Today, the Hall of Fame finally opened its doors to a man who had waited patiently outside them for all of his post-MLB life.

When long-time Chicago Cub – player, broadcaster, fan, everything – Ron Santo passed away last year, before seeing his dream of becoming a Hall of Famer come true, I said this:

Now, in the next few years, the Veteran’s Committee will posthumously admit Santo to the place he has belonged for decades, and they’ll pat themselves on the back.

And I’ll still be heartbroken. Ron Santo wasn’t supposed to die before it happened.

Yup. Still heartbroken.

I’m very happy for Ron Santo’s family, for the Chicago Cubs, and it’s not as if Ronnie isn’t out there somewhere watching. But I can’t stop being so angry at the men who kept Santo out of the Hall for so long, when it was so clearly deserved.

Click your heels once for Ronnie today.

  • Curt

    It’s a great day for number 10 and about fucking time pardon my language , stick this up yr collective behinds mike(dousche bag ) Schmidt and the others who kept this most deserving and under appreciated man out all those years, wtg Ronnie we never gave up hope for u.

  • Caleb

    Awesome. I refuse to let any bitterness detract from my happiness at the recognition of one of my favorite baseball heroes. Way to go, Ron. You deserve it. And yes, I clicked my heels.

  • die hard

    about time!

  • Kyle

    As a Cubs fan, I’m thrilled.

    As a baseball fan in general, I figure he’s borderline and there’s nothing wrong with putting him in.

    As a human being, I’m sad that they waited until he wasn’t around to enjoy it, especially since it clearly meant a lot to him.

    • BetterNews

      What are you referring too?

      • Kyle


        • BetterNews

          Sorry. I got into those comments very quickly. That has to be about Santo. Everybody kmows my feelings there. I was called a A@@hol@ for sticking up for Santo in the past. I did not to respond to “these” certain people on the spot, but they are A2HOLES BIG TIME. And you will probably never see me use such language again.

          • TWC

            You should try commenting with American sign language from now on.

            • Sweetjamesjones

              Thats funny.

              • Katie

                I think I pulled a muscle laughing.

              • BetterNews

                Look in the mirror Sweet Nasty

          • Internet Random

            The word “asshole” is not filtered from comments. Use it or not, but please don’t think “A@@hol@” and “A2HOLES” conjure up anything but the same mental imagery of an anus that “asshole” does.

  • grandjudy

    Tonight, a 5pm, where ever you are, join me in a toast to #10…and then another for Harry.
    and then have one for the team of 2012…and if you’re old enough to remember, one last lift for the team of 1969. then go home.

    • BetterNews

      GrandJudy—-Thanks for offer, but I am very happy with my love of life! And she is home with me as I am with her!

      • BetterNews

        Just kidding! Im actually single and live in my mom’s basement. LOL.

        • BetterNews

          Please don’t use my name! I don’t want to see you go to jail.

          • BetterNews

            I think we all know who the real BetterNews is.

            • MichiganGoat

              I know I’m sick of this whole childish game

  • rocky8263

    It was late August and I was parked by the Clark street entrace to pay for playoff tickets when I heard Ronnies voice tell me “hey nice car, had one just like it”. He was reffering to the 97 corvette he smashed into a pole after passing out from his diabetes. The aide from the Cubs Took pictures for me and the thing I’ll always remember is how he didn’t rush and treated me like an old friend. A great man and player.

    • RoughRiider

      Ron was a better man than a player and in my opinion a great player. I’m glad and saddened at the same time.

  • Papi

    Did you see what his wife said:? “All he said (was) I hope I get in in my lifetime, that’s certainly a reasonable request for anybody who gets an honor as special as this one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be,” she said. “With his lifetime every disappointment that came along, he was very disappointed.”