Lukewarm Stove: Kansas City Royals May Be Interested in Carlos Zambrano

New Chicago Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein has said that he’d like to meet with pitcher Carlos Zambrano before deciding whether the righty can return to the team in 2012, the final year of his current contract. Rumor had it, that meeting was going to take place this week.

But, even if Epstein decides he might want to keep Zambrano, he might find a market developing anyway.

Enter, for example, the Kansas City Royals.

Yesterday, our friend Mark Carman at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City spoke with Royals GM Dayton Moore who indicated that he would consider taking on Zambrano if the deal made sense for his club. “We would have to be interested. We would have to explore it because that’s what you should do. You should explore every opportunity. Carlos Zambrano is a heckuva competitor,” said Moore. “Carlos Zambrano has had a lot of success in the major leagues. Carlos Zambrano is actually a very pleasant, easy going, classy person off the field. Sometimes, as with all of us the competitiveness takes over and brings out qualities in us that we are not proud of. Obviously the Cubs grew tired of some of his outbursts but I believe in our coaching staff and we’ll always take a chance and a risk on certain players. We’ll see how that particular situation unfolds,” he said.

Moore then went on point out the problem with the remainder of Zambrano’s contract. “He has a no trade clause for 29 other teams so he is going to have to be comfortable wherever he goes and there is a lot of money attached to his deal. There is a vesting option that is a part of that worth $18 or 19 million going forward. We certainly wouldn’t want to put ourselves in a position where we have to honor a contract of that nature.”

The Royals, you’ll note, just picked up a cast-off starting pitcher in Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants yesterday, but with half of their rotation up in the air for 2012, and a young core of offensive talent theoretically ready to go, they do make some sense as a landing spot for Zambrano.

But would Zambrano want to go there? As Moore notes, Zambrano controls his own destiny on a trade, and, although he’s previously said he’d waive his no-trade clause if the Cubs asked him to, that was two months ago. And, to be frank, I doubt Zambrano was thinking of Kansas City when he made that statement.

Still, the important point here is that, because of the weak starting pitching market this Winter, there will be options for the Cubs if they’d like to deal Zambrano. The question, of course, is how much of the $18 million he’s owed they’d be willing to eat in order to accomplish the move. Given that Zambrano walked out on the team in August, and given that Owner/Chairman Tom Ricketts said on national TV that he had a hard time seeing Zambrano pitching for the Cubs in 2012, I would imagine the Cubs will be willing to eat a great deal of that salary, particularly if they can net a prospect along the way.

A word on the vesting option mentioned at the end of the above quote. You’ve probably noticed that I rarely, if ever, make mention of that option. You’ve also probably noticed that, when other folks do mention the option, they mention the price of the option, but make no mention of how it vests. The reason I don’t speak much of that 2013 option is because it vests only if (1) Zambrano finishes in the top four in Cy Young voting in 2012, and (2) Zambrano is healthy at the end of 2012. First of all, Zambrano finishing in the top four in Cy Young voting next year is, in a word, unlikely. Second, if Zambrano somehow magically puts together a Cy Young caliber season in 2012, the team for whom he’s pitching won’t be absolutely crushed that he then has a $19 million player option for 2013. Sure, they might not prefer it, but who wouldn’t want another year of a Cy Young caliber pitcher? Thus, however things play out, it doesn’t seem like the vesting option should be a matter of grave concern when it comes to trading Zambrano.

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114 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Kansas City Royals May Be Interested in Carlos Zambrano”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Thank you for bringing up the point about the vesting option.  That has been driving me crazy in all the other reports.  Essentially the same as worrying about an vesting option if Soriano wins a Gold Glove next year.

  2. MichiganGoat

    Eagerly awaiting (SARCASM) the Zambrano should stay community to start to spout all the reasons he should be a Cub next year crowd occupy this post.

    1. Rancelot

      Z has reached the point of no return and I’m sure all the due dilligence and information being gathered by Theo and Jed will back that up as fact. I will be stunned and disappointed if he is on the 25-man roster Opening Day!

    2. bacboris

      There are enough to make up a crowd? Wonders never cease.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Oh yes there is, if yesterday was any indication this post should be full by days end.

        1. hansman1982

          I will preface my statement with this: Big Z still is one of my favorite Cubs of all time (born after the playing days of Banks, Santo and became a Cubs fan around 2000 so after Sandberg, Grace and Dawson).

