As the baseball world awaits the results of the Yu Darvish bidding process, we round up the latest on Prince Fielder. And there’s a relationship there: I would bet that, for example, if the Rangers or Blue Jays win the rights to Darvish, they are probably out on Fielder…

  • Jon Morosi joins other national pundits in the “the Cubs are definitely in on Prince Fielder” category, despite opposing views from the local media (more on that in a bit). As usual, though, it sounds more like a guess than a sourced rumor: “Almost by accident, the Cubs are Fielder’s most plausible suitor. Fielder wouldn’t need to switch leagues or divisions. He would be a force at Wrigley Field, where he owns a career 1.003 OPS. Fielder, who lives in the Orlando area, would prefer to play east of the Mississippi. The Cubs have a big payroll and must reinvigorate their fan base. There are no guarantees that a marriage will happen. But it would make a ton of sense.” Morosi says that the only other two teams that “we know” are in on Fielder are the Mariners and Orioles.
  • Tim Brown says the Cubs, together with the Mariners and Blue Jays, “are believed to have been among the more aggressive suitors.” Richard Justice agrees that those are the three most logical suitors, though he ranks them Blue Jays, Mariners, Cubs.
  • The Sporting News’ Anthony Witrado believes the Cubs are a “legitimate contender” for Fielder, and thinks they can land him if they are so inclined. “I think if Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer want him and they go after him, Fielder is going to seriously consider whatever they offer because it’s a big market, it’s somewhere where he can build his brand and it’s a team that he’s not signing a three- or four-year deal where it’s almost a win-now situation,” Witrado said. “He’s looking for something in the neighborhood of eight or 10 years after what Pujols got and so he’s in this thing for the long haul. So if he feels like the Cubs can be a winner three years down the road, four years down the road, then all of a sudden, that’s when he’s in his prime and his contract looks really good. He’s a middle of the order bat, an elite hitter while this team comes into dominance in the Central, assuming the Cubs can sell him on it.”
  • Phil Rogers thinks it makes sense that the Cubs would be in on Fielder, but guesses – because of the questions about Fielder’s defense, conditioning, and consistent offensive performance – that the Cubs’ two biggest targets are Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes.
  • Bruce Levine, who has consistently assertive in his belief that the Cubs *should* go after Prince Fielder, was markedly pessimistic in a recent chat about the Cubs’ chances to land Fielder – if they pursue him at all. “The Cubs are not going to get into a bidding war for Fielder. They don’t have that kind of money. Epstein might wait for the initial offers to take place and make one offer. But the Cubs are already at over $100 million in commitment for next season and still have a lot of work to do.” Levine later adds that “all indications” are that the Cubs are not in on Fielder. Given Levine’s public stance on Fielder, and the overall glum tone of the chat, I’ve got to believe that he’s been told from a Cubs source or two that the money probably isn’t there for Prince Fielder. Now, query whether that’s legitimately the case – teams frequently send out this kind of message to gain a bargaining advantage on a guy they’ve wanted all along. Still, it’s a bit of a downer if you believe Fielder is the Cubs’ best move at first base for 2012 and beyond.
  • So, how do you square the local sense that the Cubs aren’t in on Fielder with the national sense that they are? A possible explanation is the respective sources of info: namely, that the local media is getting their intel from Cubs sources, and the national guys are getting it from agents and other executives. Scott Boras, for example, is never going to deny that a team – especially a big market one like the Cubs – has interest in a client of his. Does that mean the Cubs have been talking to Boras, and that information is leaking to the national media? Maybe. But it could also just be Boras being Boras.
  • Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer aren’t keen on leaks, unless they are done so by design. In that way of thinking, leaks saying the Cubs are in on Fielder from the agent side, but leaks from the Cubs’ side saying the Cubs aren’t in on Fielder would make some sense. That is to say, maybe the Cubs are trying to get the word out that they aren’t interested, but the national media – having spoken to those in the Fielder camp – aren’t buying it. Just a thought.
  • I’ve not heard anything new on Fielder from my sources, for what it’s worth. So, from what they’ve previously said, together with all of this, my gut tells me: the Cubs would be interested in Fielder on a short-term, high-dollar contract, but they prefer – if at all possible – to spend the money elsewhere. (My guess? On Darvish and Cespedes (as well as Cuban prospect Jorge Soler).) If that’s right, don’t expect to hear anything new from the Cubs on Fielder in the next couple days.
  • ferrets_bueller

