Today, the Hall of Fame finally opened its doors to a man who had waited patiently outside them for all of his post-MLB life.

When long-time Chicago Cub – player, broadcaster, fan, everything – Ron Santo passed away last year, before seeing his dream of becoming a Hall of Famer come true, I said this:

Now, in the next few years, the Veteran’s Committee will posthumously admit Santo to the place he has belonged for decades, and they’ll pat themselves on the back.

And I’ll still be heartbroken. Ron Santo wasn’t supposed to die before it happened.

Yup. Still heartbroken.

I’m very happy for Ron Santo’s family, for the Chicago Cubs, and it’s not as if Ronnie isn’t out there somewhere watching. But I can’t stop being so angry at the men who kept Santo out of the Hall for so long, when it was so clearly deserved.

Click your heels once for Ronnie today.

  • TWC

    Awesome.  It comes way too late, but it’s awesome.

  • Cedlandrum

    Very great day in Cubdom. Glad for Santo’s family.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan


  • hansman1982

    My first thought was “Congrats, Ronnie, you deserved it and hopefully you are able to enjoy it wherever you are.”

    My second thought was “Assholes”

    My third thought, “I am agressively upset.”

    • Fishin Phil


    • Katie


    • Sam

      My thoughts exactly. I just wish Ron was still around to enjoy it.

  • Captainplanet54

    That just makes me sad

  • ReiCow

    Bittersweet.. so sad that those jerks waited until after he died to put him in. Better late than never, but man, way to make a happy story really sad.

    We love you and we miss you, Ronnie!

  • kubphan82

    Yeah, I cried today… At first I thought I was sad that Santo passed away before this moment… My roommate said I looked angry I looked in the mirror and realized I was crying from anger… Love the Cubs, Love Santo…

  • JK

    Congrats to Santo and Family, Cubs and Cubs Fans. Long overdue. I am not necessarily bitter. Time to put those feelings away and instead applaud the man and his body of work.

  • Robert

    I just wanted to share this story-
    Guys i’m only 16 but i’m a true blue die hard Cubs fan living in Atlanta. A few years ago I went to a cubs & braves game. We went with these people who could get me & my cousin upstairs to meet Ron. at that time i didn’t really know about Ronnie.. I was only 11. i’m now 16 & everyday I look at that photo I got with ron santo. just shaking ronnie’s hand was a true honor. but my cousin and I got a picture with Ronnie. when i get home later i’ll post it. but congratulations Ronnie. you deserved it! Go cubbies.

  •!/sperls13 sperls13

    Well said, sir. Could not have said it better myself.

    “Congratulations Big Boy!”
    About friggin’ time!

  • dmlabadie

    It’s a damn shame really.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as hell Ronnie has finally been elected. But … The damn shame is I’ve been right all these years that he waited to get in, before he passed. The stupid election process and those that do the voting wouldn’t allow him to enjoy this moment and would only finally do the right thing after he was gone.

    Congrats #10. Looks like Wrigleyville is due one more party, and one more heel click to celebrate.

  • Tyler

    Whoever on the committee pats themselves on the backs are totally oblivious to what was going on and why Ronnie should have been elected years ago when he could give a speech and see his plaque go into the Hall of Fame, now all we have are the memories of him being the biggest Cubs fan they will ever have.

  • cccubfan

    You are so right with the feelings….I am so happy that Ron is there, where he should have been years ago, but still mad that he is not going to be there to give his speech. What a day that would have been to hear what he had to say. The heels across America will be clicking for him today. I remember doing that as a kid when my team would win a game. Today, well, I can’t get off the ground…LOL…but clicking in my heart Ron….

  • ricosanto

    Santo was my all-time favorite. FINALLY The last 2 votes I was so upset he missed by very little.I named my first dog ” Santo” he was the best Lab I ever had.In 1967 I was down by the bullpen and he said hey kid will you watch my glove while I do some running , Of course I said yes. It was one of my best baseball moments. i dont think players would be that trustworthy now.

  • Elwood

    We knew this would happen.  Shame on all of those who chose to elect Santo in posthumously. Such a bittersweet moment for all Cubs fans…

  • john

    Someone wrote that Santo would want Minoso to get in before him.
    Through the years it was obvious that Santo believed he belonged.
    The real important thing to remember is his Family, Friends and Fans
    all are alive to enjoy this honor. That to me means more to him than
    anything. Being angry about it will only diminish this accomplishment.
    Enjoy this for the Cubs, for the Fans, for the Family, but most of all
    for Ronnie.

