Theo Epstein Has Already Reached Out to Greg Maddux and Other Bullets

If the Cubs are going to keep up the pace of news, announcements and press conferences through November, they’re going to have to find someone else to fire – because I reckon next week will be taken up with a hiring.

  • The Cubs and Red Sox will have at least another week to settle their Theo Epstein compensation dispute, despite the imposition of a “soft” November 1 deadline by Commissioner Selig. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it was the initial focus of the bullets  yesterday morning. The Sun-Times had the scoop, but apparently deemed it so unimportant that it was treated as a mere footnote to an article focused on other topics. It took until last evening for other sources to confirm, at which point it blew up into a big story. Gotta know what you have, Sun-Times.
  • On the subject of that compensation, Red Sox GM Ben Cherington – who got the job, mind you, only because Epstein left – said something strange. “We were still in a position of having a really good team in 2012. [Epstein] was under contract. And then we had a manager leaving, we had a manager search going on. There was a lot of things that were going on … that made him leaving perhaps challenging. And so I think that’s where our ownership feels we need to be compensated.” Um, what? The reason the Red Sox should be compensated for an employee leaving for a promotion is because the timing was bad for them? Surely, sir, you must be joking. At least now the Red Sox are being honest about what we’ve suspected for weeks: they’re putting the screws to the Cubs because of their own crappy situation. Are you listening, Mr. Selig?
  • Theo Epstein has already reached out to Greg Maddux to gauge his interest in continuing to have a role with the Cubs’ organization going forward. Maddux was a special assistant under Jim Hendry last year, but has been dealing with family health issues of late. I’m only speculating, but it’s easy to imagine that Maddux would be more willing to stay on – or even increase his role in the organization – if his brother, Mike, were hired as manager. Of course, I like Mike Maddux on his own credentials – I’m just saying the continued services of Greg would be a nice bonus.
  • Aramis Ramirez won the Silver Slugger award for third base in the National League. The award, which honors the best bats in the game, was Ramirez’s first. I’m sure the Cubs letting Ramirez know he won the award a day after telling the world he wouldn’t be back with the team wasn’t awkward at all.
  • Three members of Mike Quade’s coaching staff have contracts for 2012: hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, bench coach Pat Listach, and bullpen coach Lester Strode. Each is being allowed to look around at other options while the Cubs conduct their managerial search – whether any will return next year is going to be up to the new manager, as well as Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein.
  • Speaking of coaches, Ryne Sandberg says Theo Epstein did not discuss a coaching job with the Cubs when he called Sandberg to inform Ryno that he wasn’t up for the Cubs’ managerial gig. I doubt anyone believes it would be a great idea to have Sandberg – an icon whom many fans and media members want to be the Cubs’ manager – sitting just over the shoulder of the next manager.
  • New Cubs’ GM Jed Hoyer finds his front office roots in fantasy baseball. Apparently, in the early days of the “sport,” Hoyer was something of a prodigy, ripping off older members of the league in trades as a 13-year-old. My fantasy football teams are regularly awesome, so I can only assume this means that, in 15 years, I’ll be running the Bears.
  • Chris Carpenter continues to rack up the strikeouts in the Arizona Fall League, though he also gave up a couple runs in his most recent outing yesterday. Another top relief prospect, Jeff Beliveau, got his first work in the AFL after pitching for Team USA in the Pan Am Games. He struck out one in a scoreless inning. Josh Vitters had a couple hits and a couple RBI, playing first base.
  • Oh, good. Albert Pujols has a statue. I wonder if the statute will stay up long after this, from CNBC’s Darren Rovell: “There will be no team signed Cardinals WS ball available for fans. Pujols wanted too much, made ball cost prohibitive.”

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37 responses to “Theo Epstein Has Already Reached Out to Greg Maddux and Other Bullets”

  1. Kasey Ignarski

    I don’t know, I remember the Cubs holding a Presser for Greg Maddux after he won the Cy Young when they were about to lose him to Free Agency. Talk about Awkward

    1. MichiganGoat


      1. EQ76


  2. MichiganGoat

    Wow classy move Poo-hole, way to increase your value.  Another nail for the douchbaggery that is the St. Louis Cardinals… seriously what evil pact did you make to win the WS. 


    1. montellew

      Remember what I posted a few days back about how he was in Single-A? How he hated giving autographs? Apparently not much has changed.

    2. Diesel

      He sold his soul to the Devil just like all the cardinals. Why do you think they wear red??

  3. johnbres2

    surely the Rovell tweet about Pujols wanting too much for the signed ball is a joking reference to his contract demands?

    1. MichiganGoat

      One would hope but then again this is St. Louis home of asshattery and malarkey.

  4. Katie

    I’m sorry but that pic of Mad Dig is killing me. He looks like a Mafia accountant or something. “Hey, you’s guys betta get me those receipts from the Bada Bing before I breaks your fingers. Fuggeddabouit.”.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Its amazing how any former player looks ridicouls in business attire.  We’ve been poking fun at that pic since Brett first put it up, but your maffia impression is spot on.

    2. Ian Afterbirth

      I swear he’s had plastic surgery….

  5. Katie

    Mad DOG. Damn autocorrect!

    1. MichiganGoat

      There is an edit button, in a previous post I somehow typed MadFux but changed it before the fans tore in.

      1. Ian Afterbirth

        Good god – I hope your typo isn’t prescient….

  6. Katie

    I’ve done the edit thing before and it doubled posted so now I’m scared.

  7. Fishin Phil

    “My fantasy football teams are regularly awesome, so I can only assume this means that, in 15 years, I’ll be running the Bears.”


    Good!  I’m betting you do a better job than Angelo.

  8. johnbres2

    “If Mike Maddux were to become manager, one source close to Greg Maddux believes the future Hall-of-Famer might reconsider his desire to avoid full-time travel and could even agree to work as pitching coach with his brother.” Gordon Wittenmyer in Sun-times today. Wow. Wow.

    1. Luke

      Eventually, but I think there are some family health issues that are ongoing for the Maddux’s that are playing a powerful role in Greg’d job decision.

      But I’d happily take that combo.

    2. Fishin Phil

      If that came from a reliable source, I’d be real excited.

    3. oswego chris

      first off, I have learned from this site that Wittenmeyer doesn’t know shit from shinola(kind of like Navin Johnson)

      everything I have always read and heard says Greg wants no part of putting a uniform back on…it would be great, but I do see him staying in the organization if big brother Mike gets the job…thats why he is now my officially endorsed candidate..

      1. Internet Random
        1. Bails17

          Classic IR….Great Movie!

  9. johnbres2

    What a great feeling it is, also, to feel pretty darn good for our chances to beat out the Red Sox for candidates we each want.

  10. Dave H

    Would Rudy be kept on as hitting coach with the Maddux bros. All that pitching knowledge, would need some offense minded people. Bench coach? I like former players as those coaches. I really like the staff that they have in Arizona. Chicks dig homeruns!

  11. Fishin Phil

    “ Chicks dig homeruns!”

    Old school.  Now chicks dig OPS

    1. Katie

      Um, I always have. And ERA.