This is your meta reminder of the following:

(1.) Bleacher Nation is on Twitter. There, I tweet things about things. It is very interesting and enjoyable. It also tends to be the first place I break news and rumors, due to the immediacy and brevity of Twitter. You should follow Bleacher Nation on Twitter. Things about things.

(2.) Bleacher Nation is also on Facebook. There, I post things about things including funny pictures about things. It is very fun and friendly. There also tend to be long conversations that take place only on Facebook. You should “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook. The ladies will dig you for it.

(3.) Bleacher Nation also has a Message Board. There, you can discuss any of the aforementioned things as well as other things. It is very Message Board-y. The community on the Message Board is a bit smaller than here on the blog, so the conversations tend to take on a different character. You should register and participate on the Message Board. It features an octopus who walks on land.

(4.) Bleacher Nation also has apparel. You can buy the apparel, which includes awesome t-shirts, and see your social calendar immediately fill up. The apparel is very nice and affordable. You should buy some Bleacher Nation apparel. It will help me line my pockets with genuine pirate gold.

  • TWC

    I love meta posts.

    It should also be noted that due to proximity, I am Bleacher Nation’s first line of defense against the future armies of land-walking octopi.  I suggest you start arming yourselves with all due haste.

    • Internet Random

      You’re assuming those octopi will hail from the Pacific and not from an irradiated laboratory.

      • Brett

        I personally dealt with the meltdown in Pine Bluff. Is it happening elsewhere?

      • TWC

        That video was taken a 10 minute bike ride up the trail from my house.  I’m being vigilant.  If they’re coming out of irradiated labs, you jokers are on your own.

    • TC

      Every day I thank the almighty Dick Tidrow that we have such an esteemed member of this community sacrificing his own health protecting us from the horrific armies of LandOctopi and their ruthless dictatorial leaders bent on world domination. Where can I send you funds with which to arm yourself with nuclear pistols and laser rifles?

      • MichiganGoat

        I think the next SyFy original movie has been found.

      • TWC

        Not for the first time — and likely not for the last — I really wish I had a laser rifle.

        • miggy80

          T-dub you nibbling on the chocolate again? Mmmmmm Chocolate

    • Spencer

      I am terrified of octopus. I am not joking. Some people have spiders, some people don’t like heights. I don’t like octopus.

  • Internet Random

    Like zombie apocalypses, one can never be sure where the next outbreak will strike.

  • Rmay

    Maybe the octopi will come from the Shedd Aquarium. Beware. They’re closer than you think…….

  • MoneyBoy

    Mongo like zombie apocalypse !!!!

  • ferrets_bueller

    Apparently this whole “Ryan Braun has herpes” thing has been going on for a while in Milwaukee- allegedly its been rumored for a while, and theres people claiming that he gave it to girls they know, lmao.

    It would be so epic if that was his defense for the failed test- herpes medication.  For some hilarity, search “Braun Herpes” on twitter.

    I can just imagine the chants at Wrigley…”Herpes hammer!! dun dun, dun dun dun Herpes Hammer!” “S! T! D!”

    • Ron

      A friend of mine dated him here in Nashville, not sure that we are close enough to ask that question.

  • Alex

    Hey Brett,

    Is there a hashtag that you use on Twitter? Something like #bleachernation

    I figure that it makes it easier to create and follow conversation.

    • TWC

      Try #bananahammock.  HTH.

    • Brett

      I haven’t done that before – just hashtags for individual conversations going on. Otherwise, no hashtags at all – just tweets from @bleachernation. And that’s usually a better Bat Signal anyway, because the @ mentions show right up for me, whereas the hashtag I’d have to search for.

  • Nomar’s Left Glove
    • BetterNews

      Good luck with that Doggers!

  • hansman1982


    In unrelated news, 14 fishermen off the coast of Chicago (damn global warming) were killed today when their bear-cod fishing boat was attacked by Irradiated Zombie Octopi whom were wielding laser pistols and light sabers, because we all know in the apocalyptic future the best warriors out there will be using 1st century fighting techniques.

    • BetterNews

      Wow! Did know all this. I was taking Fiber Optics training/certification tonight. Maybe it was really Fiber Octopi training, don’t know for sure. But I did get certified.

  • ISU Birds

    How large do the things come Brett? I’m looking to stock up.

    • Brett

      Awesome. I believe they go as large as multiple XL (and tall). Check out the shop to see the range.

  • farmerjon

    Will a bleachers nation tee shirt prevent an attack by the octopussies, if so, pencil me in for a box or two. Also, I have two laser rifles…one with a scope. Brett, you do great work, hope you are all feeling better. We just went a round with strep and are now battling ear infections, nothing worse than sick kids.

    • Brett

      Thanks, FJ. The BN shirt will protect you from sea octopi, land-walking octopi, and miniature octopi. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot promise that it will protect you from irradiated, zombie, or emboldened octopi.

  • Fishin Phil

    My biggest concern centers around space octopi.  Eight probes? No thank you!