  • Brian

    Every Cubs fan has a Ron story or memory. I can only hope that the future generations of Cubs fans will learn of Ron. I can’t think of many players that held the same amount of passion that Ron had. I do not consider this too late, or even an act out of pity. To me, Ron was in the Hall of Fame years ago.

    I’ll admit, every time the Cubs would play a game last season, I lost interest. I followed the team but not with very much enjoyment, interest, or passion. In the off-season I have not been checking in nearly as much as I should be to Bleacher Nation. For whatever reason it may be I feel a bit of energy towards this team. Maybe just the thought of Ron’s passionate radio calls is taking me back to how much fun the game can be. Anyways, I tip my cap to Ron and I also tip my cap to Brett for his continuous coverage on a team that is not always the most fun to cover.

  • BFM

    Raise a glass for #10!
    He has finally gotten his just rewards!
    It’s about damn time.

  • MichiganGoat

    Truly bittersweet. Why people don’t see greatness until after someone passes is one of the mysteries of life. It is great news but feels empty without hearing and seeing Ronny celebrate with us.

  • Mike Foster

    Ronnie is now where he belongs……Pass10n for Santo!

  • ISU Birds

    It is awful that he never got in while alive but I am happy that he will forever be enshrined in the Hall. Bittersweet is the only word.

  • Rancelot

    The beauty of the game of basebal is the rich tradition and history. Just think, in generations to come the BS of the HOF voting committee will have been forgotten and the Chicago Cubs will be represented by a man among men. Hall of Fame 3B Ron Santo has a nice ring to it! The only ones I feel badly for is the man himself and his family, but Ron would not want anyone to hold any grudges, so let’s honor his induction and celebrate with a click of the heels, by burning your gamer,and raising your glass to the sky for a toast!!!

  • Sweetjamesjones

    It’s about time, but I agree with most of the sentiment around here. So bittersweet. So happy for his family. It just sucks he isn’t here to enjoy it.

  • Polar Bear

    Congrats to Ronnie and the entire Santo family!!! This is a day, regardless of how long it took them to get right, to celebrate this long anticipated announcement. Today, the rest of the world knows something that we have known for years. Ron Santo is a Hall of Famer!!! It may seem bittersweet but, do not let that cast a shadow over this great moment. To a great ball player and an even greater man…CHEERS, Ronnie!!! You deserve it.

  • Incredibad

    “Now, in the next few years, the Veteran’s Committee will posthumously admit Santo to the place he has belonged for decades, and they’ll pat themselves on the back.

    And I’ll still be heartbroken. Ron Santo wasn’t supposed to die before it happened.”

    – Agree, wholeheartedly…..

  • Robbo

    Long overdue and well deserved

  • Ashley

    Well said Brett! But I am with you completely! I remember sitting and watching his funeral on WGN last year and I couldn’t not stop thinking about how he died never getting the true honor he deserved. Sure was he a Hall of Famer to us? Yes, but that phone call to Cooperstown was something Ron wanted almost more than a Cubs World Series victory.

    He was the ultimate Cubs fan, he wore his heart and soul on his sleeve and lived and died with every pitch. There was truly nothing like listening to him on the radio on the summer calling Cubs games, because what you were feeling he was feeling. The day his number was retired I remember thinking God looks how proud he looks, and thinking man I can’t wait to hear him when he makes it to Cooperstown!

    That sad day last December when he left us, wasn’t just a loss for the Santo’s bu for all of Cubs nation. W elost our Legend but finally, finally our Legend gets the respect he deserved. He may not have been there to answer the phone this am, but I am sure everyone in Cubs nation heard him clicking his heels in Heaven.

    Ron Congrats!!! Could not have come to a better man, just wish it had been a few years soon! You can now finally Rest In Peace!

  • DRock

    Congrats Ronnie! You are a Perfect 10! Well deserved and well over-due! Better late than never, indeed. We love you and miss you.

  • hcs

    Can’t help but have a little cry right now. Sitting here remembering playing catch with my dad, and his Ron Santo signature glove. I think I’ll go pull out the Field of Dreams DVD for both of them today.

  • SirCub

    Long overdue.