It’s Dale Sveum Day at Wrigley Field, as the new Chicago Cubs manager will be introduced at a press conference at 9am CT. As I did with Theo and then Jed and Jason, I’ll cover the press conference live here for those unable to watch. For those who can watch, I’m guessing it will be on TV in one place or another (CSN is your best guess), and will be streamed in a few places online.

  • From the media side of things, the Sveum hire seems to be universally approved. Tim Brown thinks Sveum is a great fit for the Cubs. Bruce Levine goes a step further, calling Sveum a “perfect” fit. Typically dour Jon Greenberg trusts Theo’s choice. Even soon-to-be-former Cub John Grabow loves Sveum.
  • One exception: Phil Rogers meanders such that I can’t tell if he’s supporting the hire or opposing it.
  • The Theo Epstein compensation question has been deferred, again, this time until December – after the Rule 5 Draft (December 8). The teams decided it would make more sense to hammer things out once their 40-man rosters were a little more well-defined, and they know what needs they have. “[Red Sox GM Ben Cherington] and I talked, and we agreed that it makes sense to put it off until after the Rule 5 Draft,” Epstein said. “Some things will be more clear – rosters and whatnot. There’s nothing to report on except that we’ve agreed to re-engage after the Rule 5 Draft. It’s very amicable. Lots of jokes about it. We’ll see if we can get something done after the Rule 5 Draft.” The Cubs will also be settling on compensation to the Padres – for Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod – after the Rule 5 Draft.
  • Speaking of Theo Epstein, as predicted, some in the Boston media are slamming their former favorite son on the way out the door. The specific slam this time? Some radio hosts have sources telling them the person leaking all of that nastiness about the Red Sox last month to the Boston Globe (Tito drugs, pitchers drinking, etc.) was none other than Epstein, himself. Setting aside the facially absurd suggestion that Theo would “leak” things that gave himself a huge black eye, here are the pieces of “evidence” cited by these guys (this is not a joke): (1) Red Sox owners said they didn’t leak it, (2) John Henry went on the radio to say he didn’t leak it, (3) Theo hasn’t spoken on the leak, (4) the Cubs interviewed Terry Francona (false), and (5) Jonathan Papelbon left and nothing negative has yet come up in the press. Seriously. That’s the evidence. Not a joke.
  • As for Boston? Forget the best of times – it’s mostly just the worst of times. It turns out new GM Ben Cherington wanted Dale Sveum as the team’s manager, but when he brought Sveum to meet with ownership, they decided they wanted someone with Major League managerial experience. The problem? The entire list of candidates whom the Red Sox had brought in for an interview was comprised of guys without such experience. The owners, apparently, wanted someone like Bobby Valentine all along. Now, they all look foolish, and you feel like maybe you have a better window into why Theo Epstein would want to leave. Good luck to Cherington if this is the way his bosses are going to undermine him.
  • Craig Shipley, Director of International Scouting for the Red Sox, is about to be bounced from his job, and folks will promptly begin speculating that he might come to the Cubs in some position (he was originally hired by Theo Epstein). He’s had mixed results with the Red Sox.
  • Fishin Phil

    Boston is now officially a Train Wreck.

    • BetterNews

      Phil—Great picture! Train wreck indeed!

  • Dougy D

    It doesn’t seem to me that Theo would benfit from any of this information going public. Sounds like these guys may just have a hard on for him.

  • LouCub

    I don’t blame anyone from wanting out of the Boston situation!!! Cherington’s gonna age very prematurely working under those 2 idiots…Anyone wanna make a bet on many years he’ll last in Boston before becoming an assistant GM with the Cubs?? I’d say 3 tops!!!
    Could be sooner if they don’t make the postseason…

  • JulioZuleta

    I know I said it yesterday, but I find it funny that they aren’t bright enough to see that by leaking that theo was the leak, they are further smearing him. How do they not realize that someone is just perpetuating the smear campaign?

  • Aaron

    Regardless of whether or not he actually did it (which I’m not buying), Theo is still going to come out as the one who is “above it all.” He left Boston relatively quietly, he said nice things about the organization, he’s still remains a BoSox fan, and has a public track record of treating people right and being professional in difficult situations. I think Boston ownership is just looking for a scapegoat. Shameless. I hope they only win 70 games next season.

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  • ottoCub

    Love the bullet-point updates this morning (as I do every morning), but can we please limit future discussions about Boston? While I know it’s fun rub Boston’s nose in the dirt. And, I know there are a number of overlapping concerns, especially regarding compensation. But, when 3 out of 6 bullet points are about the BoSox, with no reference to the Cubs at all, on the day when the Cubs are going to announce their new manager… maybe it’s time to move on :) I can get plenty of Red Sox news in the main-stream media (if I want it)

    • Brett

      I hear you, otto – and I’m with you. The contrast between the state of affairs in Chicago and in Boston was kind of the point of the bullets today, though, so they had to show up a bit. And, really, they all did have a Cubs connection (Sveum, Epstein, etc.). Like I said, though, I’m with you – I’m ready for the Boston connection to stop being relevant.

      • MoneyBoy

        Agreed … AFTER the compensation issue is settled.

        Let Boston stew in the mess it created !!!  Good luck trying to get a quality MGR and FAs.

    • ottoCub

      Good points, all. There is definitely an obvious Boston connection at this moment in Cubs history. I think I was just expressing an early-morning pre-coffee general frustration at the amount of press-time one of my least favorite teams receives (Boston). And a strong desire to move on… I can’t wait for the Cubs to start making trades, signing FA’s, signing coaches and farm system guys, creating a culture of winning…

      The future awaits!

  • Scotti

    Otto, when the manager that you hired chose the Cubs over the Red Sox, then how the Rox are attempting to spin it (owners wanted experience all along) then that IS Cub news.

  • MichiganGoat

    Bobby V will most likely be their next manager and Ben will have no voice as a GM. It will be Three Stooges: John, Larry, and Bobby so at least it will be funny to watch them self-destruct.