    Of the four guys mainly mentioned (Fielder, Darvish, Soler, and Cespedes), my preference would be:

    1. Soler

    2. Fielder (for 6 years, or heavily frontloaded longer deal)

    3. Darvish

    4. Fielder- Huge deal

    5. Cespedes

    I really wouldn’t mind 1 and 2, or possibly 1 through 3, depending on the money to Darvish.

    • matt3

      “2. Fielder (for 6 years, or heavily frontloaded longer deal)” -fb

      With inflation, I would make it heavily backloaded. But then again, I wouldn’t buy a 3million dollar house in downtown Chicago right now (or ever) either, which Theo has done. It’s his money I suppose, but does he look at the trends?

      • ari gold

        Have you seen his wife? If she wanted that house and they can afford it, then you buy her the friggin house.

        • matt3

          whipped… I’ll buy where I can carry

  • die hard

    The Orioles may surprise with bid and would free up Davis for Cubs

  • Bails17

    Let’s get K. Morales, Darvish, and Cespedes!

    Depending on the asking price…I would gamble on Morales.  Better defense, and has a big upside if he can get back to 85-90% of his former self!!

    • ottoCub

      Kendrys Morales, if healthy, would be a great addition to the Cubs (when was the last time we had a strong switch-hitter on the roster?) And with a 3million contract, he would be a really inexpensive risk for the next year, even if it turned out he couldn’t play. But, I’m not sure the Cubs have the prospects to put together in a deal for Morales? I would expect the Angels to ask for a lot in return, and the Cubs farm system is kinda thin.

      • http://cubbiescrib.com Luke

        Unless the Angels insist on major league ready talent, the Cubs could easily trade for Morales.

        • die hard

          hard to run on a fused ankle…hes lucky he can walk….he would need to be a DH on an AL team with an exemption from the Commish to allow him to have a DR (designated runner beginning from home plate)…otherwise would be great pickup

          • paul

            sorry die hard, thats to much. back off a little, take a nap, and try again after some snacks

            • Kyle L


      • EQ76

        Z is a switch hitter!

    • CubFan Paul

      agreed on Morales ..I’d give up a 20ish-30ish prospect or two for Kendry and save $20million a year the next couple years/put it towards pitching

      • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

        It seems like Kendry Morales is starting to get over-hyped among Cub fans. He was a non-tender candidate. He has a career .336 OBP. His health is uncertain.

        I’d give him a shot if the price is right, but the price needs to be right. Of all things, I think he might be most valuable as a veteran Cuban presence if you get Cespedes/Soler.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Very important to keep Morales in perspective. Good stuff.

          • BPaoni

            What’s up with all this “we don’t have the money” talk? Didn’t they have roughly $60 mil. coming off the books? How is our payroll at $100 mil. still?

            • EtotheR

              BP…if it was your job to manage negotiations with a free agent, along with the expectations of your fan base, would you want either to know how much (or little) money you have…or are willing to spend?
              My guess? I think the Cubs have whatever money they want to spend…but, are still going to try and be pennywise negotiators.

            • MoneyBoy

              because …

              1. Dempster re-signed at $16mm

              2. Soriano and his albatross $19mm contract is still here

              3. Zambrano and his $18mm contract is still here

              4. Arb eligible Garza is likely to get close to $10mm

              5. Marshall ($3.1) and Marmol ($7.0) in the pen

              pretty soon you wind up with some real money being spent

        • Bails17

          I agree with you TOMT…or whatever…he is a risk.  If they ask too much…don’t do it.  If what they want for him is reasonable…I say let’s take a shot.  I don’t see how OttoCub thinks we can’t put a package together to get him.  Also…keep in mind….he has 45 HRs in his last 833 PAs and a OPS of around .900.  If the price is right…come on down Kendrys!!

