Maybe I don’t appreciate the beauty of defense, but a 9-6 game with a bunch of turnovers, missed field goals, and stupid plays is not the “biggest game ever.” Neither is it particularly interesting. Way to waste my Saturday night, Alabama and LSU.

  • The Cubs are getting their managerial ducks in a row. As noted yesterday, Brewers’ hitting coach Dale Sveum and Rangers’ pitching coach Mike Maddux are expected to interview Monday and (approximately) Wednesday of this week, respectively. And Dave Kaplan reports Indians’ bench coach Sandy Alomar, Jr., 45, is also expected to interview later in the week. You’ll note that all of Sveum, Maddux, and Alomar – as well as the Cubs’ first interviewee, Pete Mackanin – are also Red Sox interviewees.
  • Kaplan also says the Cubs are expected to speak to Red Sox bench coach DeMarlo Hale at some point in the near future.
  • Another source says an Epstein/Terry Francona reunion in Chicago is unlikely.
  • Grantland’s Jonah Keri offers five tips for Theo and Jed over the Winter. I don’t hate any of them, but neither do I entirely agree: (1) Sign Grady Sizemore (shrug, fine if cheap (but that’s what every team is thinking)); (2) long-term deal for Matt Garza (eh – Cubs can afford to take him through arbitration, and I’d just as soon see the Cubs shop him); (3) don’t sign Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder because there are too many red flags for the extreme cost (agree on the former, probably agree on the latter); (4) keep spending big in the draft (fo shizzle); (5) hire a manager who fits the philosophy, rather than a “name” (agreed, obviously, and it seems clear this is the direction the Cubs are going).
  • Comparing Theo Epstein to another executive pulled away from a successful organization in the hopes that he could revamp the Cubs. Namely, Dallas Green.
  • The half of the AFL on which the Cubs are represented got spanked in the Rising Stars Game yesterday, thanks primarily to a rough outing from top overall pick in this year’s draft, Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole. Junior Lake had a double in three at bats and a throwing error. Chris Carpenter got a couple guys out, and Trey McNutt struck out the only batter he faced.
  • Speaking of the 21-year-old Lake, Baseball America’s Jim Callis is a fan: “He might have the best infield arm in the entire minors, he has above-average raw power and he’s suddenly running wild on the bases this year. He probably winds up moving to third base in the long run because he’s so big (6 foot 3, 215 pounds), but he has the tools to profile as an everyday guy there.”
  • Fluff on Lake.
  • Friends of the program over at North Side Baseball are running a free agent signing contest (for fun).
  • ACS

    Maybe we can get David Priice for Castro and buy rollins better team already.

  • ACS

    To get rid of pitching youve lost your mind.

  • ACS

    Yes they would have to blow you away even including a major leauge pitcher and up and comers.

  • cubsklm

    Did I miss something? Didn’t we trade the farm for Garza last offseason? Now we’re going to trade Garza to build the farm?

    • Frat Rat

      The Cubs didn’t trade anything of significance for Garza……..

  • ACS

    Im saying if you want to get something in return that can help the cubs trade castro.
    Garza is your best pitcher you dont trade that Barmey can play short if needed but castro cant pitch.

  • ACS

    Right on 2%!

  • ACS

    Always chicago sports clown though.

  • die hard

    If Pat Listach left phone number with Theo, Theo should call before Pat signs on with someone else….hes got all the reqs and speaks Spanish

  • Jim Kress

    Spitballing trade/FA ideas here:
    Byrd and Colvin for Melkey Cabrera or Billy Butler
    Marmol for either of those 2 guys.
    Marmol, Colvin, Zambrano and/or Byrd for Brett Gardner
    Sign Kelly Johnson and have him play 2nd or 3rd
    Trade for Kemp (no idea what that would take considering the current state of Dodgers)
    Sign Fielder, because let’s face it he’s best 1b on market with age set into factor
    Thoughts, comments, prayers?

  • ACS

    Kemp would cost at least castro jackson and mcnutt but I would do it and Prince should
    Certainly be in a cubs uniform.

  • ACS

    We should also take a hard look at krod to sure up the pen.

  • Jim Kress

    I still think it would be smart to go after Martin Prado. Anybody think about going after Nick Markakis? Or maybe even Shin Soo Choo?
    All this new front office movement and I just wanna see some changes to players. The anticipation is killing me, so anyone else wanna talk about potential trades or Free Agents in order to make it feel like something is happening (even though clearly it is not)

  • Oswego Chris

    whoaa..a little wild and wooly with the trade and free-agent ideas here on the overnight shift on BN…

    1.  the Cubs will not sign Prince

    2.  they will not(and should not) trade Castro

    3.  I highly, highly doubt they will trade Garza

    4. Hendry probably priced Marmol out of trading him

    5.  their realistic trade chips: Soto, Marshall, Smard(ex-Notre Dame wide-out), Byrd, maybe a bit of their young relief prospects(I wouldn’t call it depth, but they have a few guys)

    Nobody wants Colvin, Zambrano, or Soriano. 

    Call me dream-killer, but we need to look realistically at these things…at least during the day time…



    • hansman1982

      1. Agree, nor should they

      2. They should at least listen and if the Rays/Braves want to throw an amazing package at us so be it

      3. See #2

      4. Gotta love backloaded contracts – I see Marmol being dealt at one of the two remaining trade deadlines

      5. Yup

    • Brett

      Realism is appreciated.

      • MichiganGoat

        Absolutely, the weekend shift was quite busy but some of the suggestions were just fantasy baseball in their scope.

    • MichiganGoat

      It would take a ridiculous package to even consider moving Castro. A team would have give up 2 MLB caliber and 2 top prospects players before anyone would even listen. I guess if a team is that foolish it’s worth listening but it’s not going to happen.

    • Dave H

      Wow. Interesting ideas but:

      1] Agree

      2] No way. Our only All-Star caliber player.  I don’t see that one.

      3] See 2. A good pitching coach can improve Garza to be an All-star kinda guy. Too much upside. Dempster is coming off the books along with Big Z next year. 33mil to try to get Hamels, Danks, or Greinke sounds better to me.

      4] Hendry did a lot things to mess us up.  Got us to be good for 3 or 4 years but have us in a big choke hold right now.

      5] I’d keep as much pitching as I could.  Any position player you mentioned above though, agreed

      You can always find someone to pick up the trash.


      • Aaron

        I actually agree with the pitching. A lot of those guys can be good, but maybe just need some development and good coaching. With our pitching staff currently hurting, and without the funds or desire to go out and sign big FA pitching contracts, it may be in our best interest to just keep and develop what we have for now and look forward a year or two.

  • Lou

    Trade Garza. Why keep him? We need pitching and Garza could get us some good pitching. The FA market for SP is especially weak. Contenders with lots to trade like the Rangers would definitely welcome Garza on their staff, especially if Wilson goes elsewhere—and why wouldn’t he all things considered? We won’t be a solid team until Garza’s a FA. 2011 team was a 91 loss team with Aramis in the lineup–without him were gonna be better??? And if we’re worse a correction from 2012 might very well make the Cubs a .500 team in 2013. Trade Garza.