The possibility of trading Chicago Cubs’ closer Carlos Marmol has been a frequent matter of discussion since the trade deadline. Marmol, who just turned 29, is coming off a disappointing 2011 (4.01 ERA, 10 blown saves, 12 K/9), following an historic 2010 (2.55 ERA, 38 saves, 16 K/9). A drop in velocity in his fastball, together with reduced movement in his slider, conspired to make Marmol – and the remaining two years and $16.8 million remaining on his contract – a pretty unattractive closer.

But that was then.

Since “then,” a few things have changed, each of them making Carlos Marmol much more attractive today.

First, a huge number of teams effectively announced themselves as “in the market” for a closer, including the Blue Jays, Angels, Red Sox, Twins, Reds, Marlins, Mets and Rockies. The Phillies and Rangers were on that list as well, until recently.

Which brings me to the second factor increasing Carlos Marmol’s value: the contracts recently given out to Jonathan Papelbon and Joe Nathan. The former, who had a bounce-back year in 2011 after a down 2010, got an amazing four years and $50 million (plus a vesting option that could take it over $60 million) from the Phillies. And then yesterday, Nathan, 37, who missed the 2010 season after Tommy John surgery, and then pitched crappily in limited duty in 2011, got an unbelievable two-year, $14.5 million deal. Given those two contracts, and the pitchers’ situations, it’s not a huge leap to conclude that Marmol’s 2/$16.8M contract is looking fairly attractive, even in a market with a number of free agent closer options available.

Finally, the dramatic changes to the CBA announced today appear to have the effect of increasing the pool of money available to spend on free agents, thus increasing free agent salaries, and making players already under reasonable contracts more valuable. The impact of the CBA changes, mind you, are not fully understood (and, to be frank, might not be for another couple years), so it may be best to downplay the interplay between the new CBA and these kinds of prospective trades for now.

So, taken together, it’s easy to see how Marmol – even in spite of his rough 2011 season – could be looking pretty good to a number of teams. And, if the Cubs were willing to eat some of his remaining contract? He could net the Cubs a surprisingly large return.

I’ve made no secret of my desire that the Cubs strongly consider moving Marmol – first at the trade deadline, and now before the 2012 season. Marmol is valuable to other teams, a luxury to the Cubs, and replaceable internally by the Cubs. That’s the perfect trio when it comes to identifying tradable players. Given the Cubs’ relative depth at the back-end of the bullpen, they can afford to trade Marmol without suffering a dramatic drop-off in performance in 2012. In the process, they’d save some salary to be put to use elsewhere, and pick up some valuable prospects on the way.

Obviously, trading Marmol isn’t all sunshine and roses. The velocity issues are no secret to other teams, and are a concern the Cubs would have to overcome. The same is probably true of any unspoken conditioning concerns that teams might have (Marmol looked quite large in the posterior last year), as well as his overall ineffectiveness. Further, it isn’t a guarantee that one of the Cubs’ many replacement options – Sean Marshall, Kerry Wood, Andrew Cashner, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Samardzija, etc. – would be as effective as Marmol as the closer.

Still, even considering those risks, it’s hard for me to see a reason not to move Marmol in the right deal. And, given the changes in the closer market over the last two weeks, it seems even more likely that the “right deal” could come along if the Cubs are looking for it.

  • NyN

    I love Marmol as much as amy fan but I am all in on this complete rebuild while remaining competitve in 2012 idea. If it helps the team in the future while not making us any worse in the interim I am all for it. I mean Matt Capps pulled a player like Wilson Ramos once. Marmol is more valuable than Capps IMO. If we could pull in some young mlb ready talent that is cost effective and under team control for a while lets do it.

  • Cliffy

    QT @jimcallisBA: Until we know total of slot pool, it’s premature to assume drastic #mlbdraft changes. If slots avg 8m/tm rather than 4.5m/tm …

    QT @jimcallisBA: … extrapolating ’11 spending vs slot ( would have put only #Pirates, #Royals, #Nationals above 5% margin. #mlbdraft

    • Lou

      That’s why you don’t see much commenting from me on this issue. Too difficult to figure out this CBA agreement as it relates to the draft.

    • Luke

      I want to see Callis’s math on that. If the cap is $8 million, then 105% of the cap is $8.4 million.