          • Mike

            I thought he Angels were going to offer Morales a contract and keep him?

            • Bails17

              Just because he was offered a contract doesn’t mean they intend on keeping him.

  • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

    I agree. It makes sense that if the Cubs are bidding a shorter term deal that local sources would be pessimistic while national sources would be confident that the Cubs are “in.”

    It’s also possible that Fielder would leave two years on the table if he was confident in his skills, valuing his comfort with Sveum in his decision, and offered a higher annual salary in the short-term deal. I don’t think he’d leave four years on the table, though.

  • Kyle

    I really, really want Prince Fielder but there is absolutely no way I’d give him 8 years.

    His agent is trying very hard to convince everybody he belongs in the same breath as Albert Pujols, but he doesn’t and he can’t be paid like one.

    • Lou

      Agreed. But that’s Boras for ya. Slow play it, offer glossy books on his players, and try to get a team(s) to bid against itself to raise the value of players.

    • jandersonjr81

      Exactly. He doesn’t belong in the same breath. Right now, he’s better. I would give Prince 8 before “Alberta”

  • SirCub

    Wait, he lives in Orlando? Then obviously he will wind up with the cubs!

  • Aaron

    I have to think that Theo and the FO would at least make some sort of pitch here even if it is a 5-6 yrs/high annual pay. There have been a few smaller deals put in place and I know the idea is to build this team “the Cubs” way however with the Cards losing out on Pujols and Brewcrew losing Prince, the Cubs are in a position to possibly contend somewhat in 2012 which wasn’t the case before. We need to make some sort of splash to show we are also serious about contending year in/year out and this would be one of those splashes!

  • Jewish Mother

    It’s a shame that this is the free agent market Theo has to navigate his first time around in Chicago. Every single available impact player has enormous risk associated with him.

    Pujols? Age questions, injury concerns, perceptible decline, and a 10 yr 200MM+ asking price that was met and that pays him too much for far too long (and which has helped raise Fielder’s price).

    Fielder? Right age, very wrong body, bad defense, and the same ridiculous money and year requirements.

    Darvish? Electric arm, perfect age, but a potentially troublesome ego to go with the Japanese track record which has yet to produce a player that can perform in the US at the level expected over the long haul (aaaaaaand let’s not forget a 100MM commitment between posting fee and contract).

    Cespedes? Really awesome You Tube video (‘Sailing” notwithstanding), tremendous raw physical ability….but possibly 60MM for a guy who hasn’t played above the level of A ball and who might never see a big league pitch?

    Add to that the events of the past week, with Pujols bolting for the AL and the news that Braun will be taking the first two months off, which, like it or not, drags the Cubs kicking and screaming into a fringe position.

    Add to that the new draft restrictions AND lousy hitters’ FA markets in the coming years.

    Add to that the ten ton elephant in the room, ya know, the whole 100+ years without a world championship thing and you got some pretty tough stuff for Theo right now.

    If he goes safe and avoids Fielder, it’s not likely we’ll see a hitter of his caliber reach the market at his age for a long time. If he avoids Darvish, it means we’re waiting it out another year to see if Greinke, Cain, and Hamels go to market (barring poor performance I consider Hamels and Greinke very likely to be extended, which leaves 29 other teams to joust with over Matt Cain, and there it wouldn’t surprise me if he were traded at some point during the year, then extended–of course there are some other names out there, but not that level). If he avoids Cespedes, then he might be passing on a 5-tool OF who, if he nails it, would be an incredible bargain for the production (and during his peak years at that).

