Theo and Jed Will Get Down to Business at GM Meetings Next Week and Other Bullets

Some Saturday bullets for your consumption…

  • Bruce Levine guesses that the managerial candidates rank this way in the minds of the Cubs: (1) Sandy Alomar, Jr., (1a) Mike Maddux, (3) Pete Mackanin, (4) Dale Sveum. I’d flip Maddux and Alomar, and then flip Sveum and Mackanin. Guesses are just guesses, after all.
  • Most people are guessing we won’t have a resolution on the manager search until the end of next week, or the week after. The primary reason: interviews just concluded, and there are GM meetings next week for the first part of the week.
  • Speaking of those meetings, Theo and Jed will be meeting with other front office members in Milwaukee starting on Monday. “We’ve had a number of conversations about free agents and about trade targets,” Hoyer said. “I think for both Theo and for me, it’s exciting to go up to Milwaukee and start having face-to-face conversations with different teams about our guys. I’ve been trying to make as many GM phone calls as I can so I can have some pre-GM meeting discussions. It’ll be interesting to see what idea the other teams have, what players they have interest in, because we haven’t had this as members of the Cubs yet.”
  • At those meetings, Theo will probably talk to Red Sox GM Ben Cherington about the outstanding compensation issue.
  • Theo has had a quick phone chat with Carlos Zambrano, who is pitching in Venezuela this Winter (and is scheduled to make his second start today), but the two are planning to meet in person at some point soon.
  • Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos, 24, has been rescued in Venezuela. He is safe and healthy, and we’re all relieved. To his kidnappers: you’re worthless pieces of crap, and I hope you rest uncomfortably in prison for decades.
  • Given how well Bryan LaHair is hitting in Venezuela, interest in him from Japanese teams is only going to increase. The Cubs hold LaHair’s rights, so they don’t have to do anything until after Spring Training, but they may feel compelled on a personal level to make a decision about his likelihood of being on the roster next year sooner rather than later.
  • Commensurate with the release of their new logo and uniforms, word leaked that the Miami Marlins have made “substantial” offers to free agents Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes. They’ve also reportedly made offers to pitchers Mark Buehrle and Ryan Madson. Did I mention that Fish released their ridiculous new logo and uniforms yesterday? Timing is everything.

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108 responses to “Theo and Jed Will Get Down to Business at GM Meetings Next Week and Other Bullets”

  1. ACS

    Maybe Boston can use Z as there closer or marmol for Theo.

  2. ACS

    Education does not hold its weight like it did twenty years ago just like baseball cards the market has been flooded. You can get a masters and still wind up managing a mcds.

  3. BetterNews

    ACS—Can’t quite follow you on that one

    MCDS—Major Corporation Down South?

  4. ACS

    No the golden arches.

  5. BetterNews

    Oh, McDonalds!(LOL)

  6. ACS

    And Hendry gave him mo money.

  7. Smith

    Prediction: After all of this hot air, Theo will make no substantial trades or sign any star free agents, and the team will look very similar to last year.

  8. BetterNews

    Smith—Couldn’t agree with you less!

  9. ACS

    What Prince better be in pin stripes.

  10. Mike F

    We all spend too much time reading media accounts. Weds, it was clear the job was Mike Maddux’s at least according to CSN and now if we look at ESPN Chicago, clearly the front runner is Alomar.

    Here’s what I believe, Kaplan and Levine are both good, but aren’t inner circle.

    Maddux brings a unique element, great mechanics and solid mind. Sveum is very analytical. Alomar has an excellent pedigree and is a really presence. So I think they will eliminate PM quickly. Next, Alomar’s SOP reliance is not at least what they are now looking for, had he had some managing experience, maybe it would be different, but he’s likely going to be eliminated, unless his baseball IQ is so high to overcome some of his remarks in both places about fantasy baseball. So I think he’s not the right fit today. Likely it comes down to two guys Maddux and Sveum and Sveum who is more quiet, is still a strong candidate, maybe even the front runner. Heart tells me Maddux, mind tells me Sveum.

    One caveat, they now have a strong feel, if indeed they have an interest in Francona, it will happen fast. There would be no reason to drag out this thing, and frankly it would be wrong to trifle with others if they were interested in Francona. If it goes longer than Monday even Francona dwindles by the hour. I think it’s either Sveum or Maddux.

    1. BetterNews

      Mike F—I agree 100%. Having said that, I think everyone finds out
      Francona is the man, by Tuesday!

  11. ACS

    If he wasnt going to trade or sign fa he would have kept q to babysit the circus again.

  12. ACS

    Hope its maddux but if it were francona I could live with that.

  13. BetterNews


  14. Lou
  15. ACS

    The cubs are going to have private workout for the cuban.

    1. BetterNews

      Not sure what you mean by that.

  16. ACS

    Krod for closer…

  17. ACS

    Muskrat says private workout for the cuban cf cespedes

  18. LouCub

    I’ve got a feeling Theo and Jed are gonna deal for a lot of younger MLB players or nearly ready MLB players this big time deals like Fielder or Pujols but solid fundamental deals that will pay dividends shortly.

    1. BetterNews

      I would agree LouCub

    2. Kyle

      Those players are generally very hard to trade for and are the most expensive assets in the game in terms of trade value.

      Teams have become very serious about using their pre-FA cheap players wisely. They don’t give them up easily.

      The Cubs don’t really have a lot of tradeable assets that would net that kind of player.

  19. ACS

    Prince is young and would be a cornerstone for the cubs to build on.

  20. BetterNews

    ACS—The artist known as “Prince” is no longer around(LOL)

  21. ACS

    Hey you have to have some pop.

  22. BetterNews

    da Bears win big time!!!

  23. BetterNews

    Huge game.

    Just giving everyone a breather.

    1. BetterNews

      O.K.—-Everybody seems to be good!

  24. BetterNews

    North Ave. and Oak Park Ave says go Bears(and of course Cubs)