[Ed. – The following is a guest post from a reader and Chicago Cubs fan, Ankur Roy, who has a different take on where things stand with respect to the new man in charge, Theo Epstein. You may have heard me saying things similar to number three below. It’s not something I want to feel, but it lingers there in the back of my mind, nonetheless.]

Like all Cubs fans, I was ecstatic when the Cubs were able to pry Theo away from the cold dying hands of Larry Lucchino and John Henry. Well, maybe pry isn’t the right word. Either way, it was sheer joy and I remember texting all my fellow Cubs fans in celebration. Amongst the return celebratory texts, I received a reply from a jaded, old Cubs fan and friend. It read, simply, “I hate you.” That reply could have been him simply expressing his pent up emotion towards me, but I decided that he was really angry about my pleasure with the Theo hiring.

I pondered the text for a few days, and a thought kept gnawing at me. Maybe, I should hate me too. Maybe I was the dumbass for basking in the majesty that is Theo. So, the cynical, jilted Cubs fan that I am, I had to introspect. There’s quite a few of us out there now and the days of the “Lovable Losers” (god, I hated that) are long gone. As I delved deeper into the broken psyche of a Cubs fan, I realized that there are a number of reasons that left me uneasy about Theo.

1.) Look, I’m going to be very frank about my relationship with the Cubs. I’ll repeat, it’s jaded. I love them so much that I hate them. So, I realized really quickly that maybe I shouldn’t be elated by Theo. Wasn’t this the exact same feeling I had when Sweet Lou came out of the booth to the dugout? The man had won one World Series as a manager. One. And yet I thought he was the final piece. Wasn’t I one of the many yelling “In Dusty We Trusty”? The same Dusty that single-handedly cost the Giants the 2007 World Series? The man that was directly responsible for Dr. James Andrews’ wealth? How about when the Cubs hired the wunderkind, Andy MacPhail? Heck, we can go all the way back to Dallas Green and his “Building a New Tradition.” The point is, I’d been down this sadistic road before. It leads to nowhere. And my newfound awakening was asking if I wanted Theo to lead me there again.

2.) The jaded relationship could explain some of my apprehension, but it couldn’t explain all of it. No, there had to be something more. As I delved deeper, I realized that there was some intellectual jealousy. Look, I know some very smart people. In fact, I consider myself to be a very smart person. So, then, why should I put someone like Theo in such an exalted position? I mean, Theo’s very smart. But, there are thousands of very smart people out there. More narrowly, there are hundreds of people within MLB right now that are every bit as smart as Theo. Why should Theo get all this credit? Theo would be the first to tell you that randomness had more to do with his current life than any skill that he brought to the table. Would we even be talking about Theo had David Ortiz not hit the walk-off in Game 5? Randomness effects all walks of life, but even the most novice of sabremetricians can tell you, randomness is the silent siren of baseball. It draws in many a fan and owner without us even knowing. Could Theo be Theo because of sheer luck?

3.) Now we’re getting somewhere. This self diagnosed therapy session is really helping me out. So, I’ve begun to make sense of why my friend hates me, but there has to be more. And there is. It’s simple resentment. The more I thought about the Cubs winning the World Series, the more I realized that it will be every bit about Theo as it is about the Cubs. The man who brought world championships to two cursed (I curse at curses) franchises. The man who was able to conquer the Bambino and the Goat. You know what? I don’t want that. And I’m not afraid to say it. For as long as I have been a Cubs fan, and as long as we have suffered as Cubs fans, I don’t want our World Series to be about Theo. It’s about us, the Cubs. Look, Theo has every right to his legacy and I hope beyond hope he achieves part of it in Chicago with a Cubs World Series win, but I do not want it to overshadow how much more important it is to the Chicago Cubs and Cubs fans like us.

4.) Lest I start getting my Andy Rooney on, let me stop bitching. But, before I stop, I do have one more quibble. THEO? What has Theo done to deserve being called just Theo? He may have some accomplishments under his belt in Boston, but nothing in Chicago. So, why the honor of just being called by his first name? We are Chicago sports fans and we don’t just hand out that honor. There’s Michael, there’s Walter, and there will be Derrick. Hell, even Ryne and Andre were called Ryno and the Hawk. So, I ask, is Theo already worthy of being just Theo?