      That means, by his chart, the Pirates, Nationals, Royals, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Rays, Mariners, Padres, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Orioles all went over. Now the new cap does not apply to bonus amounts less than $100,000 from round 11 on, so I think the Orioles are probably safe. That’s still a long way from what Callis tweeted.

      I think Callis may have figured on 150% of the cap instead of 105%. That would be $12 million, and by his chart that would in fact only catch the Pirates, Nationals, and Royals.

      Either that, or I’m missing something.

      Edit: And now we have Callis’s thinking, and it makes more sense.
      If this is right, things may not be all that bad.

  • http://ScrumHalf Jeff

    Marmol was practically unhitable just a year ago. “Marmol’s slider was a 3-7:40 dropper with the trademark Marmol speed and velocity. The violence of it’s break was enough to engage the batter into a fastball then move out of range of contact at the last moment. It has been gone for months, and I don’t know when he will get it back.” said Curtis Shaw Flagg.

    I would not be upset to see Carlos shopped and/or traded for talent that helps the ball club in the near future, because right now they stink. Hopefully a trade works for all sides. We get talent that develops and Marmol goes on to have a productive career. In Jed and Theo I trust! (or until we get fleeced)

  • CubSouth

    “and then pitched crappily in limited duty in 2011″……you heard it hear first folks. A new BN word…….crappily.

    • Brett

      I couldn’t understand why it was underlined in red as though it wasn’t a word. It should totally be a word.

      • Vinestal

        If it makes you feel better it is certainly part of my vocabulary.

        • Katie

          Yep I use it all the time as well as ‘shat’ (past tense of shit). Highly doubt it’s a word but I enjoy saying it.

          • BetterNews

            You enjoy saying a lot of things “pottymouth”.

  • Cliffy
  • Cliffy

    QT @thekapman: Big day today as @chuckgarfien and I host inaugural show of Chicago Baseball Hot Stove at 5 pm on CSN. Then CTL and WGN Sports Night.

  • BetterNews

    Brett—I don’t see the depth at the closers position as you do. If Samardzija and Cash are moved to the starting rotation, that in effect would leave Woody and Marshall at the closers position. Isn’t there speculation on whether Carpenter will be with the team come 2012? Even if he is with the team I don’t know that he is closer material. Didn’t he have a 1.9 something WHIP in 2011. Also, while I like Woody, I don’t know hove much he has left in the tank, and didn’t he say 2012 was going to be his last year?

    In my eyes the Cubs don’t have much for options as closers go. I see Marshall as the only viable option should Marmol be dealt.

    • Kansas Cubs Fan

      Wood said If he is not with the Cubs come 2012 he will retire, so there is no reason for Jed to get in a big hurry for him, because he’s not going anywhere else.

    • Alex

      I’m a little worried about Cashner though. He missed some time in the AFL this fall due to shoulder stiffness.

      After Prior; anytime I hear the term “shoulder stiffness”, I fear the worst.

      If he can handle the workload and doesn’t develop any further problems, I’d love to see him in the rotation next year as well.

      • BetterNews

        Yes, the shoulder thing with Cashner makes me cringe too. If it turns out to be a past issue, Cash is gonna be a good one.

  • Oswego Chris

    I have always felt that closers are way over-valued….a good team can develop them because all you need is essentially two good pitches and control…..look at the the last two Cards teams that won the World Series in ’06 and this year….What was the last team to win the World Series because  of their closer….Brian Wilson was great in ’10, but their starters were the key,

    not saying they are not important, but they should be way down on the priority list when building a team…

  • Toosh

    Bobby Valentine as manager of the Red Sox? Things just keep getting worse in Boston.

    • Alex

      Is that me baybee, or just a Brilliant Disguise..

  • EtotheR

    If we are in a true rebuild, I’ve always figured that the closer was one of the last pieces of the puzzle you needed to find…unless you’re grooming someone younger, and are willing to throw them into the fire.

    So…if we can move Marmol for a bigger piece of tomorrow…I’m in, but still love him.

  • MightyBear

    I say move Marmol. As unhittable as he can be sometimes, the walks are way too high. I am a firm believer in relievers throwing strikes and Marmol doesn’t do that. As good as he can be, that’s how bad he can be. If he could consistently throw strikes, the Cardinals might not be champions right now.

  • Ron Swanson

    I thought I was the only one suspecting widening of Marmol’s caboose last year.

