In a report that may or not be related to the ongoing wait for the winner of the Yu Darvish post, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick says that there were signs today that the Chicago Cubs were stepping up their pursuit of Prince Fielder.

Crasnick says he can’t go into details, but suggests that the Cubs are poised to make a serious push for Fielder soon, and are gathering more information.

What exactly that means – if anything – is hard to pinpoint. The Cubs have been “in on” Fielder for some time, but I’ve been told that interest was limited to a short-term (i.e., five or fewer years), high annual dollar contract (i.e., $25 million per year). Does “stepping up pursuit” mean more years? More dollars?

As to why Crasnick might not be able to share “the signs” leading him to believe the Cubs might be so stepping, I can only speculate. Perhaps a source asked Crasnick not share that part of the story. Perhaps Crasnick caught wind of a meeting between Cubs brass and Scott Boras, but Crasnick doesn’t know the subject of the meeting. Rumor season really leaves you wondering, eh?

How this reportedly increased pursuit relates to and/or impacts the Yu Darvish bid is similarly unknown. On the one hand, you could argue that the Cubs have been informed that they lost the bid, and are now quickly moving to put those dollars to use elsewhere. On the other hand, it is just as plausible that the Cubs have been informed that they won the bid, and are now quickly moving into “win now” mode, and want to pick up a big bat to pair with the future Darvish signing.

The point of this post is not to overload you with unanswerable questions. Instead, the point is merely (a) to pass along the Crasnick report, and (b) to note, at this exemplary moment, the speculative nature of the rumor season. It can become silly, even as it remains a whole lot of fun.

A final thought: even if the Cubs are “stepping up their pursuit” of Fielder, there is nothing to preclude Fielder’s many other suitors from doing the same.

  • Flo

    I honestly don’t know what’s taking so long. If Boras was waiting for Pujols to “set the market,” that ship sailed last week. I can’t see Fielder wanting to go to a small crappy market like Seattle or Toronto. So really, it’s down to the Cubs, Rangers, and Nationals right? Get this deal done already, I’m sick of the suspense.

    • BetterNews

      No suspense here. Fielder is not coming to the Cubs. Writing is on the wall, people just can’t decipher it.

      • Andy H

        I agree, based on the metric Theo uses, he can find 1b value cheaper else where

        • EQ76

          yep, we can get an average 1B that sparks virtually ZERO excitement and be a lock for another 4th or 5th place finish! good thinking!

          the one thing “metrics”, “WAR”, and all that stuff doesn’t measure is the mental and emotional aspects of the game.. Confidence, hustle, determination, excitement, crowd excitement, adrenaline, etc. are immeasurables with the cyber-metric argument.

          Simply put, signing Fielder will have a better effect on this team than settling on Morales, Smoak or some unproven guy. More excitement, more confidence, makes other hitters behind him and in front of him better, and changes the way teams pitch to them.

          • Jewish Mother

            I’m pretty sure from a metric/WAR pov Prince Fielder is far and away the best available name out there.

          • JasonB

            “makes other hitters behind him and in front of him better”

            How exactly does this happen?  Does he sprinkle pixie dust on them?  Harold Reynolds says this a lot – I laugh every time I hear it.

            There have been numerous studies on this and every one reaches the same conclusion and that’s that this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

            • EQ76

              Jason B, I’ve played baseball most my life and through college pitcher and 3B. I understand a lot about the mental aspect of the game.. I also understand on this site you have to write a flippin’ novel sometimes to get your point across because everyone jumps a comment if you don’t throw in all the implied things that you’d think everyone “gets”.

              Of course his presence doesn’t make a hitter “better’. It does however tend to give the hitter in front of and behind him, overall, better pitches to hit, more strikes, more fastballs, etc.

              I pitched against Daryle Ward in high school.. The LAST thing I wanted to do was put a guy on base before he came to bat. so the #2 hitter got a lot of strikes.. my point is, a good hitter, like Castro for instance, hitting before Fielder will see more good pitches to hit.. which in turn, could result in his average being a little higher..

              • TWC

                You keep throwing “quotes” around all willy-nilly, EQ, and I’m gonna “think” you’re actually someone else.  (insert humorous emoticon)

                • EQ76

                  Haha! Nice

              • BetterNews

                Actually, you made no point.

              • JasonB

                Don’t see it – in how many possible count combinations would you have a higher propensity to throw a fastball?

