Like Pete Mackanin before him, Chicago Cubs managerial interviewee Dale Sveum, 47, was tasked with meeting with the media immediately after a grueling day of interviews. Among the notable quotes and thoughts…

  • On his relationship with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, who were in the front office when Sveum was the third base coach with the Red Sox in 2004 and 2005: “We were very fortunate to win the first World Series in Boston in a very long time. I was only there two years, but we had a good relationship. It was my first tenure as a coach in the big leagues and he was just starting out as a general manager. It was fun. When you win, it cures a lot of things. But it’s not like we kept in touch. But we always have had mutual awareness of each other and respect as well.” It sounds like, while they all worked for the same company for a couple years, they weren’t exactly hanging out together at the water cooler.
  • On being passed over for the Brewers’ job in 2009, after a short, successful interim manager stint: “I was disappointed, I would’ve liked to have gotten the job. I didn’t dwell on it. I understand the decisions people make. I was as professional as I could be about it and moved on. It was disappointing. I’m not going to sit here and say I wasn’t disappointed. There’s no doubt about it that I wanted that job and felt it was the right time. I moved on. I knew it would happen someday that I would get an opportunity. I never lost hope.” It’s a credit that Sveum stayed on with the Brewers after being passed over, and that he’s stayed on staff through three managerial changes. He’s clearly a valued voice in the dugout.
  • On the future of his pupil, free agent first baseman Prince Fielder: “Well, wherever he signs they are getting one heck of a guy. [He’s] one of my favorite people I’ve ever coached. And the way he competes and plays the game hard as he does every night, you wish you had 25 Prince Fielders. The leadership he brings by the way he plays is unmatched by anyone in baseball.” While I don’t buy the idea that the Cubs will or will not pursue Fielder on the basis of the manager’s prior relationship with him, I do buy the idea that Sveum would push the Cubs to pursue Fielder, and might make the Cubs a tiny bit more attractive as a landing spot.
  • On his competition, Mike Maddux: “He’s a lot like me as far as due diligent work that he does every day. He’s one of the hardest working coaches, if not the hardest working coach, in baseball, and that’s why he’s put himself in this position to get one of these jobs. It’s just nice to be mentioned with a Mike Maddux, because he’s a good friend of mine and he’ll make a good manager someday, if not this year,”
  • On his approach to preparing for games: “We can all use stats the way we want them to be used …. I do my due diligence and video work and prepare as much as anybody. As far as the stats, those are what they are, and we can use them to our advantage. It’s a big part of the game now. It’s helping us win a lot of ballgames, the stats and the matchups. That’s just part of the game now, and you use what you can. But a lot of that stuff, we do throw out, too.” Not much beyond what you’d expect him to say, but the buzz is that Sveum is a bit more heavy into the stats and preparation than most.
  • On his stoicism in front of the players: “I think one trait you have to have as a manager is never let [the players] see one way or the other how you’re feeling, whether you’re nervous or mad or whatever. I think it’s a bad trait to show body language to the players nowadays.” Sveum says he’s an emotional guy (his nickname is “Nuts”), but he tries to keep it cool in the dugout and on the field.
  • On rebuilding, or not: “When you’re dealing with the Cubs or any major market [team], you’re expected to win that year. You’re not expecting to be rebuilding or doing anything other than thinking about winning the World Series. That’s anybody’s goal. It’s obviously very important to the city of Chicago and the Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein to not just compete and play .500 baseball.” The inclusion of Epstein, by name, in that statement, to me, suggests this is the impression Sveum got from Epstein during the interview.
  • hansman1982

    He is balding – no thanks

    • CubFan Paul

      aren’t we all??

      • hansman1982

        ya I guess our last manager was already bald…so Sveum has what 5-6 years until we have to kick him to the curb?

        • Katie

          Nope! I’m not balding. :)

          Not sure how I feel about the body language comment either. Seems impossible not to show some emotion. I don’t know, maybe I’m nit picking.

