Thanks again to everyone for your very helpful input on putting together the first official Bleacher Nation shirt. The process was incredibly helpful, and I learned two things: (1) people really like the site logo, and (2) it would be almost impossible to choose just one of the many good suggestions, even if I tried to put it to a vote.

So, since it’s the first shirt, and given your input, I decided to keep things clean and simple: site logo in white on front, with a simple slogan underneath. To reflect both the beginning of the site and the unique quality that brings us together, I went with “Obsessing Since 2008.” Before you ask, unfortunately I cannot (at this time) use the Cubs’ name or other trademarks on the shirt.

Detail view:

Boom. Shirt’d.

Please keep in mind that it is incredibly difficult (er, impossible) to please everyone, and I did the best I could. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, but if you’re not, I’m sure there will be more shirts in the future (and now I have a whole lot of great ideas).

Recognizing, however, that variety is the spice of life, you do have the ability to choose from a variety of shirt colors – and a variety of shirt styles. The basic t-shirt comes in a good-better-best trio (i.e., a little more money gets you a nicer/thicker shirt with a few extra color choices), and there are men’s styles, women’s styles, a long sleeve version, a “sport” version, etc. Check out the shop to see all of the varieties. You will see I’ve also made available versions of the shirt that have only the site logo, in case you don’t dig the “Obsessing Since 2008” thing.

The shop is run through Spreadshirt, which made sense for now for a variety of logistical reasons. One of those logistical reasons is the ability to ensure the shirts are available to you in time for the holidays and the Cubs Convention. Spreadshirt also has a few holiday deals running right now, should you be interested in taking advantage – you can get five shirts for the price of four (you can buy shirts other than BN shirts, of course) with the code XMAS5FOR4, or you can get free shipping on any order of three shirts or more with code BUY3SHIP. Those two deals run through November 24. There’s also a free shipping deal on orders over $50, which runs through December 31. The code for that one is SHIPFREEUS. I share these deals not to entice you to go on a buying spree – I just wanted to let you know, in case you wanted to save some money.

Thanks to everyone for reading and making this a great place to talk about the Chicago Cubs. The thought that some of you care enough about this place that you want to wear its name on your chest is quite humbling, and makes me feel pretty good about the direction this place is going. So, whether you buy a shirt or not: thank you.

But, like, yeah: buy a shirt. And wear it everywhere.

  • Bk11

    Finally! Thank you, I’ve been reading for a long time and am a huge fan of the site. Love the shirt.

  • TWC

    Holy shit, you actually did (tried to do) the banana hammock!  Caleb, that’s your cue.

    Awesome, Ace.  Awesome.

  • Todd

    Congrats, well done.

  • packman711

    In for three…

  • Ian Afterbirth

    Just ordered mine in red WITH the obsessing phrase.

    I would’ve gotten the hammock but it doesn’t come in a size large enough for me.

  • Brett

    Thanks, all. Very glad you like.

    I’m also glad that you noticed the “Easter Egg” banana hammock. It was the best I could do.

    • MightyBear

      I think there should be a picture of Brett and Theo modeling the banana hammock. Just for effect.

  • CubFan Paul

    eh, @the hammock ..i’d have to start shaving my legs to pull that off

  • Cliffy

    QT @JimBowdenESPNxm: It will be Ben Cherington’s call on the possible hiring of Bobby Valentine as MGR…Sox ownership will support Ben’s decision either way


  • Polar Bear


    I love the site and love the shirts. But, I must express some disappointment. In reference to the shirts sizes, you can guess by my screen name, I’m not a small guy. Where is the love for the big men??? Can I get a 3-4x for a size???

    • montellew

      Agreed with Polar Bear….us bigger and taller dudes apparently were excluded!!

      • Brett

        There is supposed to be a big and tall option. I thought I created it, but maybe I missed it. No worries – I will make sure to remedy it by the end of the day.

        • Polar Bear

          Thanks, Brett. Not sure if there was an option. I went to the size chart and it only went to 2XL.

          • Brett

            Ok, I’ve added a larger size options and a tall option. With apologies, those versions are a bit more expensive and come with limited color options. Those are Spreadshirt limitations, not me limitations. Hopefully there are still some good options for you.

        • montellew

          mucho gracias!

  • MightyBear

    Very nice. I love the blue. I know what I want for Christmas. Thanks buddy.

  • hardtop

    i hate to be a die hard downer but:

    unless you’ve been to the site, the logo really doesn’t look like anything.  kind looks like a white blob on some lines to those not in t the know.  i of course would recognize it from a distance of several miles but to the unknowing cubs fan to whom our advertisement is directed, im thinking it would take them a minute to figure it out, if at all.

    also, bleachers, though mostly closely associated with the cubs and wrigley, are not unique to the cubs.  i am sure is a copyrights things but it be nice to somehow convey the affiliation with the cubs.  like refer to the team as the northsiders or make some reference to the friendly confines.  this may have been all discussed in the message board and squashed but…

    anyway, i’ll order two and a thong… which my wife will likely slap me for, but its too funny to resist.

    • Trent

      Buzz kill

      • CubSouth

        Party pooper

    • Brett

      Thanks for the thoughts – not a downer. You’re just sharing your opinion.

      That the logo is unrecognizable to people who don’t know the site would be true no matter what it was. The only part that people who don’t know the logo need to see are the words “Bleacher Nation.” Mission accomplished, from my standpoint.

      But I know what you’re saying – I’d love to be able to have it clear that the site is associated with the Cubs, but there are trademark issues that preclude me from doing so (other, less scrupulous t-shirt vendors do so, I know – but that’s not me). Some day in the future, maybe the Cubs and I can work out a licensing agreement – but, until then, BN is just BN, and that’s the most the shirt is permitted to be right now.

  • Jim Muench

    Love it. Can’t wait to have a Bleacher Nation shirt with the outline of my legs (I’m the guy in the logo). Although you made them a little more pasty that they are in real life…but not by much :-)

    • Brett

      The cruelty of a two-tone color scheme…

  • Levo

    I like the shirt. I have been a fan for a long time as well. Only thing I thought of was to maybe put the websight itself on there for advertisement. Maybe it will grab the random person and they would peek from their smartphone.
    Either way, great idea. I will either get one or wait til convention if you are there.

  • Incredibad

    Love it, Ace!  I now have a late addition to the Christmas List…….

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Im going to get a grey hoodie and tee, both in grey!

    I love grey!

  • http://jjcubs jim hein

    I believe that if the cubs put as many new faces in the starting lineup as they did in the front office we win the pennant.

  • Dougy D

    I like the simple logo. Personally, I am sure that you would have to pay some extra scratch to get a deal with the Cubs organization & MLB that might make the shirts too expensive.

    I hate to get too picky on you, but which one is the “sport” shirt? Is that the ringers? I was thinking that it might be a softball style shirt. You know, the 2/3 or 3/4 length sleeve shirts. If you can, go ahead and add those. I would pick one up for sure. I will keep an eye out, otherwise I’ll grab one that is available. Thanks and nice work.

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