In what is yet another step in the long process of renovating Wrigley Field and tying the surround area more closely to the Chicago Cubs experience, the Chicago Cubs have purchased the property currently home to a McDonald’s, which sits across from the main entrance at Wrigley Field.

The land, which is about an acre, went for a cool $20 million, a more than 50% premium on the typical purchase price in Wrigleyville. The land is expected to be incorporated into the upcoming changes around Wrigley Field, though it remains to be seen whether it will be for the “fan experience” part of those changes or the “team facilities” part of the changes.

A Ricketts family spokesman wouldn’t go into details on the nature of the purchase, but I don’t think it takes a soothsayer to read between these lines.

“Parcels of land near Wrigley Field don’t come up for sale very often,” the spokesman said, “and the investors did not want to let this opportunity pass.”

The purchased land is separate from the triangular lot upon which the long-discussed “Triangle Building” project would sit. The two sites sit across the street from each other, and, the Triangle Building plans (such as they exist) could change to incorporate the new site as well. The long and the short: the Cubs continue to pluck up available land around Wrigley Field with an eye toward expanding team facilities and fan experience settings in the future. Wrigley Field, and the area around it, could look very different in 10 years.

The Cubs leased the land back to McDonald’s, which will continue to operate there for the time being. Should the restaurant be torn down, as is the Cubs’ prerogative, any new development there must include a McDonald’s.

  • JMack4568

    Perhaps this land will be the first year’s payment of Prince Fielder’s contract offer?

    • jstraw

      He can haz cheezburgerz?

    • JesusCubs


    • Sam

      I heard that they started selling tofu burgers

  • Chris84

    I’m trying to remember, because it’s been a while since I’ve paid for parking in Wrigleyville (the last time was probably 1991, when I was a naive sixteen year old going to see the Jesus Lizard at the Metro and didn’t know about the various alternatives in the area); does the McDonald’s run the paid parking operation or is that a separate company? Because the latter could be a good revenue stream for the Cubs.

    • Spencer

      I don’t think it’s McDonalds, they just allow people to park there, but I’m pretty sure someone else runs it.

  • SweetJamesJones

    About time. Though I do enjoy getting breakfast there while im waiting in the line for the bleachers to open.

  • Dougy D

    At $20 million an acre, I would not allow a Mc D’s to exist in future renovations. Greedy, greedy corporations!

    • die hard

      Fielder is not worth more than a Big Mac even sans cheese….

      • Bluekoolaidaholic

        He looks like he has had a few of those cheeseburgers. (ok, quite a few)
        Maybe that is why he wants to be a cub, really easy access to cheeseburgers and fries.
        He could have them sent over too.
        Too bad Francona isn’t our manager, then he could have beer too, right in the dugout.
        He has to keep his strength up you know, what with all those home run swings and long runs around the bases.

  • Chris84

    A replacement McDonald’s could very easily be a “McDonald’s express” like at the Loyola stop on the Red Line, or at the Airport, which can be worked into the design of any building that ends up there. But yeah, first choice would be something other than a McD’s.

  • Packman711

    Dislike. Where will I get my drunk french fries when I’m in Wrigley if they tear it down??

    • MichiganGoat

      I remember my grandfather taking me to that McDonalds after my first Cubs game, but the last time I went in there is was messy and chaotic.

  • CubSouth

    Exactly what would be some ideas for “fan experience”? And to all of u Cubs fan whom live in Chicago and surrounding parts, feel lucky and privileged to get to go to a full season of home games when u want. When I retire I plan on living in Chicago for a year and doing just that. And if u stumble upon a few extra series tickets and wanna sit with a southern gentleman, I’d be honored to drive the 16+ hours and sit with u.

  • CubSouth

    Hey Brett, u have inside sources, tell them to let the FO know that I have 10 acres I wanna sell them. Its way down here in SE Ga but maybe they can use it for a fan experience for those who don’t get to travel to Chicago that often, or at all.

  • EQ76

    So there’ll be a McD’s in the triangle building.

  • DowntownLBrown

    Maybe the McDonalds is part of Fielder’s Contract. He gets 7/years 20M and a fast food establisment right across the street for home games….. Wait Nevermind, he is vegetarian right?

    • JB

      That shouldn’t rule out Mcdonalds…that’s not exactly beef

  • MightyBear

    I read the triangle was going to be fan experience/front offices/ facilities for the players. My guess is this will include all of the above. Fan experience would include a Cubs HOF, kid stuff ie measuring how hard you throw a baseball and a hotel and fancy restaurant (not McDonalds).

