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Meta Extravaganza: Message Board, Twitter, Facebook, Swag


This is your meta reminder of the following:

(1.) Bleacher Nation is on Twitter. There, I tweet things about things. It is very interesting and enjoyable. It also tends to be the first place I break news and rumors, due to the immediacy and brevity of Twitter. You should follow Bleacher Nation on Twitter. Things about things.


(2.) Bleacher Nation is also on Facebook. There, I post things about things including funny pictures about things. It is very fun and friendly. There also tend to be long conversations that take place only on Facebook. You should “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook. The ladies will dig you for it.

(3.) Bleacher Nation also has a Message Board. There, you can discuss any of the aforementioned things as well as other things. It is very Message Board-y. The community on the Message Board is a bit smaller than here on the blog, so the conversations tend to take on a different character. You should register and participate on the Message Board. It features an octopus who walks on land.

(4.) Bleacher Nation also has apparel. You can buy the apparel, which includes awesome t-shirts, and see your social calendar immediately fill up. The apparel is very nice and affordable. You should buy some Bleacher Nation apparel. It will help me line my pockets with genuine pirate gold.



Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.