As I reread what I just wrote, it’s obvious that many of my points just sound bitter. Well, that’s because I am. I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1984 (great time to hop on the wagon – I never could have predicted the sustained pain that was to be inflicted on me). I’ve seen Garvey mash, I’ve seen Will the Thrill kill, and I’ve seen Alex Gonzalez bobble (I refuse to acknowledge that Bartman had even a minuscule role to play in 2003). So, forgive me if my initial elation has turned to apprehension. But, I’ll tell you this, Theo: you bring a World Series champion to Chicago and I will call you Daddy.

Ankur Roy is fanatical about the Chicago Cubs, but doesn’t want to be defined as such (except when he’s doing the defining). He has written previously at www.ankurroy.com, and you can find him on Twitter @ajroy.

  • ct

    “For as long as I have been a Cubs fan, and as long as we have suffered as Cubs fans, I don’t want our World Series to be about Theo. It’s about us, the Cubs.”

    “Us”? I wasn’t aware you played for the team. You must be in Low-A or something. It’s about “them”, and Theo is a major part of the team and thus, “them”. It would only make sense that he would get some of the limelight were they to win. Mostly, however, your pondering here doesn’t even make any sense. You’re acting as if there would be some great Theo parade. That the SI Championship package they use to get people to sign up for their stuff would be a DVD with a giant Theo face on it. This or anything close to it would never realistically happen. He’d get some articles and a segment or two on Sportscenter wondering if he’s the greatest GM ever because that’s what they do.

    There would be no Theo parade, no laying it all at his feet. Theo does not pitch or bat and the world would (and hopefully, will) readily recognize this. To suppose otherwise is silly and entirely detached from reality.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      There’s some truth in there, though I think you underestimate the deification that would occur. I think it’s just important – and Theo, himself, would agree – to make sure that, whatever happens, it’s all about “the Cubs.” I think we all agree with that, and I’m happy to include Theo as a part of “the Cubs.”

      I include the fans, too.

    • Lou

      Some limelight and some articles, ct. The man would be Jordanesque in Chicago if a WS happened for the Cubs. Maybe you wouldn’t play that angle as a fan, but the Chicago media, who have power and control over the dissemination of sports information, would certainly play it to the hilt. And those like David Kaplan have said as much that they would. I certainly get the reasoning and logic behind point 3.

      • Lou

        To add to that point, while the Chicago media might play it to the hilt, I think the true character of Epstein would be in the way he responds. Therein, lies the difference.

    • Ankur


      I usually don’t like using “Us” to refer to the teams I am of fan of, but in this case I was referring to “Us” as in “Cubdom”.

      More importantly, I think you greatly underestimate the media’s need for simple figureheads. It’s the same reason why people blame Obama or praise Kennedy despite the fact, yes fact, that the president has very little direct influence (caveat times of war) on the state of America.

      The same can be said about Theo. He WILL get the praise, including face on SI, DVD’s, etc if the Cubs win in the next 3-5 years. He will be the fans and media figurehead.

  • Jesse Stoltz

    You spelled “Derek” wrong. It’s Derrick Rose.

    • paul

      lets just win one and worry about all of the other crap later

  • PFK

    I don’t care who its all about. I want a World Series title. If he breaks 100+ years then, you know what, there would be merit in it being all about Theo. I don’t care if it’s all about Fielder or Castro or anyone else. And, in typical Chicago media fashion, they would make it about Theo. But you know who it would really be all about? Ricketts.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Great point – if/when it finally happens, if it’s under this group, the Ricketts deserve a whole, whole lot of love.

    • Ankur

      Good point, clearly without the support from the top, Theo would have no impact.

  • Kevin

    Beggars cant be choosers all I want is a title and Theo is going to get us to the point were that is a plausible goal again.

  • JulioZuleta

    We call him Theo because he has a cool, unique name. If his name was Bob or Tim, we would call him Bob Epstein or Time Epstein. A lot of people called Fukudome “Kosuke” or Choi “Hee-Sop” or or Wendell “Turk”. I don’t think anyone is deifying him, it’s just a fanatical fan base getting excited about a young fresh, established set of eyes and brains coming to the organization and instilling some hope.

    • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

      If it were Time Epstein, you bet your sweet ass I would call him Time.

