One day after celebrating their latest World Series win in St. Louis, the Cardinals scheduled an unexpected news conference for this morning. The announcement? Long-time manager Tony LaRussa is retiring.

After 16 years with the Cardinals, and a managerial career that stretches back to 1979 (with the White Sox), LaRussa is hanging up his cleats, having put together a .536 winning percentage, and won six pennants and three World Series.

Team Chairman Bill DeWitt, Jr. said, “Tony leaves behind a legacy of success that will always be rememered as one of the most successful eras in Cardinals history. I knew this day would come. I just hoped that it wouldn’t.”

We give LaRussa a lot of grief around here – most of it deserved – but there can be little doubting that the man knew how to manage. He’ll soon be in the Hall of Fame.

The Cardinals will undoubtedly find a capable replacement (they always do), but LaRussa’s value cannot be overstated. The loss will sting.

And, it’s thus good news for the Cubs.

How LaRussa’s retirement will impact free agent start Albert Pujols remains to be seen. Also open: will pitching coach Dave Duncan – one of the best in the business – remain with the Cardinals? Could he be … wooed?

And, while it’s good that LaRussa is moving on, it does add another high profile managerial opening to the pool. If the Cubs dump Mike Quade, will the Cardinals target the same kind of manager as the Cubs? Will the two teams compete for the same guy?

  • Fishin Phil

    Would love to see us make a move on Duncan if he is available.

    • Wilbur

      His buddy LaRussa gone, wife has cancer, I’d say Dave D hangs them up also …

    • cardsfan6

      Maddon maybe really thinking also oqendo it will be someone high profile cards have tried the cheap way before didn’t work .also Pujols needs to be whooed by it.

  • Tim Morgan

    CUBS FAN’S WORST FEAR: New St. Louis Cardinals Manager Ryne Sandberg.

    • Brett

      The horror. The horror.

      (h/t MG)

      • Fishin Phil

        How about Card Fan’s worst fear? New St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Quade.


        Sure he’s under contract for another year, but heck we’ll even waive compensation.  Anything to help our friends in St. Louis.

        • cccubfan

          I say the Cubs pay him to go to St. Louis…..LOL

        • Katie

          Yeah, cuz we’re givers like that.

      • Edwin

        I raised my head. The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds, and the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed somber under an overcast sky–seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness.


        I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.

      • MichiganGoat

        Heads would be on sticks for sure

    • John Durbin

      If that happened i couldnt bring myself to watch the Cubs vs. Cardinals series this year…. These colors dont mix!

      I highly doubt that would happen… If the cardinals got in on the Sandberg mix you would HAVE to think the cubs would one up the offer and get Ryno. That and talk about cubs fans being pissed!! If that happened Theo would get his first taste of what chicago does when things dont go our way.

    • Aaron

      I can see it. I think Ryno’s still bitter. Unless Theo and Co. have patched all that up.

    • cardsfan6

      Ryan as coach and winning ws would be Awsome stick it to the cubs.

      • TWC

        Ryan?  Like, Dempster?  Sure, kid.  Sure.

  • Clark Addison

    Duncan is as old as LaRussa and also has nothing left to prove. I’m guessing he retires too.

  • Cedlandrum

    Bring on Duncan and his large bag of needles and creams.

  • The Big Mustafa

    Good. Go. Get the fuck out.

  • http://TheoWaiting Cheryl

    If Sandberg went that route could you blame him? He wants to be a manager in the Major Leagues, I don’t see him connecting with the cardinals, but if he does I wish him a lot of luck, except when he faces the cubs.

    • Cedlandrum

      I wouldn’t blame him but I would learn to hate him.

      • bacboris

        Great line.

  • baseballet

    I think the Cubs managerial opening would be more attactive than the Cardinals’ because with the Cardinals’ lineup you’d have really high expectations for the next few years, and even if you made deep playoff runs you’d be living in LaRussa’s shadow. But if you led the Cubs to a title you’d be the most beloved manager in franchise history.