                1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1 – you’re throwing a fastball anyway

                0-1, 1-2, 0-2 – you’re making out pitches

                So that leaves 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 and 3-2 where you may have a greater desire to throw a fastball.  Then again, in order to stay on top of the hitter, you’re probably throwing a fastball most of the time in those counts anyway so let’s say that the chance that you will throw a fastball increases from 60% – 90%.  So there’s a chance that in 33% of the count combinations you have a 30% greater chance of throwing a fastball.  That’s not a lot of extra fastballs when you do the math.  Add to it the fact that major league pitchers typically have more than one pitch that they can consistently throw for strikes (that’s why they’re major leaguers) and that percentage chance probably dips below 30%.

                • EQ76

                  Wow. Over thinking a bit man. I mentioned fastballs as well as more strikes. Strikes can also be better pitches to hit. So Jason B. since you’re the expert here, you actually think that a guy who hits .300, knocks out around 40 hrs and knocks in 125 runs doesn’t have any effect on how a pitcher handles the hitters around him? Baseball is a very mental game & a guy like Fielder has an effect on a team both physically and mentally. It also effects the pitcher. Period. You and Herald Reynolds can disagree that’s fine. I won’t lose one bit of sleep over that.

                  You know, it may be as simple as Castro seeing 20 more hittable balls this season than he would have without fielder, I don’t know. It could be the difference of him hitting .315 instead of .308. It’s impossible to know. You watch though, Berkman will put up worse number this year without Pujols, and Braun without Fielder.

            • BetterNews

              JasonB—-Great comment! One of the best and right to the point.

              • EQ76

                Bitter news, why don’t you quit being such a pompous douche bag. I’m pretty sure my point is obvious just because you don’t get it or don’t agree doesn’t make you right. If you are dumb enough to think that Fielder in that lineup doesn’t benefit those hitting in front of and behind him, then you have a lot to learn about the game of baseball

                • BetterNews

                  I was just agreeing with JasonB. Take a sleeping pill man!

                • MichiganGoat

                  EQ you must stop feeding the critters

                  • BetterNews

                    Your girfriend up next Goat?

                    • EtotheR

                      Hey BNoise…remember that time you drove across the country in a diaper to hook up with your married boyfriend?

                      That was awesome. Do it again.

        • BetterNews

          From what we are seeing, Zambrano might be at first.

      • DRock

        BetterNews is starting to sound like Die Hard.

        • EQ76

          I’m starting to wonder if BetterNews IS DieHard??

          • DRock

            Very, very, good possibility.

    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      Anyone remember how long Boras had Maddux wait when he returned to the Cubs?

  • john

    One man’s Back up SS is another man’s Starting 2nd baseman

  • The Other Matt

    All this uncertainty is driving me crazy!

    • Luke

      I know what you mean. I’ll be traveling into the Land Without High-Speed Internet next week, and I’m really hoping that both the Darvish and Fielder situations are all but settled before I go.

      • MoneyBoy

        the Land Without High-Speed Internet  << Vancouver????

        • Luke

          Rural Southern Illinois actually.

          • jab

            Luke, nothing worse than souther Illinois. My dad lived down in Johnston City, which is 25 minutes east of Carbondale. Terrible place to be. Slow internet, even slower service when it comes to restaraunts etc. Good luck to you on your trip. The only good thing is about going down there is you really appreciate anywhere else in the state.

  • cccubfan

    I am hoping that they have found out they won the Darvish bidding and are going for both. I really don’t think with the two though they are in a “win now” mode. Sure a big hitter and good pitcher is a start but it takes more. We have seen that before. Hopefully, there’s the hope again, we are going to fill LF with Coco Crisp and get rid of Soriano. That takes a bat out of the order and with Pena and Ramirez gone we would only have one, Fielder. Make any sense? Got to get another big hitter for protection though or Prince will lead the world in walks…..

    • Luke

      Yeah, right now I’m not sure who would hit behind Fielder. Ideally it would be a right handed hitter. So… Soto?

      • EQ76

        of course we still have no idea who’s on the trade block still and who isn’t. no Fielder doesn’t assure us to win now, but I’d sure as hell rather have Fielder in our lineup next year rather than ARam.. which the 2 moves would essentially be like trading them for each other.

