Commensurate with their move to a new ballpark, the now Miami Marlins have redesigned their uniforms and logo. Although there have been rumored images and whispers for a number of weeks, I’ve been waiting to post about it until there was something more solid. Well, with the official unveiling tonight, solid pictures are floating around, and it’s time to reveal…

…what might be the worst uniforms and logo in baseball history (which have leaked from multiple source):

Who’s going to start the “worst uniforms in MLB history” thread on the Message Board?

(Ok, here’s the Message Board thread. I couldn’t help myself.)

  • kinhin


  • AJP

    they look like AAA unis

  • EtotheR

    If I were to make the jokes I need to make about these changes…I wouldn’t be allowed to produce the Oscars.

    • Brett


  • brian

    So, the rolled-up blazer sleeves and bag of blow are mandatory or optional? These uniforms seem quite fitting for Miami…

  • Lala

    Oh my…

  • matt


    • Brett

      Ha. Touche.

  • Oswego Chris

    Is this a joke?…is that logo for real?….orange…light blue…black …with a little yellow thrown in?…

    I think this does serious damage to their hopes of signing any free-agents…


  • Todd

    Just when I thought Florida baseball uniforms couldn’t get any uglier, they go and do this and TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

    • Brett

      Ha. You guys are killing it. Like I said: market cornered.

    • EtotheR

      :) :) :)

  • Kerf

    So how did the brainstorming for that work of art go?

    Genious 1: How about light blue, yellow and orange?

    Genous 2: But what about the fish?

    Genious 1: Throw it on top, you know, abstract. But definitely light blue, yellow and orange.

    Genious 2: Let’s do it.

    • Kerf

      Before I get blasted, yes, I spelled “genius” wrong. It’s been a long day! Plus, these uniforms lowered my IQ a bit.

  • Oswego Chris

    Ozzie should feel very confortable in these after enduring those God-awful 80’s Sox uni’s that were chosen via fan contest…

  • Luke

    I’m impressed. I think the old White Sox uniforms featuring bermuda shorts actually look good in comparison. I honestly did not think that would ever be possible.

  • Incredibad

    I bet with a uniform like that, you get a free bowl of soup…..

    • Mario

      Oh…but it looks good on you

  • Cardfan

    Here is a conspiracy theory you can embrace – 2015 is your year! From Matt Sebek at…

    Albert Pujols to Miami? “Back to the Future” nailed it again.
    As the fellas over at the Post-Dispatch reported yesterday, Albert Pujols is being courted by Miami today. Now, we know what you’re thinking: there’s no baseball team with the “Miami” city prefix. Sure, the Florida Marlins *play* in Miami…but they’re not *labeled* as a Miami baseball team.

    Well, that changes today. Tomorrow, the Florida Marlins will be known as the “Miami Marlins”. You know, because branding was a big problem for the Marlins’ attendance; not the perpetual rain, the influx of geriatrics, and the organization pawning budding superstars every five-years.

    Anyway, here’s where it gets really bizarre.

    In “Back to the Future II”, Marty travels into the future (spoiler alert) and observes a news broadcast. During this broadcast, it’s announced that the Chicago Cubs beat the ‘Miami Gators’ in the 2015 World Series.

    Oh, crap.

    Now, you’re probably thinking, “Dude, relax. It’s a movie. Besides, they said that the Cubs won the World Series, which ain’t happening this century.” Well, sure.

    It would also mean that the Miami Marlins would need to become competitive themselves. Again. Given that they’re currently showing Albert Pujols around South Beach right now…and expect to sign Jose Reyes over the next 24 hours…we’d say that is well underway.

    Plus, this means that the now-Miami Marlins would need to flop over to the American League (assuming that the Cubs are still in the National League in 2015) as well as change their name from “Marlins” to “Gators” over the course of the next three years. Not likely, right?

    Well, there are currently 16 teams in the National League and 14 teams in the American League. It makes sense to even that out by moving the Miami Marlins over to the American League. That way, they can play the Tampa Rays 16 times a year, in one of those “in-state rivalries” that no one cares about. Plus, given some of the re-branding decisions that have already occurred, we suppose the Marlins *could* evolve their existing logo into a cartoon alligator. It’s possible.

    So, yeah. Crap.

    Besides, earlier this year, Nike released replicas of the sneakers that Michael J. Fox wore in “Back to the Future II”. If you’re still following along, what we’re saying is that everything from this movie comes true.

    And it starts with Albert Freaking Pujols visiting that “new team from Miami”.

    • baseballet

      Genius! What if Pujols shows up in a DeLorean?

