Mike Maddux is More Famous than Frank Zappa and Other Bullets

Yesterday’s managerial interviewee Mike Maddux is, predictably, getting a whole lotta love from the media following his excellent session with them…

  • Jon Greenberg says, “I think I just met the next Cubs manager.” Phil Rogers says Maddux “won the news conference.” Bruce Levine says Maddux’s session was an A+, and suggests he is now the favorite to win the Cubs’ job – if he accepts.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer works hard to squeeze “Greg may be joining me on staff with the Cubs” from Mike Maddux’s quotes that the two have discussed the Cubs, and the details are a private, family matter.
  • Another top candidate for the Cubs’ job, Brewers’ hitting coach Dale Sveum, who interviewed with the Cubs on Monday, will be talking further with the Red Sox, and it may be taking the form of a second interview. If that’s the case, the Red Sox might be zeroing in on Sveum as their top target.
  • As expected, Indians’ bench coach Sandy Alomar, Jr. will be in for an interview on Friday. That could potentially be the Cubs’ last managerial interview.
  • The Theo Epstein compensation talks have continued over the past week, between Epstein and Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. ”Theo and I have spoken a couple of times since I talked to you guys last,” Cherington said Wednesday at Fenway Park, a week after his last huddle with the media. “We traded some ideas and don’t have anything to report yet, but there’s at least been a couple more conversations …. The Commissioner’s Office is giving us some leeway on it if we feel like there’s progress being made. I think we’ll give ourselves until next week. We’ll see each other in person next week, at least give ourselves until then to see if there’s something we can’t figure out.” It sounds like the sides – well, the Red Sox, at least – aren’t eager to get Bud Selig involved.
  • The Twins are considering hiring Mike Quade to manage their AAA affiliate. For as much (deserved) grief as Quade got around these parts last year, I do hope he lands on his feet.
  • It’s a bit late, but here are the final Team USA stats for Brett Jackson and Jeff Beliveau from last month. Both played well, with Jackson going .400/.450/.571 in 35 at bats, and Beliveau putting up a 1.42 ERA over 6.1 innings, striking out nine and allowing just five base runners. The discussion came up in a Message Board thread about Beliveau’s development with the Cubs.
  • Josh Vitters went 3-4 with a homer yesterday in the Arizona Fall League, continuing his hot Fall.
  • Keith Law says whoever signs Aramis Ramirez will like his bat, but will rue his defense at third. A move to DH may ultimately be necessary.
  • Late yesterday, it was reported (and noted in the comments) that Washington Nationals’ catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped in Venezuela. The 24-year-old was reportedly near his home when he was taken by four armed men in an SUV. Hopefully he will be released soon. Just awful.
  • BN user Dave starts another humorous Message Board thread, predicting this year’s free agent signings. Among the highlights: “Francisco Rodriguez – Prediction: Texas Rangers – 3 years/$39 million – Punches GM Jon Daniels at introductory press conference,” “Jose Reyes – Prediction: Milwaukee Brewers – 6 years/$108 million – Injures hamstring walking to dugout after removing himself from the lineup after 4 innings on opening day, 2012 in order to maintain his .500 batting average.” Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and CJ Wilson are also sent up.
  • Collective bargaining agreement talks are still plodding along, with draft pick compensation and draft spending being the two major sticking points.
  • A word on the blog comments: obviously the volume of comments has increased considerably over the last two months, and that’s swell. But as the number increases, the tendency to get into back-and-forth spates – sometimes personal – will increase. I’m not going to actively discourage debates – discussion is a good thing – but I’d ask everyone to continue to do their best to think before they type. Sometimes it’s hard to convey tone in the written form, and sometimes you sound like an ass without meaning to (I’m guilty of this all the time). In short, just keep being great people, and modeling for those who aren’t. And, as for some of the longer back-and-forths on a specific subject, I’d encourage folks to start a Message Board thread and have it out there. It’s easier to debate the merits of Darwin Barney, for example, on the Message Board than it is in a blog comment thread. Right on. Good talk.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. CubFan Paul

    when registering for the message board it requires your/my email password ..whats up with that??

    1. hansman1982

      Brett is trying to steal your email account…

  2. hansman1982


    Ha…I do like Maddux as our manager regardless of what happens with Greg…he has 2 year experience in coaching in the World Series and I think that kind of experience is priceless

    1. CubFan Paul

      but does he dance like Ron Washington??

      1. hansman1982

        he does not dance at all, which means he is no friend of Ron Washington’s and which is why Mike is being left behind…or something to that effect

  3. CubFan Paul

    Brett do you know anything about MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes? internet jockey, journalist, etc?

    he had a mlbtr chat yesterday and some interesting cub & offseason nuggets in it..

