Per the new Chicago Cubs interview protocol, Mike Maddux today met with the media after his interview. He was, by all accounts, commanding, intelligent, and funny…

  • Maddux conceded that he’d spoken with his brother, Greg, about the Cubs’ job and about whether Greg would have a role on the coaching staff should Mike get the job, but declined to elaborate, calling it a “private, family matter.” Translation: Mike would love to have Greg on staff, but it’s too early to tell if that’s a realistic thing for Greg to do.
  • Maddux hammed it up when discussing flashpoint pitcher, Carlos Zambrano. When asked how he would deal with Zambrano, Maddux joked, “First thing you’ve got to do is meet him. I heard he’s a big teddy bear. Might take him up and just burp him.” When Zambrano’s size was pointed out, Maddux was resolute. “Strong back, baby,” he said.
  • When discussing Zambrano seriously, Maddux said only that he was “the best thing since sliced bread” seven years ago, when Maddux was coaching the Brewers.
  • On why he came to interview with the Cubs after declining to interview with the Red Sox, citing family concerns: “Chicago’s a neat place. I like being in Chicago.”
  • On becoming a manager, as opposed to a pitching coach: “I’m very happy with what I do, I enjoy what I do. I’m administering to half the team in Spring Training during the season. People have reached out to me [to interview]. It wasn’t something that I’ve reached out to other people. I think it’s kind of cool to be considered.”
  • On being a successful manager: “To be a good one, experience would come in. Are you good your first day? Time will tell. I think passion, you have to have passion. Work ethic. Respect of everybody you work with, respect from your players. Be demanding of your players, too.”
  • On what he would look for in a pitching coach: “Somebody who could put up with my second guessing.”
  • On his impression of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer: “I can’t do an impression of them.”
  • Ok, but seriously: “Young. Bright folks. Much like what I deal with in my current position. The new age general managers, front office guys, highly educated, very motivated, but very true and very honest and that’s about all you can really ask for is people who are honest, people who share your passion. Even if our educations are far apart, I’m pretty damn proud of my high school education. I went to college, too. Very entertaining. We had a good time together, I think.” Ba dum, ching.
  • On how the makeup of a roster impacts winning or losing: “When people talk about more talent – [like,] ‘They have more talent than we do,’ it doesn’t matter, because you’re talking about the most talented guys in the world. The guys that play for the Cubs, the guys that play for the Phillies, the Brewers, the Padres, they’re the best players in the world, the best talents. So the talent is there. It comes down to the best makeup guys.” Maybe it’s a semantical debate on the meaning of the word “talent,” but I’m not sure Theo and Jed would agree that there aren’t some players who are more talented than other players, and whose performance is therefore better, all other things equal.
  • On the greatest song to hear: “I despised the song, ‘Go, Cubs, Go’ after they kicked our butts.” Your heart can change, Mike.
  • On the history and mystique of the Cubs: “I’ve always admired this town. it’s a very, very unique setup, and a historic park. Whoever becomes the manager of this ballclub is in a good spot.”
  • BetterNews

    Katie this is a baseball post not a dating service.

    • Katie

      So what are you doing here?

      Okay now I’m really done.

    • MichiganGoat

      BetterNews now your just trying to bait an arguement and that is absolutely TIRESOME

  • BetterNews

    Katie—very sorry, I apologize.

    Got a question, what was Tyler Colvins average this year?

    Do you see him starting in right field?

    Maybe first base?

    Or not with the team at all.

    • Katie

      In AAA or Chicago?

      • BetterNews


        • Katie

          No clue. I doubt anyone, including Tyler Colvin knows that. I suppose I could google it. I know it was higher in Iowa by at least .100. Beyond that I couldn’t tell you, nor do I care. If answering that question correctly makes me worthy of sticking around here in your eyes, super. Good night.

    • MikeL

      BetterNews….stop being a sexist idiot. I am sure Katie can fight her own battles, but I am just saying to you betternews…..knock it off….You aren’t getting any laughs, your comments aren’t clever, and quite frankly you are making yourself look like an idiot when you say things like that.

      • BetterNews

        What did I say? Can’t think of anything rude or sexist I have ever posted.

        Oh you mean I should have let her have her own way! I see.

        She couldn’t answer simple questions about the Cubs and I am the “bad” guy?

        • Bails17

          BetterNews – There are plenty of Cubs fans that can’t quote stats.  I follow this team as close as anyone does, but I am not a stat rat by any means.  I have no idea what Colvin’s AVG was this year (I am sure I can get close).  That is simply an unfair question to ask someone in order to judge whether or not they know the game or even more the Cubs.

          The real problem here is this …Quade, in his infinite wisdom, batted TC 8th most of the time and had him in there entirely too much against lefties.  So….that makes the second part of your question not only unfair…but idiotic.  Nobody really knows what Colvin can/will do next year because Q failed to put the kid in situations where he could succeed.  Geez…any true Cubs fan would know that!  COOKIES!!!

          • Katie

            Bails, that was my point. I’ve actually met Tyler and his wife in Iowa and they are great people. I feel like he got a bad shake and I hope he gets some love in Spring Training. And for the record Better News’ original post just asked me TC’s batting average, not the other questions. He went back and edited his post.

            • Bails17

              It’s all good Katie…was just giving BetterNews a little taste of his own medicine.  WHICH I am sorry for in light of Ace’s recent bullet post!  LOL  If I had to pick the biggest screw up Quade made this year, it would be the way he handled Colvin.  To me it was a wasted year of development, and no one really knows what to think moving forward.

      • BetterNews

        Too many guys named Mike—Are you one of the more intelligible?

  • KB

    Maddux says: “talent… it doesn’t matter, because you’re talking about the most talented guys in the world….So the talent is there. It comes down to the best makeup guys.”

    So, in effect, he’s saying that his brother has a significantly better makeup that he does.

  • Deer

    It’s easy to throw out a bunch of prepared one liners in November. Let’s see how he handles the media when they’re 10 games under in July. His comments about talent concern me, how can he downplay the talent angle after all these years? Quade also said he didn’t care what the roster was, he’d manage his butt off, and even Lou thought he could turn Tampa into a division winner based on his “talents”. Coaches who think they can turn an average team into a championship team are fooling themselves.

    • Brett

      I totally agree with you on the talent comment, but, at the same time, what else is a manager supposed to say, right? “I’d be a great manager and help my team win, but only if we’ve got the most talented players.”

      So, yeah. I agree with you. But I understand why he said what he said (and why Quade said the things he said).

      • Deer

        Maybe it was pitching coach speak. Actually, what he said is exactly what I’d like to see him tell the Cub pitchers and make them believe it. Anyway, it’s up to Theo and Jed to fill out the roster.

    • SirCub

      I don’t have a problem with the talent comment. I think if it was our president, or scouting director saying it that is one thing. It is the job of the front office people to identify talent. But the Manager’s job is less about identifying the best players, and more about getting the best out of the players that he has.