Commensurate with their move to a new ballpark, the now Miami Marlins have redesigned their uniforms and logo. Although there have been rumored images and whispers for a number of weeks, I’ve been waiting to post about it until there was something more solid. Well, with the official unveiling tonight, solid pictures are floating around, and it’s time to reveal…

…what might be the worst uniforms and logo in baseball history (which have leaked from multiple source):

Who’s going to start the “worst uniforms in MLB history” thread on the Message Board?

(Ok, here’s the Message Board thread. I couldn’t help myself.)

  • Cubbie Blues

    Like I think those colors just pop. They just say OMG luk @ me. I’m so awesome. Don’t hate me becuz I’m so pretty. Ur jus jealous. Meet me @ #starbucks

  • EtotheR

    You know what just occurred to me?

    Their previously more hideous that all get out uniforms are now officially retro…

    How long before we see an authentic Nate Bump in the Mitchell & Ness holiday mailer?

    Gag me with a shovel…

  • DaveB23

    Anybody else notice the news about the Marlins making offers to Pujols, Reyes, and Buerle??
    Been trying to find the numbers on those contracts but none of the articles have those so far.

    All they say is, ‘substantial offers’. Said that if Miami landed all 3, their payroll would be in the +130 million/top-5 in the MLB category… Crazy shit, I wonder if Pujols will actually leave the Cruds and accept it

    • BetterNews

      I have heard that also, but I don’t see Pujols leaving the deadbirds
      for the fish. Of course anything is possible. Where are the Marlins
      coming up with that kind of dough? I don’t believe it!

    • Aaron

      They say it could add up to $60 million to their payroll this next season with just those 3 players.

  • BetterNews

    Comment on the Marlins Logo, I have seen that M somewhere before,
    let me think.

    Oh ya, how many remember the old Speed Racer cartoons, that M
    was on the hood of the Mach 5!LOL

    I they did was add a giant sardine!

  • BetterNews

    Looks like Theo has his final 5 for the managers position.

  • Toosh

    And yet they’ve won 2 World Series in the past 15 years. If you can’t beat them, make fun of them. Good philosophy.

  • 1CubFanInPA

    The logo is so retro. Its screams “1970s”. Makes me long for the days of polyester leisure suits, velvet Elvis paintings, orange formica kitchen countertops and the Partridge Family bus. I think Theo should take note of what the Marlins are doing and think ‘retro’ when hiring the Cubs’ next manager by bringing back Whitey Lockman or Herman Franks. Come on — let’s not miss out on the movement, too!

  • Todd

    I went to the Marlins’ website and the new uniforms aren’t as bad as this picture would lead you to believe. The orange isn’t that prevalent in the standard home/away uniforms, and I def think they need to ditch the orange tops all-together. As a side, the stadium is looking niiice.

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  • BetterNews

    Lou—Good points. But I believe, and these are my own personal thoughts,
    Cash can be a starter(in fact was a starter), will be a “great” starter in
    the future, and the Cubs need to back away from the “Mark Prior” thing
    that happened years ago. The Media never let up and said that Prior
    was over worked and not rested well.

    Well, I have been following the Cubs for a long time and people need to give
    that a rest, as I saw that the Cubs had nothing to do with his injury. he was just
    simply over-throwing, trying to make his career, his impression so to speak,
    and injured his arm. This all too common with young pitchers.

    However, I do not see that in Cashman, getting back to my point. I think this
    kid is going to be a “great” starting pitcher.(no I dont have a crystal ball)

  • Lou

    We’ll just have to wait and see what Theo’s plans are for the SP rotation.

    • BetterNews

      As always, good back and forth, see ya next time around. It is
      BetterNews no matter how you slice it! Good night

  • BetterNews

    Yes, the red birds did make the show,
    next year they are average flow.

    Go Cubs Go!!!

  • mikeyrob22

    well at least my mom thinks there cute

  • Sam

    Straight outta 1977

  • JoeCub

    Appears the uniforms will be used to pander to the Latin players. Looks like something that you would see a worker in a taco stand wear.

    • BetterNews

      Agreed! Well said.

  • Diesel

    I saw someone wearing a Marlins hat with the new logo today in a DC airport. I couldn’t believe he would actually wear that in public.