This morning, the Bullets noted that Chicago Cubs’ manager Dale Sveum might make another coaching staff decision or two this week, and it looks like he may have made a big one today.

Houston Astros’ beat writer Brian McTaggart reports Sveum has tabbed Astros’ bullpen coach Jamie Quirk to be his new bench coach.

“It’s just a great opportunity,” Quirk, 57, said. “When Dale Sveum was interviewing, he asked me if I’d be interested if he gets any of the jobs and he got the Cubs. I talked with [Cubs general manager] Theo [Epstein] and passed that test and called [former Astros general manager] Ed [Wade] for permission and all that. I was excited.

“It’s the Cubbies. Who wouldn’t watch that job? They have a very famous tradition in baseball, and it will be nice to be part of turning it around.”

Quirk says it wasn’t just the lure of coaching in Chicago that pulled him North, but also the chance to move out of the bullpen and back onto the bench.

“Pretty much, once the game started I was out of it,” Quirk said. “I was looking forward to the opportunity to get back in the dugout and having more one-on-one with the manager and feeling like you’re actually helping rather than sitting back and watching. I’ve done it many years before, and I kind of missed it.”

Quirk was a long-time Rockies bench coach under Clint Hurdle before coming to the Astros (by way of a one-year stop as a Cincinnati scout). Before his time in Colorado, Quirk was a coach with the Kansas City Royals, for whom he played in 11 of his 18 Major League seasons as a catcher.

Where the selection of Quirk leaves current bench coach Pat Listach, who is under contract through 2012, is unknown.

If nothing else, together with presumed pitching coach Chris Bosio, the media will have a bad-pun field day with Sveum (same), Bosio (bozo), and Quirk (well, quirk).

  • JasonB

    “the media will have a bad-pun field day with Sveum (same), Bosio (bozo), and Quirk (well, quirk).”

    I think you just predicted Steve Rosenbloom’s next article title.

  • hansman1982

    Hell even Jaramillo fits in:

    Same Quirky Old Bozo-headed Team

  • MightyBear

    Been around a long time. Bullpen coach so he can help with pitching changes, etc. Hopefully he’ll fit in and do well.

  • die hard

    should give Listach 3B coaching job

  • Ron Swanson

    “it’s the cubbies” ugh

    • Brett

      Wondered if that would rub anyone the wrong way.

      • nonesuch

        yeah, that was a quick strike in my book.

      • Rancelot

        Yep, consider me annoyed by it too. I know we have been flooded with all this changing the culture stuff but using that term is childish and demeaning and contributing to the what’s wrong with how the Cubs are perceived. C’mon man!!! I swear everytime I hear Kaplan say it I want to reach through the TV and wring his neck!

        • die hard

          Wouldve thought everyone would be more upset at disrespect he showed for Theo by comment “passed that test”—shows that maybe around the league Theo’s reputation for the way he approaches things not highly regarded. But since he has an unlimited access to Cubs money as he did at Boston, people will come here for the big bucks notwithstanding Theo’s idiotsyncrancies. Whatever it takes to field a winner, who cares, right? Maybe…

          • Bails17

            Die Hard…you been hitting the bottle a little early today?

          • DRock

            I’m with you Bails17, I have no idea what die hard is talking about.

      • jstraw

        Doesn’t bother me one little bit.

        • DRock

          Hate when people who aren’t from Chi say “it’s the Cubbies!” like we’re some lovable loser team. BTW, why are we going after the Astro’s coach? Last time I checked, they finished worse than the “Cubbies” last year.

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