My Yu Darvish hangover is taking but one insidious form: tiredness. I’ll have more thoughts later today on the implications of Darvish going to the Rangers, and some more rumor-y goodness (because, hey, that’s all we have this Winter). And there’s a new front office hire to discuss, together with a possible break in the ongoing Theo Epstein compensation saga. Until then, Bullets…

  • A spokesman for Yoenis Cespedes says the 26-year-old Cuban is expected to finally gain residency in the Dominican Republic this week. There is a two-week process with the Office of Foreign Affairs Control that follows, and then Cespedes should reach free agency at some point in January. Cespedes’ rep called the Cubs one of seven teams who have the most interest in the outfielder.
  • The Cardinals may be looking to snake Coco Crisp from the Cubs, that is, if the Cubs are actually interested in Crisp (who wouldn’t have a place to place unless the Cubs are ready to jettison Alfonso Soriano or Marlon Byrd). Who knows – maybe the Cardinals are just trying to drive up the price on Crisp for the Cubs. Fortunately, driving up the price on Crisp might mean an extra $500k. Not quite like driving up on the price on Albert Pujols…
  • In Carrie Muskat’s latest mailbag, among other things, she discusses Andrew Cashner’s continued recovery from a repeat strained rotator cuff. Cashner’s stint in the Arizona Fall League appears not to have caused him any issues, and he’s on track to be a part of the team in 2012. Whether that’s in the bullpen or the rotation remains to be seen. If he can start, he’s got more value there, but, after a year of shoulder problems and almost no innings pitched, it’s a good bet Cashner will work out of the pen in 2012.
  • TMZ reports that Ryan Braun’s positive banned substance test was triggered not by a performance-enhancing drug, but instead by a medication he’s taking for “a private medical issue.” There were unconfirmed, thinly-sourced RUMORS floating around the Internet last week, which *I’m not saying are true,* that Braun’s positive test was the result of herpes medication (which I’m not saying is true – if you read this as me saying Ryan Braun has herpes, you are mistaken. I am not saying that. At all.), and this TMZ report seems like it’s alluding to those RUMORS. I am merely passing along the TMZ report. That is all I’m doing. As for what the report would mean for Braun’s pending 50-game suspension, it probably doesn’t impact it. There’s a process by which a player can be cleared to take a certain medication. If that had taken place, none of this would be happening. Absent that, MLB has a strict liability rule for positive tests: if you took the stuff, you take the punishment. The only known way out is if you were slipped a mickey, as it were.
  • A great article on the thoughts that go into making a trade like the one the Reds and Padres put together this weekend (Mat Latos for Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal, Brad Boxberger, and Edinson Volquez), as it relates to the Rangers’ decision to go after a starting pitcher on the trade market. It’s not a source of rumors mind you – just a really well-written, thought-provoking article.
  • The guy who thought he was placing a bomb at Wrigley Field last year may be close to taking a plea deal. If bombs weren’t so serious, I might joke that “at least that guy had the right idea about blowing the team up and rebuilding.” But I wouldn’t do that.
  • jab

    So let me get this straight Brett. Are you saying Ryan Braun has Herpes? Gross. Just kidding. Does he?

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Even if braun doesn’t get suspended his performance will be way down cuz he will be way too scared to use anymore PEDs

  • MichiganGoat

    TMZ as a news source is always funny, I saw the same article and caulk it up to TMZ being TMZ.

    • Fishin Phil

      Scoff if you will, but TMZ is where Brett goes for all his latest Lady Gaga news.

      • MichiganGoat

        Can we offically say this is Brett’s sole “source”

        • Caleb

          I think we all knew that already.

    • King Jeff

      In related news: A report says that Ryan Braun was taking medication for vaginal discomfort. The report also says to study chapter 8 English for test tomorrow. The report is the page I just tore out of my notebook, and means more to me than anything TMZ has reported, ever, well except for Britney Spears and her mysterious lack of undergarments.

      • MichiganGoat

        Your Highness, please stay away from Ms. Spears crotch… Tis a silly place.

        • Katie

          Nice Monty Python nod.

          • MichiganGoat

            Glad someone picked up on that gem

        • King Jeff

          I got Monty Python’ed and didn’t even notice it.

          • MichiganGoat

            It’s okay your highness, it’s just a scratch on your legacy

  • Kyle

    Nah, he took PEDs. All these “rumors” floating around are his camp trying to muddy the waters as he hopes to get off on a technicality and give his fans something to rally around.

    • Fishin Phil

      Rally ’round the Herpes!!

      • Ron

        It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Lame
    • Bails17

      Is this topic hitting a little to close to home Lame?

  • Lame
  • goatbusters

    Brett, I wonder if it should be mentioned that medications taken for herpes are also taken for HZV and other similar viral infections. I’m not defending Braun in any way, but in all fairness, it could be that he has shingles.

    • Brett

      And I am not in any way saying it is for herpes. That is what the widely-circulated rumor was, and could be what TMZ is implying. That’s all I’m saying. Very, very much NOT saying that Braun has herpes (and I actively discourage all of you from believing that he has herpes).

    • Ron

      Probably not shingles, you can see that and the meds you take are to manage the out break/pain.  Acyclovir is a common med used for both “cold sores” and herpes.  That is an unfourtunate possibility.  “I have a cold sore you bastards.” But I have not looked up it that would pop on a drug test.  And it is a prescription.  So there would be an easy paper trail left to avoid the possible penalties.

  • Dougy D

    Hair Piece?

  • steve

    even if it was herpes medication or whatever, if it raises his testosterone level isnt it considered a PED? if not, someone start giving everyone on the cubs herpes medication (not herpes though).

  • Max

    I love the libel disclaimers you’ve inserted, Brett. Obviously, the lawyer in you is coming out. I’m not an expert on libel law, but Braun does not have much of legal standing considering he’s a public figure, right?

    • Brett

      It’s harder for a public figure to prove libel, yes.

  • Justin Jabs