starting pitchers.

    • jstraw

      Pop quiz: Which of those two questions come under the purview of a President of Baseball Operations? Here’s a hint; this could be a trick question.

  • dreese

    Squeal! I cannot believe it! Im still in denial but after tomorrow I think I might be able to breathe. I have been in denial this whole time but after tomorrow its official! If you dont LOVE Tom Ricketts now i guess you never will.

  • NL_Cubs

    DVR set for CSN and MLB Network 1200 EST 10/25. Extended play selected.

    • Shawn

      FYI, CSN is having a pre-press conference show at 1130 EST with Hollandsworth and Mooney.

      Also, Kaplan will have Theo on Chicago Tribune Live at 630 EST.