  • BetterNews

    Brett—I have heard Rudy Jaramillo could have his head in the guillotine because of the lack of fundamentals shown by the Cubs this year. Any truth to this? One could make a case he should be fired also.

    And Sveum was a hitting coach and is a big believer in fundamentals.

  • Cliffy

    Per various reports the Angels are looking for a catcher, a closer and a top flight starter. I wonder if we could fill any of their holes.

    • Brett

      I have heard some things in that regard, but, to date, have not been permitted to share. Hoping to be able to do so soon.

      • Brett

        With Rosenthal and Olney tweeting about the Angels’ catching search (non-Cubs’ specific), I got the green light from my source:

        I’ll have a post on this tomorrow, but here’s the short version: the Cubs have discussed Geovany Soto and Carlos Marmol with the Los Angeles Angels. Among other names, the Cubs have shown some interest in Hank Conger, whom the Angels don’t believe can handle full-time catching duties (the Cubs disagree). These are, of course, just preliminary talks – but they were first mentioned to me late last week.

        • JasonB

          I like Conger – is he a switch hitter or just a lefty?  Can’t remember

          • BetterNews

            Don’t know too much about Congger. Seems to be good on paper, but I think the Cubs would still deserve a better deal.

        • Luke

          Looking at him paper, I’d love to get Conger in the system. I think the Angels would need to sweeten the deal some, but Conger would be a solid centerpiece.

          At minimum, I think this kid emerges as a consistent .280/ 20 HR guy in the majors, and .300 / 30 HR is not out of the question. His defense seems to be his weakness, but Baseball America says he receives and blocks well. The problem appears to be the footwork on his throws to second. That’s a correctable problem. Until that is corrected teams are going to run all over him, but I’ll accept that for 2012 if the Cubs think they can fix it.

          At the plate you’re looking at a big switch hitter who doesn’t strike out more than is acceptable for a slugger, draws enough walks to keep me happy, and seems to have a line-drive swing that should play well at Wrigley.

          This guy could be the kind of player you look for as a 5 or 6 hitter. Again, the Angels would have sweeten the deal some, but Conger would be a nice addition to the team. He would be the likely starting catcher with either a veteran backup or Castillo (for the defense over Clevenger) as backup.

          • BetterNews

            Yes! Now I am getting excited. I could see a “deal” here for sure. I just hope Theo dosen’t sell himself short, which I don’t think he will. Marmol does hold a lot of value, and so does Soto.

        • Lou

          Would like Alberto Caisapo. Can play 3b. Conger, from what I hear, has no defensive skills as a catcher.

      • Cliffy

        They have Bobby Absence as DH he is old and bad. Just wondering if this could be a large scale trade? Soriano+Soto+Marmot for. ???????

    • Luke

      Marmol + Soto = ….

      Randal Grichuk (slugging outfielder slowed by injuries)? Jean Segura (2B/SS with a good bat)? Garrett Richards (RHP, could start or work out of the pen)?

      I could see the Cubs matching up pretty well with LAA on a deal.

      • BetterNews

        Would have to be a better deal than that. Richards looks promising but I think we need more than that in return.

        • ScottyAllenLAAI

          That would be a steal for the Cubs. RIchards is going to be a solid #2 or 3 starter within a year or two. He has four major league caliber pitches and is truly going to be something special. Jean segura is already a Top 50 prospect and that’s with him missing the season with hammy problems. He’s one of the rare 5-tool SS prospects and will be ready for AA next season. Possibly ready for the majors by 2013. You’re looking at Jose Reyes lite. Was very good in the Arizona Fall League. When Grichuk was drafted, he was compared to Ryan Braun. He probably won’t be that good, he lacks patience and discipline but still hits for average. He’s young and by his mid 20’s you’re probably looking at a .260 25 HR type of hitter.

          To be honest, as an Angels fan I wouldn’t pay that. I love Soto and think Marmol can be dominant, but is too erratic. I’d say a good deal, when you factor is contracts and performance would be RHP Garrett Richards, RP Steven Geltz, LHP Trevor Reckling, and OF Jeremy Moore.

          Cubs get two SP that will be in the rotation in a year, a hard throwing reliever that resembles Marmol down on the farm and a 5-tool OF. If Moore ever learns to cut down on his K’s, he’s going to set the world on fire. And I think the Cubs have the instructors and philosophy to do that. The Angels don’t unfortunately.