  • MichiganGoat

    Somewhere a company that makes breathalizers just got an order for 1M new units.

  • Joy

    Well that makes my Monday a really good day. He has got a few screws loose. Now I can only hope Ramirez is gone within the next couple of days to make my week.

  • die hard

    For MG and you other guys with selective memory, I called his retiring if they won which I favored to rid us of this long time nemesis is how I put it….. I had inside info on this one though and so thats not fair, I know… but glad hes gone to level playing field…..and supports my Pujols to Boston and Fielder to Cards theory as Fielder had no use for La Russa and he will have input into next mgr if signed as free agent…Pujols loved Tony L. and thats why no more loyalty left…

    • TWC

      translated for the rest of us:

      “Eat crow, jerks! Of all the scat that I fling around here, one piece stuck to the wall, so I’M RIGHT!!!!  Now, I’m gonna go back to spouting inane dribble and bitter old ‘when I was a boy baseball was played by MEN’ garbage.  Feel free to continue ignoring me.”

  • EQ76

    They could move Mark McGwire to manager.. then he could bring in Canseco as bench coach, Clemens as pitching coach, maybe Bonds as hitting coach??  could be an all PED staff!

  • Sam

    Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey Hey Goooooooodbyyyyeee

    Good riddence motherfucker

  • HotRuta

    Perfect! We can help them clean out the last vestiges of the LaRussa Regime by taking Duncan off their hands.

    As compensation, we can give them Quade AND Riggins. That would fill both of their openings — a TWOFER!!

    • bacboris

      Wow, subtraction through addition. It would be a hell of a deal. A hell of a deal

  • Cubsklm

    I have alerted the Jupiter police down here in Florida, to be on the lookout. Quade & LaRussa on the loose.

  • cardsfan6

    Who wouldn’t want to be in st.Louis a Awsome team and town. A lot better than going to chi town and burning up ur resume.

    • Rancelot

      Wow, I am speechless with your command of the English language. Is this an offshoot dialect called Cardinalese? Listen, pull your pants up for a minute and tell your story walking. Why you people continue to troll around these parts is beyond me.

      • Jason

        I’m impressed that he can read and write – he does live in St. Louis after all. He must have went to one of the better high schools.

    • Dave H

      Just to let you know if you didn’t have the Arch or Bush-league stadium, your town would be a ghost town.

  • die hard

    Quade should file suit to challenge decision to fire him even tho with pay cause firing adversely affects future as manager. He should challenge to set precedent like Curt Flood did for ballplayers. Q could do likewise for managers. A 2 year contract means 2 years in the dugout.

    • Jeff

      Unless your name is Jim Riggleman, right?

  • Mike Foster

    La Russa is a first round pick for the HOF, and should be given his due as a manager. Personally, I think he is a whiner. But I really hate to see him being SCARED out of baseball just because the Cubs have a dream team in the front office. Tony could see the losing streak coming….. bye, bye whiner!

  • Cardfan

    You might as well start preparing yourselves for Joe Maddon wearing the birds on a bat next.season. oh the inhumanity of it all…

    • Brett

      If I’m Maddon, and I’m willing to leave Tampa Bay for next season, there’s one place I’m going, and it ain’t St. Louis. That’s said without passion or prejudice.

      • Cardfan

        Understood. However he has stated an affinity for the Cardinals organization and a desire to be a part of it. Tampa will probably hold him hostage, but the conversation will take place. Arguably better move for him to get out of the AL east. Seems like a certain Mr. Epstein was quite a longshot two months ago…at least I read that somewhere.

        • Brett

          Indeed, Epstein was. And Tom Ricketts of the Cubs made it happen.


  • Ralph

    Tony does look dumb in this picture, but I really like his mug shot from the DUI he got during Spring Training in Florida a couple years ago. While I am talking Cards, I want to throw this out there too: Doesn’t David Freese look a hell of a lot like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times? I have pulled up some pics to do a comparison… and I think I might have something here. What do you all think?