Reminder: Bleacher Nation Exists Elsewhere, Mashes Up Beatles and Sabermetrics

This is your (monthly?) reminder that, while Bleacher Nation is most notably found here in the confines of “,” it also exists elsewhere on the Web. Not every pithy bit, interesting discussion, or funny picture makes it here to the site – which is why you should strongly consider following Bleacher Nation on Twitter and “Liking” BN on Facebook, if you don’t already.

On Facebook, sometimes I throw up pictures and discussion items not quite suitable to a full-on post here at the site. I also post every BN article there, so, if you’re a Facebooker, it’s a handy way to know when there’s new content up on the site.

BN on Twitter is pretty much what you’d expect it to be: short (and informative?) items, re-tweets of relevant/interesting info, and – as on Facebook – a link to every new BN article.

And, sometimes on Twitter, I push people to mash-up Beatles songs and sabermetric concepts in a tribute to the Cubs’ new management group, and it takes off to hilarious effect, and winds up on 670 The Score.

Last night, Twitter user Eli Gieryna sarcastically suggested that something ESPN’s Jon Greenberg had said about the Beatles and Theo/Jed/Jason sounded like a “terrible hash tag meme.” Given my prior discussion of the new guys as the Beatles, and their affinity for advanced statistics, I decided to make that sarcastic suggestion a reality. Fifteen hours and hundreds of tweets (by dozens of people, many of whom have probably never heard of Bleacher Nation) later, I’d say it was a success.

To see what I’m talking about, check out #SabrBeatles.

Among the winners: “We Can VORP It Out,” “Back in the UZR,” “You’ve Got to Hide Your Bunts Away,” “Revolution K/9,” “LOOGY in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Day xFIPper.” A few of mine: “I Want You (Linear Weights Are So Heavy),”  ”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Mathematician’s Club,” and “Your Mother Should Know (About Regression to the Mean).”

Funny stuff – and the kind of thing that is, by its very nature, the exclusive province of Twitter.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

46 responses to “Reminder: Bleacher Nation Exists Elsewhere, Mashes Up Beatles and Sabermetrics”

  1. Fishin Phil

    LOL!  Love “LOOGY in the Sky with Diamonds”.

  2. hansman1982


  3. Cliffy

    Quade will not return in 2012 per Theo press release

    1. Fishin Phil

      Champagne for everyone!!!!


      1. hansman1982

        Brett better not have called it a night


        I was reading your article about the Phillies newest minor league manager when my sportscenter update came across the wire….MMMMMMMMMMM indeed!

    2. Cubbie Blues
    3. CubFan Paul

      “you’re sooo fired” #sabrbeatles

  4. Kyle

    The press release specifically states that the new manager must have experience as a manager or coach at the major-league level. That’s a not-too-subtle message that Sandberg is not a candidate.

    1. hansman1982

      Maybe a coach on the big league squad – the only problem is that if you make him Bench, 3b, 1b, etc… coach he then becomes the MLB equivelant of the Backup QB that many college FB fans love…

      1. EQ76

        Or the next Tebow situation

    2. Fishin Phil

      I’m OK with it not being Sandberg.  I just could not see anyway possible for Quade to fit with the vision for the future of this club.  Start building now!  Bold changes indeed!

    3. Luke

      Mike Maddux, with Sandberg as bench coach?

  5. Polar Bear

    I just saw the breaking news on ESPN. I am excited to see who they bring in! Thew wings of change are blowing!!

    Winds…stupid auto check. Lol

  6. die hard

    Pat Listach waiting by the phone

  7. Cliffy

    Question how does Joe Cowley become the first to report this story, who is his inside Cubs source?

    1. Kyle

      The Cubs sent out a mass press release. Whoever happened to be by their e-mail at that moment got it first.

  8. EQ76

    I think the only fitting song title has no pun but is pretty straight forward from Cubs fans to the new regime… “HELP!”

  9. Katie

    Those are awesome sing titles. As an enormous Beatles fan I’m loving it.

    While Mike Quade Gently Weeps

  10. JulioZuleta

    quade’s gone–

    1. Luke

      And there was much rejoicing.

      1. SweetJamesJones

        “The Quade” is gone.

  11. Fishin Phil

    Well done Katie!

    1. Katie

      Hey, thanks! I’m loving the combining of 2 of my favorite things.

      Cry Qball Cry
      Lovely Theo
      You Never Give Me Your Prospects
      Theo’s Silver Hammer

      (I realize these have nothing to do with sabermetrics but I’m having fun)

  12. pfk

    Well, so much for the Sandberg speculation. Fine by me. We need someone who has hands on experience at the Majors level. We are changing the Cubbie Culture, which means go with a proven commodity and not a sentimental favorite. Sandberg may eventually prove to be very good but I don’t think it is a good idea to experiment at this time. Time is a wastin’.

  13. mikeyman23

    Mike Quade has been fired per espn

  14. Cliffy

    Dan Bernstein on 670 the score says per his source francona is very much in play for manager job.

  15. DRock

    What are the odds Sandberg would accept a bench job? Probably slim to none…

    1. Luke

      Close to 100%, unless he has an offer to manage another major league team on the table. He wants to manage in the majors, and bench coach is a solid step in that direction. Why wouldn’t he take it?

      1. DRock

        Thought he said last season he would not accept a bench job, only a managerial job. Pretty sure he said he would rather manage in the minors than be a bench coach in the majors.

        1. Luke

          He was reported in a few places as having said that he would refuse a non-manager job with the Cubs, and those reports were widely circulated, but I think they were pure fiction. He is repeatedly on record as saying he wants to manage in the majors, and that he will do what it takes to reach that goal. He’s too smart to be petty about his title so long as he is moving towards that goal.

  16. Cliffy

    The Cardinals has asked permission from the phillies to talk to ryne sandberg for manager job per Ken Rosenthal.

    1. DRock

      Also heard Tito was spotted in St. Louis today…Sucks we are competing with the deadbirds at manager now.

  17. NL_Cubs

    Gotta love the “dynamic trio”. They are not dicking around and so far making all the right moves. So long Queie!  When he showed up to the front office meeting with “hi Eppy, hello Hoy, it was the beginning of the end.

    Well played boyz, well played. Manager in place by the organizational meeting in a couple weeks? I would think so.

  18. cubby-blue

    Sandberg to the deadbirds? I wouldn’t know how to handle that. Do I continue to respect him for what he was or despise him for being the enemy manager?

  19. Rancelot

    Don’t think for a minute Theo and Jed don’t have someone already in mind for the job. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ink is currently drying out on a contract with said person as I type this. These guys know what they want, and odds are they will get it!!!

    1. Hawkeye

      You nailed it Rancelot.   They wouldn’t have narrowed down the search field so much be stating it could only be somebody with Major League experience if they didn’t have a good idea of who they wanted and that that person would be very interested.   I think the “week” for the Quade announment was shortened to one day because we are ready to move forward.

  20. NL_Cubs

    Theo saying a decision about Quade “in about a week” and the axe falls the next day certainly makes it reasonable to think a managerial announcement on the replacement will be next week…certainly by the time the org meetings commence in a couple weeks!

  21. BetterNews

    Can’t believe the deadbirds are considering Sandberg as manager. The reason
    the Cubs are not considering him is because he has “no” big league managerial
    experience. Replacing LaRussa with Sandberg would make no sense. I agree
    with Luke and Brett, Sandberg gets job as bench coach for Cubbies and works up.

  22. Nomar's Left Glove

    You just told math jokes! That’s why I love this site.