    So yeah, I do not envy Theo and Jed their jobs right now. If they do pass we’re likely looking at some very dull, very mediocre seasons for a while, and the reality that, at least for the next couple of seasons, Fielder, Pujols, and Darvish will almost certainly dazzle wherever they end up. By the time the Fielder and Pujols contracts start to turn into liabilities Theo could be long gone. Whatever faith is being put in his method, a couple more lackluster seasons and that will have disappeared, and if the farm isn’t producing by then (no guarantee of that either), this whole new Cub Way might be finished before it even starts.

    • die hard

      Calm down or you’ll have a stroke….I am sure you are proud of Theo even though he didnt choose to be a doctor…doesnt he get embarrassed by you defending him?….you need to let go and let him leave the nest…he still loves you and knows you are proud of him…send him some chicken soup…works every time

      • Dougy D

        Nice. Hey Jewish mother, don’t forget that the Cubs are taking a risk with Epstein. If it doesn’t work out with him, I sure won’t feel too bad for him and all of the money he made off of Cubs fans. And give it a rest with 100+ year losing streak. We all know, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 100+ years or if it is 30 years. I am sure that you haven’t been waiting 100+ years and nor have I. It is what it is and we are all hoping to see some championships in our lifetime. If for nothing else than to rub it in the face of the snooty Cardinals fans.

      • Kyle L

        DIE HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Toosh


  • Barney S

    Anyone else getting really tired of the lack of moves made by the Cubs so far. We got DeJesus and a not-so-great 3B. Only 2 moves and its mid December.
    This is worse then picking up a 7 at best who is terrible in bed. Not only is it not the girl I wanted, but she has the body gyrations of Michael J. Fox

    • Boog


    • Toosh

      I’m with you. I also laugh at the reasoning. First, everyone’s waiting on Pujols, then Wilson, then the non-tender deadline, now it’s Fielder and Darvish. Pretty soon we’ll hear that there’s a lot of time before Spring Training starts.

    • matt3

      “This is worse then picking up a 7 at best who is terrible in bed.”

      Correct your grammar… If you’re going to try and act like an adult, then at least write like one… or you can just lose the witty comments.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        He’s being Barney Stinson, a television character.

        • matt3

          my bad

          • http://Bleachernation Bric

            No problem, bud. In my mind the only two Barneys from T.V worth quoting are Rubble and Gumble. Now stop finding fault and knit me some seatbelts.

    • Noah

      I’m not sure what a lot of Cub fans want Theo and Jed to reasonably do. A lot of people just seem to think that trading away Byrd, Soriano and Zambrano is going to replenish the farm system. I’m sorry, but all your getting in return for those players right now is org guys.

      The problem the Cubs have is that all of their guys not named Starlin Castro (who is all but untouchable) who could potentially bring in a big haul have their trade value limited by some factor or another. Matt Garza needs to show the near ace type numbers for a second year in a row after largely being a solid innings eater in Tampa. Geovany Soto needs to rebound. No one knows if Andrew Cashner’s arm is going to stay attached enough for him to be able to start. Randy Wells, who looked like a solid and dependable 4th starter after his first two seasons, was injured and ineffective for the first 2/3 of 2011. And people just aren’t trading that much for relievers anymore.

      I personally like what Theo is doing. He is either bringing in dependable undervalued guys (DeJesus has posted at least 1.9 fWAR every season since 2005) or bringing in high ceiling lottery tickets (Ian Stewart). I think Theo is waiting for the commodities he has, which he does not believe are at the highest value, to be worth more to the league before he unloads them. He isn’t looking at this like a one year turn around, but instead appears to be thinking of building a team that will make the playoffs 2 out of every 3 seasons or better starting in 2014 or so.

    • Lou

      And now this from the Score–the Cubs, according to Phil Rogers, are kicking the tires on Wakefield and Varitek, which we already knew. Sorry, Theo, but I don’t want Grandpa Wakefield or Uncle Varitek on my team.

      • MoneyBoy

        “According to Phil Rogers” equates to dismiss out of hand.