          I am actually for keeping him until the deadline and trading him thereafter.  At this point you really cannot destroy his trade value any more with a poor performance next year and if trading him is revenue nuetral then it really doesn’t do anything more than open a slot for a young guy (which is incredibly valuable, especially if Shark, Cashner and Wells are all fighting for a spot) but if we can use a Cashner as a spot starter/long reliever and get him to 120 innings later in the season that should help keep stress on his arm to a minimum. 

          Gives you a rotation of Garza, Dempster, Z, Wells, Shark/Cashner and it gives you some flexibility for injury, ineffectiveness, and the like.  Also would allow you to move Wells at some point if you need to call up Jackson or McNutt.

          Odds are he is traded sometime between March 15 and April 1 though.

        2. Kyle

          You said yesterday that you didn’t want this site’s comments to become overwhelmed by arguments like some other sides.

          If that’s what you want, you might want to state your case with a little less mocking of people who disagree with you. Because trust me, I can mock back all day and not get tired of it. But we don’t have to do it that way :)

          1. MichiganGoat

            Kyle if your going to be a regular here you going to have to have a sense of humor

    3. Katie

      I eagerly await that too, MG. No way in hell he will agree to go to KC. Too much ego for him to accept that move.

      1. MichiganGoat

        I don’t know, he would be in a low impact town and be able not have the scrutiny that he has faced in Chicago.  He knows he needs to get out of town and KC might be a great place for him to concentrate without all the drama.  If he has a solid year in KC he would be able to get a decent FA contract if he goes a year without drama.

        1. DRock

          Ha, MG you’re right about all those Z lovers who somehow overlook all of his ridiculous antics/outbursts and will want him in the rotation no matter what next year.

          For the rest of us sane fans: Thank God some teams are actually interested. What can we do to get Z to waive his no-trade and go to a place like KC? How much of his salary are we gonna have to eat is the other tough question?

          1. Fishin Phil

            ” What can we do to get Z to waive his no-trade and go to a place like KC? ”

            Tell him how good the ribs are.

            1. DRock

              KC ribs is a good idea. Maybe if they told him he could have his own restaraunt called Big Z’s Rib House and had “kick-ass” sauce with gatorade to wash it down he might consider.

          2. Kyle

            All the Jordan lovers overlook that he was a gambling addict, a jerk, and he punched a teammate.

            All the Sandberg lovers overlook that he quit on his team in the middle of a season.

            All the Santo lovers ignore the fact that he once went Latrell Sprewell on his own coach in the middle of the clubhouse.

            I don’t need my athletes to be good people.

            1. CubFan Paul

              i need them to show up & take the damn ball

            2. Rancelot

              No you didn’t just compare Z to Jordan, Sandberg, and Santo. Yes, we live in a world surrounded by double-standards but you have to ask yourself, will the ROI outweigh all the sideshow shit? The answer is an emphatic NO because Z’s ship has sailed along with his deteriorating skills and tired act!

              1. DRock

                Couldn’t have said it better myself, Rancelot. When Z starts pitching like Roy Halladay we can excuse him punching our catcher and throwing temper tantrums.

              2. Kyle

                So the issue isn’t what Zambrano did, it’s that he’s not good enough to justify what he did?

                The Cubs need Zambrano next season. They are woefully short on starting pitching without him. Therefore, I’m willing to overlook the sideshow.

                Just like Chicago sports fans have been overlooking sideshows for years. They just buy into this one because a few members of the media are beating the drum.

                1. Cubbie Blues

                  I believe we have come to the sunk loss part of this debate. Nobody is going to change Kyle’s mind. Personally I don’t want to see him get hit for 5-6 innings and then cry and complain that everything was bloop hits and how unlucky he is.

                  1. MichiganGoat

                    Agreed, see BN Lexicon: Tiresome

                    1. Cubbie Blues

                      The BN Lexicon Has helped this newbie.

                    2. Hawkeye

                      If the BN Lexicon can positively affect just one reader, then we have done our jobs.   

                      I have heard teachers spew that crap about reaching out and affecting just one student.   Talk about a crappy success rate.

                  2. Kyle

                    Wasn’t trying to change anyone’s mind. Just trying to make sure it’s clear what this is about.