          • BetterNews

            Scotty— Richards hasn’t played AAA ball yet has he? We heard that hear in Chicago with Mark Prior, and “BAM” an injury took it all away! Yes he could be a solid starter, no doubt, but he a “prospect” nonetheless. Your Grichuk to Braun analogy is way off, and Segura is another question mark. You trying to sell us on something?

            When somebody tells me something is a steal, I put up a red flag, sorry. Are you a car salesman by chance?

            • ScottyAllenLAAI

              Not trying to sell you on anything. If anything, I’d need to be sold on taking on Marmol. Love who he can be, but lost velocity concerns me and inconsistency concerns me.

              – Grichuk. I’m right on the mark, that’s who he was compared to. He generated a lot of hype coming into the draft because of his power. I don’t think he’ll ever reach that Ryan Braun ceiling, but I do believe he’ll be an everyday power hitting OF.

              – Richards. Someone’s reports are wrong, he was tipping his pitches at Oklahoma, the Angels noticed that and fixed it. He’s been fine ever since.

              – Segura IS a Top 50 prospect and the #2 porspect in the syste after Mike Trout. For all intents and purposes, Jean Segura is untouchable but if he were available, it certainly wouldn’t be for Soto or Marmol. The Angels need him because Erick Aybar is headed for Free Agency next season.

              With the Cubs not being anywhere close to competing for a playoffs spot, the name of the game for them is prospects and shedding unwanted contracts. The Cubs have lots of holes to fill, could use an infusion of prospects within the system and could use an extra 12+ million to play around with in Free Agency.

              An offer of Richards, Reckling, Geltz and Moore would be a very solid trade for both teams. The Cubs would be better off mid-term (within a year) and long term. The Angels would get what they need in the short term, and would be fine long term as well as these two contracts will only last 2 years, thus reducing the risk.

              • Brett

                Thanks for the thoughts, Scotty. It’s always interesting to hear from the other side of the coin.

              • Luke

                Richards and Reckling, yes.
                Moore… ok, but I think he is redundant in the Cubs system. He looks to me like Jae-Hoon Ha with lesser defense, but he would basically replace Reed Johnson on the major league roster next season while Ha is still a year a way. Depth is always good.

                Geltz… not so sure on this one. Yes he’s effective, but if there is anything the Cubs do not need it is more undersized right handed relievers. I love the strikeout numbers, but the Cubs are so deep in terms of relief arms that Geltz just doesn’t excite me. I think the Cubs could do a little better in that slot. I’d rather reach into low-A and grab a high ceiling but very unpolished guy (like the Cubs did with Rosscup in the Tampa trade) than take a guy like Geltz.

                But Segura would still be my priority. I think Anaheim would cough him up to fill two holes.

          • Luke

            Those were potential names, not a potential package. Sorry for the confusion on that. That was just a list of names the Cubs might be interested in. There is absolutely no way the Cubs would get a package that rich from Soto and Marmol. Maybe two of those guys, tops, but all of them would be out of the question.

            • BetterNews

              I’ll go along with that. Cubs take Richards and Cogner and some cash! Now we’re talking.

              • Lou

                Problem is Conger can’t catch. I’ve read scouting reports of Richards. Say he is tipping his pitches. Give up lots of hits per innings pitched. Not sure if I want that. I think, also, we have to include Garza in the deal to get Segura, Chatwood, or even Trumbo (all of whom I’d prefer over Richards and Conger).

                • Hangman

                  Are those the same scouts that said. Napoli Couldn’t catch either? It not an easy to Catcher for the Angels, Scioscia is very hard on his Catchers.

                • BetterNews

                  Lou—Scouting reports for youngsters almost always say they are tipping their pitches. That’s what an organization works on. I don’t know who Sweum is going to choose for a pitching coach, but that is surely correctable.

                  Like I said I don’t know to much about Conger, but I do know he is young(what 22) and is just getting started. I say let the dice roll, brother!

                  The cubs apparently do believe he can catch, just to add.

                  • MoneyBoy

                    On tipping pitches … I don’t remember where I heard this (possibly CTL) but some Cub hitters were talking to Woody when he came back last year.  They said “Show us your grip on your fastball in the glove.  Okay, now show us the grip on your curve.”