        If we get Darvish, coupled with Garza, Demp, Big Z??, and whoever is our 5th guy.. it would be a significant upgrade from last year.. Also, we’ve upgraded one stick with Fielder after losing ARam.. Another decent move or two and I believe we do in fact have a chance to win next year.. shoot, Milwaukee loses Braun for 50 games and Fielder, STL loses Larussa and Pujols, both teams took significant steps backwards this off season. If we take a step or two forward, then yes, we’re back in the mix.

        Don’t forget this too: New leadership, new attitude, new excitement, new confidence can lead to better play.

  • DaveB23

    Brett has anyone figured out yet what the hell is going on in that picture? Looks like Fielder is either A.) Being resurrected and rising out of the remains of his Brewer teammates, or B.) he is getting ready to pull a belly-flop WWE move

    • cccubfan

      that is what his team mates did when he hit a walk off home run….

    • NL_Cubs

      It’s the bowling ball  celebration walk off…of course.


    • JulioZuleta

      It was right after he hit a walk off homerun. Much better walk off style than the Kendrys Morales short hop-leg break-out for 18 months celebration.

      Here’s a video with awful quality, but you get the idea

      • JulioZuleta

        While I was searching that I came across this. The Glenallen Hill homerun. Watching this, you’ll have two thoughts, how did we not all know that everyone took steroids, and my God Chip Caray was awful.

        • ferrets_bueller

          do you have a link to it? I can’t seem to find it…


          EDIT: nevermind, got it…, how did I forget how bad he was.

  • NL_Cubs

    With a wide open NL Central, IF the Cubs were able to pull off a Darvish / Fielder coup, they would, by default be automatically entered into the 2012 hunt conversation. But that’s a capped IF.

    • EQ76

      true and true!

    • chris margetis

      This is exactly correct: If Darvish is signed, a Garza, Dempster, Darvish (assuming he’s remotely as advertised) Zambrano and serviceable #5 is pretty damn good rotation, especially for the NL Central. Add Prince’s bat to that and they should be quite competitive in the Central.

      • Kyle

        Even with Fielder that offense is super-icky. But man, I do love that rotation. Next Giants?

        • Luke

          If we assume best case scenarios for everyone in the lineup, it might be in the top 5 or 6 in the league. That’s a massive assumption, though.

          That rotation, though, would be great. Especially with the Cubs bullpen.

          Sort of raises the question… if the Cubs do land Darvish, do they go for Fielder because they want the best bat on the market, or would they turn back to Pena on the idea that their best shot to win is with pitching and defense?

          • Kyle

            I have trouble seeing the lineup even get to No. 6, honestly. But then, I’m really down on Stewart and LaHair.

            The problem with Fielder, and I do want him, is that he’ll be the last major piece available and a Boras client in a market where a lot of teams seem to have cash to spend. That’s a recipe for a huge overpay.

            • Jeff


              Can we at least give Stewart one year and 600 at bats before we get down on him, please?

              • Kyle

                He’s had 5 major league seasons and over 1400 PAs. We know who he is at this point. And it ain’t pretty.

                • Jeff

                  1400 AB is barely more than 2 seasons, he’s only had two seasons where he’s had more than 300 AB. You act like no player can get better as they get more experience, ever player is not a Starlin Castro or a Andrew Jones.

                  • Kyle

                    Any player *can* get better with experience. But we can also look at history and what it tells us about players.

                    History tells us that players coming off of major wrist injuries tend to lose their power for at least a season.

                    History tells us that players who strike out at least 30% of the time are prone to completely losing their offensive abilities after a few seasons of success.

                    History tells us that players who leave Colorado for less-friendly fields tend to fair poorly, even if they didn’t have extreme home splits in Colorado.

                    Combine all that with the fact that Ian Stewart was *really really* bad last year, and the reasonable thing to do is to assume he’s not going to be very good this year. Maybe he’ll buck the trends, but there’s no reason to assume he will.

                    Our starting 3b for 2012 is a guy who couldn’t even stay on the roster of the Colorado Rockies last year, and they were as bad as we were. There’s reason to be pessimistic there.

                    • CubFan Paul

                      so what do Theo&co. see in Stewart that made them claim publicly that stewart is their ‘guy’?

                      if stewart is batting 3rd with fielder batting 4th wouldnt he have a pretty good year, theoretically? maybe thats the plan..

                    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

                      What do they see in Stewart?