  • Cubbies4Life

    Welcome to Marlinburger, may I take your order?

    • pfk

      Good one!!

  • NC Brad

    The logo looks like the neon lights outside the clubs down on South Beach. These are horrbile, can’t wait to see Ozzie argue with an umpire while wearing these.

  • DRock

    The look on their faces says it all. I cannot wait to see Albert Pujols wearing that. Our friends in St. Louis will go crazy!

    • DRock

      Just read this on ESPN: “When the Marlins open their new ballpark in April, the first game will be against the Cardinals.” How great would that be if Pujols was playing for the home team in that game!

  • BetterNews

    Brett—Is Marmol’s velocity actually down or has he lost movement.

    I has been suggested in some circles that his problem is nothing
    more than a mechanics thing and has nothing to do with injury.

    • Brett

      Both: velocity down and lost movement.

      • Ron

        Wasn’t it fastball velocity down and spider up making the change of speed not as noticeable plus decreased movement?

        In reference to the uniforms, those are bold, I mean pastel changes.

        • BetterNews

          I think that is absolutely true and if you go by what Riggins pointed
          out, Quade pointed out, and even Brenly, its a mechanics prob
          that needs to be corrected.

          I don’t know as I not a piching coach, but yes it did seem to me
          Marmol was mor off balance than usual, and that tends to bring down

          As far as shoulder problems, today was the first I heard of that.

          Brett, again can you give us more insight?

          • Kyle

            It’s just speculation, but I think it’s pretty solid speculation.

            Marmol’s always had a violent delivery that puts pressure on the shoulder. He lost several MPH off his fastball last year, a frequent precursor to a shoulder injury.

            It’s the old adage that elbows blow out and shoulders wear out, i.e. an elbow injury is often sudden and associated with a loss in control, but a shoulder injury usually just evolves over a long period of time and comes with a loss in velocity. Marmol is showing a lot of the signs of an early stage shoulder injury that would progressively get worse.

            • BetterNews

              Kyle—Thats all it is is speculation as far as I am concerned.
              1) Riggins said it a mechanical problem in delivery
              2) Quade said same thing
              3) Brenly said same thing

              Its in his motion and being off balance that is causing loss of velocity.
              This in turn is leaving his spider up high where it can be clobbered.

              • Kyle

                The organization does not exactly have a long history of either accurately assessing or being forthcoming about arm problems in their pitchers.

                I’m certainly not saying it’s 100% that he has impending shoulder problems. But all the signs point to it.

            • Lou

              Actually, it’s not really speculation.

              • BetterNews

                Lou—Good article, no doubt! However, it does not state that
                it COMPREHENSIVE, and in fact says it is not.

                I did not hear of any type of injury scenario till this past Friday,
                and believe it is very unlikely ther is a shoulder prob.

                I’ll keep my faith in the people that have been around him,
                and they all state there is nothing wrong with Marmol other than
                getting his mechanics right again, and getting his “head”
                back together again after being ripped by the media and fans.

                I think you hold onto this guy for 1 more season and then
                you make a decision.

                • Lou

                  True, it doesn’t. But one has to wonder with all that stress if Marmol’s going down the road of say, Brad Lidge. That being said, I think you’re correct in saying that Marmol stays for at least next year. I don’t see Theo and Co making a large move that would jeopardize the closer role, even if they have people like Cashner who might very well close in the future.

                  • BetterNews

                    Lou—Now lets move on to why you think
                    Cash could very well be a closer. I think “he” and the
                    Cubs are leaning towards the starting
                    rotation. After all he did start this year and did very
                    well, although cut short by an injury that I thought, and Cash thought was “extended” without reason.

                    I call it the”Mark Prior” syndrome.

                    • BetterNews

                      Cashman added to this saying he fully expects to start(see Muskat article)and is pitching in
                      the high 90’s! Go Cubs GO. I think we wind
                      up with a great rotation!!!!

                    • Lou

                      Well, the thought is that he should be a starter. One thing you’re not pointing out here, though, is that, during this offseason, the Cubs will be using him in a relief role. And just because the Cubs say they want him as a starter, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the makeup for a closer role, ala Feliz in Texas. Cashner has the makings of a guy who could close if Marmol fails. One also has to wonder if our discussion is based on what the old regime thinks Cashner should be. I think it was the Hendry regime that believed he could be a solid starter. Then again, that team of execs also believed the same about Chris Carpenter, Sean Marshall, and Jeff Smardjza. They’re currently all relievers.

        • Brett

          You are correct (assuming you meant “slider” instead of “spider” – although Marmol’s pet tarantula, Zippy, is quite fast).