  • Pat

    As noted by Brett, land in that area does not become available all that often. I can see why they wanted to make the purchase. But it seems like bad timing at a time they are hoping to get state funds for renovations to Wrigley.

    Not only does it indicate that they have money to spend, but it yet another indication that they are married to that location. It’s pretty hard to get state money without a semi-credible threat of relocation.

    • hansman1982

      I don’t think it does.  If Ricketts were to threaten to move the Cubs (outside of the Northside), the State and City would call his bluff immediately.  I think this is the Ricketts showing they are wanting to invest money into the local area.  In his previous committment he devoted $200M of private money into the rennovations along with the public money.

      This might be good in that they could make the triangle building into a player only area.  Convert the current clubhouse into the in-game place to go and put the actual clubhouse in the triangle building that knocks the socks off of the Yankees clubhouse, training space, quiet areas, maybe some “hotel rooms” for mid-season injury callups who arent going to be in town but maybe 2 weeks and an underground parking area so they can have privacy at the park.

      Then devote the McD’s land to the front office/business ops/Cubs HoF/Fan Experience/ST VIP area.  This way the fans get more and the players get a building that is solely theirs.

      • Brett

        A showing of good faith, perhaps.

        • MoneyBoy

          I finally got to see the Cub clubhouse area this year and was flabbergasted at how small it really is.  So I wandered around the concourse behind it … plenty of room to tear out the crappy concession areas and build out the clubhouse.  (hitting areas, weights, and the like).

          Hansman – you bring up a good point … for decades, the Cubs front office has been way below ML standards … they gotta put those new guys somewhere … whether it’s in the triangle area or the McD’s …

          ::smirk::  so do we have a “Wrigley Field brought to you by McDonald’s” in our future??

      • Pat

        His previous commitment of 200 mil was to build the triangle building. The Cubs have a legal commitment to do that anyway, regardless of if they get any money from the state. Not much of a bargaining point.

  • MightyBear

    Darvish deadline is over. Any news? Did the Cubs bid?

    • Luke

      It’ll take a while for the process to work out and the leaks to appear. I know ESPN has been saying we’ll know today, but today was just the closing of the bid process. We may not know until Tuesday.

      More likely we’ll know much, much sooner than that. In the meantime, feel free to endlessly refresh MLB TradeRumors like the rest of us…

    • EtotheR

      I bid a ton. Lots of intangible stuff…like back rubs and free nachos.

      Haven’t heard a thing.


  • MightyBear

    Cubs are interested in Varitek and Wakefield. Wakefield is my age. Wish I could throw a knuckler.

  • duck

    Crap. Where will I pee before I go into the stadium now?

  • jim

    Made offer on white hen also. Or is it 7/11? Always confuse. If cud buy sbux bldg, garage n sports junk places, cud xpand park itself from pole to pole

  • die hard

    Building a food court which includes a McDonalds may be in the works….walk bridge over the intersection into Wrigley Field to relieve traffic congestion….

    • paul

      Die Hard,
      don’t start making normal posts. it simply doesn’t work for you, or did you forget what name you were signed in under???

      • die hard

        define normal……

  • Cubs10

    sorry for the nonrelated post…just waiting around for some news..thanks for the updates in advance Brett!
    1. Kendrys not Kendry, peeps…i dont know why that bugs me haha
    2. Did i miss somewhere here that theriot was cut and is now a free agent? Bahahaaha
    3. Watched Saunders play in Anaheim for a couple years before being traded and he made everyone on edge as soon as he stepped on the mound…he just wasnt a reliable guy, which i thought says a lot for being in a pitcher’s park…doesn’t his style of pitching rely heavily on the infielder defense, which the cubs are kinda iffy on? The Angels traded him for Dan Haren and needed two minor prospects to make that deal…they definitely got the better end of it…anyway, my point is that i think Saunders’ numbers from last year are misleading…and he just makes me nervous.

  • MightyBear

    Rumor has it the cubs are interested in Coco Crip (Not the breakfast cereal). Why would they do that? I don’t get that. Rumor has Crisp playing left and Soriano playing first. Dazed and confused.

    • The Other Matt

      Sori at first base? Maybe he can start doing that hop again as he receives the throws.

  • MightyBear

    Tribune is saying the Cubs made a bid on Darvish. I’m all tingly.