      • JulioZuleta

        Haha smart ass (so would I).

    • RoughRiider

      Theo is short for Theodore. In Greek that’s Devine Gift. Gift from God.

  • jab

    Personally I wouldn’t give a rats ass who got the credit as long as it happens in my lifetime. I’m 32 years old and am already sick of waiting. Can’t imagine the older folks on here that have been struggling through years of ineptitude and mediocrity. If they win I’m wearing an “I love Theo” shirt and a Theo mask. Hell, I might even break out the banana hammock to celebrate.

    • BetterNews

      jab—Will not happen based on all the the new stats including the newly acclaimed WAR stats as it is called. This new “regime” is thinking money, and thats what I am beginning to believe. I didn’t think that at first, the reason for my username(BetterNews), was because there was going to be a “big” change. Yes the change came in management and nothing more. The fact is the Cubs will be putting a worse team on the field than 2011, and I challenge “anyone” that says otherwise.

  • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

    Thank you, Debbie Downer.  I agree A LOT with #3 and found myself agreeing more with #2 than I care to admit.

    I will say (being a Cubs fan just since 1998-ish and really only a die hard follower since early 2007) that I actually for once believe that we aren’t looking at a flexible 3 or 5-year plan, I also believe that it goes well past the BM/PBO/Front Office.  I believe it starts with the owner and I believe that we have an owner that actually understands what it means to be a successful franchise.  That the bottom line isn’t only impacted by the Cubs winning a World Series, that if you geniunely build a good foundation and can keep churning out 90+ win seasons you will: A) Rake in profits galore, each and every year, B) You will eventually win a World Series and C) You will make your own luck.

    For as much as luck and happen-stance plays a part in baseball so does putting yourself in a position to make that luck.  Looking at the past with the Cubs, it seems every time they started putting something together the owner either got pissy with his GM and fired him for something stupid or got cheap and refused to sign one of the greatest pitchers in all of baseball history.  Since 1938 (arguably the end of the Cubs reign) the Cubs have put together 2 stretches of time where we were 1st or 2nd in the league – 69-72 and 07-09.  The rest we relied on luck and chance to make a spot here or there.

    At the end of the day, I guess I put more faith in the Ricketts family, and their apparent desire to build a long term powerhouse, than I do in Epstein.  At the end of the day, they are the ones that give the rope to their top decision maker, they are the ones that tell the Captain of the ship where the destination is.

    • jab

      “For as much as luck and happen-stance plays a part in baseball so does putting yourself in a position to make that luck.” – Absolutely well put.

    • Ankur

      Great points. I completely agree that the best organizations put themselves in a position to leverage chance/luck. I was trying to make a broader point about randomness and the human nature of ascribing skill to randomness. But, I concede that it can easily be argued that Theo put himself in a position to leverage luck (a la Phil Jackson and all the best ones).

  • Barney S

    I seriously don’t understand my Cub brethren. “We want to win, but we don’t want to win because of somebody else?” Are you F’ing insane??? This is not a Hollywood movie, we aren’t going to bring together a bunch of rejects and idiots and somehow win the World Series out of pure will power. The Cubs need the talent, the front office and the coaching to do so. The best front office is available and somehow by sheer luck we nab them, and you are complaining about that?
    It’s like you want to keep losing, making up excuse after excuse as to why we shouldn’t win because of this guy or that guy. Call me old fashioned but I just want to win, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You think the 2011 Cardinals are down in the dumps because they somehow, against all odds and a Braves collapse managed to make it in the playoffs? Of course not, they still have champagne hangovers.
    It’s like you’re scared to win. That winning would be “too much” for you to handle. Well my friend, if you can’t handle it then speak for yourself, because me and about EVERY OTHER CUBS FAN just wants us to win. Because we are awesome….true story
    also…..you think your “friend” just said he hates you because….maybe he actually does hate you…..you ever think of that?!

    • JulioZuleta

      Yeah, that was kind of crazy. I get what he’s saying but, still, no.

    • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

      At this point, btw I agree with you, I just gloss over your comments to get to the “Barney Lines”…sorry but its rule #435 in the Bro Code – “If someone is doing a funny schtick, you ignore everything else to get to the schtick.”