                    People want Zambrano gone because they don’t like him, not because his actions are somehow unforgivable. Because they forgive the exact same actions in players they do like.

                    1. Rancelot

                      This has NOTHING to do with liking the guy and has EVERYTHING to do with performance. Z’s performance does not surpass the sideshow shit…PERIOD, end of story! Maybe Fangraphs can divise a measurable for this instance and call it ZONZ (Z or no Z).

                2. juliozuleta

                  The question comes down to, would you rather have zambrano on the team, go 80-82 and watch him walk after the season, or trade him now, save a little cash to put towards payroll/draft, get a prospect (albeit low level) go 78-84 and save yourself a year long migraine? You act like he is the piece that will get us deep into the playoffs.

                  1. Kyle

                    I don’t believe for a second that 80 wins is somehow the ceiling for the 2012 Cubs. They won 71 games last year while having noticeably unlucky performances in the starting rotation (both in terms of peripherals and injuries), and they have $40 million to work with this offseason while bringing back the same young core.

                    They won’t be the best team in the NL, but as the 2006 and 2011 Cardinals showed us, you don’t have to be. If you can be a decent team, you do your best and take your shot, and the 2012 Cubs can be a decent team. As Epstein said, every chance to win is sacred.

                    Zambrano brings to the Cubs a projected $8-10 million ability and an $18 million liability. I have no problem trading him if it gets us $8 million in savings or an asset worth about $8 million. But to just dump him for nothing? That’s a waste of a perfectly good asset, all because Dave Kaplan doesn’t like him.

                    1. CubFan Paul

                      they were two healthy pitchers away from winning 80-85 games. Theo&Co. has vowed to fixed the pitching at all cost, add a few bats @1st, 3rd and in the outfield and i get a cubbie chubbie for 2012

                      im extremely optimistic

                    2. juliozuleta

                      I hope you’re right. I’m about 95% sure you’re wrong, but I genuinely hope you’re right.

                      By the way, I can’t stand Kaplan, but this happens to be something he’s right about. I was a Z supporter until this season. One thing your comparisons to other Chicago athletes lacks (besides the fact that they are clearly far superior contributors) is that this has become an annual or bi-annual distraction while they had an incident here or there over 15+ year careers.

    4. Kyle

      If the Cubs get reasonable value for him, I have no problem with trading him. I consider him a $10 million asset due to make $18 million next year, so anything that nets us $8 million in value or cash is fine with me.

      Anything less than that, such as just dumping him for the sake of it, is silly.

  3. CubFan Paul

    there’s no way he accepts a trade to KC way

  4. Ian Afterbirth

    Don’t trade Zambrano at ANY cost.

    He is the true heart and soul of the Cubs.

    1. MichiganGoat

      LOL, And here is their leader.

      1. DRock

        Yep, there he is. Please tell me he is being extremely sarcastic.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Yes, although one can never be sure with Ian… Just look at him

          1. DRock

            Is that his real pic? Maybe we could just tell him to go talk to Z. One look at that face and Z would want to go play anywhere but the Cubs.

          2. Ian Afterbirth

            It’s called Goat – baiting and it’s too easy.

            1. DRock

              Ha! True that is way too easy!

    2. Toosh

      There are actually fans out that there that feel that way. Yikes.

  5. Dave H

    There is a big collective sigh of relief from all of the Gatorade dispensers on the Northside.

  6. CubFan Paul

    just as i thought

    @Royals_Report: Have talked to #Royals folks regarding reports of interest in Carlos Zambrano…Hearing: Sure, if he’s released.

    nobody will give up anything for him. he’ll probably be a Cub til July after he’s pitched himself back to relevancy and owed only $8-9million

    1. TWC

      Don’t hold back, Pauly.  You can say “I told you so” loud and clear, pal.  Just make sure you do it several times a day, thanks.

      1. CubFan Paul

        im waiting for that ..i may have no one to say it to because i expect people’s heads to explode when Theo says he’s gonna welcome Z back

        1. TWC

          Don’t worry, baby — I’m sure that you’ll be there to remind ‘em!

        2. hansman1982

          can we point and laugh and get a formal message board post with a picture of you actually eating a Crow if he is traded before the season?

        3. MichiganGoat

          “I told you so” is so middle school, at least call yourself a soothsayer and charge money for your wisdom, even if it’s a 50/50 guess.