                      1. They see a player who was once considered a prospect at the same tier as Alex Gordon and Ryan Zimmerman.

                      2. They see a potential LH power source (a lineup need) able to play average 3B defense (a defensive need).

                      3. They saw a buy-low opportunity who was significantly cheaper than Chase Headley to acquire and could very well have a better season than Headley to boot.

                      4. They saw the medical reports on his wrist, which none of us have access to.

                      5. They saw a player whose strikeout rate was declining for three years in a row until his injury-marred 2011.

                      6. They see one of the few 3B we can acquire who could potentially become an asset towards a championship team.

                      7. I’m sure they also see the risk and are aware of all the fair points Kyle is making. It could be really ugly. But what’s the downside for a team that isn’t ready to win now anyway?

  • Michael Vazquez

    They better step up., i’m sick of waiting. Bring on the Prince. Question: IF we do indeed sign him, who will hit behind him? I always thought possiblitly Cespedes that is IF we do get him could hit behind him. These are big IF’s so help me out here. Who will hit behind Fielder?

  • john

    That was an hour ago. If were true would be all over the internet.
    Looks like someone playin games.

  • Cbp

    I say offer him 6 yrs. 140ish with a team option for a 7th year and say take it or leave it.

    • ricosanto

      That is exactly what I was saying , yesterday on the site That seems like a perfect offer, maybe at the highest 150 for those 6 same as Ryan Howard 25 per

  • Matt

    Cubs roster is so malleable at the moment; Is Soriano here to stay? Will we get Fielder? How many guys in the rotation now are there in 2 months, etc.

    Either lots will change before spring training – or, not much at all. The suspense is crazy.

    I guess the good news is the NL Central is there for the taking, and with the right moves the cubbies could be contenders. Not likely, but 2012 looks to be a rather wacky season.

  • Elwood

    Am I the only one who was expecting much more out of the new front office than Ian Stewart and a bunch of rumors like this one? I must have been too pumped up by the Theo/Jed/McCleod thing and expected the offseason to be filled with a complete roster makeover, whether it be a “win now” or re-build. At this point, I’m just looking for a pulse from the front office…

    • BetterNews

      No, you’re not the only one.

    • die hard

      quit drinking the kool-aid and you will feel much better

    • Todd

      I expect more, but I can buy off on the Ian Stewart move. I think because there’s no “complete” player available to replace Ramirez, they wanted to upgrade defensively with offensive upside. At least these moves appear to be part of a bigger plan and not late January consolation prizes.

      • EQ76

        what if we sign Fielder, use LaHair and Barney as trade pieces to get Headley.. move Stewart to 2B.. an infield of Fielder, Stewart, Castro and Headley would be pretty darn exciting if you ask me.

        • Oswego Chris

          hate to be the reality police but LaHair and Barney are not netting you Headley…you would have to give up a top ten prospect to get Headley

          • EQ76

            Obviously. I wasn’t implying that them alone would, I was trying to say they could be the foundation of a trade.. I guess on this site you have to be extremely specific & spell out every detail before posting.

            Maybe add Carpenter to the mix, or Clevenger?? dunno.. but I’d tend to think that a ML ready, cheap 2B, the minor league player of the year and a prospect is A LOT for a good, not great, 3B.

            • JasonB

              If all we had to give up for Headley was LaHair, Barney and Carpenter, this deal would have been done a long time ago.

            • BetterNews

              No, but you did say LaHair and Barney as trade pieces and nothing more. Nobody adding to it brother.

              • EQ76

                True. I should have worded that better. Just be assured I am aware they would require more than those 2 players, and aware the trade would have already made the deal of that’s all it took.

          • BetterNews

            Absolutely correct.

    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      What would you have done differently?

    • Dumpman

      The problem is that Theo has to navigate through these terrible contracts that are still on the books. Honestly, after next year we’ll have a better beat on how Theo will put his brand on this franchise. Soriano will be the only contract left on the books. Z, Dempster, Aram, Pena, Fukudome, Bradley and any other bad contract will be history.

      Add in a middle of the pack ta best farm system, very few valuable pieces at the ML level, and Theo and company have a ton of work to do. Chicago expects a contender.The only way to create a contender without giving up future pieces, while being handicapped with bad contracts, is to buy low and hope for lightning in a bottle. I actually love the first two moves. Stewart and DeJesus are exactly the type pf moves we need to make if we hope to compete next season.

