In news sure to leave a few folks scratching their heads about the implications until they are made clear, Texas Rangers’ pitching coach Mike Maddux, who is supposed to interview with the Chicago Cubs later this week for their managerial opening, and who was supposed to interview with the Boston Red Sox for the same today, has removed his name from consideration from the latter job.

Of the decision, Maddux said simply to Peter Gammons, “We’re in a good situation. My family moved here, the kids will be in school for three more years here.”

Maddux has not yet withdrawn his name from consideration for the Cubs’ job, but says he wants to talk things over with his family.

Now, there is going to be plenty of speculation that this means Maddux is the favorite for the Cubs’ job (and Jon Heyman has already so speculated), and that’s possible. I wouldn’t put it entirely past new Cubs’ brass to, on the one hand, conduct open, public interviews with Pete Mackanin and Dale Sveum, while simultaneously laying the groundwork on Maddux as their first preference. Could have groundwork have been far enough along that Maddux knew, for him, it was either Chicago or staying in Texas? Maybe. And maybe, to be safe, the Cubs wanted to bring in other candidates in case Maddux’s family concerns were not alleviated in a move to Chicago.

I tend, however, to take Maddux at his word. He’s got a family to think about, and he felt like the Boston situation – the city, the organization, the expectations, the tough 2011 season – wasn’t the right fit for him. It doesn’t mean that the Cubs’ job is more likely to be a good fit, nor does it mean the Cubs’ job is just as likely to be a bad fit.

UPDATE: Maddux offered the following statement about his decision, which, again, doesn’t exactly rule out the Cubs (some might say conspicuously so):

“This afternoon I spoke with Ben Cherington and thanked him for the consideration to interview for the Boston Red Sox managerial post. It is humbling to know an organization with so much baseball history is interested in my services.

“I could give more reasons why an opportunity like this should be taken rather than not, but the reason for withdrawing my name from consideration comes down to a family decision. My wife and two daughters are together in the same state for the first time in three years and words cannot describe my happiness. The game of baseball has many sacrifices but being apart from family is the toughest. I feel there is too much distance between the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Boston to see my family as much as I’d enjoy.

“Again, I thank Ben Cherington and the Boston Red Sox for the flattery, honor, and compliment of considering me for their position.”

  • Fishin Phil

    I would be very surprised if he pulls his name out from one job and not the other.  I’m betting he stays in Texas.

  • jesse

    Well with what we have seen this offseason I say expect the unexpected!
    Well we will have maddux by the end of the week. 😀

  • James

    Why would Maddux say ”We’re in a good situation. My family moved here, the kids will be in school for three more years here.” and turn down an interview with Boston and than come here? Makes no sense. Sounds like he’s staying in Texas for sure.

    • Deer

      Yeah, you don’t make that comment if you have a Cubs offer in the bag. Also, I don’t want a guy if he’s waffling on leaving his current home. Don’t blame him at all, but the Cubs job is a huge commitment and I expect he’ll decline the Cubs interview fairly soon too. I think this can only help Tito’s chances at a reunion.

  • Hawkeye

    Not sure exactly what to think, but happy whenever anybody sticks it to Boston. 

    We do all need to be prepared though, if the Cubs do indeed sign Maddux, expect Boston to look for some kind of compensation.

    • Wilbur

      Great comment …

  • johnbres2

    I think Brett is right, and Fishin Phil too–it doesn’t really make sense that he would consider the Cubs job, given what he stated.  He does not seem like the kind of guy who would send out mixed signals.  Some guys (e.g. Dave Duncan) are happy spending their entire careers as pitching coaches.  He knows he can have a job doing that forever; but if you take a mgr job and then get fired, your career future is up in the air.  Like his brother, Greg, he seems to like simplicity in his life.  Neither the Cubs nor Red Sox job will be synonymous with simplicity.   We can expect to hear tomorrow that he is withdrawing from Cubs consideration as well.

  • Rancelot

    Wowzers! Wasn’t he just quoted saying how honored he was to be wanted to interview for 2 of the most storied franchises in baseball? The timing is very curious and I can’t believe that a sit down with the family over the weekend changed everything. Call me skeptical as I believe something is going on behind the scenes.

    • Brett

      You’re right, he did just say that. Hmm. I guess technically that’s not inconsistent – honored to be asked, but not necessarily interested.