          1. CubFan Paul

            i know you are but what am i?!

            1. TWC

              Ha!  Pauly schooled you, MG!

            2. MichiganGoat

              What ya say about my mamma.

              Nice job Paul, i am humbled.

  7. Edwin

    I think Zambrano will change his mind on not going to KC once he sees this:

    I mean, come on! KC has lights, and places to eat, and shopping, and NEW! Mobile Web Apps. Man, I wish my company would trade me to KC. Over 200 Ornate Fountains!

    1. Internet Random

      While I get the impression that your ribbing (heh) of KC is good-natured, I feel I should add that all the people I know who have visited the place were pleasantly surprised.

      I’ve never been, myself, but after hearing visitors talk about it, I’d like to go someday.

      (I’m loath to admit that, other than the Cardinals, I actually rather like the City of St. Louis.)

      1. Edwin

        I’ve also heard good things about KC. In all honesty, it’s probably a very nice city. I just think that Tourist websites are funny. Somewhere there is someone who gets paid to answer questions like “Why should someone come to visit KC?”, and that someone has obviously decided that “200 fountains!” is a good answer.

        1. Fishin Phil

          I’ve actually been planning a road trip to KC just to hit some of the famous BBQ joints.

      2. TWC

        I spent two weekends in KC at two different times in my life.  Both were really pleasant.  The fountains are really quite remarkable, and that’s not just the landscape architect in me talking.  And I can assure you, the bbq is awesome — I don’t’ care which joint you’re talking about.  KC has the second best BBQ I’ve ever had, after th Backwoods BBQ in La Grange, Kentucky.  God damn, that was good BBQ.

        Oh, and:

        “(I’m loath to admit that, other than the Cardinals, I actually rather like the City of St. Louis.)”

        It’s hard to understand how I can go from salivating over great BBQ to vomiting in disgust all in the span of a few paragraphs.

        1. Internet Random

          Definitely the best barbecue is in Kentucky.  No two ways about it.

          Regarding the City of St. Louis:  Yeah, I’m not proud of it.

          1. jstraw

            There are four distinct styles of American barbecue and each is apples to the others’ oranges. They are Texas, Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina. Everywhere else it’s one of these styles or a hybrid.

            1. Internet Random

              There’s only one style, and it’s slow-cooked pulled pork shoulder.

              Anything else is not barbecue, regardless of what you call it.

              You can call your cat a “dog” if you want to, but some of us know better.

              1. jstraw

                Oh, ok.

                1. Internet Random

                  That’s only my opinion, of course, but it’s a lot more fun to state it as incontrovertible fact than as opinion.

                  1. TWC

                    That just about sums up my personal philosophy.

  8. Edwin

    I think the Cubs should keep Zambrano. I think that to trade Zambrano the Cubs would have to eat so much salary that it wouldn’t be worth it. The Cubs won’t get a good prospect, and they’ll probably save $6 Mil at the most. It doesn’t make sense to me to trade Zambrano, get no prospects in return, save very little money, and end up with a worse pitcher in the rotation. The Cubs don’t have the depth in their farm system to just plug in a starter to replace Zambrano. Any money they do save in trading Zambrano would probably have to be used to sign another arm for the rotation, and most likely that arm will be worse than Zambrano.

    I just don’t see any benefit in trading Zambrano, other than possible locker room/media relations issues.

    1. CubFan Paul

      not locker room relations, just the media, the players could care less (because they saw who Ricketts replaced Cash and Wells with) it’s mostly the media

  9. Katie

    Kansas City is a beautiful city. Kauffman Stadium is amazing and the BBQ is awesome. If memory serves, Anthony Bourdain has a KC BBQ joint on his list of his 10 favorite restaurants ever. I think it’s Arthur Bryant’s. Too lazy to google.

  10. mike foster

    KC is a great town, much warmer than Chicago, although no Lake Michigan. It also has a nice hispanic connection that might appeal to Z, so I wouldn’t say it’s out of possibility for Carlos to go there. BUT I predict after talking with Theo, Carlos will pitch in Chicago. For me, Hansman1982 pretty much stated the why. Just good business sense. Theo isn’t carrying all the baggage fans are, his focus is on value.