  • Dumpman

    One option I’m not sure I’ve seen would be a platoon at 1B. I wouldn’t die if we got Jack Cust to platoon at 1B with Baker. Baker sports a .886 OPS against lefties, and Cust hits a .849 OPS against righties. Not sexy by any means, but I would do it as opposed to giving Fielder 8-10 years. This is only a suggestion if you believe LaHair cant consistantly hit ML pitching.

    Again I’d offer Fielder 25/5, but I wouldn’t go much over that.

    • BetterNews

      Don’t like the platooning thing. I don’t think its really had success anywhere.

      • Dumpman

        It’s not Ideal, but ideally you’d mostly use Cust / LaHair for most of the AB’s and have Baker fill in for tough lefties anyways.

      • Dougy D

        Agreed. Platooning is what you do when your starter gets hurt or underperforms. I think it would be a waste of money to sign someone to platoon. I would rather bring up the farmhands to play that role. I hadn’t heard about 8-10 years for Fielder though. I think that would be a mistake and would rather sign a lesser caliber player to a 2-3 year deal, depending on who comes up through the farm system and in trades.

    • Diesel

      No Jack Cust. Saw a lot of what he did in Oakland and there is a reason he isn’t there any more. Strikes out at a Ryan Howard type rate with a homerun rate of a Ryan Theriot. All while playing bad defense. The A’s used him more as a dh than at 1b. No to Jack Cust

      • Dumpman

        Hes never going to make anyone forget about Pujols, but if we’re talking low cost solutions to this problem, he deserves mention.

        • die hard

          Seattle’s Smoak better fit if you are going down that path

          • Dumpman

            Smoak would cost a ton to acquire. I’m surprised everyone is so far down on Cust. I’m not saying hes the savior.. But if we’re talking about guys who wont cost a lot and have proved they could hit ML pitching he has to be mentioned, period. What if Fielder takes a 8 or 9 year deal to SEA? The Angels keep Morales; Gaby Sanchez stays with MIA, Pena will cost morewith us not getting a pick. I’m saying that these avenues must be explored.

            • http://CubbiesCrib.com Luke

              Cust is one player I would love to see take batting practice.
              I’d love to see him in a home run derby.

              And I would love to see his 32% career strikeout rate coming to the plate for the other team.

              • BetterNews

                That’s exactly right.

            • Lou

              If you’re not going after Smoak may as well get Luke Scott. Cust isn’t any more of a 1b than him.

      • BetterNews

        I’m with you on Cust, for sure. He is not 1st base material.

      • Kyle

        Jack Cust becomes the winner of the offseason’s “When Will Someone Finally Suggest a 1b So Bad That I’d Actually Prefer AAAA Bryan LaHair.”

        • Cedlandrum


    • Lou

      Jack Cust has seen better days.

  • http://bleachernation.com ricosanto

    I say 6 years for 140 mil with a 7th year team and player option. Of course back loaded heavily with some deffered.Why would he want to go to Seattle or Baltimore. He likes Sveum alot, loves Wrigley.He knows the fans in Wrigley would love him. at the end of 6 he is only 33 , then he can become a DH in the AL.If the cubs want to win the WS in the next 5 years this your man.

    • BetterNews

      Here is my problem with all the Fielder talk. Fielder had never taken the Brewer’s to the WS and we are somehow to believe if we “sell the farm” and actually do get Fielder we will be in the WS in five years. I don’t think that makes sense. Would he be an asset? Sure. But by signing him it does not mean you get to the Series. Just something to think about.

  • http://bleachernation.com ricosanto

    Fielder part # 2 You are shedding Demp ( 14) Zambrano (18) Trade Byrd ( 6) Trade Marmol(16) for 2 years. There is the first 54 mil for Fielder. Puholis did not want to spend another 10 years in that God-awful town St. Louis when he could go to LA.I am sure Prince would love living in Chicago instead of Baltimore

  • Zach

    Does anybody know if there are any first baseman that the Cubs could trade for as an alternative to Prince Fielder?