      • Rancelot

        Very true, one does not equal the other, but, I sure as heck would not want to be known as the guy that “turned down interviews with the Red Sox and Cubs” follow me around for my entire career. Just sayin’ it could damage his reputation when looking for another job down the road.

    • Dave H

      Hasn’t there been comments lately about some health problems in the Maddux family as of late?  Maybe it has escalated.  It may be why Greg won’t commit to anything permanent now.

      • Vinestal

        The issues with Greg are with his daughter who is an adult now I think. She has very serious migraine issues. That is why Greg isn’t seeking a full season job with anyone and prefers to stay close to home.
        Those issues are completely different than Mike’s. Mike’s daughters and wife are living in the same state for the first time in years and he’s stated that he’s really come to enjoy having his family close, he’s also building a house in the DFW area.

        • Dave H

          Thanks for letting me know. I honestly was wondering what happened.

  • Joel Edmonson

    Call me stupid, but I still think and hope it will be Joe Maddon. Nobody thought Theo would come, everyone has a price.

  • Hawkeye

    Anybody else having an issue with the “Recent Comments” section of the right part of the page not udpating with the most recent comments?

    • Fishin Phil

      Yes, I figured you broke it.

      • Hawkeye

        I honestly thought Brett locked me out or something because I made some comment in passing about him being ugly.   Glad that everybody is seeing the same problem though.

        • Brett

          It definitely broke for reasons not altogether clear to me. I’m working on it.

          • pfk

            I want my money back!

        • TWC

          Nope.  It appears he’s jus’ doin’ some crazy shit “site updates”.

  • johnbres2

    Dale Sveum candidacy got a huge boost today.  He has to be considered the front runner (pending news of today’s interview)

  • Toosh

    Family is a great reason to stay in Texas. So is wanting to finish the job of winning the World Series.

    • Brett

      Cubs offer that same kind of job, though – chance at winning the World Series for the first time in a few years.

  • goatbusters

    Has anyone heard what kind of personality Theo and Co. are looking for in a manager? I’m not sure what I would want at this point. A cautious mgr may cost us a few W’s by playing it too safe, but on the other hand, an aggressive mgr may push too hard. That could lead to injuries and leaving the squad with nothing left in the tank in the home stretch. Anyone else have any thoughts on what personality type they would prefer?

    • johnbres2

      It seems to be they want someone intelligent, perfectly in sync with the front office, and someone insanely devoted to the job,  Mike Maddux may be taking himself out of contention just by waffling.

      • Brett

        Not inconceivable.

      • TWC

        Huh.  Interesting insight, JB2.

  • cubsklm

    Could signal a managerial change with the Rangers. Washington is offer two in World Series and has an unorthodox style.

  • http://TheoWaiting Cheryl

    In comparison, with all that happened in regard to Theo and Boston he may not want to step into that mess. But I tend to believe his family comes first and not money. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he withdrew. There still isn’t any word on compensation to Boston is there?

  • die hard

    anybody in front office have Ron Washington’s phone number?

  • pfk

    He will withdraw from the Cubs too. The pressure would be just as high in Chicago and he’d have to move too. Remember, Mike Maddux is one of the highest traveled people in the game having played for 9 different teams. He went to college at UTEP. I can see where he’d just as soon stop moving. Plus, he’d be the their apparent in Texas if they ever fire Washington. If I were him, I’d stay put and wait until the Texas job becomes available.

  • AP

    I know everyone knows how to use google so my statement isn’t too incredibly revelatory, but it’s about half the distance from Arlington to Chicago as it is from Arlington to Boston, that might be close enough for his family to make it work. Another thing that might come into play is that the Rangers are in the Cactus League with the Cubs while the Red Sox are in the Grapefruit League. It’s a few hundred miles closer to Arizona from Arlington so that may be another thing he’s considering.

    • CubFan Paul

      with the Wednesday interview confirmed now, it appears AP is correct as far as the “logistics” of him working in Chicago and his family maybe staying in Texas

      or maybe the Boston school system just sucks and Mike’s wife said Hell No

      • Hawkeye

        If he had no intentions of coming to Chicago, he would have come out and specifically said it. Much like Theo was loud and clear about not going after Ryno. Maddux has very intentionally not closed the door to chicago.

        After everything we have seen in the past month, we ha e to assume that there is a master plan that we know nothing about. I am Sure we already know who our guy is and the rest of this is just posturing and professional courtesies

      • AP

        One thing we know about texas school systems is that his kids will know how to play football by the time they graduate. It probably also helps a little knowing that, at least next year, the astros will be in the NL Central so that’s a couple of times during the season he’ll be down in texas closer to his family.