    • Lou

      I don’t think that has anything to do with this at all. I think it’s more that Cubs’ fans are afraid of losing and losing with the best chance that has come around in years. In the end you can scout, put out the “Cub way” and have all the metrics at your disposal and play it very smart with discipline and intellect and then get to two World Series back to back, like the Rangers, and wonder when you’re going to get back there and get off the snide.

    • Ankur

      I have no idea how you deduced that I want the Cubs to win with a bunch rejects and idiots like a Hollywood movie.

      I pointed out that Theo is hailed as savior, like many saviors of the past. My general point was that it was important for me, as a Cubs fan, to take a step back from the hysteria and realize that it’s not just Theo.

      And you’re right, I asked my buddy after I wrote this and he confirmed: He does just hate me, nothing to do with Theo.

  • SouthernCub

    Us, them, we, you………WHO GIVES A DAMN! Just win ONE, just ONE and we’ll whine about who its mostly for later

  • http://CubbiesCrib.com Luke


    All of these points seem to only apply if one views the Epstein hiring as being a good hiring primarily because one believes the Cubs will win the World Series under Epstein.

    Me, I view the Epstein hiring as a good hiring because he has a solid track record of building an organization via amateur talent developed in a strong, well run farm system. That could turn into a World Series, and it might not. If following baseball for a few decades has taught be anything, it is that the playoffs are wildly unpredictable. For example, the Phillies put together a starting rotation that is designed to win in the playoffs, and got bounced in the first round. Does that mean the Philly front office is a failure for assembling a team that didn’t win it all? I don’t think so, but perhaps some would.

    Franchises are built on solid organizations that put a team in position to enjoy lasting success. There will be ups and there will be downs. There will be plenty of trips to the playoffs, and eventually the odds will fall so that there will be a trip to the World Series or two. But all of that is out of the hands of the front office. So long as the people in charge build an organization that puts the team in a position to maintain long term success, I’m content.

    In my opinion, if Epstein builds that type of lasting organization in Chicago, he’ll have done his job. How many World Series the team wins is completely irrelevant to his performance. If he builds a strong organization, the titles will eventually come.

    As for point 3, the next time the Cubs do make the playoffs I hope it is all about Theo. Then perhaps the media will bother him with their stupid questions about 100+ years and let the players concentrate on the game. History will sort out who is really responsible and assign correct credit where it is due in the end.

    • Ankur

      One of the best comments I have read so far. I don’t want to sound like Jerry Reinsdorf, but it is organizations. And if Theo can put together the infrastructure, recruit the talent, and get lucky, he will have done his job.

  • Kevin

    “I love them so much that I hate them.”

    I too have come to this realization in the recent past. Quite a strange feeling. Reading it was another feeling. Others feel the same way. Thank you. Great read.

  • Kris

    I actually blame Dusty for not calming everyone down after that foul ball in Game 6. A simple conference at the mound to say, “Look we’re 5 outs away, no need to panic. Mark you’re doing a hell of a job. Remember your placements and let’s win this thing.” would have been more then enough to get us through. I’m not saying we would have beat the Yankees or Red Sox, but we certainly would have won the Pennant.

    • paul

      Kris, I agree 100%. I couldn’t believe he couldn’t see it crumbling. they needed a regroup. just ask the people who live down the block from me. they probably heard me screaming at dusty that night.

  • Stinky Pete

    I can understand and respect your apprehension.  But right now, it feels good to be a Cubs fan.  In fact the sense I get is that most Cubs fans snicker in the direction of the Cardinals, who just won the World Series.  Yet there is a huge sense of optimism in Chicago.  Yeah it feels familiar in a deja vu kind of way, but I’m just riding it, man.

    And I think Theo is just “Theo” because it’s not a common name.  When someone says Theo, Epstein comes to mind.

  • http://poppingthecrowd.wordpress.com mrejr8234

    I couldn’t car less about who the Cubs winning the Winning the World Series would be about, it most likely be about different things to different people and about Theo to the media because it is the easy story to regurgitate over and over again. To me it is going to be able to tell every Cardinal fan that goes “Durrrrrrrr hurrrrrrrrr hhhhurrrrr 100 years hurrrrrrr hurrrr” to kiss my ass and tio kiss my ring. I almost hate the Cardinals as much as I love the Cubs.