          • hansman1982

            I took it as him not showing negative emotion, I think he will be likely to cheer when the team does well.

            And you better not be balding, that might remove your legendary status in the hansman1982 Cave (god I have to think of a better super-hero name)

    • Ian Afterbirth

      What’s wrong with balding, buddy boy???

  • CDM

    Brett, Do you think If we get dale that could “help” us if we try and get Prince?

    • Brett

      Like I said in the post, I don’t think it makes up the difference between a couple extra years and $40 million, but if he’s got two identical offers, I could see Sveum being the tie-breaker. That said, I don’t think you’ll see the Cubs offering Prince the most money or years, if they make an offer at all.

  • johnbres2


  • Deer

    I don’t care for the “no body language” nonsense. Trying that hard to hide emotion in sports is silly, he seems cranky. Next..

    • Hawkeye

      So, one might assume you are a big Ron Washington fan?

      • Deer

        His dugout dance, Yes, his in-game decisions, heck no. Wash is over the top, but if we’re just talking about demeanor, I actualy liked Dusty.

  • EQ76

    I found it interesting when he said (about Epstein and Hoyer) that “Rebuilding is not in their vocabulary”.. which means that all those who are convinced that we need to go young and rebuild need to quit thinking that way, it’s not gonna happen.

    I’ve been saying for a while that there’s no way in hell this team will go through a rebuild.. so that makes me wonder, exactly who all (players) are on the Cubs radar??

    • Brett

      “Rebuild” is just a word. Not believing in “rebuilding” can mean different things to different people. The new regime will not be loading up on older, long-term contract vets, and will be far more invested – in money and in personnel – on the amateur side of the game. That doesn’t mean they won’t be signing free agents, and it doesn’t mean they won’t be making trades that make the team better in 2012.

      So is that “rebuilding”? I call that “rebuilding” on a short time frame. They might not call it “rebuilding.” It’s just a word.

      • EQ76

        Well I never meant that they’d load up on old vets.. I’ve just felt for a while that they will field a competitive team next year. I don’t think this team will be full of rookies and youngsters only as many here have suggested. Rebuilding for most, has come to mean “go totally young” and cut payroll way down. This team will not be doing that next year.

        I believe they will make a splash move or two.. I fully expect this new regime to try to build a good team next year while at the same time build up a strong foundation in the minors.. No I don’t expect a 95 win team next year, but I do expect a team built to finish over .500.

        We’d be foolish to think our team will have a rookie or 2nd year type player at 1B, 3B, CF, RFand 2/5 of our rotation.

  • Cliffy

    There is some speculation out there on some other blogs that the Cubs have a gentlemen’s agreement with the RedSox that they get first choice in the manager derby as part of compensation for the Theo hiring? Sounds like something out of the Richard Nixon era.

    • Brett

      I’d put the chances that something like that has actually happened at about 0 – I say “about” 0 because it’s possible that Theo and Ben had talks that DANCED around that kind of subject. But a gentlemen’s agreement? Nah.

  • Cubbies4Life

    Somebody please phonetically spell out “Sveum.” Is it pronounced “farve” like “Favre?” “Sevum?” “Svuum?” If I am forced to actually speak his name someday, I want to get it right! Thank you.

  • johnbres2

    I think it is SWAME, but I doubt you will need to know.  I can’t imagine the Cubs and Red Sox have an agreement about this, if the compensation debacle is any indication.

  • Cubbies4Life

    Swame, huh? Wow. I never would’ve guessed that. Thanks for the info!

  • pfk

    Sveum is Latin for, “show no emotion.” Seriously. Look it up.

  • Brett

    This will obviously merit its own post, but, in the meantime, Bruce Levine is reporting that the Cubs will interview Sandy Alomar, Jr. later this week. His name has come up many times and an interview was expected, but this is the first mention of a definite interview.

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