        Also, I don’t want to be the guy who kicks dead horses but Maddux, given the cache his name has in Chicago, is probably the one guy who could actually bring Ryno onto his staff without worrying about a managerial coup. That’s probably just pie in the sky talk though.

  • hansman1982

    He was scheduled for it today?  did he have the interview already?  God, I hope the Red Sox don’t find a manager until their 34th choice – sometime around next June…PLEASE DEAR GOD LET THEM FALL APART AS AN ORGANIZATION

  • Randy

    Have people been forgetting the one reason he might want to come to the Cubs, his brother Greg!! Greg can give him all the inside information about the Cubs and their system. Also if Greg comes back to work for the team, Mike might feel a little more at ease knowing that he has someone there he knows he can trust.

    • cubs4life

      id love to see the two of them in the dugout together, i really dont think that will happen at least this season, but i also kinda wonder if mike does take the job, if greg would want to take a bigger part in the organization as well?

  • cubs4life

    “I could give more reasons why an opportunity like this should be taken rather than not, but the reason for withdrawing my name from consideration comes down to a family decision.”

    I know he goes on to say that its due to his wife and daughters, but he also has blood working for the cubs organization, I wonder if working with his brother in some form or another would entice him to come to chicago?

  • BetterNews

    Mike Maddux will not be with the Cubs, write that down.

  • Moms A Cubs Fan

    “@PWSullivan: Maddux to interview for Cubs job on Wednesday”

  • johnbres2

    Incredible, strange turn of events.  I wonder if Theo et al. have been in touch with Maddux at all.  This has a feel of all being orchestrated.

  • Dumpman

    I had Maddux as my first candidate.. But does anyone else think it would be cheesy for him to interview with the cubs at his point? If he wants the Cubs job, he could have just said “Thanks but no thanks Red Sox.” Thats all that was needed.IMO it looks again, cheesy, if he’s willing to interview for the Cubs at this point; with his reasons for denying the post at the Sox anyways.

  • Dave

    The Trib is reporting that Maddux will still interview with the Cubs.

  • Oswego Chris

    I am guessing if he interviews for Cubs he has the job…..just a hunch, polite way to say no to Sawks, nothing to go on…just a hunch

    I really don’t like Jon Gruden and the MNF broadcast crew….I wish Howard Cosell could be resurrected from the dead…I guess I am just showing my age….


    • Ron Swanson

      Your are.

  • Aaron

    I said it a few days ago… Maybe Theo and Co just wanted to interview the other guys first so they could “scout” out potential competitors’ managerial choices for how they operate. They have to have their guy in mind, Theo’s been around a while to know what he wants.

    Mackanin could be at the Sox, Sveum could also. Anyone could be in STL. I’m just saying, maybe a lot of this stuff is for research.

  • BetterNews

    Let me qualify my comment. Mike Maddux will not be with the Cubs as a manager.

    Pitching coach perhaps.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Mike Maddux is the one I’ve been hoping that the Cubs would hire on as manager. But you make an interesting point about pitching coach. The more I think about it, I would almost like to have Mike Maddux as our pitching coach instead of manager because then we get rid of Riggins and we get a good pitching coach in Maddux. Then we can still go out and get a legitimate manager. We’d be getting the best of both worlds. Unless we can somehow convince ol’ Davey Duncan to come our way, but that’s highly unlikely. I would love to see the Maddux brothers take over with Mike as manager and Greg as the pitching coach but I just have a hard time seeing that happen.

  • johnbres2

    BetterNews–do you know something we don’t?  Because it sure looks like Maddux has a great shot to be manager.  I see no reason why he would leave the Texas pitching coach to take that same job here.  It sure is looking like the job is Maddux’ to lose at this point.  Again, we don’t know how impressed Theo/Jed were with Mackanin and Sveum, but they sure didn’t bowl us over!

  • Brian Peters

    Why haven’t we heard/read about Sveum’s interview like we did with Mackanin?

  • BetterNews

    Ol’ CharlieBrown—-That’s exaclty correct!

    Also, the connection with his brother is there as many have stated, but I am not sure
    what that means as far as each others careers go.

    If I’m not mistaken(Please correct me if I am wrong), Greg was contemplating going in a completely
    different direction which might not even include the Cubs.