    • die hard

      Orioles Davis or Mariners Smoak….either team may get Fielder which would free up guy…Theo’s feigning interest in Fielder to get some other team with a 1B to bite….hes playing chess while others playing checkers used to refer to Obama…hope its true with Theo given took out a 2nd mtge to pay for him and his band of merry men…

      • Hawkeye

        If  you read carefully, I see a compliment in there.   Your not such a bad guy die hard, just misunderstood at times.

        • TWC

          ::TWC glares at Hawkeye::


    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      There are no 5-win 1B available by trade, unless you hit the jackpot picking the right prospect (Montero, Anderson, or Alonso?).

      The problem with Fielder is that he gives back so much of his hitting value in baserunning and defense, which is only going to get worse as he ages. He really should go to an AL club.

      I’m tempted by Fielder, but I wonder if it makes more sense for the Cubs to try LaHair or reclamation projects at 1B and be ready to bid on Votto when he’s free and the club’s ready to contend.

      • Lou

        Problem with Votto is he’ll be older than Fielder by then, command a deal similar in yrs and money. Even the most athletic and offensively talented of big leaguers regress by the age of 35. Look at Aramis’ contract and you’ll see why he did what he did.

        • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

          Votto will be older in pure years, but Prince’s body is likely older, so to speak, given how players of his size age. Does that make sense?

          I’d be hoping between now and then that we get a 1B prospect out of our system or via trade who works out.

          • Lou

            A trade would be great but that’s gonna depend on where Prince winds up. If Seatlle, then I would do anything I could to get Smoak. I just don’t about Prince’s build and if I’m board with you there though. And Votto will age as well. I don’t buy that without Prince and a Garza trade this team will be competitive by 2014, maybe 2015.

            • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

              Sure, I’d trade for Smoak, but I doubt the M’s trade Smoak even if they do get Fielder. If I was Seattle, I’d keep playing Smoak at 1B and Fielder at DH.

              If the Yankees wanted Garza, I feel like we’d match up with them fairly well.

              • Lou

                But Fielder doesn’t want to come to a team to DH. If this were the case, the Yankees would be in on him.He wants to play in the field. I think we match up well also with the Tigers.

  • MightyBear

    Of all mentioned I would like to see the Cubs go after Darvish and Soler. Not sold on Cespedes and Fielder is going to want too many years.

  • Jeff

    Two other 1st Base Prospects that Jed and Theo are very familiar with, Lars Anderson and Anthony Rizzo. I know Rizzo would take more to get. I’d be happy with either one, time to go younger!

    • Lou

      Rizzo really didn’t show that could play for all his potential last year. Rizzo = not like.

      • mister_rob

        You dont like a 20 (21 maybe) kid who absolutely destroyed AAA pitching before strugglling his first time up to the majors?

        Doesnt matter anyway. Pads wont trade him. Maybe for Castro. Maybe

        • Lou

          No. If we gonna get younger guys, we need to do much more in the pitching department. And if that was the case, why didn’t Theo trade for Tyler Chatwood? After all, Rockies got him for Chris Ianetta. I think the Cubs could have engineered a trade like that for Chatwood.

          • Cedlandrum

            You have got to be joking. Anthony Rizzo is one of the top prospects in all of baseball. He hit .331 and OPS’d 1.056 in AAA as a 21 year old. He struggled in his first taste of big league ball but he still took walks and over 50% of his hits were for extra bases.

            In summary. I would take him in a heartbeat as well as most other teams.

            • Lou

              Really….you don’t want the Angels top pitching prospect for Ianetta. Hmm….I’m thinking it’s gonna cost much, much more for Rizzo. Based on that and the trade consummated for Chatwood, I’ll give up much, much less and take Chatwood. I guess that’s what I trying to say. Ok. I’d want Rizzo but at what price?

            • Jeff

              I agree, it might take a haul to pry him away from S.D. They are going to have to do something with that ballpark. I don’t care if they have 9 sluggers in their line-up, I don’t see them being competitive for a while 2010 was a fluke, by the time their ready Rizzo will be leaving like Gonzalez.