  11. BetterNews

    mike foster—I wouldn’t use “rotten lumber” in my house! Where is the value there?

  12. Goatbusters

    The power and light district is a pretty cool place to hang out.

  13. BetterNews

    Edwin—I just dont see any “bene” in keeping Zambrano!

    Is the glass half empty, half full or full bull? I would bet on the 3rd, respectively!

  14. die hard

    Do you think Theo ( who was stung by Cashman on Crawford signing) asked Royals to look interested so as to make Z more attractive? Just saying may be something to consider.

    1. bleacher912

      Nancy’s Back! Die hard…I admire your ability to make everything about the cubs negative.

      1. die hard

        If more fans take off their rose colored glasses and voice their concern the Cubs may
        make it to the WS in spite of Ricketts,Theo, Hoyer et al

    2. TWC

      Well, to be fair to die hard, I can’t see Theo specifically asking KC to appear interested.  That said, I’m sure it doesn’t bother him one tiny little bit.

  15. BetterNews

    Die Hard—I think if you took off your rose colored glasses we would be horrified!

    Another Deadbird fan on our site! Under the influence again?

    Your next comment might be Cubs are considering taking Hendry back.

    O.K. you can take two more puffs now!(LOL)

  16. Cheryl

    Why be negative now, Diehard? Wait until we get to spring and hopefully there will be a positive spin out of the cubs training camp. Yes, I look through rose colored glasses. Why not?

    1. die hard

      Such glasses shade the truth that this front office is more like a group of fraternity boys
      brought together to organize a party. As fans we shouldn’t have to pay for it in skyrocketing ticket prices to fund a new scoreboard, FA acquisitions, Wrigley improvements, and other such schemes to make the party wilder. As fans we should insist on a 25% decrease in ticket prices and concession prices until the Cubs finish better than .500. This would help hold their feet to the fire.

      1. Oswego Chris

        Much anger  I sense in you Mr. Die Hard, path to the Dark Side that is…

        You’re kinda all over the map here…”schemes to make the party wilder”…if Theo’s group are frat boys then they are the Lambda Lambda Lambda(Nerds…obviously) of baseball front offices…they are  definitely not Delta House frat boys,  haviing wild toga parties in the wrigley offices or going on road trips to pick up girls who are mourning a sorrority sister who died in a kiln explosion at Northwestern, or sleeping with the Mayor’s under age daughter….they are geeky baseball nerds….

        seriously though dude, how can you already be negative about these guys?…I can see you questioning most of our “blind” faith in the recent regime change, but we just slogged through two of the most uninspiring, depressing, unlikable Cub teams/seasons in history…most of us are just happy to be a bit optimistic again…

        umm, regarding the insistance on the 25% decrease in ticket prices, that’s going to be a pretty tall order considering that more than likely the tickets will be sold faster than we can make our demand for the decrease….(I have a hazy memory of one of my college professors rambling on about some sort of supply and demand thing)

        as for the concessions, I am with ya brother…the food at Wrigley is rather expensive and of very low quality(which, ironically was Jim Hendry’s free-agent philosophy the last 5 years)





  17. mikefoster
    1. hansman1982

      ok then, try this on for Zambrano’s value:

      oh, wait thats right, he isnt on this list…

      ok, how about this from

      oh, dang, nowhere to be found on the entire page…

      The only thing he did right last year was walk fewer batters.  Don’t get me wrong he has been a great pitcher, the only problem is that he peaked in 2004 and has been trending down since then in ERA+.  He will remain one of my favorites of all time (sans the hissy fit last year) but right now his value is jack diddly – he brings 2.0 bwar to the team – that means that over the course of a season he will get you 2 more wins than Mr. League Minimum Randy Wells or the same amount as Ryan Dempster.

      As a free agent he would be lucky to get a $10M per year deal right now, without his antics.  Pay for future performance, not memories.

      1. Mike Foster

        So you pull two 2011 references only and think that singularly determines value? Right.

        1. hansman1982

          I was making a couterpoint that you cannot look at his career numbers to assign a value to him this year – 2011 certaintly should carry more weight than his career year in 2004

          If you average out his bWAR for the last three years you get about 2 bWAR – looking at the free agent classes the past few years 1 WAR is worth between $4-5 million so Carlos’ value is somewhere between $8 and 10 million BEFORE you account for his antics the past few years that culminated with him WALKING OUT ON HIS TEAM. 