  • SirCub

    I can understand the sentiment with #3. But the thing is, if and when the Cubs do actually win a world series, I don’t think Theo will get all of the credit. Because, I’m assuming that if they do win a world series, they will have some pretty good players that played pretty well along the way. There will be plenty of contributions, and great stories from all parties involved.

    Of course, the argument could (and will) be made, that Theo would deserve the credit for putting that team together, and therefore the whole thing started with him. But this is just ridiculous. Because Tom Ricketts hired Theo and bankrolled the team, so it started with him before Theo. And if you want to go all the way back to the source, it is definitely the fans who provided the support necessary for TR to afford to do all of that. And that fan enthusiasm is a result of a decades-long relationship between a great city and a storied franchise, with contributions from Ernie Banks, Harry Caray, Ron Santo, and generations of Cubs fans.

    In my eyes, none of these could be slighted. Of course, there will be ignorant commentary by some analysts that praise Theo for everything. But clearly, when this happens, it will be about much, much, much more than any single man.

  • nonesuch

    I’m sorry, but I don’t care who is the hero or architect.  It would be about the City of Chicago and the fans worldwide.  It would be about my late grandfather who watched countless afternoon games with me and died in the summer of ’89 when I was sure they’d do it.  It would be about my uncle who took me to my first game and watched Greg Luzinski launch two homers and bought me my first Cubs cap.  It would be about my son who couldn’t understand why Sosa and Wood weren’t enough take them all the way in ’98.  It would be about my daughter who just went to her first game and wants to go every year.

    I understand the cynicism.  I almost succumbed to it completely in the mid-90’s and said eff it all.  But I reconsidered, I’ve come this far, I’m going all the way no matter what.

    We take loads of crap for it, but isn’t our undying loyalty and optimism that mark us uniquely as Cubs fans?

    Nope, I remember watching the ’04 Red Sox celebrate, and the fans were expressing things we as Cubs fans still have pent up.  Not Manny being Manny, not the bloody sock, not Pedro, not Theo, that one was about winning it for Red Sox nation.  I believe it will be the same for Cubdom.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    How deified was Jerry Krause?
    I know Theo is more likable (and there are fewer Theos than Epsteins out there so that’s why he’s “Theo”) so he will be more popular than Krause if we (yes “we”) win a World Series or two.
    But – assuming we do win one, there will be very important and popular players on that team who will overshadow Theo. Who will they be? We don’t know yet but there will be the solid all-star type guys we will have loved for years (Sandberg, Derrick Lee, Dawson, Wood, eg) and the career-year heroes who will come out of nowhere to contribute a la Gary Gaetti (there’s your randomness) and none of them are on the team yet. Or at least probably not yet.

    We have a long way to go, kids. By the time we win it all (assuming we do) the story will have taken many twists and turns and of which Theo will be only a part.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

    I find this kind of Cubs-fandom-existentialism type discussion to be fascinating, which is, incidentally, why I published the article. Loving the discussion.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      That’s funny because I’m studying to become an Existential Psychologist (yes there is such a thing!)….

    • Ankur

      Brett- there’s very few people that would put existentialism and Cubs talk in the same sentence, but I completely agree. I know a lot of Cubs fans and Sox fans and fans of other teams, but the psyche of us Cubs fans is just plain intriguing.

      I have a buddy that is in love with the same girl he first dated in High School at 16. Let’s call her Sabrina. Since Sabrina dumped him, she’s gone on to Columbia Law and had some very famous boyfriends. Well, my buddy is still caught up on Sabrina. Whenever he is drunk he goes on and on about Sabrina. The Cubs are my Sabrina.

      I don’t know exactly what that means, but I am sure over cocktails it would lead to an all-night discussion.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

    On a totally separate note (or is it?), ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick just tweeted this:

    There were signs today (I can’t say precisely what) to indicate the #Cubs are stepping up their pursuit of Prince Fielder.

    • JB88

      I’ve always liked Crasnick as a reporter. He strikes me as honest, hard working, and not the type who is a glory hound like a lot of the “journalists” working for ESPN.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


    • john

      Those signs (Fielder pursuit) would have started days ago and well before the Darvish outcome.