              • Lou

                Yeah, they got big problems there in SD. I heard that the Mariners are moving the fences in—maybe to attract Fielder?

  • http://Bleachernation Bric

    What has Theo Epstein ever done in his career (or in the last month) to make so many people think he’s GOT to be pursuing Fielder? His last year (much as Hendry’s) doesn’t count.
    I’ll be the first to come back onto the Nation and admit I’m wrong if Fielder gets signed, but right now Theo’s building a team built on solid defense, young players that will develop, and not throwing money around until he has to. Fielder fits non of these categories.
    Also, I trust the local writers alot more than any of these national “insiders” because they’re actually talking to Epstein and Hoyer, not getting used by other execs or agents to make a story to control the price of a contract.

    • BetterNews

      I don’t think Theo is playing the “Get Fielder and they will come” game either. I have to/want to believe that this a work in progress toward a WS, thus a Fielder signing makes no sense.

      • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

        I agree, if he wanted to make a splash signing and be dumb, I think he would have signed Pujols.

        If we get Fielder, it won’t be 8-10 years all guarranteed and for obscene amounts of money.

    • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

      Many good points…I think Theo knows this is his grand opportunity to show what HE has, after seeing the Red Sox operate the last few months I think we have a better grasp on the “Players” within that organization and I think that Theo didn’t hold all of the cards.

      Here, I think Theo is told here is the budget, if you need more you can certaintly ask for more, but just build a good team to win the WS.

      Chicago is where Theo will make his mark on baseball history.  The Cubs may not be the Astros/White Sox in terms of crapitude but if he can build a perennial winner here, I think it will matter more than his Boston years.

  • Jeff

    Good, buy low. It always amazes me when a rookie only has a few at bats and somebody says, boy the didn’t play up to their potential. Good gosh, you need to give a player at least 2 years and 600 at bats per year to really no what you got.

    • BetterNews

      Don’t know if a scout would say that.

  • Lou

    According to Olney, talked to three baseball execs–all mentioned same to two teams for Darvish, Jays and Rangers.

    • MightyBear

      Olney doesnt know jack. He throws stuff out there like its fact when its all his opinion. He’s as bad as Gammons.

      • Lou

        Neither does Heyman or David Kaplan then either.

  • James Smith

    Offer fielder a 6 year contract with a 7 player option and an 8th club option give him a 6 year deal with 130 million and a 7 the and 8th option year that’s his long contract with the possibility of gtting out of it early then get cespese or what ever trade normal to angels for Peter bourojs a young center fielder ahead of one of there. Top prospects and trade Barney bitters and carpenter to the padres for chase yearly then here’s your lineup
    1.peter bourjos cf
    2.starlin castro ss
    3.chase headley 3b
    4. Prince fielder 1b
    5.yonneis cespes Lf
    6. Ian stewart 2b
    7.geo soto c (look for pitching tades then have wellinton castiilo with varietek platooning )
    8. Soriano/byrd /dejesus/jackson/lahair if u can’t trade soriano and byrd

    Matt garza
    Joe saunders (cheap)
    Big z
    Joel piner (cheap)
    Randy wells

    Setup man sean marshal
    Closer andrew cashner (to save his arm)

    Feedback please

    • BetterNews

      Let me refer that to Epstein(LOL)

      • EtotheR

        Refer this to Epstein, Gonzo. Along with the underside of my butt, and whichever part of your bologna sandwich that Aramis stole from you (while he was in Pittsburgh **** INSERT MASSIVE EYE ROLL AND PITYING GAZE ****).

        Enjoy your life.

        • BetterNews

          Wha chu talkin bout?

    • Dumpman

      Not terrible. However.. in your plan we’d have a huge logjam in the OF. Byrd, Dejesus and Jackson should all be starters at some point next season. I like Bourjos a lot, but he only makes sense if we deal Soriano and/or Byrd really. Cashner should at the very least have every opportunity to start.