          If the Cubs were pursuing him in FA I would not want them going any more than $8m per for a short term deal.  The last time he threw 200 innings was 06-07ish.  This guy is a #4 starter right now when you look at that alone, factor in his declining peripherals and you have him to give you a strong start to the year but then hope that you have a youngster who can take over mid-year

          1. Fishin Phil

            This is the main problem with Carlos & the Cubs.  He is #4 starter with a #1 contract.

  18. johnbres2

    As far as I can tell, this article has nothing to do with getting Mike Maddux as our next manager; therefore, it is IRRELEVANT AND MUST BE EXTERMINATED

  19. Ol'CharlieBrown

    I catch your drift, johnbres2. Im pulling for Maddux also. Though I must argue that news regarding a possibility of getting rid of Zambrano is not irrelevant.

    1. johnbres2

      of course, clearly relevant!  I am just obsessed on WHAT IS NEXT!  And Big Z resolution will have to wait in line….

  20. ACS

    scary to think five years ago he was going to be a 20 game winner. Its time to cut ties with hot head and if we can get someone great and if not so be it.

  21. ACS

    Hopefully in 2012 we will get to see Mcnutt and chris rusin in the rotation if they have a good spring. Still holding out for Samardja or Marshall though as they have time under there belt in mlb.

    1. poopypants mcgee

      Mcnutt will soon have his own Mcsandwich much like Ozzie and Lou had at subway. Hopefully his sandwich will not be made from nut meat.

  22. BetterNews

    Mike Maddux is not a manager, folks, Maybe one of the best
    pitching coaches, but that can be debated! There is no way, no how,
    Theo considers this man for manager! Pitching coach yes, but yet no more.

  23. BetterNews

    Is Theo bumbling and stumbling on the manager pic?

    Could it be the “kid” is stumped?

  24. die hard

    Appears that Theo is interviewing what he hopes to be his next mgrs coaching staff and that there may be truth to speculation that he has sights on raiding another teams under contract mgr. If true, is anybody in front office keeping track of all of the players Cubs could lose in compensation to Red Sox, Padres, et al? Maybe his plan is to get rid of unwanted players through this way which is interesting.

  25. pfk

    I think we need to get die hard a shrink. Lets take up a collection. I can see it now, he’s laying on the couch of his shrink who says, “So, die hard, the Cubs signed Prince Fielder, how does that make you feel? And die hard answers…

    1. Fishin Phil

      I’m in!

    2. die hard

      I would answer, that I feel he is over paid and it makes me sick to think all of this money could have been saved if front office was not so overstaffed with whizzes trying to one up each other to be the best apple polisher.

  26. Brian Peters

    Die Hard: If you don’t want to pay the increasing ticket and concession prices, stay home. If you want to follow the Cubs of old, wait until Jim Hendry to get another job and cheer for HIS team.

  27. Comfortably Numb

    The Cubs need to take some responsibility for the behavior that they’d seen since Z’s days back in Venezuela when he was being groomed for the Cubs at the age of 15. They took this poverty stricken kid with an out of control temper, signed him when he turned 16, then concentrated on mechanical skills, not social ones.
    Along with pitching coaches and mentors, there should have been a team of nutritionists and tutors to help this young kid transition into adulthood at a time when other boys his age were going to school dances and working part time at the mall.
    Some of you seem to forget that Z’s outbursts were applauded by most of us. Remember back in ’04 or ’05 when Jim Edmonds did a little too much celebrating after hitting a killer HR at Wrigley? Z hollered at him, then hit him with a pitch later in the game. Did we hate that?? Hell no, he became a hero for that! To expect anything other than his normal behavior, particularly when he was not shown any other way, is just ignorant. Old habits don’t just go away because we get older.
    Yes, Z is all grown up and responsible for his own actions, I get that. But let’s not forget that while most kids are being taught life skills, he was being taught pitching skills. Period. I would be his friend in a minute.

    1. die hard

      Well, by comparison (assuming you believe Z’s age) Bob Feller and Joe Nuxhall were teens pitching in majors and didnt need a babysitter and had decent if not great careers. So, it depends on individual it appears.

  28. Mike Foster

    Aaaaah Brett, what’s with all the Cardinal advertising at the top of the page?