  • Cubsfankevin

    thats scares me. are the cubs aware they have not won the bid for Yu?

    lastly……..im having much trouble trying to add a picture for my profile……….wrong platform for this topic……any ideas? 313px image.

    • http://CubbiesCrib.com Luke

      No one knows who won the bid yet, except the league offices. If they had told the winning team, it would have leaked by now.

      Although the Cubs front office is water tight. Hmm.

      Anyway, the Cubs most likely do not know whether or not they have won, if that’s what you meant.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If you’re wanting to add an avatar (the picture next to your name), this site uses “gravatars.” All you do is go to gravatar.com, set up an account with your picture, and then when you post here (using same email address), the picture will show up.

      • Cubsfankevin

        thank you for your assistance

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          No prob.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

    Crasnick purports to have more on his “insider” blog, but I am not an “insider,” so I can’t see it.


    • JB88

      Nothing really to report. Gist is that the Cubs continue to collect info on Fielder and may be poised to make a “serious push … soon.”

      Which to me means the Cubs continue to do their due diligence, haven’t decided whether to make an offer to Fielder, but could make an offer soon. *Yawn*

      • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

        Everyone’s waiting to see if they have money tied up in Darvish, I suspect.

  • rbreeze

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I just registered on Bleacher Nation.  I love the site.  So I am a first time participant.  Please be gentle!!!

    I am 57 years young and have been a fan since the late 60’s.  I remember running home from high school hoping to catch the last inning or two of the Cubs game on WGN in 1969.  What a disappointing month of September that was.  My high school petitioned the faculty in 1969 before opening day.  We wanted opening day off instead of Memorial Day.  Somehow we got both of them off and I think half of St. Patrick’s High Schol was there to see Ernie hit two home runs and then another from Willie Smith to win it.  No doubt being a Cub fan means more bad then good for however many years you’ve been a Cub fan.  Until Ricketts bought the team I was ready to jump ship.  Then he brought in Epstein.  To me we finally shed a lot of what has been wrong with the management of this franchise.  We need to give it a chance.  Maybe a couple of years before we see what they are really trying to build here.  But with a couple of solid moves this team can be a .500 team or better next year.

    Once this Darvish bidding is completed, win or lose, we will start to see a flurry of moves all around baseball.  Once Epstein and Hoyer find that they have won or lost on Darvish, then they’ll know what money they have to work with in order to beef up the rotation and what they need to do to find a first baseman and help for our lineup.  By the start of next year we will not recognize this team.  This is the start of a new era for our team.  Patience please!!!!

    Happy holidays everyone!!!


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Welcome, rb. Good stuff. And thanks.

    • paul

      nicely done, welcome rbreeze

  • ottoCub

    If the Cubs are going to spend $120million on Yu Darvish ($50+ million posting + $60-70 million contract) or $150-180 million on Prince Fielder over the next 5-6 years, I’d prefer Fielder. There are lots of reasons (proven MLB quality, need for a lefty power bat, everyday player, more trade value in 5 years, etc) but the “stick-it-to-the-Brewers” reason is enough for this Wisconsin cubs fan!

  • miggy80

    I’ve kind of had this thought about floating around my head too. Did we sell our soul for Theo and the Boys? I mean how far should we go in the persuit of a World Series? What if we win a World Series but in that persuit we replaced the scoreboard, got rid of the ivy and replaced with padded billboards. All for one fleeting moment of glee only to be saddled with bad contracts and a disbanding front office which leaves the club struggling for the next 25 years. Then we would ask ourselves was it worth it? As we hang on to that memory like Al Bundy reliving his four touchdown game. Will this happen, probably not, but I’ve been a Cubs fan since about 84′ myself and I can say I don’t understand “loveable losers” I hate the Cubs when they lose and love them when they win, but I don’t want the cost of winning to be everything I love about the Cubs.

    • paul

      I don’care if the Cubs have to play the games in Iowa, I just want to win a world series!
      persoo(sic) away

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    The ONLY way I would not want the Cubs to win the WS is if they somehow cheat or have a juicer on the team. I think those of you that feel this way think as a Cubs fan you have a choice of how the Cubs win because it’s been so long and the media always brings it up and throws it in our faces. I know as a Cubs fan that I HATE when I read or hear about “well the Cubs haven’t won in like a hundred years”.

    But I think If Theo over bid’s for Yu Darvish I’ll be inching closer to jumping off the Theo band wagon, and lets just say I was never quite buckled in.

    • Deer

      I don’t think you’d find many WS teams in the last 10 years that didn’t have a juicer, including Theo’s BoSox.

    • paul

      Kansas Cubs Fan,
      What rock do you live under? There is cheating in the game. always has been always will be. I just want to win a world series. maybee we just need to learn how to cheat better.

      • Kansas Cubs Fan

        What I mean is I don’t want a known juicer or a team that tried to pay off the umps. Because people would be saying “Oh they cant win unless there cheating blah blah blah blah”

        Maybe teams do pay off the umps or find other ways to cheat, but I wouldn’t know. Maybe you can give me some insider info?

  • john

    Wiki says Existenlal is philosophical method of therapy that operates on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual’s confrontation with the givens of existence. Long Story short Can the Cubs really win it all?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


      … and if I get a few drinks in me, I can’t shut up about it … what it “means” to be a Cubs fan … whether we “really” want the Cubs to win it all … what continuing to love the Cubs says about who we are … and so on.

  • john

    That can’t be right. John means Gift from God. If its greek
    Theo has something to do with a goat

    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      John is Hebrew; Theodore is Greek. Theos = God; Dora = Gift unless Dora is followed by the appositive “Explorer” in which case it becomes its own antonym (Greek’s a difficult language, you see).

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        I’ve always thought that, if the “the Explorer” part is an appositive, shouldn’t it be set off by a comma? “Dora, the Explorer.” I don’t see “the Explorer” as a restrictive apposition, unless Dora is frequently surrounded by a bunch of other Doras.

  • john

    goat banger or goat conqueror or the goatfather

  • DaveB23

    I think Ankur is coming out of left field a bit with the whole #4 ‘Theo’ thing.

    First of all, in my experience of being born and raised in this city, as well as living in this city my entire life, I disagree that Jordan is known simply as ‘Michael’ around these parts. Its always been MJ, or His Airness.

    Same goes for Payton and ‘Walter’, in my experience he has always simply been known as Sweetness.

    And DERRICK Rose being known only as ‘Derek’? Really?? Comeon man have you even watched Bulls basketball since the ’90s? This one has to be the most off-base of them all. DROSE. DROSE DROSE DROSE. Thats all it has ever been, is, and will be. The name DRose is the legacy that will be hanging in the rafters next to MJ (although MVP is also an acceptable alternative (the only acceptable alternative though (see what I just did there Brett?? Something I learned from you haha))).

    I think Theo being known simply as Theo comes down mostly to the fact that it is a pretty rare name, and since there’s not any other Theos out there in the public limelight, everybody knows who is being talked about by simply saying Theo.

    The fact of the matter is that Theo is now a part of ‘us’, whether you like it or not. There is a reason that this organization has not won diddly squat in over a century, and the state of the organization before Theo came in was very dire. If Theo can lead us to the promise land, he 100% deserves all of the accolades and credit that will come his way.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m gonna update the “Derek” part, which was my fault as an editor (I didn’t realize to whom it referred (and, yes, I saw what you did there (I love embedded parentheticals))).

    • Ankur

      Dave, I think those are some wonderful points. The more I think about the one name thing, the more I agree with you and others. It just doesn’t make sense to bitch that he is called “Theo”.

      Really good points about MJ and DRose as well. Clearly, I should have thought that point through more since I didn’t even spell DRose’s name correctly.

      • DaveB23

        I didn’t mean to come across as trying to tear apart your overall argument/article though, overall I think it is very well written and I do understand where you are coming from. You make some very interesting points as well and I 100% agree re the Gonzalez/Bartman thing, it boils my blood when people who know I’m a Cubs fan but they themselves aren’t talk to me about the 2003 NLCS and refer to it as the ‘Bartman game’.

        Reading your article also made me rethink my overall giddiness re: Theo. I’m still extremely pleased that we got him and I do have very high hopes, but perhaps I should temper my hopes a bit. I was born in ’88 so I haven’t gone through as many horrors as many of you have, and I do understand why the level of apprehension would be much higher.

  • john

    If Theo does have something to do with a goat that
    would be Apprapo Apropro Aperpo %@# FITTING