      You forget about Dempster?

      Soto to TB for Niemann + makes sense for both teams involved if Theo and Company think Castillo is ready.

      Cant say your trade would or wouldn’t work with The Pads for Headley. I’d guess that its a bit light on our side, but who knows. I’m willing to bet Stewart is without a doubt our 3B next season though.

      Not terrible for Fielder, may end up that way. I’d say thats also a bit light though.

      Saunders and Joel Pinerieo are what they are. Probably backend Fodder. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to kick the tires on them nonetheless.

    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      Ok, some feedback…

      1. I don’t think Bourjos is available.
      2. I don’t think Headley is still on the radar after announcing Stewart as our 3B; I also don’t see playing Stewart at 2B with Castro at SS given what the FO has said about defense.
      3. Sure, I’ll jump on the Cespedes bandwagon, but I put him in CF.
      4. I wouldn’t be upset if we picked up Fielder and his top-notch bat. I am not looking forward to him executing his surname, however, and would probably get outbid by insisting on no more than 5 years.
      5. I’ll be surprised if Soriano isn’t the opening day LF; but I’d try and trade him.
      6. I’d be active in shopping Byrd, but ready to trade him at the deadline if need be.
      7. I’m shopping Barney to someone who needs a SS.
      8. I’m listening on Soto but not shopping.
      9. Saunders and Piniero are worth looking at; so’s Kuroda.
      10. What did you get back for Demp and Marmol?

  • Rooster


  • Aaron

    I don’t see the Cubs giving Fielder anything more than a 5 or 6 year deal at this point. He’s a solid player – his hitting numbers are outstanding. I just think the organization has taken enough heat in recent years for giving out ridiculous contracts to players that haven’t lived up.

    Remember: Soriano was a top FA back in the day, a 40-40 guy. Signing him was a big deal, and a lot of writers lauded the Cubs for their brilliant move signing him. Obviously, the collective thought on him is he has to go. Slipping numbers and lazy defense. Plus he doesn’t run the bases like he once did (obvious). But if he were still batting .300 with his 25-30 HRs and almost 100 RBIs every season – throw in about 15-20 SBs – would we all be too pissed off about him making $19mil? Nope.

    Fielder could end up going the same way. I just think 27ish is a critical year for players. And then post-30 is where we’ll really see what his long-term value is. Anyway, a shorter deal has to be where it’s at for now. If he can put up solid numbers into his early 30s, then he can re-negotiate in the AL with some team to ride out his years. Maybe even sign on as a “consultant” for a decade or so after being done playing. Who knows.

  • Toosh

    I agree. 6 years tops for Fielder.

  • paul

    Go total youth. Trade or cut Dempster, Zambrano, Marmol, Byrd, Soriano, Soto, Dewitt and Baker. Eat whatever parts of contracts necessary. Get as many live young arms as you can get for those dogs. Go after the Cubans. Forget the Japanese. Castillo and Clevenger catch, Lahair, Barney, Castro and Stewart around the infield, Jackson, Szczur and Cespedes across the oufiled with Dejesus and Campana reserves. Junior Lake and another youngin reserve infielders. The bullpen is already full of good young arms Stockile young starters and I could not care less that these young guys have not yet aquired the proper seasoning. Put them in the fire. They will adjust to the bigs or they won’t. At least they will hustle, play defense and not be a goddamn bore.

    • paul

      I guess I will have to change my name. That was not me that posted the above post, I am sorry you all had to read that garbage I 100% disagree with that post. I believe in God, but I don’t believe he has anything to do with blogging or the Cubs!

  • paul/scorecard

    I guess we’ll consider this a name change

  • scorecard

    Sorry for the multiple posts,
    I hate it when people think they are more important than the site itself, and just keep posting over and over. I hate it more, when an individual steals your user name and puts profanity in your posts.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      In that case, welcome scorecard.

      (I think the other “paul” just happens to be another person named Paul.)

  • paul

    sorry girls i meant gosh darn bore

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