      To expect Theo to come in and give a 32 year old Theo a 10 year deal is beyong reasonable. CJ Wilson hasn’t had a long enough track record, and is exiting his prime age. Fielder scares the hell out of people because of his weight / defense, and should probably go to an AL team to DH at least part time. All indications are we’re going after Darvish hard, as well as a lot of interest in Cespedes and Solar.

      The fact is we cant just put a bandaid over a massive flesh wound. Thats what Hendry did for a couple years. Pair that with his no trade clauses, and that was his aventual downfall. You sign Pujols to a 10 year deal, your paying him 25mil when hes 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. That kind of committment will destroy a team that isn’t the Yankees.

      What do you purpose we do? Trade Brett Jackson, Trey McNutt, Matt Szczur, and Sean Marshall + for Matt Latos? We’re not in any type of position to do such a thing. What we need to do is focus on building our farm through scouting, playing our bad contracts and prey the increase the value they currently have (Z and Soriano), hope our new guys turn it around (Dejesus and Stewart) and sign only guys that will fulfill big contracts (Darvish, possibly Fielder, Cespedes, Soler ect).

      Anyone who thought this was an easy fix is wrong. The problems we’re thick when Theo got here.. starting from the bottem up. The minor leagues need a mahor rehaul in developement and we need a lot more scouts. Hopefully this will help the players like Pie, Patterson, Veal, Harvey, Paelwak (SP).. ect ect wel all know the list is huge, actually pan out.

      I know this is a long reply… but to expect them to come right in and turn the world on fire and present a WS team is unrealistic at best. Let them put the brand of team they want before judging.

  • Cbp

    If the Cubs get Darvish and Fielder. Would we still acquire one more Starting pitcher by getting a Saunder, Paul Maholm, or bring back Tom Gorzelanny. With a rotation of Garza, Darvish, Dempster, Saunders, Wells/Big Z that could be tough!!!

    • ricosanto

      I think the dark horse is Samardza, he could be a really good starter 2 or 3. I would still sign a lefty starter Saunders of Maholm. I think Z is heading to south beach soon.And they need to trade Marmol and Byrd and Soto.

  • john

    Signs are pointing to Toronto outbidding Rangers but not the top bid.
    Yankees have played coy all along, but haven’t done much at all.

    • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

      I over-parse as a hobby, but “modest bid” from Cashman struck me as ripe for irony.

  • john

    Maddux must be a psychic. He stayed with Texas for Yu Darvish??

  • john

    So Rangers Bluejays Cubs Mariners Nationals can’t just conference call
    to determine who won?

    • Luke

      You know, they probably could. I don’t know why they haven’t, but they probably could.

  • john

    Oh shoot left out Yankees (freudien slip?)

  • Cbp

    I think when it is all said in done, the final two for “courting the Prince” will be Blue Jays and the Cubs.

    • die hard

      or not

  • McGrath

    I have a very close Japanese friend of mine I work with who played baseball in Japan for years and has been telling me all about every player who has or may play in the bigs.
    (his words were that Fukadome would be terrible and wasn’t worth it before the Cubs signed him. )

    So I listen to every word he has to say on Darvish. Who he loves. Says he works hard and wants to always be the best. Unlike Dice K who he called lazy and pigheaded.

    Anyways he also said Darvish had a personal catcher much the same way Maddux used to. Which made me wonder if the Varitek rumors may have something to so with the fact he would become the veteran catcher solely for Darvish

  • Jason

    If your right , couple that with Varitek teaching Castillo how to better game call, and a Varitek signing looks really good

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Sometimes I hate the articles you write, not because they’re bad but they bring out both the highs and lows of every situation. At the beginning of some articles I’m all happy and by the end I’m like… Well damn…

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Ha, that happens to me sometimes too. I think it’s a good thing though. See, Brett reports rumors which tend to easily get our hopes up but I think he is aware of this and try’s to keep our thoughts rational by reminding us that just because there’s been a report that that Cubs are “stepping up their pursuit”, it doesn’t mean that the Cubs are any closer than any other team to signing Fielder or that Prince even wants to come to Chicago. Maybe Boras is going to use the Cubs in an attempt to drive up the market on Prince. I like Bretts approach as I think it’s more realistic than simply reporting a rumor and leading us to believe it could happen without reminding us that it’s nothing more than a rumor.

