There was a stretch a couple weeks ago where I couldn’t go a day without a handful of readers suggesting that we have a Bleacher Nation shirt (or shirts). It’s something I’ve hoped to do for a while, but I wanted to make sure the time was right. I was flattered by your comments.

So, given your requests, and the upcoming turn of the calendar (with it bringing the Cubs Convention), I thought it was time to start putting the shirt together.

Here’s the gist: I’d prefer to have just one shirt, which would be “the” 2012 Bleacher Nation shirt. I envision a single-color shirt with a slogan or picture or something simple on the front, with “Bleacher Nation 2012” underneath it (or something like that – I’m truly open to any kind of idea). The idea is to have a shirt that is both representative of the site, as well as simple enough that you’d actually, like, wear it around.

I’d love your thoughts/ideas/suggestions. Ideally, we’d get enough solid ideas that we could put them up for a vote, and then I’d put that shirt together.

If that method doesn’t work out, I can work with my buddy (Unholy Cows) to put something together. Either way, we’ll have a shirt.

So, if you’ve got ideas, please throw them out there. Do it in the comments here, and I’ve also added a Message Board thread on which you can add your suggestions (in case this post gets buried before enough suggestions are made).

  • Michael

    With the site being so damn irresistible, I like the slogan “Get your fix,” with a BN logo that would just make you think Cubs. Maybe the grey shirt idea, with a blue/red but simple BN logo on chest, slogan on back with web address. The phrase would make people who don’t recognize it check out the site just to see what the hell it is. Therefore, the fans help market the site. Just a thought.

    Better yet, I think a blue shirt with red logo on front, maybe just white text on back. The Cubbie blue should be prominent.

  • Andrew Moore

    It’d be cool to customize our own shirts to put our BN tag on the back

  • dreese

    I like the current BN logo that should definitely be on it. We could make it like a cubs jersey shirt with cubs and BN logos in the from and have the name be Ace and like a slogan under that instead of a number. It really doesnt matter to me cause if it has BN on it and a cubs logo im buying it!

  • Bails17

    If you are going to do an official shirt every year, the tag line needs to be something that reflects what is/was going on during that specific year.

    I suggest a Cubbie Blue shirt with the BN Logo…with the following tag line:

    “The Year of the THEO!!”

  • EtotheR

    The Badass Bleacher Creatures…
    Brought To You By The Letter “W”…
    We’ve Gone Maddux…*
    Dios Mio…THEO!
    Jed Said…

  • Brett

    Thanks for all the great suggestions (and keep ’em coming). This is quite useful as I’m not only getting ideas, but getting a rough idea of a consensus about the kinds of things people want to see.

  • Brandon – AA Correspondent

    Can’t wait. As an after thought, after the shirts are in production, we need a photo are where folks can post a pic wearing their shirts in the various parts of the country and the world that we follow BN. You can count on me representing BN in teh stands at Smokies Park in Tennessee. Loving The Year of Theo. Also, I think the first version with the current Bleacher Nation Logo would work too.

  • hansman1982

    Brett, I will work on some design ideas over the weekend (not a pro at all but it gives me an excuse to do some graphic design).

    Do you have a company in mind to make the shirts already?  If not I know a great company that does work across the country including for the University of Iowa (Ferentz buys his gameday shirts from this company and I think a couple other Big Ten schools but it has been a while since I worked for the company) that is pretty reasonably priced and is based in a small rural town.

    • Brett

      I don’t have any idea about a company. I was going to get the design decided, get an idea of how many shirts will be wanted, and then shop around. Worst case, I was planning to do it through one of the a la carte online shops like Cafe Press, or whatever. I’ll gladly take any info you have (brett AT

  • CubsFanatic

    I think I’m ganna throw an idea in for this. Cubbie blue with a section of the bleachers, “Bleacher Nation” in white kinda like the one here excetp no lower half of the fan and no garbage, and then the slogan in red…Now for the slogan…..Hmmm…

  • CubsFanatic

    I meant a shirt design.

  • Cubsklm

    Bricks, Ivy, and THEOrum for Winning!

  • Papi

    Would love like a t-shirt jersey with the name “ACE” on the back shoulders and the number 12 below.  I think hardcores would get that and others would have a cool story behind it.  Agreed that the PIC from the home page is a must on the front.  Maybe get some logo design wiz to create a Cubs logo with “The” in the middle of the big “O” (Theo – get it?)

  • Mark

    Bleacher Nation logo on on back w/caption that reads A NEW BEGINNING.Blue shirt w/red lettering.

  • Caleb

    How about solid shirts, with the “guy on the bleachers” logo out front. Below that, in quotes, reads:

    “What? There are OTHER Cub sites?”

  • Trent

    Whatever you decide, I want one.

  • TIM

    make sure the design is compatible with “youth” sized shirts. i got two youngins that will be interested also.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    Yeah Ace, don’t be shy about plugging the site with the web address easily readable on the shirt somewhere.

  • Dee

    Hey Ace: Hubby & I have been logging in multiple times per day for a very long time, but this is the 1st time I couldn’t resist giving my two cents… Voting NOOO on the quotes/phrases, just desire something simple, awesome BN logo, some cool ‘distressed’ look lettering. And please offer a cutsie women’s style! Don’t want to look all boxy while wearing such a fabulous shirt.

    • TWC

      I agree with Dee.  Simple is best.

      And I, too, look FAB in cutsie tees!

      • Katie

        I would pay several American dollars to see that.

        • Caleb

          Lolz. “Several American dollar”

          I’ll be using that one today!

          • MichiganGoat

            many many green people from history times

  • Caleb

    How about a simple logo out front with a “W” on the back?

    … and below the logo is a picture of a yellow banana hammock (with “Bleachernation” on it) and a quote that says “this t-shirt isn’t the ONLY bleachernation apparel I’m wearing!”

  • Caleb

    How about a picture of you with your baby and a quote: “Every t-shirt you buy means my baby eats for one more day. Go Cubs!”

    And, if privacy is a concern, you could always photoshop a different baby in the picture. I recommend that animated baby from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

  • Caleb

    Okay, how about a fake news article that you black out all the words except “Bleacher Nation… Is… The greatest… Website.” Similar to the black-out feature you do now and then.

    (What’s that called, anyway? I’m blanking on the crafty name. EBS? No, that’s enhanced box score… crap. I’d go look it up, but.. you know. Lazy and all that.)

    • Brett

      Blackout Cubbetry. Schwing.

      • Caleb

        Oh yeah. Maybe something with that or the EBS. Or lukewarm stove. Or use bullets under the logo. Something that is unique to the site that people will recognize right away!

        I’m still kind of partial to the plain white T advocated by TWC. Classy, elegant. It says “yeah, i’m a t-shirt, and maybe I represent a product or website, but you’re probably busy so if you want to know just ask me about it.” Plus, it cuts down on production and distribution costs.

        “The new BN tshirt is here! To order, simply go to a store and buy a white tshirt.”


  • Brett

    An update on the t shirt plans, and a request for some help for any design pros out there who can spare a few minutes: