Tom Hearts Theo: Captions

From your caption suggestions yesterday both here and on Facebook, and some of my own ideas, here are some of the many ways to interpret Tom Ricketts’ visible, undying love for his new President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein. There were many, many great suggestions (like, well over 100), so I could only pick a handful. (If you’re bitter that I didn’t pick yours, however, feel free to head here and generate it.)

Away we go…

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30 responses to “Tom Hearts Theo: Captions”

  1. Toosh

    Now Ramirez says he’s willing to listen to the Cubs about returning in 2012. This should be an easy call for the new management team.

    1. Internet Random

      This makes me think that his agent is telling him that he’s not getting quite so much attention as they might have hoped for.

  2. Katie

    Yay! My caption made it!
    Also, Ramy is a toolbox. That’s it. That’s the list.

  3. hansman1982


  4. Rancelot

    While I am disappointed my submittal didn’t make the cut, I totally understand. Mine was too long…that’s what she said. :)

  5. Dan

    My caption made it also but my grammar stunk. LOL

    1. Ian Afterbirth


  6. die hard

    DeWitt should be given chance at 3rd for a couple of years until Vitters ready or Castro moved over and anywhere but SS….pay Ramirez the $2 Mil as a thank you for all the meaningless homers after the All-Star break..

    1. Internet Random

      I think we gotta give Garza a shot at third.

  7. ron

    I had to get rid of it too disturbing

  8. RicoSanto

    I bet Bryan lahair enjoyed Theo comments. Luke is right on track ,my son told me last week Cuddyer would be perfect.LaHair fails ,there you go.

  9. BZ

    I wonder if he knows how close to Boys Town we are.

  10. Dumpman

    I think we potentially already have a Cuddyer like player in Ryan Flaherty. Flaherty can play 6 spots at an average / below with the glove, and average to above with the bat. I realize Cuddyer has proven he can do it att he big league level, but I believe Flaherty can do it also, but at a much cheaper price.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I don’t think he will approach Cuddyer’s productivity. It’s a very tough role to fill; I was never a fan of Mark Derosa, yes he could play 6 positions, but when you are below average at all of them, what good does that do? Also, he has the most inflated numbers of all time, he was a master of hitting a 3 run homer in a game that the Cubs were already up or down 8 runs, but when it came to crunch time he disappered (Then always reappeared post game to sit in front of the cameras and microphones to advertise himself). I could vent all day about Derosa. Anyways, the Cubs have had a bad tendency of going into seasons counting on utility guys and platoons. It clearly has not been a recipe for success, and I have to think it is going to be a lot less prevalent over the coming years. Flaherty is an ok guy to come off the bench (debatable) but I wouldn’t count on him to produce very much at all. At this point, I’m not so sure he’s a major leaguer.

  11. Mike Foster

    I like the “priceless” caption the best…..although “My precious” did have me rolling on the floor.