  4. Katie

    Agreed Brett. Sorry for contributing to the hubbub last night.

    1. Sweetjamesjones

      Jesus. I went and read that thread in question.


      All I have to say is: Dont feed the trolls. Oi vey. I got annoyed just reading that B.S.

      1. Katie

        But my pot pie comment was funny. Gotta at least give that!

    2. DaveB23

      Katie I really feel like there is absolutely NO reason for you being the one to apologize over some other people’s jackass comments. You did nothing wrong and handled the situation quite well.

      I guess we’ve just been so used to BN being such a tight-knit community (OUR community). And obviously it still is, but with the major growth that it has recently experienced (and deservingly so) its a foregone conclusion that the typical flamers will come out every now and again. Its just the way the internet works. Im still amazed at the level of decorum and class shown by the posters on this site. I can’t say that about a SINGLE other sports/internet site I visit regularly

  5. pfk

    I now see why Theo wanted the candidates to meet the media. Chicago is a heavy media town that can be super tough. And, if you can’t handle them, they get tougher. Maddux played them like a violin. He’ll need that rapport to deal with them when the Cubs have their first 6 game losing streak or he makes a move that is second guessed heavily. Fact is, the ability to deal with Chicago media is a huge component to being successful here. Both Greg and Mike are well know for their sense of humor. I remember a Cub game in Greg’s last season here when the ump got into it with Bobby Cox. The camera caught Maddux with his glove over his face laughing. Humor can be very handy in getting through tough situations. In fact, Mike used it in the World Series when Adams was in a tough spot and about to blow the game. He went out, cracked a joke and the cameras caught Adams visibly laughing. He got the next batter on a weak tap to the mound to end the threat. Gotta love it. I get the feeling that Sandy Alomar, jr. would have to blow their minds to get the job. I’ve heard he is a very bright guy, players love him and has the potential to be a great manager. But it seems to me there is a mutual Maddux love-fest going on with the Cubs.

    1. Edwin

      I heard Sandy has some great Sven and Ole jokes, so don’t count him out just yet.

  6. Cliffy

    Do others remember when there was a debate whether which team had the most leverage regarding the compensation issue. Does anyone think boston has any leverage left? I’m believing that boston will only get 1 medium level minor league player when all is said and done. If thats the case that should be considered a huge win for how Theo has handled this.

    1. Cubbie_Blue_13

      This compensation crap is crazy, theo coming to the cubs was a promotion clearly, if any should get compensation it should be the padres seeing as how jed holds the same job title with the cubs. The red sox should just give it up, it was a clear cut promotion for theo.

  7. Edwin

    If only Quade had remembered that knock knock joke in time, he might still have a job today…

  8. packman711

    So , oddsmakers, M Maddux for GM, and G Maddux for pitching coach?

  9. Cubbies4Life

    Okay, so you TOTALLY used my Zappa reference and didn’t credit me!!! What’s got into you, Suzie Creamcheese??

  10. die hard

    Looks like our kids are doing ok in winter ball. Another reason to take it slow on looking outside organization for new players.

    1. CubFan Paul

      we have children together?? f’n vodka blackouts! ..im so done with alcohol

      1. JulioZuleta

        Jesus, the offspring of Paul and die hard would me the most pessimistic person to ever breathe.

  11. Cubbies4Life

    I’m not narcissistic, I just really crave a lot of attention and it should always be all about me. CubFan Paul – your comment just made my day!

  12. johnbres2

    Interesting that Maddux has not interviewed for any other jobs, so he either stays where he is, or accepts an offer from the Cubs.  I think it is smart of Theo to interview Alomar, too; if Maddux declines their offer, they can turn to Alomar without having to make it look like he was a second tier candidate.  Really, though, I find it hard to fathom that Mike Maddux will not take the job.  It is just too big an opportunity to turn down.  Both his daughters are in college, so I am not sure that he has this huge pressing need to be home….

    I think the chances of Greg getting involved (for at least a one-year trial) as pitching coach are higher than the 15% Brett predicts (although this is just a feeling, and Brett has a lot more info than I do).  My reasoning is based on plenty of other instances, where athletes got antsy after spending a lot of time at home for a couple years.  I think working for his brother, where those two guys could run the Cub show on the field, might be too big a lure to pass up.

  13. jim

    Cubs shud sign d lee and platoon with lahair.