  • SouthernCub

    I’m probably alone in this opinion, but i certainly hope the Cubs DO NOT sign Prince. He’s horrible (that adjective doesn’t really do it justice) at 1B. I just see Mo Vaughn, and in 3 yrs hes useless in the NL.

    • DRock

      Please explain. What is your solution for 1B?

    • DRock

      Please explain “horrible at 1B”. Perhaps that is sarcasm. Please explain.

      You may have missed Brett’s analysis of Prince’s defense at 1B. He’s not the best, but he’s definitely not the worst in the MLB. I think most Cubs fans would be willing to sacrifice a little D at 1B for a whole LOT of offense.

    • ottoCub

      I worry about Fielder’s defense too. I’ve seen him play numerous games (I live in Wisconsin, and it’s hard to get away from Brewers baseball) and I’d describe him as quick on his feet with fairly good hands on grounders and hard hit balls (good reflexes) but not so good on digging throws out of the dirt or coming off the bag to knock down errant throws (lots of bad throws that seem like they could have been stopped somehow end up in the right field stands or in the dugout)

      I originally couldn’t stand the idea of Fielder becoming a Cub because of his defense (and because I’m really tired of all the worship he gets in Brewer-town)… but then I imagine the day(s) he hits 3 home runs against the Brewers. Or the day(s) he drives in 5 against the Cardinals or Reds. Or the days when he gets some of the younger players pumped up and excited with his attitude.

      Yeah. I’d like to see Prince in a Cubs uniform. I hope the Cubs can sign him for 5 years, 6 years max, so he might have some value to trade to an American League team as a DH (if his defense declines) in his final year.

      I think Fielder will be as good (and very likely a lot better) over the next 5-6 years than Aramis Ramirez was while he was with the Cubs. His defense might not be fantastic, just like ARam. But the offensive production from the left side and the fear-factor for opposing pitchers… this is something the Cubs “definitely” need!

      • The Omnipresent Mystery Team

        Well put.

    • hansman1982

      Actually, Vaughn was mildly productive until 32 – definately not the force he was before leaving Boston but still at least 13% better on offense over the average 1b until he lost his age 33 season

  • fromthemitten

    I heard the offer involves Fielder getting unlimited milkshakes and fries at the McDonalds the Cubs purchased

  • Mike F

    I think it’s worth pointing out, while Scott Boras is the agent for Fiedler, he is also the agent for Pena and interestingly enough, he is the agent for Edwin Jackson. If indeed the Cubs have pushed for a met with Boras today, it likely means in my view, with what is becoming increasingly apparent, the Blue Jays as rumored offered the sky high bid. I don’t think the Cubs won the Darvish bid and now will look more seriously at Jackson.

    Not to question Brett’s well thought out piece in the least, and Theo could have all along wanted to add the big first baseman with the win now and win later, that’s very possible. But the one clear consistent message I do believe from their own mouthes was to upgrade the SP, and Jackson makes a lot of sense. He’s an inning horse with real talent who can be had more cheaply that either MB or Wilson.

  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    I say move Stewart to 2nd base…and sign Wilson Betemit to play 3rd he’s still out there!! Or Carlos Guillen as well! Theo has options!! I think putting all our money into Fielder is stupid! Sign Cespedes, trade for Kendry Morales, less money and we can go out and get some decent pitching! I fool and his money always part ways and in this situation I would rather see my money go alot further!

    • fromthemitten

      Betemit is such an atrocious fielder that the Tigers started Brandon Inge and his .548 OPS over him during the ALCS. No thanks.

  • Kansas Cubs Fan

    I don’t really want the Cubs to go over 5 yrs for Prince unless years 6 and 7 are club options or Like some kind of mutual option.

    Now I’m a fan of Prince and he has been really good for the Brewers and I think hes only missed like one game the last three years but when is he going to start wearing down?

  • Kansas Cubs Fan
    @nickcafardo Nick Cafardo
    Cubs are not major players for Prince Fielder. Not ready to spend big.
    • JulioZuleta

      Carfado uses the “throw shit at the wall and see what sticks” approach. He makes some claim every day to keep his name popping up like this. If you think about it, saying a team will not sign a free agent isn’t bold at all, but if they Cubs indeed don’t sign Fielder, expect that douche to claim he called it. I wish people would stop citing him.