                    Sure enough – he was tipping the pitch with the angle of his hand.  It’s what happens in the dugout.   Hitters look for tips; pitchers look for flaws.

                    • Lou

                      However, my response to all of you would be that scouts are correct in this regard. Richards seems have difficulties with control and what offensive players can see when he comes to the plate and his motion seems to be an integral part of this. Could it be corrected? Yes. But if it’s an integral part of his delivery? Not so sure. The interest also is not in Richards, just Conger–so we can forget about Richards talk right now. That’s a rumor created by BetterNews which is not factual. If Conger can catch and the Angels have one of the worse catching tandems out there, given that they let go of Napoli, why are they so intent on trading a young catcher in Conger with potential? Seems like this is one of those deals that screams buyer beware. Conger last season was up in the bigs and then sent down to the minors because he struggled. And this was over the option of Jeff Mathis, who has to be ONE OF THE WORST CATCHERS in MLB. Again, buyer beware.

  • kinhin

    If I were the Cubs I would start off with seeing if they would give up either Morales or Trumbo for Soto & Marmol. Then add in Conger, Richards, other various prospects into the talks.

    • Tyler

      I would want Trumbo but he strikes out a ton and doesnt really take walks and I dont think there is any way that the Angels would give up Morales in that trade.

      • Lou

        Most power hitting 1b strikeout a ton. You get Trumbo for his OPS not his SO. Would I want him? Yep. Definitely over the options the Cubs currently have.

    • Hangman

      Morales is still injuried and would need an Ok from the Commish to. Be traded.

  • die hard

    Sorry, cant agree with trading Marmol if Cubs are going after the Japanese free agent. Going after him means Cubs are going for it in 2012. If so, who will close? Closers often have a down year. Then most rebound to former effectiveness. If Cubs are not signing this or other immediate impact free agent and willing to write off 2012 (which is preferable), then maybe but only to an AL team so he doesnt come back to haunt that often.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    Haha I love how were playing GM’s with an Angels’ fan.

  • Morgan

    thats a weak package for Marmol and Soto, Marmol alone shud get Conger n others, The things is Soto better than Conger, We suppose to be getting better not taking a step back, and Conger will never be soto. N Marmol with teams paying for closers these days, we shud be able to get a top propect in return. Conger isnt a top prospect in my eyes not for Marmol. I dont know why Cubs are so ready to trade good pieces. Its not like the Central out of hand, The Cards are going to be there, but lets be honest they were an average team that got hot at the end, Brewers goin hurt with lose of Fielder, The Reds are average and the Pirites and Stros are weak, the Central can be had plus with 2 extra playoff teams i think, who really stands out in the NL, the Phillies, who else, is above the rest, No team really, make few good moves and Cubs got shot to make the playoffs, just look at the Dbacks

  • Morgan

    Yea players from the Angels, Kendrick, Trumbo, Trout one of them would have to be included, give up barney for second and give us Kendrick

  • LouCub

    Guys, aside from Conger we have no idea on who the Cubs would want..I’d like Trout or Trumbo too but everyone talking about Kendrick and Morales are dreaming..If the Angels want Soto and Marmol, they want to contend NOW!!! They won’t be trading two of their best younger established guys to do so.I’m really excited about the Cubs being serious about going young for once..It’s been long over due..I’m also glad that Theo and Co are presiding over this, unlike Hendry who would trade for quantity over quality when trading guys like Lilly and Lee..It drove me insane when he traded Lilly and Theriot for DeWitt and two pitchers ranked between 25-30 in the LA system when Pittsburgh gave up Dotel to them for a Top 5 prospect..I’m expecting the busiest offseason since Dallas Greens manic first days with the Cubs in late 81′ early 82′ it should be interesting.

    • BetterNews

      LouCub— I agree and I think 2012 Cubs will compete! I am not saying WS mind you, but I think we get to the playoffs! Now why would I say that? Give some justification BN. O.K. I will try.

      First I think Samardzija along with Cash make the starting rotation. This gives them a very solid rotation provided Cash and Wells stay healthy , which I believe they will! I think 2011 was a “fluke” and unfortunately Quade and Co took the fall. That happens.

      I think Theo makes some good moves, moves good enough to get to the playoffs. This is very reasonable considering his moves might even bolster the pitching staff.