  14. Mike F

    The Maddux thing is a tough one. I don’t think as a general rule, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to take a serious interview, if indeed, you aren’t willing to take the job. Interviewing for a high level job as a neat thing, when it is so public, could have longer term career ramifications. I have to assume, prior to the interview, the Cubs, his agent, and Mike Maddux all understood this wasn’t just a fun time and he interviewed because he at least thinks he wants the job. Whether or not he is the favorite as so many seem to thing is another thing. I like them in this order: Maddux, 1-b Sveum, and 1-c Allomar, in other words all three. The guy I think would be a big mistake is PM and don’t discount simply for the fact he was on their list when people like Hale apparently aren’t at least now.

    The other kind of side note to all this Francona is interesting, you had the one comment and he has disappeared. He did interview for St. Louis, so obviously he wants to manage, I just question whether Theo would want him. I think the answer is likely not, but given that someone like PM is on the list, maybe we have to at least throw him in the mix.

  15. ISU Birds

    So what I’m getting is that Brett doesn’t want us to comment and make this site into a monarchy. Viva la Bleacher Nation Revolution!!

    1. Cubbie_Blue_13

      ISU get ready for when my Salukis come to Normal and shock the Valley this basketball season. Just had to say something when i see an ISU fan. lol

      1. Luke

        As an Evansville alum, I’d love to have something to say here.

        Anything to say.

        Anything at all.

        Yeah, I’ll be going away now…

        1. Cubbie_Blue_13

          Lol Evansville has had some good teams. I hate ISU, i hope SIU can shock the valley they have got back to that tuff in your face defense and some very nice young pieces. SIU SIU SIU.

        2. Internet Random

          Evansville?  I spent a week there one night. *ba dum ching*

          Ever go to a Triplets game, or were they before your time?

          1. Cubbie Blues

            I grew up just outside of Evansville (Newburgh). They now have the Otter’s. They are in the Frontier League (West Division). The Otter’s play at Bosse Field, think “A League of their Own”. Very cheap tickets and great place to catch a game. Kids get to run the bases and then go up to the players to get autographs. The kids love it.

            1. Internet Random

              I know Bosse and Newburgh.  Newburgh is nice.  Bosse… well, Bosse’s got tradition, and that definitely counts for something.

              1. Cubbie Blues

                What can you expect out of stadium for $4 a ticket?

                1. Internet Random

                  Yeah, Wrigley’s not in much better shape, and they’re commanding a lot more than $4 per ticket.

                  I wouldn’t change much about either place.

          2. Cubbie_Blue_13

            Iv been to Evansville a few time, im from the carbondale area. I dont really have any reason to really go to evansville. Nice town tho

            1. Internet Random

              For those who are Parks and Recreation fans, I strongly suspect that “Pawnee” is based at least in part on Evansville, Indiana.

          3. Luke

            I’m too young to remember the Triplets, unfortunately. And I left the area not long after the Otters got going, so despite growing up with 60 miles of one of the oldest active ballparks in the country, I still have not been to a game there.

      2. Shawn

        As an EIU grad, you can both get bent. : )

        1. Cubbie_Blue_13

          What does EIU ever do?? At SIU we go to the ncaa tourn and win games. Has EIU ever been in the top ten in the nation in basketball?? SIU has!!

          1. Internet Random

            I’m afraid you might be inviting NC Fan to wreck you.

            1. Cubbie_Blue_13

              Sorry i root for my home teams, i grew up going to the SIU arena and enjoying saluki basketball. I dont need to jump on someone else bandwagon. I love my SIU Salukis and i thats it. Call me crazy but i would rather be at the Siu arena any day then having to jump on a bandwagon

              1. Internet Random


  16. FiveFifty

    I’m still sorta bummed Ryno isn’t in line. I know everyone has different views about this, but it blows my mind he wasn’t a front runner to say the least. I keep having to tell myself that Theo has a plan and he’s executing that plan. I don’t pretend to know more about his job than he does, but I believe Ryno would have done an outstanding job.

  17. FiveFifty

    Mitch WIlliams said it best (on MLB netword)….absolute WORST case scenario, Theo hires Sandberg and he gets three years to manage while Theo has three years to put together the team he wants. Best case, he takes us to the show. Its a win-win.

  18. Miguel Ramirez

    Hope all goes well in the Wilson Ramos kidnapping. Which reminds me how is Angel Guzman doing? It was a tragedy what happened to his brother in Venezuela.

  19. BetterNews

    I don’t understand why the Cubs are considering Alomar for manager.

    Ryno has much better credentials for the position in my opinion
    and Theo wouldn’t consider him. This makes no sense whatsoever