  • Boog

    Yeah, I’m sure Theo is keeping Cafardo on the pulse of all things Cubs… If anything, I’m betting that they’re feeding him with misinformation.

    • Jewish Mother

      Very possible. Could be they don’t want this thing boiling over before they’re ready, so a little cold water to keep things at its present simmer.

    • Brett

      Yeah, I’d love to know his source on this.

  • Mike F

    It could be, I believe the Cubs well could always be the Mystery Team, the boogie man in the closet of all bidding in the media, even now, the Cubs could be the mystery team in the closet on Darvish. What’s fascination although at this time yesterday, it was clear the Cubs made a bid, almost 24 hours later, no one in the big media is characterizing it as substantial and they aren’t even mentioning them any more. Make of this what the euphemistic will will. My read on it is that Theo and Hoyer operate in a stealth mode and constantly dissemble, that they well could be the mystery team in all of these major deals and seek to operate in secrecy as it is in their best interest. But I have to acknowledge, there is an incredible amount of “collective writer Wisdom” that the Cubs aren’t going to spend money. Overall, I have to say I think sportswriting in America is increasingly a toilet, but still even blind squirrels find a 10000 lb acorn. Yeah, I’m afraid the NC’s from Boston, Gammons, Sullivans in CT, and Miles/Wittenheimer may be onto something we fear to accept. But as a Cub fan, hope is all we ever have.

  • Ryan

    Say Toronto wins the bidding for Darvish, I think it would be fair to take them out of the Fielder sweepstakes, right?….. Prince is really running out of possible destinations.. Is it wrong of me to think that Prince is going to have to take a shorter, higher AAV contract from someone? I would not be surprised to see Boras pull something crazy out of his hat, but something tells me Prince will not be getting the years that he wants on his new deal.

    • BetterNews

      Prince is out! No debate. He will not be with the Cubs. The end. And answering a previous post about the Fielder picture, no he is not GOD!

      • Rick Vaughn

        Thanks for clearing up that whole god business BetterNews. Someone could have taken that as fact. Whew, dodged a bullet there.

        • BetterNews


  • Cheryl

    Another blog mentioned that a Japanese television station said the cubs had the winning bid on Darvish.

    • Brett

      I’m fairly certain we know where that came from, and you can probably consider it bogus.

      • Cheryl

        I’ll be glad when the rumors stop flying and we find out for sure.

      • BetterNews

        Brett—You seem to avoiding me on the question about Fielder. He never brought the Brewers to a WS, so why even consider him to bring the Cubs to the “Big” game.

        • Rick Vaughn

          So any player who hasn’t brought his team to the world series by his 27th birthday should not be considered as an option for the Cubs? Did I understand that right? Kind of limits our options a bit, eh?

          • BetterNews

            You missed my point. Fielder did not bring the Brewers to a WS and I don’t see how he can bring the Cubs to one with a worse team.

            • Kyle

              Look at past WS winners. How many of them were led by a star player who led their team to a WS before?

              2011 Cardinals? Sure
              2010 Giants? Nope
              2009 Yankees? Were led by A-Rod, who people said couldn’t lead a playoff team
              2008 Phillies? Nope
              2007 Red Sox? I guess
              2006 Cardinals? Nope
              2005 White Sox? Nope
              2004 Red Sox? Nope
              2003 Marlins? Nope
              2002 Angels? Nope

              So why would you think that a player needs to have led his team to a WS in the past in order to do it?

              • BetterNews

                Those teams had support, good support.

                • Rick Vaughn

                  And Prince Fielder wouldn’t be worth building around to you? The best slugger available? Hitting his prime years. You’d rather pass on him because we’re not going to be a good team this year? What about 2013 and beyond?

                  I understand the argument of not signing the guy because of the chunk of payroll he’ll be taking. And the possibility he’ll break down earlier than normal because of his weight. I’ve got my reservations like everyone else. But you’re simply saying he couldn’t get it done on a good team, so you don’t want him because we’re not good.

                  We couldn’t build around a guy like Prince? The Brewers sure did. Maybe they didn’t win it this year, but they built a great club around Mr. Juiced and Fielder that could have contended year after year. They just don’t have the market to keep guys like that. The Cubs do.

                  • BetterNews

                    Right to your point, I guess, truthfully, the Cubs will not have a good team next year or the year after. Breaks my heart to say that. That said, Fielder makes no sense.

    • BetterNews

      Could be.