          • Ron

            Yeah, I was talking about the Friday night spider fight. Thanks.

          • BetterNews

            In all fairness to Ron, I have heard of a slider being “venomous
            and wicked”(which Marmols is most of the time) and thus
            being referred to as a spider in slang.

            It might have been David Cones slider where I first heard the
            “spider” analogy.

  • Aaron

    They could be worse, I guess. Plus, the most hideous thing about the Marlins this year is going to be that atrocious thing in the outfield that “goes off” when a home run is hit. And the fish tank behind home plate? Classy, Miami.

  • CubSouth

    Yeah I knew the Maroons would go over the top with their colors. I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst, and then they made my expectations seem feasible. If u ever watched a Dolphins game in Miami, u would see where they get their atrocious color schemes. I’ve been there and u practically have to watch the game with ur sunglasses at night.

  • Brian Peters

    I’d be embarassed to wear that uni!

  • Bobo Justis

    Different cultures value different colors. In Mexico they use a color called Rosa Mexicano, and don’t consider it girly. In Chicago we call it pink.

    I don’t like the Marlin colors because I’m not culturally used to them. Imagine what Caribbean folk think when they look at the bold, blocky Cub red and blue we love. It must look dark and lifeless to them. (Another team in our city uses black and white.)

    I’m guessing Albert Pujols doesn’t have the same problem with those colors that you and I have.

    You don’t have to like it, but embrace diversity.

    • Ron

      It’s not pink, it is salmon!

    • Brett

      Way to get all serious and make us feel like jerks. Jerk.

      For the record, I don’t think the logo/unis are girly. I just think they look lame and bizarre.

  • pfk

    Whew! Must be the son of the father who did the Astros uniforms years ago. The shocking thing is that they paid HUGE money for some design firm to come up with this. Looks like something you’d get when you put a quarter in the “Logo Machine” at the front of Walgreens next to the bubble gum machine.

  • Mike Foster

    Brett, really, you have to encourage a trashing of another teams uniform choice to create more traffic to your site? Really? That’s a real low. I am disappointed. Move to a higher level….

    • Brett

      I’m not sure if you’re serious – and I suspect you are – but I stand by everything I wrote. Of course, given the logo and the uniform picture, I don’t think I needed to write much of anything. The owners of the Marlins are big boys, Mike. They made the decision. They can deal with the deserved criticism.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Pretty certain that Brett has created plenty of traffic to his site with informative, quality Cubs news on a day-to-day basis.

      The first word that came to mind when I saw the new logo and its colors: Tacky.

      It’s not mean. It’s not hateful. Just opinion. If we have to get all serious, then I would have to agree with Bobo Justis. You’re absolutely right about how different cultures value different colors.

      Let’s be honest though. It looks like something off of one of those Super Nintendo baseball video games where they didn’t have the actual MLB teams in the game so instead they had to come up with fake teams and logos.

  • bhannon

    ^ is this guy serious….

  • Cliffy

    Arizona fall league game about ready to start on MLB network TV. Junior Lake batting 3rd. Check out a potential Cubs starter/future star?

    • Katie

      Been watching Cliffy. Had new clue Junior is 6’4″!

      • Katie

        I can’t edit my posts while on my iPhone. I meant I had NO clue he was that tall.

  • Dave

    Gee,wonder why they waited until Friday evening to officially reveal these.  They got really lucky with the whole Penn State thing, nobody is going to pay much attention to the new logo and uniforms.  Until Spring Training starts, then they’ll catch all kinds of hell.

  • xolager

    Better than the new Padres unis. At least there’s come colour here.

  • Cardfan

    Some bizarre stuff being espoused here. Must say that this is one of the most unusual threads I have seen on this site. Bottom line and cultural differences aside, this color combination and cartoonish-approach screams “trade me to a team with tradiition as soon as I establish my value!”. Make fun of boring cubbie “C”s, pinstripes, birds on a bat, and
    LA on a hat, they have an appeal, a draw, and percieved value to players who have aspired to be a player on a big stage. Whether you are willing to admit it or not, the majority of major league teams are “fill-in” AAA teams to round out a schedule, and the Marlins, Mariners, Brewers, Royals, Blue Jays, Nationals, Padres, and more may get lucky on rare occasion, however they will never establish themselves as a valuable entity long-term. Just saying…

  • Katie

    Wilson Ramos allegedly found safely in Venezuela

    • CubFan Paul

      awesome news

  • hawkboy64

    those uniforms are hideous, there as bad as the old astros ones except in pretty pastel easter like colors. someone got paid a lot of money and someone else signed off on those wow,