      • LouCub

        BetterNews, i’m not sold on 2012, but the team will be a lot more fun to watch compared to the last 3 years that’s a given..But in this division you never know..’ll feel better about things when Z and Soriano are cut out of this organization..I’m eagerly awaiting for Theo’s first deals!!

        • BetterNews

          I am too! But the top brass seems to “really” believe Zambrano can really turn his act around. Can you imagine the pitching staff if Zambrano does turn into the old “Z” and amends things with the team? This could be awesome!

          Could be an “elite” rotation staff, just saying.

      • Hangman

        Too much cool aide. The Cubz have no #3, #4 or #5 hitters on their Team. Right now I would take every other Central line up outside of the Astros ovr the Cubs. The Brewers still have a very good Pitching Staff and a very good line up. Cards are. Going to be scarey with or without Albert. If the Reds can get Chapman to become True SP then they are an force. The PIRATES have SP coming and its not that far off. The Cubs are iin serious trouble.

        • BetterNews

          Please! Have you seen management lately?

          • Hangman

            LMAO. What the hell are you talk about?

            • BetterNews

              How can you say the Cubs are in serious trouble? Maybe before all the changes taking place! Maybe you had too much cool aide partner.

            • BetterNews

              Go ahead and LYAO. Yes we have another redbird fan on site folks!

            • MoneyBoy

              @ Hangman … Don’t be TOO quick to laugh about the NL Central.  Even with the Brewers or Cards losing their 1B …

              STL took the “gamble” and re-signed Wainwright even though his contract had a clause that stipulated he could be cut if injured at season’s end (per Cots):  “Club must exercise 2012 and 2013 options at same time, but may void if Wainwright is on disabled list with arm injury at end of 2011 season”

              Greinke, Wolf, Marcum (arb el), Gallardo, Parra (arb el) all should be back for MIL.

              Jocketty as GM Cincy pretty much “Dusty-proofs” them; they’re comin’ on.   The Pirates showed some glimmer this year and they’ve been drafting well.

        • Brian

          I agree, in 2012 this club AT THIS MOMENT looks awful. It’s a team that finished 20 games under .500, may be bring back the clubhouse cancer which is Carlos Zambrano and it’s lost their starter at 3B. Plus it was an old club to begin with, at this moment it’s not any younger and the talent coming up (in 2012) is likely filled with average players.

          But it’s too early to make the call as they have a fair amount of money to spend and the ability to get better. I think this group is more like the 1988 Cubs, ( ) an older group with questionable D, a couple good pitchers, with some youthful bright spots either on the club getting better or waiting for that young upside to reach the big league club… but still at least a year away.

  • LouCub

    If the Cubs do an all out fire sale, how many quality prospects can we get for some of these guys realistically? 4-5 for Soto and Marmol…2 for Byrd….1 for Z?? 4-5 for Garza..2 for Demp?? 2-3 for Marshall…This organization would be completely new and i’d welcome it

    • Pat

      I still can’t imagine a team giving up more than one decent prospect for Marmol. Frankly, I still think full salary relief is the best they could really expect. He might bounce back, and if he did he’d be worth maybe 24 to 26 million over two years to some team at the most. But if he doesn’t bounce back, he’s a setup guy and worth maybe 8 over the two years. Those average out to maybe 17 million total, which is what he’s owed. Remember, he was not only bad last year. In 2009 he walked 8 per nine innings, and while his strikeout rate was high, that’s historically awful control.

  • Coal

    Maybe we can throw in Koyie Hill to really sweeten things.

    • LouCub

      Hill is by far one of my least fav Cubs EVER!!!!!!!

    • BetterNews

      Hill is already gone. But lets plump up the sales value, he’s in his prime, hittting will come around, I’m sure PR can come up with something.

  • ricosanto

    I wanted to trade Marmol last June when his trade value was sky high everyone reemed me out.Hendry never knew how to trade when the value is up.Theo and company know about everyplayer in the minors and has a great plan. He is trying to build Z’s value up. He said he wants assests which is low with the cubs. How about Garza and Marmol to the Yanks for Banuelos and Betances and Dante Bichette jr.The pen would be fine with Wood, Marshall, Carpener and Cashner. Samardza is the dark horse starter. he could be a 1 or a 2.He has 4 pitches throws 97.He wants to a star not a set-up man.

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