    • Max

      But, supposedly, the winning bid is “sky high.” I’m not sure I’d be happy if we get Darvish for a sky high posting fee and bloated contract to entice him to sign. My gut is telling me the winner is going to be north of 130 million for his services, and I don’t think he’ll be worth it. Mostly likely, he’ll be Dice-K Part II.

      • Kyle

        He was much better than Dice-K in Japan, so why wouldn’t he be much better here as well?

  • MightyBear

    People keep forgetting Dice K helped Theo and the Sox win a championship in 2007. He pitched well until he got hurt.

    • Eric

      Not to mention Darvish #’s make Dice-K look like a #3 pitcher. A 1.5ish ERA in Japan compared to Dice-K’s in the 3’s.

  • hansman1982

    He has been pitching 200 innings a year in Japan and has supposedly been working with an American ball for the past couple years in some side sessions to prepare to make the transition.

    Will any of it help?  God, I hope so if we are about to sink $100M into him.

  • Mike F

    I’m not as sure. Ultimately you have to run that through ownership when it’s a cash outlay like this. They were talking about 300 Million with Pujols. If indeed the two imbeciles in Miami and LA stay reasonable Pujols would have ended at 220 something or maybe shorter and more in the 22 M area. But Pujols was still close to 20 % under where he wanted to be. In this instance I think it’s overlooked that the lump sum transfer comes 5 days after the agreement with Darvish. And right thinking owners given the state of the market and economy are going to be hesitant. Which is exactly what you’re seeing and why Fielder is unsigned. Owners are businessmen and always run things through the filter of risk reward and break-even at lest the good ones. It’s intuitive with them.

    So a team can go to the bank and make arrangements, but unlike a McDonalds lot that has a long life expectancy and strong potential for a substantial reward with no risk, the cost of borrowing is pretty cheap. There is no real risk. Borrowing from future assets and profits for a high risk player, is something any owner would flinch at. So while I can see why the estimates were so high, given the history of Japanese players and some of the recent lower expectations, I can see him going for something less than 50M more in the low 40’s. And if the Cubs chased him at that Bravo, puts to rest all the “the Cubs have no money” talk.

  • die hard

    Fernando Valenzuela born 30 years too soon….would have made Darvish bidding look like peanuts…and he could eat his share of burgers…couldve out eat Babe Ruth…Fernandomania was before the time of many on this site…but some here recall, I am sure….was sumpin to behold….but point is, his final record was only 173-153 and a 3.54 ERA after a super first year of 1981 winning Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and Silver Slugger awards….so, who is crazy enough to pay $100 million for what could very well be a barely above a .500 pitcher?

  • paul

    To all who have been complaining about the high costs for a pitcher from Japan, what will you say if the bid is way low, and we didn’t win it?

    I will at this time simply say… Thanks front office, I hope we win it. remember, they are hopefuly smarter than us

    • die hard

      Operative word is “hopefully”…but I feel there are too many cooks in the front office kitchen where all will be quick to take the credit but no one to take the blame for committing so much to one player…be careful what you wish for….or could be like that xmas song:

      On the twelfth day of Christmas, Theo sent to thee Twelve players a-leaping, Eleven pitchers pitching, Ten coaches signing, Nine ushers seating, Eight vendors a-selling, Seven execs a-sleeping, Six grounds crew sod a-laying, Five bags of onion rings, Four jolly umps, Three French fries, Two candy doves, and A DARVISH in a pear tree.

  • Mike F

    That goes without saying doesn’t it. I can see a scenario that it goes between 35 to 40, but there are 4 teams known for sure and and as many as 10 rumored to possibly bid. The Yankees, Cubs, Rangers and Blue Jays are known to have bid. I think bid lower than 35M and probably 40-45 M is less likely than 50-55M. But we’ll know fairly soon.

  • Brady Logan

    Epstein getting involved changing the Cubs atmosphere into a Red Sox one. Having a Mcdonalds in team facilities. I heard they are also going to be serving draft. Free booze and fast food for all cubs players!!

  • ferrets_bueller

    I really hope this becomes a parking lot.

    • die hard

      What if Wrigley is reconfigured in a way that home plate is where Ronald McDonald sits today…..anything is possible where money talks and bs walks…would require diverting a street or two but anything is doable in the Windy City…that could be Ricketts’ grand plan….
      Theo brought in to cozy up to Emanual and to do Ricketts’ schmoozing…..Hoyer brought in to run day to day…

  • Elwood

    Maybe this purchase is to lure Prince Fielder to the Cubs. Wait, he’s a vegan… And I’m the Pope….


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